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  1. Welcome to the Nokia Places API
  2. Nokia Places API FAQ
  3. how to request places within given radius?
  4. Searches are not restricted to an area
  5. Searching for City
  6. Place id and pricing
  7. API Globalization and Language
  8. Category icon
  9. Well Populated Place record
  10. How to query Routing distance between 2 given locations
  11. Production release 3301
  12. icons over HTTPS
  13. status:209 Error downloading
  14. Production release version 1.0-beta.3434
  15. Sinatra Ruby Model-View-Controller framework against XMLHTTPRequest
  16. How to get plain JSON respponse
  17. Production release 3520 - Change in the search center
  18. API to get the list of categories
  19. Feature proposal: possibility to write new places to Nokia database
  20. API to get all the places in X-MAP-VIEWPORT
  21. Search Query Specification
  22. Production release 3728
  23. Production release 3794
  24. Production Release 4002
  25. Production release 4080
  26. Production release 4174
  27. Search suggestions endpoint and addresses
  28. Production release 4337
  29. Places API Serversided
  30. Places REST API returning 404 error
  31. route advices
  32. Get list of lakes, ponds etc?
  33. discover/here is returning an empty list
  34. is GSON best for processing places api response?
  35. Why in Nokia Places API Discussion So Inactive?
  36. In a search response I see a distance parameter. What type of unit is this?
  37. Search response parameter definition
  38. Obtaining suggestions via the places api?
  39. Is radius search finally available?
  40. URL Parameters
  41. How do I stop the phone number of a taxi pull the map?
  42. Explore API - 'in' parameter not allowed?
  43. Can I get GeoLocations(Lat\Long) giving Address info as Input
  44. Mapping address suggestions
  45. POI data sources
  46. How to add places and information
  47. Nokia Places API - Incorrect City Name for several addresses
  48. Get Address details for each location without following link?
  49. How to specify the language of returned result for Nokia Place API?
  50. Is there have an access limitation per day for Nokia Place API?
  51. Place id
  52. Place info - placeId