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  1. FepExample Not working in Nokia 6630
  2. Profile Switch Problem for N70
  3. Profile Switch Problem for N70
  4. Problem Profile Switch for N70
  5. Customize font of the CEikEdwin dialog line in CAknDialog\CAknForm
  6. Exit Cmd??
  7. Volume control and settinlist?
  8. Ticks in menu...
  9. Scalable UI Support
  10. Application Skinning
  11. Settings list dialog
  12. Ticker control
  13. Custom T9 FEP, reconversion = getting already typed words underlined again
  14. How can I detect foreground application?
  15. Incoming phone/SMS type notification screen
  16. Dynamically change value of CAknTextSettingItem
  17. yucca help ..???
  18. Wraping of Text.Problem in CEikTextListBox!!!
  19. profile issue in version 1.2 symbian
  20. Enabling keyboard input for CEikConsoleScreen class
  21. How to place a control on status pane
  22. CEikClock without resource settings
  23. multiviews and listbox in series90....help
  24. problem with 2 editors together(CEikEdwin and CAknIntegerEdwin)
  25. ListBox with Horizontal & Vertical lines Suppressed
  26. problems with a CBA in CAknPopupList
  27. How to use CTimer in GUI ?
  28. what is the EIKON UIKON AKON..? and difference between them
  29. Changing font size in proportion of edwin size
  30. Fep Switching
  31. Modifying data in FEP
  32. Changing MenuItem text at runtime
  33. Backup of MMS
  34. Start a Mobile APP during phone startup
  35. newbee at UI - Please help
  36. Disabling transparency in S603.0 CEikDialog
  37. Device query info needed
  38. newbee at UI - Please help II
  39. Settings List data update problem
  40. add a font to my application ?
  41. CAknGrid and themes problem
  42. ListBox in Series 60 3rd Edition (Urgent- Now)
  43. Dialog & Resource file
  44. CRichText - How can i reset text/data in a RichText field?
  45. How can I get the owener control in FEP?
  46. CEikEdwin control in a TabScreen View
  47. please please please help me
  48. Help !!! error PRJ0002 : error result returned from 'link.exe'.
  49. How to check which of views is open?
  50. read only setting list
  51. CAKnGlobalNote..??
  52. How to use custom resources.
  53. Setting CEikFormatted-derived Listbox a markable attribute
  54. How could I click listbox over FEP window
  55. how to hide cursor on dialog??,
  56. CAknView and MCoeView
  57. Jobs available at BullGuard...
  58. Help with CAknForms and layout change
  59. using a new font in my application ..?
  60. interactive VIDEO app - C++ or JAVA
  61. How can I show(sender & subject) SMS and MMS messages together in a list box?
  62. how to change formatting of NoteDialog, Query dialog etc.
  63. Getting images from different MBM file in ListBox
  64. Dimming an Item in the List box.
  65. Using CPbkContactEditorDlg in S60 3rd ed
  66. How to use CMdaImageBitmapToFileUtility::NewL(*this);
  67. URGENT : scrollbar and edwin!!!
  68. CAknGlobalNote is not shown properly in FP3 ( N70 )
  69. Transparent Dialog box in S60 3.0 Release version
  70. how to create a form?? urgent
  71. CEikTextListBox and Mark item
  72. graphic content over a video?
  73. Moving an application to the top of the 'main menu grid'?
  74. How does one customize standby mode softkey via the API?
  75. How to create a form, which does not fill the whole app rect?
  76. Loading multiple resource files from an FEP
  77. how to make a gauge
  78. Setting List problem
  79. custom list box possible?
  80. Creating Screen Savers with Theme Studio
  81. S80: Is there any CAknGlobalNote type dialog ?
  82. How to draw scroll bar with skin in 3rd edition
  83. Crashes when used "ActivateLocalViewL()". Why?
  84. Memory Leak After Leave
  85. Handling long and short key presses for ABC key
  86. How to Close CAknNoteDialog
  87. after installed my FEP,the WEB application doesn't work.pls help
  88. How to get latest character input in Edwin (CEikRichTextEditor)
  89. Which is the best desing method..?
  90. set disable 1st editor in CAknMultiLineDataQueryDialog
  91. Draw container from AppUi
  92. * Scalable UI development on S60 * learning path published
  93. Is that possible that pop up a Note in a .exe applicaton
  94. Form Control
  95. run swf flash wallpaper
  96. OPtions->Menu hidden on startup
  97. Options-> Menu changed on Startup
  98. AVKON_NOTE -- Change font?
  99. N90 Font Problem
  100. Icon in a dialog?
  101. How create a button?
  102. Memory selection dialog on S60 3rd edition
  103. flash lite and C++
  104. about analog and digital clock
  105. Aif Builder
  106. Animated SVG icons?
  107. How to show “spell” cba while user inserting text in T9 mode
  108. "Cone 8" When using Listbox (ELbmDoesNotOwnArray)
  109. 7710 - How to send dial codes in conversation
  110. My function to fetch Contacts leaks memory, please help...
  111. Help me! Is it possible to make button inside a dialog?
  112. Form without resource
  113. Cannot create form
  114. want attach some user data with each entry in grid
  115. Sprite problem (RWsSprite class)
  116. MultiView problem
  117. Input mode in CEikConsoleControl
  118. S60 OpenGL ES UI components?
  119. How to Disable Menubar or Cba button in AknView..?
  120. Problem with CAknNavigationControlContainer and editor indicator object
  121. theme and SDK v3 emulator
  122. Data Query Dialog ....
  123. ListBox shows only 1 item...plz help
  124. DIALOG secreted (newbie, urgent)
  125. Slider alignment in Form
  126. how to create a view dynamically
  127. multiple selection CAknPopupFieldText?
  128. How to change my form's font size!?Please hep me !
  129. what's wrong with my fromat string?? %Y-%M-%D %H:%T:%S
  130. How to remove 'writing language' menu when displaying a editor
  131. CONE 7 error?
  132. Chainging the application name
  133. how to use UpdateMessageTextL
  134. CAknSelectionListDialog with findbox not displaying untill I press the button
  135. N90 secondary screen (flip closed)
  136. How to delete few text from CEikRichTextEditor while t9 active?
  137. Strange Problem N90
  138. S60: Display dialog in front of the sms note
  139. Background monitoring of events
  140. Loud Speaker on/off during call
  141. Extracting Nokia Applications' Images(or its' paths) from Hand Phone?
  142. Message Boxes
  143. Dialog line prompt is "invisible"
  144. Most recent clips
  145. Panic
  146. How can I create the scroll bar on the list in the S60 FP2
  147. How can i change Text of Other Applications?
  148. Icon path in 3rd Edition
  149. 谁有Series60绘制九宫格的例子
  150. CommandId problem
  151. canceling CCknFlashingDialog
  152. Listbox non-selected item text is invisible
  153. Undefined symbol 'CEikGlobalTextEditor'
  154. scrollbar with the grid
  155. Using an indirection DLL for multi-UI platform support
  156. Please help me: How to handle the content in CEikRichTextEditor
  157. CEikRichTextEditor, scrollable without showing cursor
  158. Retrieval of data from settinglist
  159. how to get the value of an EAknCtPopupFieldText (form, not dialog) ?
  160. CAknGlobalConfirmationQuery, how? (ugrent)
  161. How to create a transparent window
  162. Program closed after OfferKeyEventL
  163. Newbie Q: Listbox Not Appearing
  164. QueryDialog can be fullscreen?
  165. Add Item To Menu
  166. Is it possible to have SearchBox in CAknListQueryDialog
  167. Background image in CEikEdwin or CEikRichTextEditor
  168. Add To Home (CLinkApplication & Friends)
  169. S80, CEikChoiceList & CEikCheckBox, read-only. How?
  170. How to dismiss CAknNoteDialog
  171. Can't scroll a listbox
  172. Getting AVKON Panic 6 with a list box
  173. Check for a duplicate entry in the phonebook
  174. [ListBox] Change Background Image of ListBox
  175. refrase of skin cache question
  176. Displaying contents of a HBufC on screen in series 60
  177. Arabic symbian
  178. Background image in CAknSelectionListDialog
  179. UI Problems N70 and N90
  180. how to dismiss the CAknGlobalNote
  181. send message to group
  182. How to extract text color defined by skin ?
  183. StatusPane()->MakeVisible(ETrue) does not work ?
  184. how to change the text "No Calendar Entries for today"
  185. Very Basic Question
  186. How to add new entry in the main screen
  187. Insert Horizontal Line ( separator ) in ListBox
  188. [S60,9.1] how to set svgts in tabgroups, mif file
  189. CAknDoubleTimeStyleListBox as markable listbox
  190. How to get date from CEikTimeAndDateEditor
  191. Strange UI behaviour N90
  192. ThreadFunction
  193. SMS UI template
  194. CBA buttons won't work
  195. CEikRichTextEditor formatting
  196. Series 80 Cover UI - is there a public API for this?
  197. Findbox with graphic listbox problem (wrong filtering)
  198. A multiline box with scroller to write out some text(newbie - urgent)
  199. Adding up icons in a List Box
  200. Some newbie question on message box display
  201. I'm Newbie.. Is't possible make N-GAGE QD as Mass Storage?=)
  202. How to resize the form?
  203. Rich text editor and form in one page
  204. direction
  205. Form doesnt want to appear
  206. View a SMS in Inbox
  207. Control with transparent background
  208. How to get numeric input from user in Text mode(NOT GUI)???
  209. Possible to capture UI elements on shell screen?
  210. Findbox problem N90
  211. mbm file ..??
  212. I have problem with fep.
  213. how to built in File Manager into app?
  214. Save and close form
  215. Help! ConstructFromResourceL crashes
  216. Making Editable Grid
  217. HandleDatabaseEventL() of MContactDbObserver does not get called
  218. findbox??
  219. Has Nokia restricted Location and Names of Cities in Fp3??
  220. How to get the text of the currently selected item in CAknSingleStyleListBox
  221. Topic: Problems with Custom Resources in Global Query
  222. How to change menu's font
  223. Dynamic popup field in C++BuilderX
  224. Disabling screensaver
  225. Retrieve contact phone number on series 60 third edition
  226. Best available C++ UI widget library?
  227. Dynamic popup CurrentIndexValue returns 0
  228. Helppp....
  229. CAknGrid popup and SKIN problem
  230. How to handle multiple key press in fep ?
  231. Smart mbm
  232. Edwin more than 1 lines in form
  233. tecnical advice needed
  234. Problem with N70
  235. crashed application
  236. CAknTextQueryDialog - how to access the value entered by the user
  237. Change view when selecting item in listbox
  238. Owner draw, variable height, listbox
  239. set an image as a backgroud?
  240. CAknTextQueryDialog how to set selection disabled
  241. 9500 - How to make app similar to control panel
  242. T9Fep.Fep; crash Kern-Exec 3
  243. edwin lines in non-edit mode
  244. How to make simple GRID list with border and highlighted selection.
  245. Phonebook list dialog
  246. use debug tools d_exc
  247. How to define CAknCheckBoxSettingPage in .rss file
  248. Attaching UI to a thread
  249. overiding call-progress notes
  250. About Testing on device