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  1. input box with QueryWinL
  2. How to get the country code or country name
  3. highlight function cant show in my nokia 6600 using carbide theme editor
  4. UI nesting problems - samples please
  5. direct screen access on N95 8GB.
  6. working fine on 3 rd edition but crashesh on 3 rd edition fp1(err KERN EXEC 3)
  7. Setting List file select
  8. How to Run an application if the user is in inactivie state
  9. how can i put bitmap for edwin control in form dialog
  10. Information presentation problem( 160 char, date,labels)
  11. how to capture the characters entered in the ediwin control while entering the input?
  12. List Box CAknDoubleStyleListBox
  13. Soft close dialog
  14. display icons ( for edwin control ) in the form.
  15. How to link a C++ project and symbian OS project in carbide??
  16. Horizontal scrollbar columnListBox
  17. problem related to full screen
  18. problem in creating Calendar file in 3rd
  19. Vertical ScrollBar in RichTextEditor
  20. How do I add a label to a form?
  21. set up problem (clock)
  22. Problen in cba
  23. Unified User Interface on the mobile phone devices
  24. CBA change steering from ControlContainer in Multiview
  25. using transparent bitmap with non-gui
  26. Symbian List
  27. Get the App-Icon from a Java-Application
  28. set icon on control pane.
  29. Pop up List Box within Form...
  30. display png image
  31. Corrupted IP Field Editor
  32. Application icon question
  33. Custom Listbox
  34. after ActivateLocalViewL CAknForm won't show up
  35. Binary Switch Control in a Dialog
  36. Closing Popup Special Character Table Dialog,programmatically?
  37. Problem with AllocReadResourceLC
  38. view activation notifications
  39. LAunching dialog cause TABS not displayed
  40. Is file selection dialog present in s60?
  41. How do I draw an alpha bmp file on a big bitmap
  42. List Box Focus problem
  43. Skins API: Theme change caching problem?
  44. EikCTL 42 Panic Error while creating ListBox (v2)
  45. How change font color in CAknIntegerEdwin?
  46. Help me to draw line and rectangle
  47. List box selected item
  48. Grid Box Doubt
  49. how to change the default input method of CAknTextQueryDialog?
  50. Form creating strategy
  51. Multiviews problem
  52. Examaple about dialog
  53. Focus did not changed
  54. Need help with custom Item drawer
  55. programming sub-menu item list
  56. SUB-MENU
  57. Screen Resolution using TAknScreenModes
  58. How to do continuously drawing of Line, rectangle,polyline and Etc...
  59. What control?
  60. Browser control
  61. KERN-EXEC 3 unknown cause
  62. select access point query when using browser control
  63. brCtl should not connect to webserver.
  64. multi-page dialog does not refreshing a screen
  65. Panic when changing input mode
  66. submit html forms using brctrl
  67. Adding Menu Items
  68. How to know current font size (large, normal, small)?
  69. how to create "non-setting item" to CAknSettingItemList
  70. Problems about Icon usage in s60!
  71. Sending Media Files
  72. Dynamic ListBox within dialog.
  73. how to create aif in symbian 9
  74. questions about cba and hotkeys
  75. Adding Menu pane to the form
  76. Getting pointer to View from the Container
  77. question about HandleCommandL() function
  78. ui class map
  79. CEikLabel::MinimumSize()
  80. how to detect appearance of FEP word selection window
  81. How to set index of dynamic setting item?
  82. how to use view's drawdeferred function?
  83. MultiQuery dialog get value
  84. How can I know that the candidate window of T9 was displayed on screen
  85. Messaging App's font
  86. Problems with browser control CBrCtlInterface
  87. How to hide the Application Title bar?
  88. Retrieve Dialog Window.
  89. what is the purpose of a status pane?When to use it?
  90. Change softkey text of CAknQueryDialog
  91. Two question:about the CAknTabGroup's width and Link Error"error LNK2001: unresolved"
  92. How to change background(skin) for status pane?
  93. Hide running application in FP1
  94. Blacked controls in dialog
  95. CAknGrid - background color / expand highlite bar
  96. CAknColumnList - scrollable horizontally?
  97. abt Developing Text editor for cell phones , Urgent
  98. Wrap text using soft return in cell on CAKnGrid
  99. problem with s60 dialog
  100. s60 form problem
  101. Symbian GUI
  102. How to display a part of app in foreground?
  103. how to create a label with semi-transparent background?
  104. CAknDoubleStyleListBox query
  105. Get the CBA buttons position?
  106. how to pass a parameter in symbians60
  107. Problem With CEikRichTextEditor??
  108. Enabling skin background in a dialog
  109. Handling Keys of emulator.
  110. Cancelling CEikMenuBar
  111. Stang Problem of CBA
  112. Font color of CEikEdwin editor
  113. any other then animation = R_QGN_GRAF_WAIT_BAR_ANIM;
  114. Panic when exiting form
  115. How to write a compound control class?
  116. how to get the text, input by user in browser control displaying html form
  117. How to add new AVKON_ENUMERATED_TEXT to CAknEnumeratedTextPopupSettingItem
  118. question about CreateWindowL() func
  119. Form not displayed when is created in Container ConstructL
  120. How to handle EAknSoftkeyBack in OfferKeyEventL
  121. Shows splash screen when loading.
  122. Splash screens with interval
  123. PROBLEM : Password Setting Item
  124. Container does not display controls
  125. Why listbox applicaion crashes on exit ?
  126. CAknNumberQueryDialog having Integer range value problem?
  127. CAknMultiLineDataQueryDialog , unable to catch oktoexit event
  128. unable to get text from username and password editor
  129. capture the camera key
  130. Application icon does not show on phone
  131. Issue with Search Field in Listbox
  132. Problem with CaknListQueryDialog
  133. Implementing (or not) a simple CAknSingleStyleListBox
  134. Redraw of CCoeControl not work after Replace in compound control
  135. "About Page" design
  136. CPbkContactEngine KERN-EXEC 0
  137. How to know the current view is an Editable Screen
  138. How to save the data when the setting page close?
  139. cann't display aif
  140. Where's the theme data stored ?
  141. How to add sub menu?
  142. CAknSettingItem: Change title on an item
  143. Support for GUI design in Carbide.
  144. Creating and Destroying Views Problem
  145. missed call box in home screen
  146. CAknErrorNote & CAknAppUi::ConstructL -> CONE 8 panic on exit
  147. Answering Incoming call!
  148. How to Resize the Dialog Box ?
  149. Wrap around for CAknForm
  150. call OkToExit()
  151. Automatic update of Dialog Question
  152. Listbox in dialog gives 'Kern Exec 3' on mobile
  153. Deregistering Views in AppUi() Destructor
  154. How can i make contro. on Client screen in CAknDialog?
  155. cut label on my view
  156. CEikLabel update Text in loop problem
  157. Problem with background while switching view.
  158. ListBox. How to Update At runtime?
  159. Menu Item Binary Switch
  160. How to create a dialog in the Server
  161. How to remove Caption(prompt) from form view
  162. Why CAknDialog is not working in s60 3rd FP1?
  163. Switching list view to Grid view for list box UIQ
  164. Getting CAknDialog to fill the app client rectangle
  165. Switching between views( Going from home page to login page)
  166. A stranger problem in CActive Object
  167. how can i create a menu item Dynamic, but not use DynInitMenuPaneL()
  168. Browser Control - Video is not playing
  169. Problem with custom dialog
  170. How to calculate the width of a displayed string in pixels?
  171. Problem with status pane icon in CAknViewAppUi app
  172. Problem with CEikRichTextEditor
  173. CAknGrid Customization!!!
  174. Does CEikEdwin support RTL(right to left) language
  175. multi-page form
  176. Dim tab (CAknTabGroup)
  177. Picture as background for CEikEdwin
  178. Need to refresh list with network params every n secs
  179. Tabs implementation in view.
  180. whats TKeyEvent for F1 key?
  181. s60 own background skin
  182. CEikRichTextEditor special characters
  183. How to enable selecting text in CEikEdwin?
  184. CBrCtlInterface Redraw
  185. Scroll Bar Problem
  186. how to empty clipboard?
  187. IP editor field
  188. background light control problem
  189. Problem using CAknProgressDialog!!
  190. DialogDismissedL in CAknProgressDialog
  191. How to replicate "pen key" functionality?
  192. UI design
  193. About Dialog size and Tone
  194. Context sensitive & Selection icon for MSK in 3.2
  195. Deleting a CAknView
  196. changing size and position of multiline dialog
  197. Where to find basic calendar and clock icons?
  198. Convert transparent GIF into BMP+MASK
  199. progress bar
  200. Any idea on how to set the listbox items in different height :)
  201. add simple item NOT from resource
  203. CEikEdwin Size Problem
  204. Changing Application icon based on Theme in Phone
  205. how to recover errors of the mixin classes
  206. S60 application icon
  207. error with mixin class
  208. Series 40 3rd Edition
  209. how to display text
  210. Hide Application
  211. CAknQueryDialog icons
  212. how to remove avkon 0 panic
  213. change listbox
  215. Dynamic menu pane/bar changing?..
  216. Changing prompt/label of an CAknForm control
  217. Direct Draw (TScreenInfoV01) in v9.1 or higher
  218. Default menubar in S60 2nd
  219. displaying text in paragraphs in CEikRichTextEditor
  220. I found two bugs in realplayer and in the web browser
  221. How to input string from user?
  222. get item details from listbox
  223. multilanguage and tabs problem
  224. urgent plz help
  225. Use of Browser Control API in Multi-view application
  226. getting duration value from Duration Editor
  227. Sub Menus in Dialogs (CAknListQueryDialog ..)
  228. How to change listbox to be a multiselection listbox
  229. problem with scroll bar in richtext editor
  230. get aCustomMessage of ActivateLocalViewL
  231. How to change the size and position of simple CAknMessageQueryDialog?
  232. Can I disable the multi-tap engine in the t9 input method?
  233. Quary Dialog font size??
  234. How to make an App without GUI?
  235. currentitemindex in the menu
  236. Pinyin mode for Search box
  237. aCustomMessage from DoActivateL use in InitializeControlsL
  238. crash emulator after ActivateLocalViewL
  239. Creating menu to listbox
  240. Rect and Position don't match
  241. How to get string in Listbox?Just easy problem
  242. Not able to see wait note on device
  243. Icons in the Listbox...
  244. A GUI probelm on UIQ3
  245. refer to a variable in DoActivateL()
  246. How to make loop scrolling in Form dialog
  248. questions about CBA resource
  249. OfferKeyEventL <-> Handle...MenuItemSelectedL
  250. how to use "IsPressed()" in CEikCommandButton class