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  1. Programatically switch to speakerphone during call
  2. [moved] CEikColumnListBox control not drawn completely
  3. menu and sub menu problem
  4. how to detect 5th or 3rd ?
  5. how to set text limit of CAknTextSettingItem
  6. Change CBA on option selection
  7. Draw Method ... Basic Doubt
  8. CEikRichTextEditor will not allow text input mode
  9. Unwanted Copy in Global text editor 5th edition
  10. [moved] how to switch form one view to other
  11. The AVKON_INTEGER_EDWIN doesn't respect Min and Max... why?
  12. [merged] how to switch view while cliking the item in a listbox?
  13. Drawing bmp Image to the Centre
  14. Audio Routing API for S60 5th
  15. The UI of the select country
  16. Desktop Icon
  17. [moved] The Problem With On Device Result???
  18. ListItem does get selected if HandlePointerEvent() is overridden
  19. Set CEikListBox items in CAknView::DoActivateL()
  20. How to get RWindow handle from CAknView?
  21. Problem with custom dialogs
  22. video player problem
  23. Deleting CEikEdwin instances
  24. virtual keyboard erasing problem
  25. Choice list implementation
  26. draging problem
  27. Drop down list with scrollbar
  28. Default call to Draw Function
  29. AknLayoutUtils::FontFromId does not register change in display fonts
  30. How To Use Contact Database
  31. does EAknCtMultilineQuery can work on 5th ?
  32. (IN N73)Device screensaver changes to default when my application launces
  33. Sensor plugin accelerometer and rotation data
  34. Screen rotation on N95
  35. Dev Video Plugin
  36. [moved] 5800 program menu stays black (no program icons)
  37. How to switch from Form to another view?
  38. 3rd Compiler Problem
  39. svg icon is not displayed properly
  40. Problem getting icon in 3rd edition.. Help
  41. Problem with Redraw() in CAnim???
  42. FEP input mode selection issue (problem pressing #)
  43. CBrCtlInterface draws while background on top
  44. issue with overlaping text
  45. Console application panic
  46. Drow Image
  47. Use of 0 key in CEikRichTextEditor
  48. CAknForm PopupField problem
  49. Interpretation of accelerometer data on N82
  50. How to create "About Screen"
  51. Putting background image to listbox
  52. how to draw text on video
  53. Drawing skin for custom listbox.
  54. Image not drawn on custom listbox
  55. Custom Scrollbar and Custom Softkey Menu
  56. Font used in Telephony
  57. [moved&merged] Create textbox in top of the screen in symbian
  58. problem with handlling two tab groups.
  59. How to display three Soft keys?
  60. Displaying SVG icon on the context pane
  61. CAknListQueryDialog display size
  62. View server panic with 11 on draw
  63. Creating List in Symbian C++ on s60
  64. SetListEmptyTextL in custom list
  65. Idle screen status pane
  66. Singnal 'Exception 100' received. how to do?
  67. [moved] Help: 5th show mif distorted
  68. StatusPane on FP1
  69. How to add image in contact database
  70. Radio buttons in S60
  71. [moved] S60 5th Edition: custom touch with Internet Browser API
  72. Creating a view with 2 text editors
  73. How to send commands to an standard app using HandleCommandL()
  74. Backward compatibility
  75. CEikGlobalTextEditor won't reposition...
  76. [moved] Can't show App icon
  77. Button Press Event
  78. SetListEmptyTextL problem, please help
  79. Connect calender example with ui emulator
  80. Change Carbide-Generated Navi Pane Text at runtime
  81. want any user personal info recorded example
  82. want source code
  83. change fon size in phone setting
  84. how to use CAknMultiLineDataQueryDialog ?
  85. database error
  86. Wordwrap in label
  87. Generic Button API
  88. How can i use CAknToolbar Control
  89. Changing skin and color of menubar text
  90. Need Help....
  91. Custom SettingList
  92. Grid Example
  93. UI message without focus (CAknInfoPopupNoteController)
  94. Button help won't show...
  95. A problem about CAknButton
  96. User 42 after executing a form
  97. loading bmp'a from mbm issue
  98. creating object
  99. Gradient background not appearing in custom dialog (device only)
  100. CPtiEngine SetExternalKeyMapL not working
  101. Intalling sis into Nokia5800, complained not compatible
  102. Changing Listbox text Color and highlight bar.
  103. [moved] Multi line text
  104. UID of inbox, sent item,missed call, dialed call, received call view
  105. CAknProgressDialog - don't set aVisibilityDelayOff to ETrue
  106. nokia n95 buttons from music slider issue
  107. Capture Pointer Event
  108. Customize UI solution
  109. How can i add search field with custom control
  110. Listbox problem
  111. how to add custom header files and source files to an existing UI project
  112. AVKON_INTEGER_EDWIN problem?
  113. Creating a fake form entry in S60 v5
  114. Menu bar doesn't update
  115. MGFetch and N96
  116. How to capture keys in S60 5th edition?
  117. Dragging CeikEdwin scroll bars crashes Nokia 5800 phone (but not emulator).
  118. Set Down arrow button bitmap for CAknButton
  119. To associate the View UID with View
  120. How to get listbox and search control sized, positioned?
  121. [moved] developing gui in symbian c++
  122. Dynamic view
  123. saving form data to database
  124. How to pop up menubar
  125. how to edit help xml file ?
  126. [moved] Scroll Bar on imageview
  127. key pressing
  128. draw() function in appview
  129. Detecting calls to CreateWindowL or AppUi()->AddToStackL
  130. How to derive from CAknMessageQueryDialog?
  131. Does CCoeControl::Draw() be called by framework automatically after ActivateL()
  132. Multi lines problem with edit box
  133. What is the difference between AppUi()->AddToViewStackL() and AppUi()->AddToStackL()
  134. which library
  135. Problem in DynInitMenuPaneL in 5.x
  136. [moved] Scroll bar
  137. [moved] UI components
  138. CAknResourceNoteDialog::ExecuteLD returns error code 3017
  139. DrawText problem of Scandinavian word
  140. CAknSelectionListDialog doesn't allow adaptive search?
  141. key press handling
  142. How to get the foreground color of the current theme ?
  143. [moved] Disabled Virtual Keyboard
  144. [moved] Global dialog on stand by app
  145. .SVG File Can Not be Shown On Device
  146. can we use form to read xml file ?
  147. draw() function
  148. Draw an image over the window
  149. Activate and Deactivate theme by application
  150. Font in CAknDoubleLargeStyleListBox
  151. editors and listboxs in dialog
  152. need help with OfferKeyEventL
  153. Turning off incoming SMS notification programmatically
  154. How to create a bill splitter applicaiton in symbian s60
  155. generation of command ids..how to obtain them?
  156. N-97 Active desktop
  157. how to remove error in hrh file while view switching
  158. Bmp image not showing
  159. Self Destroying Popup
  160. Making custom notifier always portrait orientation?
  161. disable skin for listbox
  162. Strange problem with adaptive search
  163. ActivateLocalViewL on already active view
  164. Please reply soon
  165. can we save data in xml file not in DB ?
  166. How to create Tabbed View using Carbice C++ Application Editor
  167. Page / Screen scrolling support in S60 5th Edition
  168. About CEikListBox::SetItemHeightL
  169. fail to call ResetMarquee()
  170. Get Unicode font
  171. HBufC
  172. how to transform image coordinates
  173. how to implement combobox
  174. how to link project against edbms.lib
  175. force virtual keyboard with avkon dialog
  176. database errors
  177. handling incoming call event
  178. Problem getting CurrentValueIndex() of a CAknPopupFieldText
  179. SetContainerWindow if no Parent is available
  180. How to the best display help list in application
  181. Drawing bitmap over caknbutton
  182. To Launch Missed, received and dialled call view
  183. Change image control
  184. Adding new input method ?
  185. how to get events in HandleScrollEventL method?
  186. How to Get size of Rect for a Text paragraph
  187. datatype to use for listitem
  188. how to determine touchscreen or non touscreen
  189. Retrieve item in the setting list
  190. Background Image Set
  191. Changing Data Rate of accelerometer.
  192. How to play sound file (mp3)
  193. Dynamic text for waitdialog
  194. [moved] Nokia 5800 UI inserting itself in app
  195. Tabs in notifier created dialog?
  196. CAknSingleLargeStyleListBox - get icon size
  197. ScShortcutsEngineWrapperAPI not in FP2
  198. sending text file to the comp
  199. How to create a grid?
  200. [moved] 5800 Qwerty Keypad or T9?
  201. pixel information
  202. How to get pointerevent when app run in background?
  203. How to change grid cell color?
  204. How to Display AboutUs Image
  205. Is it possible to create more then 16 colors in a grid?
  206. E61 icon problem
  207. problem in deleting entries in database
  208. Drawing CCoeControl on CBitmapGC
  209. EDWIN can not set it's width
  210. Tabs issue
  211. Icon size in listbox for different resolution?????
  212. how to use SetEdwinTextL ?
  213. How to change CAknColourSelectionGrid's softkey name?
  214. Can I insert Text in CAknColourSelectionGrid cell?
  215. Need advice on UI controls and UI utilities
  216. how to put a Text Editor
  217. New in UI
  218. Navi Pane location
  219. CAknTimeOffsetSettingItem problem with store
  220. How to deal "SAVE" on R_AVKON_SOFTKEYS_SAVE_BACK
  221. Problem in Porting Application from 3rd edition to 5th edition
  222. rsc file integrity
  223. Problem in CAknTextQueryDialog
  224. S60v5 and Window Transparency
  225. How to Grab akn edwin state change event inside MAknEdStateObserver
  226. problem with EDWIN
  227. Access XPressMusic Button Event
  228. code problem regarding CAknTextQueryDialog
  229. Un-highlight grid item (CAknGrid bug?)
  230. Console keyboard layout is broken on qwerty devices
  231. CAknSettingItemList change font ??????
  232. Tabs and Global text editors
  233. Transparent window(container)
  234. Send to background a GUI application
  235. Labels dont refresh
  236. how to put an image on screen
  237. [moved] Problem in password setting
  238. wser 6 panic
  239. GUI somekind like contacts list
  240. Slider item value not stored on S60 3rd edition FP2 build
  241. How to navigate b/w two text editors
  242. how to reset text editors
  243. About Softkeys
  244. how to highlight border of text editor
  245. pics comparision
  246. How get information to another class from Animation DLL?
  247. On screen keyboard questions
  248. How to have the text alignment handled automatically
  249. Cancel CAknWaitDialog, I always get "Application is busy"
  250. set height of listbox item depend on length of text