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  1. CEikLabel->SetTextL panic
  2. is Nokia WSDL-to-C++ Wizard for S60 available in S60 5th?
  3. WaitDialog (UI) handling within RThread
  4. identifying touch screen
  5. Dimming a menu item
  6. Open Keypad Lock
  7. UI will not load
  8. How to Set Background Image
  9. Active Idle screen
  10. Fading
  11. Homescreen API on N97 SDK
  12. Mixing native controls from UI Design Editor with custom controls
  13. Beginner Question: Create new view and switch
  14. Missing optionsMenu on control panel of second view
  15. How to make CEikEdwin interact with pencil button
  16. problem in listbox
  17. how to implement a book index ?
  18. Problem in Marquee effect in ListBox
  19. How to set position of virtual keyboard???
  20. font size in drawtext function
  21. the easyest way to having " dynamic like " view change?
  22. N97 MifConv 3.0.1
  23. CAknRadioButtonSettingPage behavior
  24. can put HandleListBoxEventL in view ?
  25. How to Add Choice List to Toolbar extension button
  26. Invisible status pane problem
  27. Simulate Key Pressing on background process
  28. Read a text file
  29. CWindowGc in different threads
  30. How to hide Mark/Unmark submenu ?
  31. Retaining SVG icon data after loading and using it
  32. make grid view has sys background color ?
  33. Compulsory reflection of widgets on the home screen
  34. Issue with CAknTabGroup in 3.0 devices
  35. [moved] S60 5th edition virtual keyboard
  36. ActivateLocalView...
  37. map and text in a page?
  38. Implementation of "End Key" in 5800
  39. the problem of BrCtlSampleApp
  40. CAknProgressDialog problem
  41. A problem Using TApaTaskList.
  42. Series 60 Sans
  43. URGENT!! AutoSelect APN on Nokia5800 (5800屏蔽接入点的问题)
  44. Phone startup failed. connect to retailer. Comes in Simulator
  45. How to use AknFind::HandleFindSizeChanged
  46. problem in changing the status of the radio button in menu items on runtime
  47. how to create dynamic radio button on menu items
  48. Overriding Draw method in CEikEdwin
  49. unhide application with events
  50. like play captured Image effect ?
  51. Sharing CCoeControl across views
  52. CPbkMultipleEntryFetchDlg crashes with PbkViewContactFi 2 Error
  53. S60 v5 Accelerometer
  54. WS32.dll crashes when you change theme while displaying a CAknPreviewPopUpController
  55. Call RConnection::Start(iStatus), but no return in RunL()!!
  56. grid bitmap not appear..
  57. Has Nokia launched S60 5th Edition FP1?
  58. Scroll bar problem Nokia 5800
  59. about RichTextEdit pageup or pagedown
  60. Switch Images with CEikImage
  61. Accelerometer S60v5
  62. how to capture non-panic errors and notifications sent to the screen
  63. setting item popup checkboxs list?
  64. Bluetooth PAN profile for S60
  65. CEikRichTextEditor: last line is partially invisible
  66. Softkey Flicker
  67. Custom Softkey handling
  68. How to make my program support NAVI wheel feature ?
  69. Like VS.NET DataGrid Control?
  70. how to edit a Book cover fit h/v screen ?
  71. About having image as background of CEikRichTextEditor
  72. CAknGrid, listbox and single click
  73. Updating a listbox
  74. Displaying large amount of formatted text in a CAknMessageQueryDialog
  75. Setting background color of a listbox view.
  76. CEikTextButton problem
  77. Capturing KeyPresses
  78. Volume keys of Nokia 5800 XPressMusic Edition
  79. Problem in displaying custom fonts.
  80. Sample CEikBitmapButton ?
  81. GDR file
  82. Trouble using CAknGrid
  83. problem with HandleListBoxEventL
  84. how to read from last line about txt file?
  85. Question about "How to display a waiting confirmation dialog"
  86. Custom background (svg) for CEikLabel and CEikEdwin
  87. E32USER-CBase 18....
  88. how to create Selection Grids
  89. Listbox scrollbar visibility and EAuto
  90. Why I can't get property KSensrvPropIdChannelUnit ?
  91. Problem in capturing keypress
  92. Slider Control How To?
  93. Size of Icons for 3 button toolbar and tabs
  94. softkeys background color change...
  95. Dialog with about eight to ten text lines?
  96. Symbian native components under the hood and Custom controls
  97. Dialog Text Width
  98. draw large image on screen and scroll
  99. Problem switching app to foreground and activating view just after
  100. CAknSingleLargeStyleListBox , backcolor
  101. Smaller icons in my listbox?
  102. Why unexpected OfferKeyEventL is called after HandleListBoxEventL is called on S60v5?
  103. Arabic buttons
  104. not goto SwitchCbaL() to Option menu.
  105. Handling red key
  106. Drawing Compound Control
  107. How to Add image to toolbar extension
  108. Form localized button label in edit mode...
  109. how to Handle the "EAknActivatePenInputRequest" Event for CEikTimeEditor ?
  110. How to set a background image
  111. Nokia Barcode Reader
  112. Numers and CAknIntegerEdwin
  113. how to count rows and move to specified row in richtextedit ?
  114. how to set font size ?
  115. CAknGlobalProgressDialog change CBA does not work...
  116. Alternative to AknLayoutUtils::LayoutMetricsRect
  117. Dont see items "CAknSingleStyleListBox"
  118. CAknPopupList EnableFind issue on 9.1
  119. Symbian Signing doubt
  120. Skin under CEikLabel in Custom Control
  121. Panic when deleting last symbol in richtexteditor
  122. How to change Text from CBA Button?
  123. catching keys
  124. Multi page form or multi taps
  125. tab move in S60 5th SDK
  126. KeyCapture Events
  127. Why the sub-control call DrawNow have no effect...
  128. CAknSettingItemList, 5th edition, no items shown
  129. Problem using multiple edit boxes in a view architecture
  130. How can I retrieve the "New message" icon from the current skin/theme?
  131. how to use TPositionSatelliteInfo
  132. Control does not draw if added in AppUI using AddToStackL(...)
  133. MCoeControlBackground interface does not support transparency
  134. Secrete editor problem
  135. [moved] Problem with edit control in S60 5th edition
  136. edit control problem in S60 5th edition
  137. Symbian UI with chekbox
  138. How to create a ticker on main screen?
  139. Is there any api to Scroll text horizontally ???
  140. [moved] icons for touch toolbar 5th edition
  141. write url on note
  142. How to prevent screen orientation change (5th ed.)
  143. CAknMultiLineDataQueryDialog Problem,help!
  144. Multi line label
  145. Handling characters in Editor
  146. Redraw the grid so that the below grid becomes visible.
  147. SetDimmed on Menuitem within Avkonview
  148. function Draw auto call when use OfferKeyEventL
  149. MultiPage Dialog
  150. Determining at runtime if a device has a touchscreen and/or keypad
  151. Opening of edit input dialog at EButton1Up
  152. Detecting Key up / down
  153. Dynamic change of grid icons
  154. Top of characters is missing
  155. Tab Navigation problem using CAknTabGroup
  156. suppress background drawing in older editions
  157. [moved] How to append one item to CAknDoubleGraphicStyleListBox (including icon) ?
  158. progress dialog and query dialog
  159. How can we add hint text in Radio Buttons??
  160. Adding middle soft key in UI Designer
  161. Correct input textbox.
  162. handlePointerEventL for CBA
  163. how can i make it?
  164. Search Box Problem in Double Large Stylle List Box
  165. Is there native dialog for editing Calendar and Note?
  166. Problem with transparent background in CAknGrid
  167. AvKon View Switching Architecture
  168. Problem hiding item in CAknSettingItemList
  169. Tab Bar type of control
  170. No output in "TRK Program Output" console
  171. How to get an index of 'Enumerated text popup setting Item'?
  172. Custom Picture Icon
  173. Option menu items
  174. How to disable Toolbar 3 buttons in landscape mode
  175. Location Api
  176. draw multiline text
  177. [moved] Problem on Text Editor
  178. GUI editor generates code that is not possible to compile
  179. 5800 installer bug and fix - KIS001194
  180. Slide up / down events
  181. Scrollable edwin in Dialog
  182. Change dialog orientation?
  183. find width and height bounds of screen and way to remove clipping i\of the text
  184. publish HsWidget with "wideimage" template problem
  185. Creating a login page / app using S60 how ?
  186. OCR :)
  187. How to close and continue progress bar?
  188. Is it possible to capture hard keys (calendar key, contacts key etc.)
  189. Create CAknGrid on RWindow
  190. How to make 'checked menu items'?
  191. Toolbar with custom control
  192. Google latitude UI question
  193. Listbox items with different colors
  194. Initialising CAknIpFieldSettingItem type control
  195. Can i call and browse on Nokia at the same time
  196. BrowserControl on 5800, automatic focused control can't open keyboard
  197. Change connection dialog orientation
  198. s60 5th app install on 3rd devices
  199. [moved] MultiQuery
  200. How to set a cursor to selected menu item previously?
  201. please help me
  202. Ticker implementation in S60 3rd edition
  203. Selection list with two line strings
  204. CEikEdwin skinning missing in custom control (Container)
  205. CAknForm struggling with View/Edit mode: SetText
  206. Handling Touch Events in an Exe
  207. Capture key event in background
  208. Handwriting recognition
  209. Change Icon size in CAknSingleGraphicStyleListBox
  210. problem with change right softkey value
  211. Command options
  212. which ui can use to show a big gif and some list ?
  213. Screen not refreshing after cancelling Options menu
  214. how to set RWindow transparent?
  215. Method to lauch web browser, telephone call, GPS, video call etc
  216. Problem in List box
  217. Customized CNotepadApi
  218. Lounch VKB in window owning control
  219. Camera Capture Key
  220. TGfxElements
  221. Machine UIDs missing
  222. How to send TPointerEvent?
  223. Interaction with CEikToolBar
  224. do i need partnering with Nokia for showing ticker on active idle screen?
  225. Problem while adding option menu in AppView ...
  226. How to create an option menu from EEventEnterKeyPressed
  227. Shift issue on E71 qwerty keyboard
  228. Problem creating CEikEdwin from resource file
  229. Problem with Example FileBrowse
  230. How to change font in CAknSettingItem and Menu
  231. Virtual keyboard rewrites navi pane text
  232. 5th ListBox Multiple Select problem
  233. Setting long title pane text without decreasing font size
  234. Upgrading UI Designer application from S60 v3 to S60 v5
  235. Displaying icon in about dialog
  236. UI Scalability Issue
  237. Trouble using CAknListQueryDialog::CalcSizeInPixels
  238. Displaying text in the Navigation pane
  239. how to create resource in Carbide?
  240. how to seperate viewfinder from two different bright ?
  241. [moved] scrollbar in container!!!!!!
  242. How to create a Toolbar Icons ?
  243. problem in CAknEnumeratedTextPopupSettingItem
  244. How to set colours for derived CAknSettingItemList
  245. ListBox Custmization
  246. Screen Rotation on N70
  247. [3rd FP2] How to display image and text in the title pane?
  248. How to detect when VKB (Virtual Keyboard) closes?
  249. How to transfer data between two views . Please help me
  250. [moved] Set icon on status pane