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  1. ShutdownAndRestart makes an syntex error for 5th edition
  2. passing data from FORM to FORM
  3. Settings: UIDesign code and Examples, I'm lost
  4. CBA fullscreen
  5. CAknDialog Position
  6. Dialog to manually enter phone number or select from contacts
  7. Missing arrow
  8. Edwin's instance from a CAknTextQueryDialog
  9. Form in Avkon View Switching Architecture
  10. standard background drawing when status pane is invisible
  11. How to deep factory reset programmatically?
  12. Error: Panic WSERV 7
  13. Decrease vertical gap in listbox
  14. Can i display a RWindow at desktop?
  15. Improve Quality of icon.
  16. Form in Avkon View Switching Architecture
  17. CAknTextQueryDialog on device erro Menu: Feature not supported
  18. [moved] ListBox doesn't display the skin completly !
  19. Supressing exe appearing under applications UI
  20. how to set listbox second line value dynamically
  21. [moved] Button problem
  22. [moved] How to decrease spaces between lines in CEikRichTextEditor?
  23. Image format for - Generic Button
  24. [moved] Best ListBox base class
  25. CAknGrid Issues
  26. Hide/show -- Control/Status pane
  27. Button text..?
  28. adding menu to forms problem??
  29. How to get focus on a rectangle drawn through CWindowGc
  30. Home screen on XM5800?
  31. form menu not disappearing??
  32. make connection local on console??
  33. Symbian OS notifier example
  34. How to copy data TBuf to TPtr8?
  35. CAknMultiLineDataQueryDialog password alignment
  36. Popup with icon and number in touch phone
  37. Popup with icon and number in touch phone
  38. Image resize
  39. How can have a hyperlink inside a richtexteditor or in any other texteditor
  40. CEikEdwin EEventKey Problem
  41. how to set setting item value
  42. Generic Button - Setting font size - S60 v5.0
  43. Does 5th edition support several cba buttons?
  44. Text Color of button
  45. Creaing a Label - Generic Button - S60 v5.0
  46. form menu processing help???
  47. Rich Textbox
  48. Container overlaps CAknWaitDialog
  49. how to add form item programmatically ?
  50. Custom background & text color for CBA and StatusPane
  51. hiding Sub menu item...?
  52. Form and View Switching help??
  53. Help:how to forbid a RichTextEditor cover the Status Pane?
  54. 求助:如何让RichTextEditor不占据整个屏幕从而显示出StatusPane上的tabgroup?
  55. What's the relationship between ui,view,control,window,conenv
  56. CAknTabGroup for S60 5th edition
  57. A note on top a query dialog.
  58. Global confirmation query during incoming/outgoing call
  59. Problem setting a form as editable
  60. Skin list highlight problem (WSERV 7)
  61. Call rejecting with screen flicker of wserv
  62. can a view in an app switch to another view in same app?
  63. how to make EAknSoftkeyBack work in Form view ?
  64. N97 - UI Control
  65. how to start a "save to phonebook" dialog
  66. Character recongnition for Key events capturin
  67. FEP aware text edit control in DSA?
  68. How to use SetEmergencyCallSupport on S60 5th
  69. Navi Tabs image change dynamically .. issue
  70. problem TReal to descriptor??
  71. switch to other view from FORM menu????
  72. List box selection for key events
  73. How to check MMC insert / Remove?
  74. How to add animation image in Navi Tabs or make them blink
  75. How to implement query ui with PIN input keyboard on S60 5th
  76. half-quarter screen application
  77. how to handle LSK & RSK(CBA)?
  78. Single line query before the application itself is shown
  79. Expand collatte Graphic selection list
  80. N97 Email widget shows 0 emails always
  81. Text displayed backwards
  82. how to control Form menu ?
  83. Moving window out of the screen
  84. softkeys in landscape mode in s60 FP2
  85. Prevent screen rotation
  86. selecting a qwerty type on touch devices
  87. Grid Positioning problem??
  88. Tabs??? In the Toolbar????
  89. Who handles touch event on status pane
  90. Right to left custom grid
  91. An odd behaviour of dialog.
  92. Problems with bitmap drawing
  93. How to Handle Settings after slecetion
  94. Symbian UI Brainstorm
  95. [moved] Using Rich Text Editor with scroll bar
  96. CEikRichTextEditor transparent background
  97. Running webkit engine in s60v3/5 sdk help
  98. CreateWindowL doubts
  99. List box with two icons followed by label
  100. Screen is not refreshing with floating toolbar
  101. Testing For Middle Soft Key Label
  102. Browsing with Browser control
  103. Adding fonts to S603rd, 5th edtion devices
  104. delete CAknSearchField object causing KERN-EXEC 3
  105. Custom cba
  106. Widget's style controlled by c++ code.
  107. Multiple Numeric Editors through RSS ???
  108. DynInitMenuPaneL is ignored
  109. Help- Need to automate media player testing
  110. tab not show
  111. Listbox: fully memory problem
  112. Rotated Screen in n72??
  113. Empty setting item list - ok, but... how?
  114. Splash Screen Problem??
  115. Odd behavior in CAknQueryDialog
  116. CAknLocationEditor
  117. Remove "Options" from control pane in runtime
  118. Dialog issue on N96 (Cannot find "□")
  119. Page info in CEikEdwin
  120. Listbox: Selection changed event
  121. Eqivalent Standard Font for EEikLabelFontLegend
  122. Custom FEP in landscape mode with 5800
  123. How To DrawText Over Gif Images
  124. Performance drop during screen rotation
  125. Missing icon and Menu: Function not supported
  126. Newie: Need some help
  127. Problem with CEikRichTextEditor
  128. Strange key event in MultiView Application.
  129. get list query selected text ?
  130. SVG Profile issues
  131. CAknSingleGraphicPopupMenuStyleListBox with selected items
  132. Position The CAkndialog Derived Class At The Required Place
  133. How to detect Middle selection key
  134. CAknSingleStyleListBox problem
  135. images in MBM to be put in Progress Dialog
  136. How to disable listbox's animation (CAknsEffectAnim) ?
  137. CApSettingsHandler invisible choices in list
  138. Screen Orientation detection doesnt work on GT-i8910
  139. new line in text editor
  140. Strange problem with CBA buttons
  141. Can We Use A S60 Predefined Control And A Derived Control In The Dialog
  142. Virtual keyboard in Symbian S60 5th edition: Which API to use?
  143. i am new for gui design please help me how to place a image on container
  144. ListBox Issue...showing whitespace
  145. [S90] CBA key working and not working (ARM vs. WINSCW)
  146. makd Form partial edit ?
  147. Add control to compound control
  148. how to make CAknSingleGraphicStyleListBox show three fields?
  149. Code generation in carbide UI designer
  150. Permanently hiding control bar
  151. Display Text On Status Pane..
  152. How to draw background image or change color of default listbox
  153. Listbox Issue
  154. homescreen widget publishing
  155. Language selection by user
  156. Language selection by user
  157. how to turn bitmap ?
  158. Lock keypad shortcut key
  159. Is there any API for Getting the power consumption of a specific application for S60?
  160. Scalable SVG Icon
  161. How to rotate screen?
  162. Date Dialog EIKON-MFNF 11
  163. S60 widget vanishes after reboot
  164. Text in Rich Text Editor Cutted
  165. SetItemDimmed gives me a "EIKCOCTL 8" Panic
  166. Horizontal CBA location in landscape mode on n97
  167. Problems with status pane in the landscape mode(5th)
  168. "To:" Field in Custom SMS Editor
  169. Desperation in working with tabs
  170. user interface design
  171. MenuPane font & scrollbar
  172. how to use Indian Languages font
  173. Time Editor Error
  174. symbian grid with columns of various widths
  175. simple list with no selection
  176. 5TH OfferKeyEventL problem
  177. Construct CAknPopupFieldText programmatically
  178. pagedown in CEikEdwin
  179. Custom Listbox & Scrolling on 5th edition
  180. SVG icon on the 5th edition
  181. Image and Lables in Home Screen.
  182. CEikListBox Drawing problem
  183. Mini Alphanumeric keypad for 5800
  184. How to RESIZE IMAGE
  185. application in task manager
  186. CBA in customized list
  187. how i get trancperency image
  188. how to display images in loops contionously with some sort of delay
  189. how to read a data from text file and place in label
  190. retrive a images from the server and i want to store
  191. How to display 10 gif images
  192. Soft keys doest work?? Form
  193. hi about diffrent folders
  194. What is the relationship between CAknView's HandleCommandL and CAknViewAppUi's??
  195. Background color for edwin
  196. CEikCbaButton problem
  197. How to add data item in List box
  198. hi how to draw a image depending on key events
  199. CAknMultiLineDataQueryDialog white text color
  200. hi symbian developers
  201. Protected icons?
  202. Options Menu Calling
  203. Is it possible to dim one item in a CAknEnumeratedTextPopupSettingItem
  204. Virtual key board(Vkb) launch problem
  205. help! How to limit the character number for CEikEdwin?
  206. How to disable one field in a form?
  207. About CAknSingleStyleTreeList
  208. problem with function decleration
  209. Displaying vertical scrollbar for Edwin in Dialog on 5800
  210. how to add Multi-selection list in form using Carbide.c++ UI Design?
  211. CEikSecretEditor and border
  212. Cutomizable call screen
  213. Simple list with text color change
  214. Reminder application
  215. Generic Button Problem
  216. How to create UI like sms edit and sms view?
  217. CAknView derive class to use full screen
  218. Use 'Red' button to cancel query dialog?
  219. the cursor in CEikEdwin controls
  220. activate Screen Saver after inactivity time.
  221. waitnote flickering
  222. detect orientation mode after using setOrientation function
  223. EStdKeyYes on 5800
  224. Kern exec 3 in BaseConstuctL of UI
  225. Panic while deleting the Browser Instance
  226. select language in CAknSearchField
  227. [moved] How to trigger VKB for CEikEdwin in V5?
  228. New message icon name ?
  229. How to restrict the input method of CEikEdwin?
  230. How to detect when EDrag out of window area?
  231. Global menu in multi view application
  232. how to stop dispalying messsage after change Orientaion mode
  233. Adding GUI design on sample program
  234. 5530 XM Drag&Drop
  235. How do I list all avaliable device languages?
  236. Supress Dialer in 5800
  237. DrawEllipse and smooth circles
  238. Change CAknButton text
  239. HandleResourceChangeL() beheviour differently on Eumulator and phone
  240. Custom font in Browser Control
  241. sample source code
  242. Python or C++ for UI to integrate with C++ backend
  243. Icons of listbox doesn't appear ?
  244. text in edwin not visible when unfocused
  245. Setting shortcut for the app
  246. to get the Attribute value
  247. Displaying number input editor dialog
  248. Layout management for compound control
  249. Descriptor data is not Getting & Setting
  250. Problem with CEikSecretEditor border when skin aware