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  1. Changing menu items of a form
  2. LEFT softkey pressing J2ME
  3. Need help WaitDialog
  4. UI design and Doubt???
  5. How to show an Item which occupies 2lines
  6. Call menu
  7. Getting Contacts on UI
  8. Non-dismissing CBA buttons in CAknProgressDialog
  9. VKB in 5th Ed.
  10. Creating a WaitDialog that able to disappear once the process is done.
  11. Using AddToStackL() and AddViewL()
  12. handlecommand between different views
  13. View switching in background
  14. [moved] Dynamic Form - How ?
  15. Using list box to display Contacts from Contacts database
  16. Drawing single control in a compound control
  17. how to resolve KErrLocked for CContactDatabse
  18. Change the default background of a view and listbox
  19. functions to implement for a container class derived from CCoeControl
  20. text highlight problem
  21. Fbus Receive SMS
  22. progress bar and progress in %
  23. Delay in displaying the screen
  24. How to set the default value on a setting list?
  25. MENU_PANE with typical items for text editors
  26. Problem with Removing last item in listbox
  27. Unable to get items on the listbox
  28. items not appearing on listbox
  29. Play audio files when current item index changes in CAknListQueryDialog.
  30. List box without loop scroll
  31. Changing list box selection dynamically
  32. dialog error -21 when calling TryExitL
  33. Action to navigation arrows?
  34. How to change text of a CAknButton
  35. [moved] How to change softkeys in CAknForm
  36. List of installed applications show two icons of one application.
  37. editing text editors
  38. About status pane
  39. JPEG image on to screen
  40. Scroll bar problem
  41. displaying bitmap image on the UI????
  42. Using multiple floating toolbars
  43. Drawing screen dynamically
  44. search field issue
  45. HandleListBoxEnterKeyPressedL is not being called
  46. ActivateLocalView failing and closing my application
  47. Help: CAknPopupList + CAknGrid
  48. Page Transition between screens or views
  49. floating toobars and CAknViews broken?
  50. error "ActivateLocalViewL"
  51. How get editor input(CEikEdwin)?
  52. HTML controls for symbian - text area and characters counter
  53. Arabic text & html control for symbian
  54. Problems about the style of CAknQueryDialog and CAknPopupList
  55. How to popup a List with icons like "Show Open Apps" on S60 5th
  56. What's the meaning for the "diaglog" flags?
  57. input options menu item on e55 and e52 devices
  58. Over to app Window as event
  59. Controls needed for a Calculator application
  60. key events for query dialog
  61. Can we get the list of all UI controls in an appl from another app
  62. [split and moved] Scalable UI 4
  63. ConstructFromResourceL crashes
  64. Problem in markable list
  65. Access contacts from contacts view
  66. problem with "pen" if EDWIN creates in Dialog
  67. WSERV 3 panic
  68. How to use CAknPopupFieldText
  69. About bring the application to foreground
  70. How to highlight CEikTextButton
  71. Switching highlight between CEikTextButton buttons
  72. listbox in multiview GUI
  73. backbuffer and skinned background
  74. How to get system dialog name or caption? Does it possible?
  75. scroll bar not working
  76. [split and moved] Scalable UI 3
  77. App. closed. KERN-EXEC 3 5th edition
  78. App. closed. KERN-EXEC 3 (5th edition)
  79. [split & moved] Scalable UI 2
  80. [split & moved] Scalable UI
  81. Problem in the "How to use CEikTextButton??"
  82. How to call GetColorUseListL?
  83. How to break text automatically without creating seperate _LIT?
  84. Incoming/outgoing call dialog problem
  85. CAknQueryDialog issue
  86. how to keep image size same
  87. Tabs in E61 device
  88. Toolbar for different views in S60 5th
  89. ListBox S60 MR
  90. Autostart Issue
  91. How to create a markable list
  92. Switch emulator configuration (layout, screen resolution) programmatically?
  93. Need help in displaying IntegerEditor
  94. Programatically Executing a Touch Event
  95. how to set focus on Floating Point editor
  96. how to show updated path
  97. Orientation problem
  98. Special character table E51
  99. Changing list cell height first item not drawn properly
  100. softkeys color
  101. Simulating kepressed in order to invoke OfferKeyEventL
  102. modeless query in 5th edition
  103. Help! How can I detect that the usb connetion is opened on the phone?
  104. Trouble in setting custom control size inside CAknDialog derived class in 5th edition
  105. Numeric key events on E55
  106. Hide/Unhide Application Icon
  107. Detect key event on Virtual key board
  108. is it possible to add checkbox , label on CAknMultiLineDataQueryDialog
  109. application invisible in task bar
  110. can settingview's item title move right and left ?
  111. Handwriting and web pages
  112. CEikTextListBox:ScrollToMakeItemVisible can not show item be hiden
  113. How to play Swf file Full Screen
  114. Avoid Menu on click of list view
  115. How to add the custom status line to desktop? Like "no calendar events for today"
  116. CheckBox MenuItem
  117. Mark popup menu list
  118. Switching View - Should be trivial... NOT :-)
  119. Bitmap in background in getting vanished
  120. Tab view
  121. How to create dynamic commands
  122. How to clip the bitmap.
  123. green button event in N97
  124. Radial Gradient
  125. Can't capture keypress in background application
  126. how to get setting view text ?
  127. switch layout event
  128. CEikTextListBox::ConstructL crashed in S60 5th edition
  129. ListBox's CEikScrollBar ThumbPosition() func behavior
  130. Setting page label
  131. [moved] how to set the cba background in s60 3rd mr or previous sdk?
  132. GSMA RCS DevChallenge Contest
  133. 5th Ed. DrawTextExtended issue if used in DrawActualItem method
  134. Drawing backgroung image in the listbox
  135. [moved] Q: How to change toolbar button text
  136. CAknWaitDialog problem
  137. How to create this
  138. Changing Application Icon on the Device
  139. How to create Score Board
  140. Accessing ListBox Item from CMyAppListBoxView
  141. Dialogs in resource files - the missing docs
  142. Selecting item on a ListBox ?
  143. how to use flash components in symbian container
  144. Speed is slow when changing the font size of editor
  145. how i can put image in a rectangle
  146. doubt OfferKeyEventL and HandleCommandL
  147. Multi selection ListBox and Search Field problem
  148. Problem with the UI Designer
  149. Button Clicked?
  150. TPtrc16 to TDes16&
  151. Key Events
  152. User Defined Menu Command of Form not recognized
  153. SizeChanged() don`t call
  154. How do I access document object from view object?
  155. CAknDialog / HandlePointerEventL / custom control
  156. Problem in stretching bitmap
  157. please help..
  158. Menu per View
  159. Problem with MAknNaviDecoratorObserver
  160. How to implement kinetic scrolling?
  161. Changing views from a Container - Discussed Before but no joy for me yet ;;;
  162. Problem having more than one text editor!
  163. Keeping view variable in AppUi between activations gives CONE 8
  164. Starting quick office from my application
  165. setting full screen as it is in SlideShow example
  166. look & feel of ListBox Ui
  167. EAknCtIntegerEdwin max length over 12?
  168. how to control setup procedure?
  169. where can I find a real documentation on S60?
  170. How can I set default text in a listbox view
  171. Title Pane
  172. Application crashed on E61 & E71
  173. Application not listed in Application manager
  174. Dialog and Setting list size madness
  175. [moved] how to send cancel key to any dialog?
  176. dismiss a query dialog
  177. Check device model at run time
  178. How to make the "installation like" query
  179. [moved] Copy/Paste Text in the Clipboard - S60 3rd FP1
  180. Key capture issue
  181. Panic in iRichText1->SetTextL
  182. Generate vibration on S60 5th edition
  183. Setting Item List & lines problem
  184. Change softkeys of CPbkSingleEntryFetchDlg
  185. Lines between listbox rows
  186. Creating sms editor
  187. setting background color of container
  188. softkeys should be disable while displaying splash screen
  189. application icon 5th problem
  190. Automatic scrollbar for listbox
  191. EDWIn in capsule-shaped
  192. Display progress Info
  193. making menu item in nokia menu
  194. markable list # key problem
  195. capsule-shaped CEikEdwin for s60 5th ed
  196. Setting Item List on S60 5th edition pain
  197. Listbox with background image
  198. strange alert bluetooth
  199. Creating a window by CApaWindowGroupName
  200. Can we add component control in Rwindow
  201. Problem creating custom label
  202. Wait dialog with a custom image
  203. refresh problem
  204. Listbox Icons crash
  205. [moved] How to handle key event in multiviews?
  206. Get Modified Contacts
  207. [moved] When to invoke this method HandleListBoxEventL()?
  208. CAknQueryDialog is broken
  209. Avoid crash when user goes beyond last tab
  210. Problem with change screen orientation
  211. How do I effectively have 2 containers?
  212. Regarding images to be used in Symbian application
  213. Svg without mask???
  214. Can we set the brush colour transparent
  215. svg transparency problem
  216. How bring CCoeControl Windows to Foreground
  217. Using system icons in own application
  218. Steps to add an image for Splashscreen
  219. transparent background drawing problem
  220. How to change the cba of idle view?
  221. show a set of images on Screen
  222. change image in CAknQueryDialog
  223. Problem with multi-line CEikEdwin
  224. how to insert a icon into a grid item for describing the application which is runing?
  225. [moved] Status pane
  226. [moved] refresh statuspane & mainpane
  227. [moved] progress bar code for s60 2nd ed
  228. Browser Control does not display local images?!
  229. [moved] How to create my own StatusPane?
  230. multiselection listbox in touch screen
  231. Dialog buttons not displayed
  232. CEikGlobalTextEditor problem
  233. CEikLabel underline text issue!
  234. E72 Problem with OfferKeyEventL
  235. How to persist customised CBA Font ?
  236. Image instead app name
  237. Problem in Capturing Redkey in 5800.
  238. CAknFileSelectionDialog run problem?
  239. More templates for homescreen widgets
  240. Changing background of CBA so it has effect on options button press?
  241. The corresponding icon for id EAknSoftkeyContextOptions.
  242. Guiding Text in CAknSearchField Control
  243. putting application in the main menu of phone
  244. CAknSlider is set to wrong value when using EAknSliderValuePercentage
  245. Capture numpad event from CEikEdwin
  246. updating screen after custom screen change
  247. Capturing key press or long key press while key lock is on in S60 5th edition
  248. About creating CBA with a black dot in the middle
  249. CEikEdwin & Scroll problem
  250. Problem with volume key capturing events