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  1. Circle shaped Icon UI
  2. How to get the Height of Text .
  3. Bg color of CBrCtlInterface control
  4. How to change the CAknSettingItemList background
  5. problem for scrolling form with multiligne editors (S60 UI Design)
  6. placing CBrCtlInterface object correctly
  7. White Rectangle on Home Screen
  8. How to get the window handle of other application?
  9. s60 view and dialog architecture
  10. Toggling "Options" does not work with CEikButtonGroupContainer::SetCommandSetL
  11. How to use View for different purposes ?
  12. [moved] How to display indicator of input status?
  13. CEikSecretEditor avkon flags?
  14. Width of descriptor in pixels
  15. Status pane in landscape mode
  16. Layout Manager or SizeChanged() ?
  17. problem in Listbox Scrolling
  18. Default Language in 9.4
  19. Using CAknPopupFieldText gives AVKON 68
  20. Z-Index of an image
  21. CEikLabel::SetPosition()
  22. App close after SetTextL.
  23. Dropdown or Combobox in a view (using CAknPopupFieldText in a view)
  24. .rsg file doesn't get generated
  25. How to read the cursor on the mobile screen (screen reader)
  26. CAknListQueryDialog background color
  27. difference between iCode and iScanCode
  28. Hiding cascade menu item
  29. 5800 Application suggestion
  30. Listbox background..!!!
  31. Emulator screen configurations
  32. How to create a label in Symbian S60
  33. Setting Item List text color
  34. how to connect my E75 to internet Via MY PC CONNECTED TO INTERNET?
  35. Scalable UI - CEikLabel, etc.
  36. Problem about using CAknPopup!
  37. StartViewFInderDirectL error = -14
  38. How to add button on app
  39. How change Options menu item title
  40. highlight frame in listbox not compatible across firmware releases
  41. Acess Point Selection Custom List for Wifi Acess Point
  42. How to use "ForeGroundObserver" that provided in nokia wiki to capture event
  43. Custom menu
  44. ScrollBar for 5th Edition
  45. Does the application take time to create a class?
  46. Custom child background with skin-enabled container
  47. Problem in developing extended notifier
  48. Subsetting VKB in 5th Edition
  49. application name truncating
  50. Removing control (from rss) dynamicaly
  51. Touch (EnableDragEvent) on 3rd edition
  52. Restrict FEP to mini qwerty
  53. How to set CCoeControl transparent?
  54. Focus on two editors in one view control
  55. Localise CBA for Options menu
  56. Wanna get an idea about “ Startup animation " !!!
  57. Application icon transparency
  58. The width of the border of a dialog.
  59. how to read number from number editor in carbide.c++?
  60. Info popup problem
  61. Navigate to Active Idle Screen programatically
  62. select handle event of menu
  63. CEikStatuspane issue
  64. Popup with "SingleLarge" style listbox
  65. Multithreaded application do not what loose focus
  66. disable showing system call bubles
  67. Why can't receive "EEventKey"?
  68. System error while warning is shown
  69. CEikStatusPane customized
  70. File Dialog?
  72. [moved] Detect active view / dialog
  73. Dialog application with LISTBOX
  74. What's the difference between columnlistbox and formattedcelllistbox?
  75. Restore dialogs
  76. Password editor
  77. Small Window above the incoming call dialog
  78. Full Screen and system dialogs
  79. Application background like default telephony in nokia 5800
  80. html controls for symbian_problems in switching views
  81. [moved] Force full screen keyboard
  82. about HandlePointerEventL
  83. DynInitMenuPaneL() in my view not called
  84. Application icon issue on Nokia 3250
  85. MULTI touch !
  86. kinetic scrolling on N97
  87. Query related to virtual keyboard support
  88. Problem displaying SVG in FP1 handsets
  89. one control will cover another one
  90. problem in s60 layout system
  91. Regarding List Box Creation
  92. Tab Control & Text Editor
  93. Why listbox's SelectionIndexes alreays return empty?
  94. transparent list box background
  95. Application without StatusPane?
  96. Marquee effect in Hierarchical list
  97. Media key capture on 5800
  98. Problem with CAknQueryDialog crashing on 5th edition
  99. Accessing MENU_PANE on 5th Edition
  100. CommandL problem: calling from different methods
  101. SetCommandL problem: calling from different methods
  102. handle dialog for scalable UI
  103. Add items to Listbox
  104. ListBox Background Problem
  105. Search Field ListBox focus problem
  106. How to change font in CAknDoubleStyleListBox
  107. Cba() and missing API ?
  108. Interfacing Nokia Set with Online Web Application!
  109. transparent with anim.dll
  110. capture menukey in 5500
  111. How to know the highlighted item in the application shell pane.
  112. Input style icon is not visible when slide of the device is opened
  113. QuickMark
  114. want to implement a Phone Book like of search.
  115. A Problem with Form & CBA
  116. Only Numeric field in ListView
  117. CAknMultilineDataQuery for two Edwin
  118. How can I capture mouse in grid?
  119. 网格中怎么捕获鼠标事件
  120. ListBox Problem!!!
  121. List box items setting
  122. [moved] Image Button !!!
  123. problem with VRK
  124. problem with VRK
  125. CEIKEdwin editor input style problem
  126. Closing photos application on N97
  127. Setting page CBA issue
  128. mbm file error
  129. background image on the device
  130. ListBox Problem
  131. adding diffrent icons to graphics list box dynamically
  132. Icon from SVG
  133. Help, AKNSKINS Update Failed Error!
  134. Rich Text Editor problem
  135. Custom icon for ListBox
  136. How to draw a audio player
  137. Disclaimer text not appear on device , it works fine on emulator
  138. API for simulate "Page All" Event
  139. CEikImage size problem
  140. Menu options not showing up.
  141. AddTabL doesn't show text
  142. System Item Lis 6 panic
  143. BrowserControl problems in 5th edition
  144. Time Editor problem in Setting List
  145. [moved] listbox scrollbar with white backgroun at the bottom
  146. Setting List on devices with wide screen
  147. AknForm Drawing Error on S60 3rd Ed Initial Release Devices
  148. Custom query dialog
  149. CEikEdWin pencil (change language) button
  150. CEikEdwin Scrollbar problem
  151. [moved] Problem with UI in console application
  152. Listbox
  153. CAknFixedPointQueryDialog
  154. How to get the text colour on home screen idle in no-ui?
  155. Passing custom parameters from AppUi to a View
  156. Menu key not working after calling SetOrdinalPosition(1,ECoeWinPriorityAlwaysAtFront)
  157. how to pass key events to controls
  158. New line character issue in Dialog box
  159. Nokia Wired Headset - Remote Control User Interface/Push Buttons
  160. checkbox display incorrect in listbox
  161. Observing changes in FEP-aware text editor
  162. SVG app icon problem
  163. GetTextInHBufL maximum size?
  164. Symbol panel in FEP
  165. Making your own Grid Menu
  166. Default numeric input mode for SECRETED control
  167. What control is used for e.g. Add Recipients (to an SMS)
  168. Capture pointer events
  169. Erro on setdefaultview
  170. question about CAknSettingItemList.
  171. How to switch between two listboxes
  172. ProgressBar: Info and Layout
  173. hide the dialed number
  174. SettingList CAknTimeOrDateSettingItem can't input data
  175. Display of text.
  176. CAknNavigationDecorator with CEikEdwin in edit mode
  177. Dynamic Setting page problem
  178. Detect if idle screen app is showing a dialog
  179. Button and Progress Bar in UI Designer
  180. S60 5th Ed N97 - Green call key causes phone app / dialer to appear
  181. UI in BackGround EXE
  182. iItemList->ConstructFromResourceL(R_ENTRY_SETTINGS_LIST); gives Panic CONE 14
  183. Progress Bar control
  184. White outline around CEikBitmapButton
  185. How to chang system fonts programmly?
  186. Avkon Toolbar Sliding Button
  187. HandlePointerEventL not working after upgrading to new firmware
  188. How to hide cba button controll while using choicelist in S60 5th Edition
  189. View Problem
  190. Horizontal scrolling in list box
  191. Incoming message and SetOrdinalPosition(1, ECoeWinPriorityAlwaysAtFront);
  192. Custom UI Workflow
  193. how to implement OfferRawEvent in my app?
  194. Get size of the main pane independent of the device orientation
  195. how to draw a text on the phone Screen ?
  196. Customizing a camera 's default frame
  197. Creating dialogs from resource rsc files
  198. Displaying application icon as an image
  199. How to detect that editor is in "copy" mode?
  200. PTT/Voice/Record button on S60 3rd
  201. CAknRadioButtonSetting-Derived not updated with double click
  202. How to select among various VKB modes in 5.0?
  203. Application crashes if editor lose focus when copying was started
  204. CEikSecretEditor with cursor
  205. CONE 14 Panic on a real device
  206. C++ Problem Displaying Image in UI Button :(
  207. How to change status pane icon globaly for several views
  208. How to implement proper splashscreen
  209. rcomp failed with code 1....
  210. ComboBox which supports Icons as well as text?
  211. Keep button pressed (like toggle buttons)
  212. Remove space for Heading text in CaknPreviewPopupController
  213. scroll bar is not shown in first screen.But later its been shown wen device is tilted
  214. Change CAknButtons Background/Frame
  215. Tap on dialog should take action of LSK
  216. How to capture E72 Mute Key.
  217. AppUi handleCommand
  218. Simulate touch events on 5th edition devices
  219. Form Size
  220. EStdKeyHash capture in touch screen 5th edition?
  221. Directory like letter prompt in list when scrolling is done
  222. how to store values of user in an array using stream
  223. Save http server response value to Setting List
  224. handling application bring to front and push to back events
  225. getting panic KERN - EXEC 3
  226. duplicate multiple times of the same (ui designer) view?
  227. CEikRichTextEditor Selection problem
  228. getting Panic E32USER-CBase 90
  229. wserv 64
  230. Can i add EEikCtLabel in a Form?
  231. Two line title in CAknTextSettingItem
  232. 3rd Edition: Additional toolbar
  233. how to get previously stored values
  234. How to edit and save setting list item
  235. how to get previous values
  236. tool bar flickers for Full Screen APplication
  237. How to creating form having more than 100 fields dynamically
  238. TClass undefined symbol
  239. Panic KERN-EXEC 3
  240. listbox empty
  241. how to localize CSHelp
  242. Adding more soft keys in N97
  243. Panic DBMS 2 EDbUninitialised‎
  244. Replace S60v5 UI
  245. UI Basic concepts: Issues with AppView class
  246. [Moved] S60 CAknForm
  247. Panic EIKCTL 42
  248. markable list box (CAknSingleStyleListBox) skin
  249. Problem when migrate from CAknAppUi to CAknForm
  250. How to Set Dynamic Commands to CBA on same view