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  1. SyncML N80 System Error
  2. S60 Platform - End-to-end Device Management Example - Controller.doPost - NullPointer
  3. SyncML from Nokia 9300 to Linux?
  4. n73 + Apache + "Server not responding"
  5. S60 and SMS Push
  6. How to get MD5 value using Symbian APIs
  7. Can't create a connection between PDA and Nokia 3250 or 7610
  8. Anyone managed to setup AP OTA using WPA PSK on a E70, E60, E61 version 2 FW
  9. Problem with N80 and SyncML
  10. SYncml on emulator
  11. [S60: End-To-End Device Management Example] - Using Emulator to Connect With Funambol
  12. SMS an application to a phone
  13. Is DM really beneficial?!
  14. Wi-Fi configuration
  15. problem with DM notification
  16. syncml and jibx problems
  17. OMA DM for diagnostic
  18. Send Provisioning info using HTTP
  19. Job offer: OMA CP with syncml parameters *urgent*
  20. s40 dp3 sync problem: Data transfer not possible
  21. Some questions on SyncML with Nokia N73,Thanks!
  22. Do you have PC application which can do transform between WBXML and XML,Thanks!
  23. Nokia E65 3rd ed and N95
  24. Nokia Remote Customization with OMA DM
  25. Phone synchronization issue...
  26. 6280 Browser OMA Provisioning
  27. SyncML in 3rd Edition
  28. SIP Profiles Setup
  29. FYI: Coding examples of a Client Provisioning WSP-header
  30. Nokia 3660 SyncML Setting
  31. Public OMA DRM test server
  32. Public OMA DRM test server
  33. How to reach FOTA(Firmware over the air) using funambol DM server?
  34. newbie doubts on syc alert codes !!!
  35. Provisioning settings via HTTP
  36. Help on DM - node ./SCM
  37. codec provisioning problem
  38. Calculate hex calue for MIME type using syncml wap push
  40. Consulting Nokia Client Provisioning on device
  41. Feature Request: Load OMA DM settings
  42. Problems updating appointments
  43. IMPS client
  44. How to play forward locked(mp3) file
  45. Application closed: terminalcontrolserver E32USER-CBase 33
  46. SyncML Settings with an emulator
  47. Sync problems e65
  48. Need help on SMS provisioning
  49. provisioning settings for series 80?
  50. SycnML Server Alerted Sync
  51. Help me on NoResp issue with Nokia phone!Thannks!
  52. using SyncML for user defined database.
  53. SyncML via Bluetooth - New S40 firmware problem
  54. Nokia E61 and SyncML synchronization using SSL (https)
  55. Nokia E61 connectivity to Exchange 2007
  56. EAP config via OMA Client Provisioning
  57. Nokia Handset and OMA DS 1.1 Server Alerted Sync
  58. Which SSL certificate
  59. Nokia N73's firmware for SyncML has big error,Thanks!
  60. Code Page?
  61. How to install a root CA on an S40 phone?
  62. problems on the End-to-End Device Management Example
  63. Device Management using files located on device
  64. DM file is not recognised in 5500
  65. Syncml DS 1.2
  66. OMA DM and DDF Nodes Question
  67. N73 - ./Customization node
  68. OMA DM test server
  69. provisioning for N93
  70. RSyncMLDataSyncProfile error whens syncing
  71. Scheduled Synchronization
  72. Real-time help with development problems through IM
  73. Tetra Connectivity Server
  74. E61 SyncML Problem
  75. Specification of vMsg
  76. OBEX over USB
  77. MaxSize for PHOTO wrong in Nokia DS 1.2 client
  78. DB paths like ./dbname/xxx
  79. OMA DM/DS support?
  80. Do any Nokia phones support Busy Signalling
  81. Add new server into Device manager
  82. Problem initiating OBEX over USB!
  83. VoIP settings to mobile phone over bluetooth
  84. Server Alerted Notification (1.1.2)
  85. Series 40 Platform 1.0
  86. How to test an signed/unsigned sis file with OCSP
  87. Transports for OMA CP in Nokia S60
  88. Accessing localhost web server using emulator
  89. Syncml - 415 response from Nokia phones
  90. Send "accept all sync requests" setting to Nokia n95 via OTA
  91. Userpin problems
  92. OMA Device Management OTA/SMS
  93. Mixing Transport and Application Layer on OMA Client Provisioning
  94. syncml conn req packet structure differs from spec?
  95. how to silent install sis ADM capable device
  96. OMA set timezone time and date
  97. Confusion in redundant characteristics in OTA buffer
  98. Samples for Bootstrap, DM notification and DM Command
  99. S60 text/plain notes fail to sync with 415 unknown media type?
  100. OMA Settings Server , where is NAS
  101. OMA Provisioning of N95
  102. Provisioning "data" (bookmarks, landmarks,, ...) on device without SMS or WAP Push
  103. Read the XML provisioning file from “c:\data” on the device.
  104. Sync E-mail msgs and S60 3rd Edition MIDP SDK FP2, Beta Emulator
  105. how to enable automatic synchronization
  106. nokia e65 and syncml problem
  107. Initial messages between Phone and Server
  108. Loading DM Plugin and synchronization
  109. nokia 6233 synchronization problem
  110. Photo syncronization
  111. how to do Silent synchronization
  112. Responding to a SyncML DM auth request
  113. "Network out of order" error message while sending OMA provisioning SMS
  114. SyncML: "Data transfer not possible. Check data connection" for some S60 5th phones
  115. SyncML provisioning put in a executable file?
  116. what S60 devices support the StructData=?list command?
  117. SyncML Client APIs for 3rd Edition
  118. Authentication implementation in Fumambol
  119. S60 Emulator - Invalid Host Address
  120. Need a syncml C++ library for symbian
  121. Starting operation in Funambol DM Server
  122. Unable to Create AP Node using DM
  123. OMA Client Provisioning for Nokia 5200
  124. Problems installing Funambol DM server
  125. Provisioning a hidden sync profile
  126. Using syncML for custom data transfer to DS
  127. Difference between OMA DM and CP
  128. OMA settings with ACCESS char. for S40
  129. Why authentication fields missing from NAPDEF characteristic?
  130. Custom Data Synchronization
  131. OMA DM Test Server source code
  132. how can I get the contact from SIM card?
  133. Telephony server
  134. Funambol DM server, E62 and 9500 device manager app
  135. OMA DM configuration OTA (SMS/Bluetooth) for E65/E61i
  136. about SyncML RTK
  137. Direct UMTS data call between UMTS devices
  138. [DRM] Can I "intall" an OMA 1.0 forward-lock content without OTA download on S60?
  139. How to add a WLAN access point via Device Management?
  140. One way sync / OMA DS XML
  141. Mail for Exchange config to Nokia E series
  142. Does the 6500 Classic has OMA Device Management Client?
  143. Leaf updation not working for CA certificate in EAP plug-in settings
  144. CP Email settings - default APN on Series 60?
  145. OMA-CP AND N95
  146. how to install/update applciation through DM?
  147. Is it possible that install or update the phone's software OTA?
  148. If the DM of Nokia phone supports SCOMO?
  149. OMA DM Bootstrapping Steps
  150. O2 Xda Exec (Windows Mobile) + WAP Push
  151. Server initiated syncml/OMA DS for S40?
  152. Does Nokia 9500 have support for OMA DM?
  153. Client Provisiong for multiple devices
  154. Help with syncml session
  155. Nokia E65 replies with 500 (unexpected condition)
  156. OMA/OTA Sip/Voip provisioning, proxy problem
  157. OMA CP over HTTP
  158. Help: using s60 simulator to connect Funambol DM server
  159. OMA-DM: Difference between syncml/1.1 and DM/1.2
  160. OTA download of generic content
  161. <Data>500</Data> drives me crazy...
  162. HOWTO for Ubuntu?
  163. OAM-DM + auth-md5 authentication
  164. OMA DM Notification
  165. OMA Client Provisioning - Assistance required with XML Document (Beginner)
  166. What options for OTA configuration?
  167. sending syncml msg to nokia s40
  168. OMA CP : Setting DEFAULT APN
  169. nokia and oracle
  171. Phone for syncing files with OMA/SyncML 1.2?
  172. wbxml encoding query
  173. OMA Client Provisioning - Assistance required with UDH and WSP Headers (Beginner)
  174. How to get complete device information using oma-dm?
  175. Why no tools!!
  176. OMA-DM + database schema
  177. oma-dm + management objects
  178. Creating a GPRS profile using OMA-DM
  179. Java equivalent to libxml
  180. Help required: How to generate a MAC (HMAC SHA1) with Java
  181. OMA-DM + List of installed software
  182. Pin code for OTA provisioning SMS on N95
  183. Is this type of Sync possible in Future?
  184. How to let syncML run without prompting IAP dialog
  185. OMA-DM Bootstrap job, Deifferences between Nokia and Windows mobile devices
  186. About RSyncMLConnection
  187. provisioning problem- unable to save all settings. 1 settings saved
  188. Is-it possible to download a file through OMA DM on Series 60
  189. Is it possible to get a list of access points from the device?
  190. how to convert XML to WBXML?
  191. Getting Device inventory using OMA-DM
  192. Extract Existing OMA Settigns
  193. OMA Client Provisioning - Time stamp is incorrect
  194. Provisioning Mail For Exchange
  195. How to get Battery level using OMA-DM
  196. Client initiated notification + OMA-DM
  197. OMA Settings
  198. How to create a DM session from client
  199. Password encryption
  200. Setting default call type
  201. Where can I find a DM server witch support FUMO
  202. OMA CP SyncML/OMA DM differences
  203. Pls. a question for the Nokia people..
  204. How to send Sync Profile?
  205. Where can I download a symbian-based emulator which supports Exchange ActiveSync?
  206. SyncML Problem, unsupported content type
  207. When does Nokia go to the Symbian SCOMO Implementation ?
  208. Large object handling
  209. How to know the supported SyncML version?
  210. Synchronising contacts using syncml
  211. DRM forward Lock Not working in Nokia 5300
  212. Server sending device information, system error
  213. Generic alert notification for Exec on Update node -- FOTA
  214. Synchronization problem
  215. Synchronising SMS through SyncML
  216. OMA CP s40 WLAN settings
  217. OMA FOTA -
  218. Synchronization using s60 emulator problem
  219. Max. Size to be supported for Download/PkgURL node -- OMA FUMO
  220. SyncML HTTP Keep Alive session Nokia S40 devices
  221. OMA CP & OTA Toolkit
  222. OMA DM Large Object
  223. Server initiated sync via GPRS
  224. Creating a file using FAT32 file system
  225. Application Management in Nokia E61 using OMA DM
  226. OTA: port 2948
  227. xml2wbxml OTA problem
  228. Unable to create NAP account on Series 40 devices
  229. IMPS wbxml encoding problem
  230. Database synchronization
  231. ./SCM/Inventory/Delivery
  232. Creating WLAN AP profiles using OMA DM
  233. Testing OMA DM
  234. IM Open API help
  235. Coustommized DM plug-in
  236. WBXML responses
  237. How to delete the configurations inserted by provisioning client?
  238. Sync Alert206 OTA - What Devices?
  239. System error!
  240. sending query from Funambol
  241. Slow sync
  242. Nokia S40 3rd should support DS Server-OTA-Alert: HOW?
  243. Application Download using OMA DM
  244. OMA certification for PoC services
  245. A generic cuestion
  246. Get device platform using OMA DM protocol
  247. Nokia DM server
  248. Advanced Device Management : Symbian OS and Platforms
  249. OMA-DM : Scheduled device management client connections
  250. 415 error