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  1. OMA CP - Different applications with different acess points in the same document
  2. Funambol with Nokia 6300 and 3109 classic
  3. Silent application installation using OMA DM
  4. Stopping applications or processes using terminal security feature in OMA DM
  5. VPN Policy Installation error:
  6. is it possible to configure connectivity features on s40 via oma-dm?
  7. Enabling EMN via OTA provisioning
  8. how to automatic setting gprs for nokia via ota
  9. x-midlet and Nokia 6300
  10. SyncML Client API for S60 3ed FP2?
  11. Alert 206 for Nokia S40 5th edition
  12. Newbie for OMA DM, Basic Question
  13. Questions about the locking...
  14. Nokia/Ericsson or OMA?
  15. Funambol DM server and Symbian Emulator
  16. SyncML settings problems
  17. How to get PCSuit's sync data?
  18. How to send OMA DM wifi config by bluetooth ?
  19. Added value of intelliSync ?
  20. Problem : Funambol DM server and Symbian Emulator
  21. Problem : Funambol DM server and Symbian EmulatorContd...
  22. Getting operating system version using OMA DM protocol
  23. bootstrap message for Nokia 6131 (s40)
  24. Does anybody succeed installing funambol (sync4j) DM server ?
  25. syncml obex bluetooth_how syncml server set the properties of vcard sending by client
  26. phone not recognizing wbxml
  27. The name of Dial-up number of IAP
  28. Configuring SUPL server over the air
  29. DM bootstrap on s40
  30. provisioning with OMA DM server details...
  31. SyncML DM servers list
  32. Symbian application to provision device ?
  33. File management through OTA, Need your help !!!
  34. SIP setting without proxy parameters ???
  35. SMS xml wap push for VoIP configuration provisioning ?
  36. Is it possible to push xml configuration file by browser ?
  37. ./SCM node on s40
  38. System error
  39. exec command in funambol server
  40. Help !
  41. OMA Client Server Communication
  42. OMA Multiple Email Accounts
  43. clarification needed for SyncML
  44. Pls help with classifying which format this message is
  45. Problem in Data Streaming
  46. How to create a WLan AP with DM (CSmlDmAdapter)
  47. TerminalSecurity
  48. How to delete locked parameters ?
  49. OMA Setting on Nokia 7260: failed to save...
  50. Property error in DevInf
  51. Customization problems
  52. S60 3rd ddf for Bluetooth settings
  53. Access Point settings in Device Manager on S60
  54. SetResultsL() in OMA not working More than once
  55. Trusted certificates
  56. Sending stream of data with GET command in OMA
  57. How to sent Client certificate for EAP using OMA-DM
  58. Changing Exchange settings through DM Adapter
  59. SyncML: 9500 and E70 fails, other phones not
  60. Operator logo customization
  61. CP howto, using WBXML/SIS
  62. Theme customization
  63. SyncML Over Bluetooth
  64. Use of Alert in OMA DM
  65. GPRS settings for specific j2me application in nokia S40 3rd edition and 5th edition
  66. OMA DM Plug-in development
  67. Nokia 2680 Slide Java MIDlet connection through Proxy
  68. Funambol DM Server Problem
  69. E71 memorycard encryption using omadm commands
  70. Logo customization and specifications
  71. oma wap provisioning question (set SIP profile without Wlan profile)
  72. Security of OMA DDF objects
  73. Syncml support
  74. OMA Device Management for Nokia N series
  75. Funambol DM-Server Demo problem
  76. Testing the OMA DM plugin on S60 devices
  77. OMA DS 1.2 SAN with zero data stores
  78. Does any one know location of UA Prof for S60 device?
  79. SynDoes anybody know the WSP structure for an SyncML 1.1 Server Alert Notif message?
  80. OMA OTA Settings - WSP Header?
  81. Libwbxml
  82. how to read the password of SIP-profile?
  83. SyncML-DS mandatory "OK" status for results?
  84. SyncML server and client on same phone
  85. Generating SyncML Settings SMS
  86. How to GPRS settings of Mobitel in Sri Lanka in Nokia 2600
  87. Sync launch
  88. OTA for Nokia - help needed
  89. looking for documentation
  90. Programming a new Sync. Connection?
  91. OMA DS SAN - uimode is ignored by s60 devices?
  92. Synchronizing question - Protocoll/Server/Backends
  93. ECom Plug-in issue
  94. Adding new AP results in 404
  95. how to distribute a Sync Profile S40 / S60
  96. Atomic syncml commands
  97. Binary SMS to connect to SyncML server
  98. Have anyone succeeded with Funambol DM and Nokia E series?
  99. Calculation of MAC in the WSP header
  100. Master XML document! -- Possible?
  101. S60 Voice Mailbox configuration via OMA client provisioning
  102. OAM provisioning programmatically
  103. Setting JAVA applications behaviour over S60 handsets
  104. What is the difference between these settings
  105. problem in local sync
  106. How to Sync mobile phone with Google Sync
  107. Web Sync Problems Symbian S60
  108. WBXML question
  109. DM, Extra Settings?
  110. Username not automatically configured!
  111. OMA Device Management Client Initialization problem
  112. Mail for Exchange DDF document imcomplete
  113. OTA Settings, APPAUTH and per-device settings
  114. APPAUTH: Client Vs Basic?
  115. Port number set to 80 on a WAP phone
  116. 500 when deleting AP
  117. How to test Server Alert Synchronization??
  118. Look for example of WBXML based pusing email data
  119. Look for XML2WBXML.exe
  120. Rights file delivery
  121. Bug or feature: Corrupted comm db
  122. How to manage basic SMS settings?
  123. Does OMA DS 1.1.2 support SMS synchronization??
  124. Full phone backup via OMA DM: is it possible?
  125. Help requested for OMA DM
  126. Rollout APN settings by sis file?
  127. WXBML codepage question
  128. SyncML over obex
  129. SyncML DM Install of MFE and profiling
  130. Sync Contacts
  131. WLAN access point configuration sms
  132. Installing through DM using URI
  133. 6600i stalls after server Status 222
  134. OMA DM Application install issue?
  135. SyncML inconsistencies with Nokia Series 40 5th Edition
  136. EMN message example?
  137. wlan settings with proxy (advanced settings)
  138. Advance Device Management
  139. OMA DM on 5th edition SDK (emulator)
  140. DM Bootstrap question
  141. How get editor input(CEikEdwin)?
  142. Server alerted notification SAN for DS
  143. Installing Certificates to S60 3rd Edition Devices
  144. Wallpaper customization - OMA DM
  145. how to send syncml use bluecove
  146. How to Disable camera in E63.
  147. Install j2me applications through SCOMO
  148. SAN for OMA DS 1.1.2
  149. N97/E71 with Horde 3.3.5 -- SyncML Issue
  150. Application Management: Software Components states
  151. Start of OMA DM development
  152. APN settings with OMADM
  153. Need help with Goosync (SyncML) Nokia phone configuration
  154. Nokia uncategorized destination for OTA access points
  155. How to use SyncML Client API ?
  156. Problem with OMA DS Server Alert Notification
  157. OMA DM on the N900
  158. Nokia E51
  159. OMA alternative to configure a connection
  160. Attaching applications to DM tree - for SCOMO future use
  161. syncml setting for e65
  162. Nokia 6500S syncml error every 6th <Add>
  163. OMA CP over HTTP
  164. Syncml v1.1 md5 digest algorithm
  165. several bookmarks are received in the same OTA message
  166. Install web run time widgets with OMA DM
  167. Help for Funambol DM server communication with Nokia 6630
  168. Help in wap provisioning message
  169. Syncml DM server for Nokia 6630-->device Manager application
  170. Sync Server settings with OCP1.1 do not have resource configured
  171. Content type "Life Blog"
  172. Sony w950i Syncml problem?
  173. SyncML settings message
  174. OMA DM/DS
  175. OMA DM Settings - Auto Accept Notifications?
  176. How to categorize OMA CP settings under "Internet" network destination in S60 3rd FP2
  177. No Sync element sent from client when doing Slow-Sync
  178. Diagmon .. any sign of it?
  179. Mail for Exchange Client Provisioning
  180. DM example- HTTPtaskmanager doesn't starts on emulator
  181. OMA DM Bootstrap and NOKIA
  182. [Moved]Is there anyone can give me an example?
  183. OMA DM Interraction?
  184. end to end http task manager example on public server
  185. DS - Server Alerted Notification on Nokia N95
  186. NOKIA DS Client
  187. DS - Server Alerted Sync on N95
  188. Funambol DS version
  189. Nokia DS Client - Sync Log
  190. Access Point XML to WBXML
  191. Device provisioning platform
  192. OmaDm , MFE and Nokia N97 mini
  193. Custom Local Database on 5th Edition
  194. SessionID bug on 5th edition
  195. Can anyone spot a problem with this xml please?
  196. SyncML 1.2 DS Server Alert Notification problem
  197. OMA DM issues with new S60 devices
  198. Posting More log message in Dm server
  199. How to provision a Xml loaded with gprs settings!
  200. Configure mail for exchange with funambol
  201. Server aleterted notification (SAN) on nokia (e.g. E51)
  202. OMA DM: Management object for OMA DS 1.2?
  203. Sending initial policy to device for device management
  204. OMA/DS Contact Group synchronization
  205. E71 not recieving DM initialization message
  206. Help with CATEGORIES attribute on E63 vCard Implementation
  207. application/vnd.omads-folder+xml SynyML
  208. Question mark in syncml protocol
  209. Constructing a Server Alert Notification SMS (beginner)
  210. OMA DM on Series 40
  211. OMA DM and Meego
  212. OMA CP WiFi AP Provisioning E71 + E52
  213. Cannot lock Nokia E71 using DM
  214. How to create HTTPS connection with DM-server on E71
  215. OMA CP - XML scheme to send parameters to E72 phones
  216. email syncronization??
  217. Devices or Symbian Versions that implement the OMA DM Client
  218. Programatically run the OMA DM client
  219. OMA DM S60 Printer profiles
  220. SMS and EMAIL sync via SYNCML-DS-TOOL
  221. text/x-vMessage
  222. OMA CP Email -configuration message
  223. Failing to unlock Symbian 3 devices
  224. SyncML test application.
  225. OMA CP/OMA DM on 3G usb Donge/key
  226. Help me!! something about E71 gprs setting via sms.
  227. OMA DM client provisioning from IIS