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  1. OTA/OMA XML Document for Nokia
  2. Bookmarks on 6230
  3. Send Java using SMS.
  4. .OTL format for Operator Logos
  5. Get a Smart SMS Using AT Commands
  6. Please Help!!!
  7. Picture less then 72x14 in SmartMessaging
  8. Holding storage-3310
  9. Nokia 9110 SMS
  10. Help me please
  11. Picture Message download over WAP
  12. About WAP Browser Settings ,Help me
  13. I Need A Code Sample Of How to Send RingTone using AT commands
  14. I need A RTTL to HEX Convert Software
  15. How many 30-Series phones are still in use in Sweden?
  16. Sending multiple vcal items
  17. Nokia 3220...
  18. Concatenated short message
  19. URL doesn't forward
  20. Danish dictionary for 6680
  21. SCKL format
  22. Why those response info not displayed on terminal?
  23. the format of AT+CSMP
  24. About OTASP bookmark
  25. Script
  26. Any PDF document availbale for Nokia Smart Messaging specification?
  27. Speed dial setup
  28. Dynamic Menu Control Protocol messages
  29. Want to get Yahoo! messanger on nokia 9300
  30. Not able to send picture messages using at commands
  31. WAP PUSH?
  32. license question for Smart Message Editor and Encoding in handsets
  33. Nokia 1100 \\SCKL
  34. Number of keystrokes in messaging
  35. Sending radio stations (frequencies and names) via OTA SMS
  36. Nokia 6100 is broken
  37. About Smart Messaging Specification License Agreement
  38. Is posile receive and read Cell Broadcast messages using C++?
  39. N90 SMTP AUTH
  40. Sending command to operator
  41. Picture Messages with Unicode Text
  42. Can anyone tell me what is PEP?
  43. 6630 AT+CMGS works, +CPMS/+CMGR doesn't... please HELP!
  44. How to send a wap push with a GSM Modem?
  45. OTA Bookmark problems on series 60 only
  46. vcalenar structure in 7610 Nokia
  47. nokia vs ericcson messaging prob
  48. IAP settings with Smart Messages
  50. jar file thru sms to mobile phone?
  51. Picture Message Reading Problem
  52. Picture Messaging in Sony Ericsson Mobile
  53. Picture not showing.. :( :confused:
  54. Shortcut key for starting game
  55. Operator logo to sckl format
  56. Position of picture in the middle of text(in EMS)
  57. Push message from server to mobile!!!!
  58. How to receive a message by emulator
  59. Decoding picture message
  60. Message/Mail file format
  61. how to get the user's mobile is mms compatible or not
  62. Picture Message PDU
  63. OTA files, S40, S60, S80, same or individual?
  64. what is the Maximum size of a picture Message?
  65. Instant messaging on nokia!
  66. Baffled by the complexity: JPG from PC to Phone
  67. Does 6680 support IMPS?
  68. Unicode encoding
  69. WAP Push changes with T-mobile (U.S) / Nokia ?
  70. Smart Messaging = EMS ?
  71. V CARD
  73. how to stream a 3gp clip converted using nokia multimedia converter
  74. can we stream a 3gp clip converted using nokia multimedia converter
  75. serious problem with streaming 3gp clip respond immediately!!!!
  76. do darwin streaming server support 3gp clips converted using Nokia converter
  77. can we download helix mobile producer from helixcommunity?
  78. 9300i system crash while sending email thru WIFI
  79. CDMA wap-push example
  80. Want alert for Bluetooth like text sms
  81. Is Smart Messaging still the way to go?
  82. Support sending multimedia by WAP Push?
  83. Instant Messenger EMail Settings Required for 6270/6280
  84. SIP configuration
  85. SIP configuration OTA UDH
  86. phone setting via sms
  87. Settings file over HTTP
  88. how to do live streaming?
  90. OMA XML
  91. is EDGE on nokia 6600 possible?
  92. unicode message
  93. service indication/inbox (SI) ?
  94. Does smartmessaging software need a licence / license
  95. [IMPS] Add Member to Contact List
  96. 6280 Instant Messenger and Push 2 Talk
  97. transfer of messages from one memory card to another
  98. Chinese character in Name for service indication/inbox (SI) message.
  99. strange SMS
  100. AT command for getting the SMS-C Info from SIM card ???
  101. changin the standard action for answering a SMS
  102. Phonebookentry per OTA/SMS
  103. Multiple Registraion To IM Service
  104. Nokia 6630 Wireless Village Client shutting down
  105. free wap server
  106. Nokia 7710
  108. Nokia S40 3rd edition IMPS client 4-way Login bug?
  110. receiving wap push from trusted sources
  111. Nokia phones which support technologies
  112. Picture message problem
  113. Concatenated SMS
  114. Some attachments in E62 cause soft reset
  115. MIME Decoding/Encoding Needed
  116. MIME Charset (iso-8859-1) Question
  117. MIME Charset Inside Email Message
  118. Please Help: MIME Type Base64 Decoding Needed
  119. Send Real Player Streaming settings over the air (OTA/OMA)
  120. How to deal with incompleted MT concatenated message
  121. I would like a Operator logo for my Nokia 6280 (Series 40)
  122. MultiPart Message Inside Email Body Recived
  123. Smart messaging FAQ - Link dossent work
  124. Long SMS
  125. Picture Message Query!!
  126. OMA DRM Separate Delivery
  127. Why IMPS client cannot login
  128. Help Needed to Develop SIM-based Apps for Kenya...
  129. Does Nokia 6630/6600 has Smart messaging agent
  130. sms in java
  131. CIMD and SMPP Difference,
  132. Smart messaging FAQ v2.0 Link not working?
  133. N3230 doesn't receive ringtone content
  134. WAP push message (DRM rights object)
  135. Headers for OMA Content provisioning over SMS
  136. send WAP/INTERNET setting messages
  137. IMPS NewMessage on Series 60
  138. Size Limit of Picture SMS
  139. test my settings message
  140. Send vCard to multiple handsets (different brands)
  141. Provisioning GPRS parameters over WAP PUSH
  142. Wap push to SMSC [HELP]
  143. Picture message (Invalid Format)
  144. How to push an object into the messaging inbox using USB connection
  145. command-sms
  146. sending OTA
  147. SIR (Session Initiation Request)
  148. Nokia 6021 does not receive GPRS settings via OTA
  149. Help:About Smart Messaging !!!!
  150. voicemail icon from normal sms
  151. help - picture sms
  152. picture message can not be shown
  153. Email Autoupdate on 9300i
  154. save energy with SMS