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  1. how to create graphs in j2me
  2. Bitmap font creation procedure by LWUIT
  3. Drawing a pie chart on a Form
  4. How to do animations in LWUIT?
  5. how to implement menu pop up on list item long press in J2ME?
  6. How do I write unicode text on textField
  7. How to get our border back in TextArea and TextField?
  8. LWUIT list lazy loading.
  9. LWUIT TextField issue (Asha FullTouch )
  10. Which LWUIT plugin for Asha SDK 1.0
  11. LWUIT FT - Header Bar Color
  12. UI freeze after calling platformRequest to open URL
  13. [moved] How to create Multiple Buttons with Hyperlinks in a Single Page
  14. Show alert as dialog with icon from the theme file in lcdui?
  15. How to do layout in LCDUI?
  16. How to display Popup Menu in N8(Nokia Belle) using j2me
  17. How to catch Asha 501 Back button in LWUIT?
  18. How to use date picker in s40?
  19. How to change the text in a label?
  20. Video streaming on Series 40 full touch devices?
  21. [moved] How to create a popup window ?
  22. [moved] please help,how to set bgcolor of dialog in lwuit
  23. In-App advertising How To do ?
  24. LWUIT move all commands from the form to the "slide context menu"
  25. Image change
  26. Regarding Navigation from one view to another in Nokia Asha
  27. How to keep About and Help options in Java ME game App as my App/game's Qa failed
  28. [moved] How to register orientationlistener using lwuit
  29. UI issue: how to change category background color /image.
  30. How can I implement a review post from Asha app like Nokia store
  31. [moved] ChoiceGroup
  32. [moved] Navigate to another FORM while pressing BACK key
  33. [moved] How to put splash screen in s40?
  34. Is there a toggle switch control that is like the one found in iOS and Windows Phone?
  35. how can i use nokia asha vkb (i think it's virtual keyboard)?
  36. How to implement Splash screen
  37. How to listen to changes in LWUIT TextField?
  38. [moved] How to create custum picker?
  39. [moved] How to use spinner component in lwuit?
  40. Handle Events in Custom ListCellRenderer
  41. Is there a visual designer like MFC/WinForm in Visual Studio?
  42. [moved] How to get the selected value from spinner component lwuit
  43. Convert to Date
  44. App custom appearance on FastLane
  45. [moved] please help,how to dispose dialogbox with animation
  46. Can not change button background color
  47. [moved] What is the difference between lwuit 1.4 and s40 with themes jar file
  48. [moved] Canvas back button in full screen mode
  49. Help me Please!
  50. [moved] please help,how to apply custom transition in lwuit
  51. [moved] please help,can we change in form of lwuit1.5
  52. [moved] please help me , how dialog box dispose on after touch outside the dialogbox
  53. [moved] please help,how we make aap resolution independent for S40
  54. [Asha 501] Is there any way to remove action bar but leave menu?
  55. Why WhatsApp is not working on s40v5
  56. [moved] please help,how to show items in listview in S40
  57. [moved] please help,how i show number of buttons on list in lwuit1.5
  58. Any way to rotate a button?
  59. please help,how to set frame of form in lwuit
  60. Firmware Developer Requirement
  61. Handling the end key enent on the platformRequest
  62. [moved] How to remove the dark shadow of the screen when a Dialog is shown
  63. [moved] help me,is it possible onclick event for image in lwuit
  64. Dynamically loding list items
  65. i do not know what is this rectangle in the bottom of the form
  66. How to change font style of app?
  67. [moved] Appying loading window while adding all records
  68. Nokia Asha SDK 1.0 - phones
  69. How to use slider component of lwuit
  70. How to make a custom progress bar
  71. Telling if a device I am running on has a keyboard
  72. GIF images are supported in s40?
  73. How to apply animation with png images as progress bar
  74. How to apply frame animation in s40
  75. please help me ,Facing problem during run my app on different simulator
  76. Container style, from code or from Resources....not working fine
  77. error occor when move from one to another form
  78. Change the localization & rtl at runtme using Lwuit 1.5
  79. Labels and Buttons shows two points while generate new text
  80. mailto functionality
  81. help me please,how to use canvas code in lwuit form
  82. please help ,how to add items in list view in lwuit
  83. please help,how to create slider menu in s40 using lwuit1.5
  84. How to flip a component in lwuit form ?
  85. How to custom list item with 2 texts and image
  86. AnimatedGifFactory causes hints to fail on TextArea
  87. Font size issue
  88. How to get lwuit 1.5 list component
  89. customize title bar
  90. Nokia Category Bar not being dimmed and modal'd when modal dialog is shown
  91. How to apply theme on lwuit 1.5
  92. How to change the colour of selected label on list view
  93. How to run Here Map Application in background ?
  94. How to use accelerometer
  95. [moved] Series 40 Developer Platform 1.1 - Landscape Mode
  96. Asha 501: DirectUtils.getFont() seems to return too large fonts
  97. SetText() on a button StringItem on Asha 501 (emu) issues
  98. please help ,how we can remove "java.lang.OutOfMemoryError" exeption
  99. Asha 501: bug with Graphics.drawRegion()
  100. LWUIT list does not get redrawn automatically if the underlying ListModel changes
  101. pannable map in s60
  102. how to place the button on menubar using lwuit
  103. My listview lwuit is not showing full data
  104. purpose of setUIID
  105. please help,how to use selection listener in list in lwuit for S40
  106. how we can go back form to midlet class form
  107. Lwuit HTMLComponent problem
  108. [moved] Nokia-MIDlet-App-Orientation : Landscape
  109. Font Size Quality Review Issue
  110. how add label in list
  111. Regional font in J2ME Lwuit
  112. please help,how to use swipe gesture in lwuit for S40
  113. How to change image on button on another button click
  114. LWUIT Anatomy of WeChat's conversation pane?
  115. How to implement a icon with label text by using LWUIT
  116. how to show text in multiple lines in textArea in S40_with_theme
  117. Can we apply our own themes if we use s40 with themes jar file
  118. S40 LWUIT header title color
  119. Textarea blinking problem
  120. how to fit image on button if image size is large than button
  121. Creating a custom HeaderBar
  122. Error in first screen of app
  123. How to apply swipe gestures on each cell of list
  124. Back Button LWUIT App
  125. How to change font style and font size of s40 app
  126. Lwuit how to make textarea scroll by page
  127. how to scroll the textarea of lwuit in S40_with_theme
  128. How to display two labels in one cell of list view
  129. How to wrap text on J2ME while the text achieves max of the screen width?
  130. [moved] code to take screenshot in j2me
  131. How to show choice list in dialog box
  132. How to store previously selected value of popupchoice menu
  133. Showing the Native Virtual Keyboard in S60 devices while using LWUIT
  134. Options menu with Icons - New asha
  135. How to give the app permission to use network on S40
  136. Is there any function to get Application detail like Name, Vendor, Version ?
  137. Orientation Mode not fix if you block it to Portrait on NOKIA asha 501
  138. How to disable one cell of list on clicking other.
  139. Disable Title Dialog in LWUIT
  140. [moved] increasing scrolling speed in j2me.
  141. How to make textarea component transparent when backgroung image is applied
  142. How to apply a dark theme like in Gallery and Videos applications
  143. Best Solution for showing HERE map on Lwuit form
  144. LWUIT backwards compatibility?
  145. [moved] How to hide Confirmation box appearing on calling platformRequest method.
  146. LWUIT ContextMenu problem in Asha 501
  147. Catch touch events in Container
  148. LWUIT L10n not working?
  149. Visual Mobile Designer J2ME: How to put NUMERICAL values to user inputs.
  150. List.IMPLICIT in new asha: how diable the cmd button?
  151. Copy Paste feature Asha 501
  152. Not able to apply textarea in container
  153. How to remove title of dialog and how to apply backround colour on it
  154. Changing the background color of a Button
  155. How to let the keyboard has a "Move to Next" button similar to "Add contact" screen
  156. How to call out the built-in Send SMS interface in Asha 501
  157. Problem with Display when call platformRequest("http://")
  158. ContainerList problems
  159. CacheMap for Images
  160. ContainerList: How to detect/skip initial calls to getCellRendererComponent
  161. NetworkManager error dialogs
  162. ContainerList Cell Selection
  163. ContainerList click listener
  164. RequestFocus() not working with LUWIT for S40 binaries 1.0 library,
  165. LWUIT: Tabs with soft keyboard
  166. LWUIT: Getting clicks in ContainerList
  167. Nokia Asha 501 Back key issue
  168. Offtopic: Feature suggestions and bug reports
  169. LWUIT: RefreshLoadBar
  170. Series 60 Development
  171. Changing the Image on a button
  172. Popupchoicegroup not working for asha 501
  173. LWUIT: Container in Tabs scrolling issue
  174. Changing the way Lwuit menu look
  175. Problem with list and scroll in LWUIT
  176. LWUIT: Scrolling Container
  177. Porting old LWUIT 1.5 to Asha 501: title in forms not visible
  178. LWUIT - Preventing textbox from loosing focus if a component is added to a container
  179. Changing header bar colors on Nokia S40 J2ME SDK 2.0
  180. Asha501_BackButtonIssue_EvenFor_LiveApps
  181. LWUIT: Suppressing network error dialogs
  182. LWUIT Table: last col should
  183. How to hide image which is set on component
  184. Pause app on screen lock or incoming call.
  185. Simple Yes-No-Dialog in LWUIT Asha501
  186. please help,how to scroll textArea in s40-with-theme
  187. out of memory error native decode image
  188. How to develop interactive HTML page in j2me?
  189. Nokia Asha 501 LWUIT (Asha SDK 1.0) setScrollable(false) not having an effect
  190. how to register GestureIntrectiveZone in lwuit1.5
  191. LWUIT: Loading Images on Background Thread
  192. how to manages different screen resolution
  193. How to detect phone's theme color at runtime (LWUIT for Series 40)
  194. How to handle BluetoothStateException
  195. Glitch in List component for Asha SDK
  196. Texarea is not getting scrolled when using pointer released event
  197. Using Tantalum to load filesystem Images
  198. Notifications in Nokia S40 SDK 2.0
  199. PushRegistry
  200. text alignment problem on pointerpress and pointerrealse method...
  201. Scrolling is preserved
  202. wrapping list text
  203. Link to nokia store works on emulator, but not on Asha 501
  204. Create Events with Sound
  205. Font property
  206. How to include rate my app message box
  207. Gauge in wrong state error in device
  208. How to set textarea scroll on top when we scroll it till the end
  209. LWUIT Horizontal list scrolling gimping vertical form scrolling
  210. LWUIT list scrolling is slow whenever list cells contain long strings
  211. Resouces for programming to Nokia Asha 306
  212. Show VKB with focus on LWUIT TextArea when form shows
  213. splash screen and menu screen in java me
  214. Slider issue
  215. FullScreen app Nokia Asha
  216. Unit Picker Component
  217. S40 full touch UI status bar icon
  218. Catch events from TextArea
  219. FrameAnimator Gesture Drag error
  220. PopupChoiceGroup actionlistener won't work on Asha 501
  221. Category Bar Auto Back Button Issues
  222. What is MIDPCommandWrapper usually used for?
  223. Horizontal Scrolling in a list of table elements
  224. Capture virtual keyboard key pressed in TextField
  225. setFullScreen LWUIT
  226. When iam trying to run a s40 Java app on the eclipse Iams eeing the following error
  227. Image behind animation is not taking complete resolution of device
  228. Can anyone help me parse my the contents contained in the" url" named as xml.aspx
  229. How to set internet and apn settings i.e app should ask user at start up of the App
  230. Dialog Style issues in Nokia Asha 1.1
  231. Expand and Collapse feature in LWUIT
  232. How to keep player functionality for my Live TV based Java Midlet project
  233. PopUpChoiceGroup for Nokia Asha
  234. how we make List scrollable which add in Container
  235. please help ,Push registry alarm showing false value on dialog in nokia asha 502 .
  236. Please help,ListCellRendered issue in list due to add one item in List
  237. LWUIT - Redirect form's keyRelese(..) to TextField
  238. message calling
  239. how to change form background color in slow motion using timer
  240. I have a built a Java ME Midlet project .How to show a logo or wallpaper at the start
  241. Backbutton command issue in Asha with Lwuit
  242. app for visually impaired
  243. PIM Contact List inside LWUIT Tab
  244. Hoow to create popup list in lwuit
  245. Little question
  246. How to do transitions on forms using gestures
  247. Slow scrolling list performance
  248. how can create circular button in my app
  249. Textarea seteditable(false) is not working in S40 full touch jar
  250. Gesture problem during tap