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  1. Nokia 6021 bluetooth SPP and ALPS module
  2. Devs: App Ideas!!!
  3. How to comunicate java (JSR-82) with C (bluez)?
  4. Obex in N Series
  5. How to detect smartphone model
  6. Paired devices
  7. Nokia 6680 and InputStream OutputStream
  8. SyncML : Synchronization with PC and 6630/80 fails
  9. Error: BluetoothStateException:Busy
  10. bluetooth security settings problem
  11. jes-XXX-java-comms@XXXXX Bluetooth Error
  12. BTAdvertiser not seen by XPSP2SDK
  13. GPRS problems with Nokia 6230i / Ipaq 4150 combination
  14. Nokia 3230
  15. How to use bluetooth to connect to my pc
  16. Successfully Connected Using Bluetooth with Pc Suite
  17. Navicore GPS software : Bluetooth receivers need SPP profile, phones do not have it
  18. Internet connection via GPRS or LAN ?
  19. Problem in Connecting Series 60 mobile to Series 80 using bluetooth
  20. Bluetooth Pairing
  21. Does really nobody know an answer for bt discovery?
  22. Handsfree Profile
  23. OBEX timeout
  25. file transfer example
  26. Nokia 6680 L2CAP connection error
  27. Bluetooth mulfunctions
  28. NOKIA Experts.Please advice!
  29. Where download? Source Code of Multi-Player Game Using Bluetooth.
  30. How do we send a business card via bluetooth?
  31. How use omputer headphone
  32. JABWT - getAttributeIDs() - help needed
  33. creating bluetooth application on nokia 3650
  34. n70 and hs-36w
  35. working in emulator but not real mobile device
  36. RFCOMM Performance
  37. j2se app -> symbian c++ using cyberabi
  38. Emulator - Bluetooth, don't work, HELP PLS!!
  39. detect the model of the found devices
  40. Successful Nokia 6230 to laptop via Bluetooth
  41. Problem with TBTServiceSecurity
  42. N70 Blueooth NOAUTHENTICATE_NOENCRYPT Pairing Problem
  43. Want alert for Bluetooth like text sms
  44. increasing bluetooth reception distance for 6230i
  45. Bluetooth phone to phone file transfer
  46. Class 1 to Class 2&3?
  47. Help!! [N70] cannot find bt services
  48. motorola hs850 connect to 6230 passcode
  49. Sim Access Profile on Nokia 6310i?
  50. N91 Connecting to Network Internet Wirelessly?
  51. Is there a list of Nokia handsets stating what Bluetooth profile they support?
  52. Full duplex Bluetooth??
  53. bluetooth service in nokia6230i emulator
  54. 7610 and A2DP?
  55. problems with bluecove
  56. Local device BT name
  57. Bluetooth PC Server - Mobile Phone Clients. Bluecove problems?
  58. bluetooth
  59. Nokia 9110 - bluetooth possible??
  60. How to control computer through Nokia 6270 via bluetooth
  61. please help!!
  62. PC Suite for Nokia 6600
  63. Nokia 6600 & avrcp profile
  64. bluetooth attribute problem....help
  65. New to bluetooth programming
  66. Bluetooth headset
  67. i need a prgram(j2me) for connecting pc to nokia 6600?plzz
  68. GPS Receiver by Bluetooth
  69. Transmitting images and audio through J2ME Bluetooth
  70. nokia multimediaconverter
  71. GPS via bluetooth on N90
  72. setting hyperterminal
  73. test bluetooth application
  74. starting rfcomm connection
  75. how to configure Nokia 3250 bluetooth baud rate?
  76. Controling a Nokia phone from a Windows Mobile PPC via bluetooth
  77. Avoid "Connected to" notification in 6230
  78. acceptAndOpen() method ??
  79. s40 api for c++
  80. Benhui & Klings Example for BT Browser
  81. ISSC bluetooth dongle and pcsuite
  82. connect via address
  83. Bluetooth and OBEX on Windows XP
  84. Automatic connection of Nokia 6111 to XPSP2 workstation when in range
  85. how to reduce the Nokia phone's baud rate ?
  86. Hardware Address of Device ,Bluetooth c++
  87. Cant connect Nokia 6230i ??
  88. A2DP Profile
  89. Lower Transfer Rate of Nokia 6280 and BroadCom on WinXP
  90. Reading String
  91. Nokia PC Suite service
  92. Link on "How to" Pairing your IPAQ 5550 via blutooth
  93. BlueTooth Connection program error!?
  94. Link website Bluetooth devices software (updates)
  95. A question about bluetooth devices communication!
  96. Bluetooth inquiry length
  97. Connecting mobile phone to a PC
  98. best bluetooth dongle+ bluetooth programming
  99. Bluetooth application server
  100. Link to New drivers Nokia Bluetooth Keyboard for Series 60 phones
  101. How do I get the MAC adress of the bluetooth device of my phone? With Answer
  102. handling passCode
  103. timeout on connections
  104. Autherizing Device
  105. Nokia to PC via bluetooth?
  106. data collection through Bluetooth handset
  107. help please
  108. Java samples Hp and PC via Bluetooth
  109. 2nd ed fp3 sdk bthci app crashing
  110. URGENT help needed....URL in Pushregistry for Obex connections
  111. What is difference between bluetooth serial port services and connecting using USB ca
  112. problem:accessing hci layer through CHCIFactory class
  113. Device Discovery code for Nokia 6600
  114. Bluetooth OBEX FTP Client for Series60
  115. Enable BT using NCF...in 3rd edition!!
  116. mobile phone jsr82 support
  117. Gnubox
  118. Call via bluetooth..log&look
  119. How to transfer data using bluetooth?
  120. How to cancel "Do you want to accept connection"...
  121. File transfer from PC to phone
  122. Create SPP profile on a 6021 phone
  123. Bluetooth connection throws Symbian Error
  124. How to use a REAL Bluetooth Dongle in J2ME WTK?
  125. Unable to discover services.
  126. problem in connecting socket using L2CAP psm
  127. Usability problem with BT ending up on "Messaging"
  128. Problems with search remote bt device
  129. How to get NCF to link emulator and dongle?
  130. Bluetooth PARK mode
  131. Nokia CARK-112 & Windows Mobile 5.1
  132. Detect Bluetooth Service level connection status:
  133. To check whether connection exists with a specific local L2CAP port/channel
  134. Who can tanslate these into English?
  135. Long range bluetooth clarification
  136. Known Issues In The Nokia 6600 MIDP 2.0 Implementation
  137. LAN profile with J2me
  138. Bypassing Device Discovery
  139. test c++ bluetooth application, what's best metod?
  140. Connecting Nokia 6600 to PC using Bluetooth and Hyperterminal
  141. Can I test Midlet without Bluetooh hardware with NCF ?
  142. IBM Bluetooth problems KNOWN FIXES [Dell Latitude D800 Notebook drivers to old]
  143. N70 Connection Problems
  144. FAQ for IVT Bluesoleil Adapter
  145. Problem in reconnection from client to server
  146. N70 GPS Problems
  147. How to communicate two system emulators using bluetooth
  148. Surfing the internet using bluetooth on Nokia 3650
  149. Problem in service registration?
  150. Nokia E60 not working with Dell Latitude
  151. Can some provide me SiteMap of Nokiaforum ?
  152. No devices found in Bluetooth Neighbourhood (Nokia 3650)
  153. Does any expert call solve this problem, please?
  154. A2DP support for Nokia phones
  155. bluetooth content push and show
  156. Bluetooth MAC adress bug
  157. How to read file from Pc via bluetooth.
  158. S60 3rd Edition SDK, for C++, Maintenance Release *NO* support for BT USB in NCF 1.2
  159. help me on file transfer - pc to phone over bluetooth.
  160. Nokia Cellular Telephones Do Not Work Properly with Bluetooth Transceiver
  161. Parallel bluetooth audio channels (SCO) interferance?
  163. Tool to use for analysing N70 bluetooth inconnectivity
  164. Voice Over Bluetooth
  165. N80 and the Parrot CK3100 LCD
  166. Unable to perform bluetooth operation on Nokia 6260
  167. OBEX Messaging
  168. nothing
  169. BT Scanner for WIN XP2 and bluecove with source ++
  171. N70 and USB Bluetooth Dongle Problem..etc.
  172. Bluetooth gps on nokia 6021 works now gprs
  173. Bluetooth s60 Programming
  174. can`t connect
  175. Updating the Bluetooth Stack on Your Windows XP Computer
  176. A2DP on a 6682
  177. Can Bluetooth be used for Audio/Video Streaming?
  178. GAP / pairing issue with Series40 V3
  179. How To Incorporate A Wait Note With A BlueTooth Service Discovery?
  180. The device is a member of a connection
  181. Can I compute the distance beetwen 2 bluetooth devices?
  182. Phone restarts, looses connection, firmware?
  183. PC Suite trouble.
  184. Calendar control 6230
  185. How to enable the echo mode using AT commands on Nokia Bluetooth mobile phones
  186. Developer Platform 2.0 for Series 60: Designing Bluetooth
  187. Sending file to PC
  188. RFCOMM connection
  189. How to detect the connection with the headset?
  190. NoClassDefFoundError: javax/bluetooth/DiscoveryListener
  191. writing bluetooth profiles to the series 60
  192. Detecting bluetooth Connectivity
  193. Bluetooth GPS refuses to connect (KErrCouldNotConnect, -34)
  194. How To Make The S60 Emulator See My USB Bluetooth Dongle ?
  195. CSdpAgent Panic
  196. How test bluetooth program sample ???
  197. send a string from mobile to pc and also resieve another string from pc to mobile
  198. Q: How do I program bluetooth using S60 symbian C++ A:documents here
  199. Resetting a SecurityException
  200. Q: How to use NCF 1.2 bluetooth with S60 3rd Edition for Symbian C++ MR
  201. AT Commands
  202. I Got Problem with Service Discovery & SdpAgent
  203. N70 and Audioconcept
  204. Cell Requesting pincode
  205. Ans: BlueTooth updates for s60 3rd MR with Carbide c++
  206. ans: here is Symbian Error codes whilst using bluetooth debug and porting
  207. Bluetooth PC application VC++
  208. Bluetooth, connection spp
  209. NetBeans + Bluecove Problem
  210. Mobile to PC connectivity
  211. Bluetooth the generic guide
  212. Emulating a J2SE & J2ME app
  213. question about ngage qd support on j2me with bluetooth connectivity?
  214. Newbie Need Help
  215. Newbie Need Help
  216. Get nokia.zip for blu2i
  217. serial port profile bloetooth 6630
  218. Widcomm SDK is now FREE of charge
  219. Discrete Bluetooth
  220. Bluetooth polling causes MIDlet to freeze
  221. Canyon Bluetooth adapter not working with PC Suite?
  222. Unable to close and reopen a streamconnection. Bluecove rfcomm. Works once nice...
  223. Connecting to RFCOMM server among multiple bluetooth devices
  224. JSR 82
  225. Bluetooth:Feature is not supported error with S60 2nd Ed. FP2
  226. Answer to:where is GPS bluetooth source for TomTom
  227. audio bluetooth...NEED QUICK HELP
  228. Bluetooth transceiver: connect to symbian os
  229. help with serial bt port of mobile nokia 6280
  230. how to use laptop internet connection for nokia 6021 over bluetooth
  231. javax.bluetooth discoverable by sdptool browse?
  232. Nonexisting cached BT devices... how to select the right ones? Or how to speed up ?
  233. obex push profile, how do i override BT alert?
  234. Client/server arch to make active objects communicate
  235. Waiting for device discovery results
  236. Nokia PC Suite still recognize XP SP2 Bluetoooth drivers?
  237. J2SE server not discoverable when connected to cellphone client
  238. Start service - nokia 6230i
  239. How to use NCF bluetooth with S60_2nd_FP2_MIDP_SDK (Java)
  240. How to use Nokia Coonectivity FrameWork to test bt with S60_2nd_MIDP_SDK
  241. Connecting more than 7 Clients & 255 inactive slave devices
  242. Standard Bluetooth file sending usable by custom application?
  243. Hello Jimgilmour1 Help!
  244. Bluetooth Testing Problem With S60_2nd_FP2_MIDP_SDK(Java)
  245. Dongle returns 1 on devices.max rather than 7
  246. bluetooth appl
  247. Find bluetooth devices with 6280
  248. WIDCOMM SDK/driver does not accept RFCOMM connection (S60)
  249. Nokia 9500 - Java - CDC - Bluetooth