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  1. About listening at specific port for incoming connection
  2. Bluetooth connections in SDK 3rd FP2 version1.1
  3. How I view if my bluetooth stack supports scatternets?
  4. Symbian OS Error -6004
  5. change Bluetooth OBEX example
  6. how about the SU-33W
  7. Phone - PC connection problem
  8. File transfer using bluetooth
  9. Nokia N70 supports multiple RFCOMM connections?
  10. Trouble registering service in SDP
  11. E51 doesn't authorize my nokia BH-101 headset???
  12. How to "ping" a bluetooth dispositive with java?
  13. How to create a obex service with a specific port?
  14. MIDlet: Connection bluetooth problem
  15. help,bulutooth multi-connect
  16. How to connect directly a service made by push registry
  17. problem with bluesoleil.
  18. How to get local Bluetooth name ?
  19. JSR-82, bluetooth OBEX file transfer speed
  20. Sofisticated bluetooth short comunication case PC2Mobile and back -looking for advice
  21. How to set password in program when it paired other bluetooth device?
  22. Unknow application on bluetooth channel 1 (N95 8Gb)
  23. Bletooth Chating and File trasfering
  24. Unexpected response when sending AT commands to N82 via Bluetooth
  25. NextRecordRequestL() Capability Issue
  26. Trying to send text file to phone over bluetooth
  27. problem with asyncrone commands
  28. Some useful issues about bluetooth (at least for C++)
  29. File Transfer problem
  30. Connect as master with N82?
  31. Initiate connection to an existing and paired HF device
  32. P2P application over bluetooth
  33. !!!! URGENT: problems using SPP protocol of N70 !!!!
  34. Reverse file transfer from obex server to obex client
  35. transfering the audio data to other mobile.
  36. Suported profiles version
  37. How to find Bluetooth Signal Strength
  38. javax.bluetooth.BluetoothConnectionException:SymbianOS error=-6004
  39. Third client can not connected to the server
  40. Java bluetooth obex client - server
  41. Identify Manufacturer of dongle
  42. E70 Obex Problem
  43. API bluetooth for C++ (using windows XP)
  44. possible to get bluetooth address without switching on BT?
  45. Bluetooth development tool
  46. rs232 to bluetooth converter using the phone
  47. Bluetooth Headset Connection
  48. Send string from mobile to PC
  49. Best strategy to connect a phone to a lan using bluetooth
  50. How to send/receive objects over bluetooth???
  51. bluetooth dongle using winsock , returns (Error code 74 and 60 )
  52. Call answer/reject using bluetooth headset button
  53. Log file of bluetooth transfers
  54. Routing Info. in Bluetooth Piconets
  55. Problems with bluetooth sync (Nokia 5800 with Audi A4)
  56. connecting dell xps 1303 & nokia 3210 classic via bluetooth
  57. MIDlet connecting to a real device
  58. 6600 ES-388 Adapter -IVT BlueSoleil
  59. Connection Bluetooth problem with Nokia
  60. How to make CSR BC6 work on S60 emulator?
  61. Problem getting 6230 and 2680 to sync via BT
  62. Does Symbian S60 SDK (3rd and later) support SPP based Bluetooth connection?
  64. Data transfer over Bluetooth ?
  65. Device Connectivity Tool fails to connect to Debug Agent
  66. Nokia E50 Bluetooth disconnects from laptop
  67. RecvOneOrMore getting failed
  68. unable to connect thro 1 touch access to the internet on my phone(using bluetooth)
  69. The Opinion about attitude to user!
  70. Why not work on Nokia but does on LG?
  71. Is this AVRCP or A2DP?
  72. How to setup devide bluetooth to connect to a specific Comm port on PC?
  73. send an image jpg or png
  74. The place where nokia recives content from the Bluetooth
  75. Cant connect E65 with Laptop trough bluetooth??
  76. Bluetooth (SAP) car kit with CommandAPDU 7816 support
  77. What's the standard bluetooth alert
  78. Symbian phones and selectService method
  79. bluetooth communication
  80. serial comms/gps data app
  81. Bluetooth PAN profile
  82. java.io.IOException: Notifier is closed
  83. given BT ID, name & UUID, what's most efficient way to connect?
  84. Cannot open file in use
  85. J2SE Bluetooth Application error from LocalDevice class
  86. Bluetooth two parallel RFCOMM connections between 2 Symbian devices.
  87. Nokia 6131 bluetooth version?
  88. bluetooth communication
  89. Bluetooth OBEX - Permanent Receive
  90. iServiceSearcher->
  91. How to Send Jar from a Jar installed on a Nokia Mobile
  92. Bluetooth OBEX - Permanent send
  93. bluetooth binary data sending
  94. Bluetooth connection between pc to mobile using java
  95. AT command via bluetooth
  96. Heart rate values
  97. Bluetooth connection problem with 2630 in PCSuite
  98. Can discover device on J2ME via bluetooth?
  99. Bluetooth Folder Browsing
  100. 616: SAP problems with SIM cards with UMTS chipset
  101. How do we make a bluetooth service on a phone discoverable from a PC?
  102. How to make nokia digital pen SU-27W/Logitech IO2 communicate with Nokia Smartphones
  103. Bluetooth is a Big Battery Drain
  104. How to improve the efficiency and veracity of Bluetooth devices discovering
  105. Javax.bluetooth VS javax.OBEX
  106. bluetooth data sending
  107. Bluetooth on Symbian S60 3rd Edition FP1 Emulator
  108. two Bluetooth server on one mobile phone
  109. Keyfinder
  110. How to make multiple bluetooth connections to phones
  111. Bluetooth connection problem
  112. file trasferring issue
  113. Does JSR82 support multi-connection?
  114. java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: javax.microedition.io.Connector.isNetworkMonitorActiv
  115. Bluetooth sending example
  116. Bluetooth Communication : connection problem
  117. How to shorten transfert time?
  118. RFCOMM multiple clients and a server
  119. sending different text files to comp
  120. bluetooth keyboard
  121. running applicaiton on mobile device or multiple machine
  122. Bluecove and javax.comm
  123. Bluetooth streaming connection in J2ME
  124. 5800 Bluetooth Desktop Remote Control like SE phones
  125. Inquiring with LIAC mode for BT devices set in scan mode LIAC
  126. help in S40 emulator
  127. sending different fileswid obex
  128. How to get RFCOMM port of OBEX service without SDP
  129. Guiding app for blind people - need URGENT help : Symbian and abnormal LIAC discovery
  130. wireless via bluetooth?
  131. bluesoleil serial port error
  132. bluesoleil serial port problem
  133. Bluetooth files transfer and Nokia 5630 XpressMusic
  134. Emergency! Use Bluetooth via USB???
  135. Cant find RemoteDevice
  136. Tranfering File from phone to phone by obex----The phone is (client )-----> telephone
  137. Audio Video Streaming over BLUETOOTH
  138. Audio Video Streaming over BLUETOOTH
  139. how to get the bluetooth connected remote device address?
  140. Trouble discovering blu2i module
  141. Blue tooth remote access to a mobile phone
  142. Flushing data to Selected Client. How can I choose it?
  143. Bluetooth connection
  144. Bluetooth SPP
  145. DUN for mobile to mobile internet access
  146. which profile will be used for PC based mobile control for Voice, SMS?
  147. OBEX receive file to slow
  148. Missing SPP on few devices
  149. Mercedes Car - Bluetooth Device Found
  150. Can I do bluetooth pairing through application
  151. Bluetooth stack access
  152. L2Cap connection for PanU service gets disconnected
  153. Bluetooth headset profile communications...
  154. Changing the bluetooth profile of a device
  155. Several Connections on the same channel
  156. Bluetooth Listener problem
  157. file transfer problem from mobile to pc
  158. How to get Bluetooth on/off Notifier response?
  159. use obexchange example, how to inprove the speed of send/receive?
  160. 2630 jsr 82 push registry issue
  161. Service discovery problem
  162. 6210 Navigator Crash on Bluetooth Call
  163. Phone won't send object on OBEX object exchange example...
  164. j2me outputstream hex values to byte[]
  165. Example Application Source Code Using Hands Free Profile
  166. Connections problems when phone's visibility is on
  167. Auto Send/Receive String Data
  168. How to get the all bluetooth connected devices? ?
  169. problem with bluetooth in j2me
  170. Service discovery
  171. help: using CBTEngConnMan::Disconnect(), the callback funtion always is -1
  172. Works on Bluecove+j2se but not on j2me
  173. Symbian S60 v3 - Bluetooth issues
  174. How do I connect my 6085 with Hiisi to the Web
  175. how to store unicode String in RMS ?
  176. Ref: Phone - Handling Bluetooth AT command
  177. J2ME - Connection with more than 1 slave
  178. Sending txt file from mobile to computer
  179. Error in buliding a j2me project
  180. File transfer is getting fail from PC to OMAP3530 Board and Vice Versa with Bluetooth
  181. byte>0x7f contained in a string of sdp attribute will be lost
  182. E71 Bluetooth Problem
  183. Bluetooth master
  184. CBluetoothSocket and MBluetoothNotifier
  185. Bluetooth application for Nokia 6212
  186. CBluetoothSocket::Accept() multi connection
  187. JSR82 Bluetooth SPP and DUN Services
  188. read out profile versions/getting profile versions of devices via BT
  189. Bluetooth & WLAN Mobile as PC Dongle
  190. BluSPAN
  191. Bluetooth SPP
  192. Connect to network access service in a PC (bluetooth)
  193. Bluetooth headset connection
  194. How to clear the cache
  195. Bluetooth cannot receive files.
  196. Nokia component for Bluetooth PAN profile
  197. Bluetooth Service port
  198. PIM through OBEX
  199. JSR82 problem to find devices
  200. Using one GPS reciever with Two applications
  201. Bluetooth multipoint support
  202. Nokia Connectivity Framework could not get a MAC Address
  203. Source Code of an advanced Bluetooth Marketing Software
  204. J2ME and bluetooth packet types
  205. Bluetooth in 6230
  206. Bluetooth on Nokia 6230 Firmware version 04.44
  207. Listen to default OBEX File Transfer service
  208. Possible to send an Calendar entry via Bluetooth?
  209. Example Code for Nokia 6230 Series 40 PC communication
  210. Nokia 6233 Bluetooth proxy is it possible?
  211. Device Search and Output Steam issue with 6230i
  212. USB Cable Modem works but not Bluetooth modem ?
  213. How to share files using OBEX via Bluetooth ?
  214. Obex Connection
  215. Speedup Bluetooth Discovery using JSR-82
  216. connection via bluetooth for a N78
  217. help- connecting laptops using bluetooth
  218. RFCOMM connection to PC's com port
  219. connection beween MIDlet and modem using RCFCOMM?
  220. Error when transmiting data over Bluetooth
  221. Problem connecting mobile to PC
  222. Bluetooth Service Discovery Problem in Mobile environments
  223. bluetooth file transfer profile
  224. File transfer to phone via bluetooth fails!
  225. About Bluetooth Physical Links Question?
  226. Bluetooth stack implementation
  227. SPP read() freeze on Nokia but works on SE and Motorola
  228. Tethering phone via Bluetooth
  229. How to detect if bluetooth signal is lost
  230. BT v2.1 support
  231. Park mode, working with more than 7 slaves in PICONET
  232. Bluetooth connection to GPS with passcode gives error 6313
  233. to connect only to devices that provide service...
  234. How to change My phone bluetooth's visibility
  235. about CBTEngSettings error
  236. Bluetooth adapters with 350 meters range? Is it possible?
  237. Security exception when trying to use OBEX
  238. Response code - OBEX HTTP BAD REQUEST (192)
  239. 6555 and Bluetooth problem
  240. how to deactivate Remote SIM mode
  241. File Transfer in Java ME
  242. How to increase the Bluetooth data rate using RSocket::SetOpt
  243. Can Explain Weird behaviour of 6300
  244. how to build BluetoothSocket on my 6300
  245. can you update in pc suite that it show cell information or work as net moniter??
  246. Is the Bluetooth HID Profile not supported?
  247. Bluetooth
  248. Help to write BT connect/disconnect program
  249. File Support
  250. Bluetooth Connection