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  1. Symbian OS error: -18
  2. Video streaming on s40 3rd Feture pack 2 devices
  3. Use SVG library (JSR226)
  4. Video playback startup performance
  5. get information of playing media (MMAPI)
  6. Access to file with emulator
  7. Mixing Support on 3rd edition phone
  8. Problem with sound when converted from avi to 3gp on nokia 6151
  9. J2me Polish
  10. Is MPEG4 video supported by MMAPI in most S60 device?
  11. What happens when play media from InputStream?
  12. how to check whether a handset has a camera or not
  13. Developer help Needed cool apps
  14. How does setClip() work ??
  15. problem in playing mp3 in 6230i
  16. Dumb newbie question about graphics
  17. _PAlbTN directories on Nokia 6230i (thumbnails) ?
  18. MP3 Player!
  19. Problem... When "Menage.createPlayer(url)"...
  20. Playing Media from a phone
  21. recording tracks of radio N70
  22. processing Recorded data
  23. 6280 plays wav in j2me
  24. mmapi prefetch problem
  25. jsr 226 - Emulators ignore viewbox attribute ?!
  26. mp3 player functions?
  27. Out of Memory Error (Symbian OS error code : -4) with Player & Manager class
  28. Video Issue on N73
  29. RTSP stream, what is possible?
  30. JOGL-ES (JSR-239) Chapter Online
  31. Nokia 6230i MediaException -device error after interrupt.
  32. openInputStream
  33. voice recording in j2me
  34. real time video streaming with bluetooth
  35. image and animation problems....
  36. Mobile Message on capturing
  37. How to load an image in my application
  38. Problems with media player
  39. gap between two player start
  40. two video players in prefetch state
  41. Sony ericsson w880i play video question
  42. voice recording to cyclic buffer possible?
  43. Can i record audio in .amr
  44. how to make unlimited recording of audio?
  45. playtone in nokia3250
  46. nokia ui api in jbuilder
  47. Using bluetooth spi with j2se
  48. how to code a playlist in mp3 player?
  49. Snaphot viewing and saving (slow)
  50. Nokia 6680 play video question
  51. how record audio fragments seamlessly?
  52. MediaException N93
  53. Play video in nokia 6680 by real player
  54. Memory not released after player closed 6680
  55. Drawing on top of video playback
  56. How to reduce the size of recording audio/video
  57. N95 & mmapi
  58. Problem with Image.createImage() method
  59. Take a Camera snapshot using nokia UI Api
  60. Is it possible to create a something like a business card
  61. Play big mp3 files
  62. MediaException 6288
  63. JOGL-ES Ch 2 Online: Loading OBJ Models
  64. how to add play paus of netbeans UI
  65. Problem start-up: sound control in J2ME
  66. Problem with contact thumbnails (N73)
  67. Problem with commands
  68. media player for series 40
  69. how to create UI using netbeans plz send me document
  70. i want to make recorder
  71. how to use the palet in the netbeans mobility pack
  72. using secondary camera on an application
  73. 6630 can't hear audio in 3gp video
  74. Audio Problem
  75. Media Server
  76. Which models support M3G and have it installed?
  77. Bypassing compression
  78. multimedia converter installation
  79. Tone problem
  80. About MMAPI
  81. Problem in Sending an image with bluetooth
  82. camera capture on 3250
  83. Comparing pixel color and get___Component()
  84. able to load only one sound in mototrola V220
  85. Urgent : Capture picture with nokia 6680
  86. Download java based streaming radio
  87. Incorrect rgb values for jpg images on S40 3rd ed
  88. Free Sample Chapter Describes M3G's Tool Chain
  89. how to show animated gif in form
  90. DateField
  91. Frame of a videofile.
  92. how can i move in the video player frame by frame forward & reverse
  93. Do we have any libraries to use a background media player?
  94. How to update Symbian S60 3rd Edition
  95. AMMS (Advance Multimedia Supplements) running on phone
  96. Can't show immutable image in Form
  97. MMAPI Supported Formats for N91
  98. MMAPI Problem on Nokia N91
  99. videoplayer having forward & reverse option
  100. Camera Filters For Mobile Java?
  101. Can we play more than one video in same canvas Using MMAPI
  102. Can we add Canvas on Form.
  103. Append sound files together into stream
  104. problem in voice record ( URGENT plz )
  105. EditoBox, RichEdit is disponible?
  106. Alert problem
  107. Rate Control and frame pos control
  108. play my own sounds in alerts
  109. Problem i playing 3gp in Form on Nokia N91
  110. Binary Image problem
  111. how to play multiple videos in same form.
  112. jsr234 camera getSnapShot() on Nokia N95
  113. Trouble with mp3, MMAPI, N70
  114. play mp3 in a position
  115. How add vertical Scroll in canvas.
  116. Image Format(urgent)
  117. JSR135 player
  118. PlayerListener.DEVICE_UNAVAILABLE states remains same.
  119. Needing a dislay tool of mp4
  120. Unable to open mp3 files directly.
  121. FullCanvas vs GameCanvas
  122. j2me app
  123. image -> byte array -> image
  124. jsr135 highest supported camera resolutions for getSnapShot() on N95
  125. problem capturing video, help!
  126. Autofocus on N73
  127. Playing .WAV file on mobile using JTAPI.
  128. 6630 MMAPI
  129. video/mpeg
  130. Use the phone like a Headset
  131. Unable to play mp3 file with N95
  132. Netbeans 5.5.1 & J2ME Polish
  133. jsr 239 support
  134. Use embedded camera's zoom from j2me application
  135. Predictive Text in Full Screen
  136. player in S40_SDK_3rd_Edition_Feature_Pack_2 (nokia 5300)
  137. Camera 3.2 megapixel image
  138. Invalid locator in MMAPI
  139. How to create nested menu in S60 using Java MIDP?
  140. how to change color of a form and List
  141. Alternatives to midp
  142. Can anyone guide me where i can download active standby icons for series 40
  143. Problem in Recording/ Play back Video
  144. Error in emulating Mp3 file
  145. Which format of audio file to use?
  146. What are realize and prefetch exactly ?
  147. Monospace font in Nokia 6270
  148. Switch between 2 midlets??
  149. help need...How to create a playlist in s60 platform
  150. 6288 muting when playing tones
  151. N80 Bitmap format
  152. how to create a playlist for the audio player...
  153. Sprites with transparencies in m3g
  154. Cannot Play AMR File
  155. Record Audio
  156. symbian error -4
  157. Getting the first frame of a video file possible?
  158. TextBox problem in J2ME Polish
  159. Frustum Culling
  160. Problem in sending video size
  161. Custom Fonts
  162. Audio recording
  163. Playing Sound jsr 135 problem need help :)
  164. Series 40 Transparency Issues
  165. Pool of Players for streaming???
  166. Any emulator which supports RTSP streaming
  167. Problem in playing multiple videos in the same problem
  168. drawRegion() transoformation performace issues
  169. N73 Video Capture = White Screen!
  170. N80 Screen flickering problem
  171. 6233 video capture
  172. N95 problem with local video file playback
  173. Low level streaming with Java ME
  174. Bug Report: N71 Video/Image recording & general question
  175. Trigger camera sensor when picture is taken
  176. GUI Libraries for Java ME
  177. Development of mp3 player in J2ME
  178. fullscreen ignored in n73 j2me player
  179. .map files
  180. problem with videoControl
  181. Problem mixing lowlevel & highlevel UI APIs
  182. DVI/RTP packets decoding
  183. Using the phone camera
  184. AMMS capture://radio not working on S60 3rd FP1
  185. WAV AMR playback inconsistancy.
  186. n73 camera capture functionality
  187. Sprite (layer) paint order. How?
  188. 6103 Image/Video Capture problem
  189. E65 How can I extend time of voice recording?
  190. what phone supports amms.control.camera?
  191. Problem with S60 3rd FP1 device! Image "randomly" not TRANSPARENT
  192. How to reset an audio file
  193. playin' midi in Nokia failed
  194. Video capturing and streaming to a server
  195. Image Loader?
  196. Camera Capture - problem
  197. RTP packet voice streaming
  198. 3gp file can't play in nokia
  199. Background
  200. MMAPI, canvas & background
  201. MIDlet for Portrait and Landscape
  202. all exposure modes on emulator S60 SDK 4.0
  203. take photo confirmation
  204. Editing images
  205. captured video is rotated by 90 degrees
  206. How can I play the segment of an audio file, e.g. wav. file in my N73?
  207. Need help regarding playing Mp3 files in J2ME
  208. How to save Image to a file
  209. Camera settings
  210. Generate sound(voice) from a String
  211. SVG Animations
  212. Acessing Text to Speech feature of a nokia 5500 from j2me?
  213. Camera Capture
  214. Storage criteria for .dcf/.dm(DRM Forward Lock) music file ?
  215. Mobile video chat
  216. Sending image file via bluetooth
  217. DRM Separate Delivery Problem: Urgent Query
  218. form background color
  219. Can't play video streaming in full screen mode
  220. images for sprite
  221. Developing a sound editing mobile phone s'ware
  222. Getting default font color from Item
  223. Image & Sound Gallery
  224. How to play video rotate 90 degree on N95?
  225. Prefetch Error -14 on RTSP streaming after HTTP request on N73
  226. Playing DTMF tones with nokia 3410
  227. Image List With CSS
  228. Please Help me show this with midlet
  229. midlet doent not work my phone
  230. Streaming mp3 from local file system.
  231. FramePositioningControl not supported
  232. Create camera player on Nokia 6070
  233. player.setLoopCount(-1) loops only with break in N95
  234. N95 prefetch error -4
  235. N95 when capturing image, confirmation dialog doesnt always show up
  236. Midlet running in background
  237. Thumbnail of JPEG image for J2me application.
  238. Rounding of mediatime in different devices
  239. Full Flip of the display possible?
  240. Transparent background for image using S60 emulator
  241. KEY_SOFTKEY3 Nokia 6131 doesnt work
  242. Windows streaming
  243. SymbianOS error=-18
  244. How to draw graphics on video Canvas
  245. FullScreenmode problem......
  246. E90 fitting two TextFields on the same row
  247. 15 second delay when playing an MP3 file
  248. I can not play music on S60
  249. show image on the form from memory
  250. corrupted file downloaded in Sony Erricsson W810i through j2me application.