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  1. Can't capture audio?
  2. Which mobile support package javax.microedition.amms.control.tuner?
  3. opacity in nokias jsr 226
  4. Mp3-Mp4 player programming
  5. To bug jad and jar files
  6. Efficiency of playing sound
  7. How can use mobile camara as a PC web cam using j2me application?
  8. problems with capturing audio on nokia 6021
  9. Does 6288 support still image capture?
  10. MP4 Playback on N93
  11. play sound in headphone
  12. Video
  13. Portrait/Landscape N95
  14. where to put the wav file to play it
  15. Problem with OpenInputStream
  16. to know change of picture ?[please help]
  17. Incoming call problem with media player
  18. mutable Image vs immutable image
  19. Convert JPG to PNG on mobile phone
  20. Semi transparent image issue
  21. capture of video in video/3gpp encoding on N95
  22. Burn on LCD screen
  23. Please help us.its very urgent.
  24. Problem with nokia 6275
  25. EXIF support in J2me or MIDP
  26. UI Framework
  27. Cut an image
  28. Help..How to execute Sound Nokia S40
  29. How to connect a playlist to a player in J2ME?
  30. How to turn off the flash in N73 during snapshot?
  31. Generating a real-time audio stream
  32. 6233,throw a MediaExeption:device error when I call Player.close()
  33. 6131: How to play an .amr or .mp3 file in SD card?
  34. N73 Native Camera
  35. Drawing on an image
  36. How to control device camera?
  37. Access to camera buffer in real-time
  38. Image or Sprite, thats the problem
  39. Is it possible for S60 3rd Edition to use SVG in Java ME?
  40. Best Way to Draw Images?
  41. 2 svg in 1 canvas?
  42. Camera access
  43. Gauge Colour
  44. Phones that doesn't play WAV files
  45. performence of M3G immediate mode vs retained mode
  46. Player interrupted without errors
  47. Controlling video DVBH player
  48. Width of SVG text element?
  49. Playing an MP3 twice error
  50. how can i put same ChoiceGroup in many form
  51. Can't play 3gp video
  52. Nokia 6275 MMAPI JSR 135 - Not working
  53. Please Help Recording mp4 audio.....
  54. Why doesn't player realize on N73?
  55. Help needed with LayerManager and Sprites
  56. What triggers a player to finish prefetch()?
  57. Reading pixels?
  58. J2me mobile audio player
  59. video capture in s40 5th edition
  60. System.getProperty("video.snapshot.encodings") for Nokia
  61. Problem in SVG application in Sun WTK2.3
  62. Canvas bigger than screen
  63. Button labels over fullscreen movie
  64. how can i move in the mp3 player position by time forward(5sec) & reverse(-5sec)
  65. Convert a color image in a black/white image... HELP!
  66. Sound Playback in Netbeans
  67. streaming video to N80
  68. Playback latency
  69. J2me Supported image formats
  70. Problem creating Player of Radio
  71. player.start() Media exception
  72. about video
  73. Retrieve Contact list application
  74. Cannot stream using Nokia E61
  75. Obtaining FocusControl
  76. png to svgt ???
  77. multiple simultaneous audio files playing
  78. Advanced Multimedia Supplements (JSR-234) API support in lower version phones
  79. New problem creating Radio Player with N95
  80. Canvas UI example applications??
  81. How to add buttons to form like S40?
  82. Help me Playing Wave File
  83. borders on fillRects
  84. wied behaviour on nokia 6280
  85. Camera API stopped working on N95 after MIDlet was signed
  86. how to make animated gif animate on form
  87. Application crashes by soft key press in landscape mode in S60 3rd ed FP1 emulator
  88. drawRGB problem in landscape mode in S60 3rd edition FP1 emulator
  89. Playing MIDI hangs the S60 3rd edition FP1 emulator
  90. Any system property to detect the front camera
  91. Capturing Screem Display
  92. VideoControl.setDisplaySize does not work on N95
  93. TextField bug when deleting all characters in S60 3rd ed FP1 emualtor
  94. J2ME + Camcorder
  95. Stuttering Video Playback N95
  96. JSR - 184 pick method
  97. How to get snapshot for .bmp??
  98. image processing-splitting&resizing
  99. Video stops itself after undefined time
  100. Prefetch error: -12009
  101. sound in n95
  102. Canvas Menu
  103. SVG images S40
  104. Video playback with sound but nothing on Screen
  105. Video recording/display problem on N75
  106. createPlayer("rtsp://........")
  107. error while uploding photo to server from w810i
  108. J2ME: Audio uplink during an active call
  109. slide show - multimedia player (memory problem?)
  110. Video capturing Application crushes irregularly
  111. Sort Contact list
  112. Error when trying to create image from Byte array
  113. How to stop video before full download
  114. Real-Time video streaming - confused...
  115. Sms incoming is stopping the sound
  116. Not able to display
  117. How to check for Type ?
  118. secret recording
  119. J2ME streming
  120. Setting WallPaper/Ringtone via J2ME(CLDC/MIDP) app
  121. m3g file creator
  122. video player size
  123. problem in showing video on Nokia N72 :((
  124. Fetch recorded audio during recording
  125. mmapi getSnapshot function :(
  126. Problems Pausing audio In 6680 using j2me
  127. Black stripes in the camera preview
  128. getSnapshot without displaying picture? (MMAPI - JSR 135)
  129. 2 UI questions
  130. Language Switch
  131. Copying screen to a buffer: 24bit color depth = memory problems
  132. Maximum Image size
  133. convert wav to amr
  134. Zoom into and out of Image ?
  135. Out of Memory Error (play mp3 on S40)
  136. getSnapshot too slow on N95
  137. Second(directed to face) camera on Nokia N70(and other smartphones)
  138. Video streaming via Bluetooth on J2ME
  139. Custom font
  140. Building a track list in j2me for mp3 player
  141. How can i reduce Latency time in video streaming?
  142. help needed abt platformRequest(Url)
  143. Using mobiles's own sounds
  144. getSnapshot returns null on Series 40
  145. slowdown after using camera N80
  146. Reading id3 tags in j2me
  147. Playing Two Videos in Same Canvas
  148. N70 - MMAPI Audio Capture Problem
  149. How to record directly to memory card?
  150. Java or C++
  151. How to skip video on n95??
  152. MMAPI implementation
  153. Suggest a project
  154. player.prefetch get stuck
  155. Live Streaming with J2ME
  156. color error from camera of nokia 3230
  157. NNTP Reader
  158. Get pixel by pixel
  159. Flash Support in J2ME
  160. Manager.createPlayer(url) failure
  161. !jes-1e3-java-mma@1c79d4 s60 error while creating snapshot
  162. Streaming MP3 via DataSource on j2me
  163. Video Rotation J2ME
  164. j2me recordControl and player record sound "continuesly"...
  165. Unable to Call on device While application is running?
  166. How to convert a JPEG image to a PNG image using J2ME Code
  167. PNGs with semi-transparent pixels
  168. Regarding to High-level UI of MIDP1.0/2.0
  169. Full Screen capture
  170. PNG encoder!!! Found but...
  171. Problems with Unwrapping in Blender
  172. Load file Images into a List!
  173. Strange Series 40 MMAPI security dialog
  174. edit video metadata
  175. Can I make a .m3g file without camera?
  176. Playing sound files from Midlet
  177. How to use setclip in Video Player
  178. Efficient Text output with JSR-184
  179. How do I control entities inside a .m3g file?
  180. how to play video?
  181. Canvas Drawing
  182. Capturing image in jpeg and exif format
  183. get rgb values from getSnapshot()
  184. problem playing resource sound file
  185. Recorder not working in Sun Java(TM) Wireless toolkit 2.5.1
  186. Do I use .m3g files on OpenGL ES?
  187. Blurred Image / bad quality on N73 & N95
  188. Player rejects mp3 and wav files
  189. How to get the image directory and the images?
  190. MMAPI supported?
  191. audio streaming
  192. Create image memory usage
  193. M3G how to create collisions?
  194. JSR-226 support Chinese text ?
  195. Decreasing performance
  196. Application/camera orientation
  197. How do I create a 2.5D racing game like Outrun?
  198. S60 3rd Edition MIDP 2.0 BackLight
  199. drawing meshes on top of each other
  200. Video recording and rendering
  201. Any phone API aupport to change screen server or wall paper
  202. Is the 6230 really 12-bit, despite the specs?
  203. Recording audio problem 5300
  204. Avoiding "yes/no" on VideoControl.getSnapshot
  205. VideoControl in a Form
  206. Maximum snapshot resolution
  207. Problem for viewing Image and "\n" on Alert class
  208. I search a media player that can ffw and rew (*.jar). Please
  209. Problem in Music Player of Nokia 5300
  210. Cannot open SVG-File
  211. How can I put a *.jar file as the screensaver?
  212. sounds in nokia 6101
  213. Stream video live from Nokia 6110 Navigator
  214. Very urgent!!!!
  215. Device supporting audio recording
  216. Game sound in mp3(support)
  217. Phone Profile API?
  218. N70 3gp playback jerky
  219. J2me sound
  220. Stream Image ?
  221. code exemple
  222. Symbian error -34
  223. Player p becomes null after it has started playing audio
  224. A new Text node in M3G
  225. How to obtain the near/far values from a Camera in M3G
  226. dataSorce in jsr135
  227. In Nokia 5300, after call interruption volume of midi sound increase
  228. Image - byte[] - String (re)conversion
  229. Invalid font height
  230. Video Streaming
  231. Mainscreen Wallpaper
  232. Live Video Streaming???
  233. SVG Help needed.
  234. SVG help
  235. Phone supports video recording but still no luck :(
  236. SVG getBBox
  237. Nokia N73 Camera door
  238. SVG Trouble
  239. Simultaneous capture and audio playback
  240. audio/video mixing
  241. Edge Detection in J2ME
  242. Storing files
  243. Capturing image in Nokia 40 edition .
  244. Canvas + scrolling
  245. IOException when loading an image
  246. Video Record enconding
  247. Java Form size problem
  248. NoClassDefFoundError: com.nokia.mid.impl.isa.ui.DeviceControl
  249. MediaException when loading MP3
  250. A weird case with 6120 dual camera phone!