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  1. Streaming RTSP on Series40DP3 devices
  2. Save image in record store
  3. URGENT: Reading File from memory card problem
  4. Get a subimage.. help needed urgent
  5. createImage changes colors
  6. MediaException in Flight Profile
  7. how to integrate j2me polish with netbeans?
  8. N95 Camera Flash Not Working
  9. Capture Audio wont work on N95 8GB
  10. Urgent: Alter reference point for scale and rotate operations in SVGImage
  11. problem of voice recording in NOKIA N70
  12. Image distortion - skew, rotate
  13. in N70 i cant access the memory card(help plz)
  14. Confusing Performance
  15. animated gif in a list?
  16. Nokia 6131 : SMS notification is not showing sometimes
  17. J2ME video streaming memory issues
  18. My SVG pic shows in WTK 2.5.1 but not on the S60 3rd FP1 emulator. Any insights?
  19. Is it possible to record audio and video at same time ?
  20. Streaming Video from phone to server on N95
  21. Playing Video while downloading it
  22. Place a video call from J2ME
  23. Is it possible to develop application to play avi and mpg file?
  24. send port and receive port
  25. N80: MIDlet crashes after recording short audio segments for 7-20 minutes
  26. J2me Oscilloscope !!!
  27. Images in J2ME Midlets
  28. Possible to start the camera with a platformrequest?
  29. Packet size
  30. Mp3 from server
  31. Player update: sizeChanged
  32. Problem of confirmation
  33. vedio streaming
  34. status bar
  35. How to search for images in the whole file system?
  36. Exception
  37. image and audio in background - simultaneous?
  38. png quality
  39. frame video
  40. MMAPI File Locator Syntax
  41. rgb
  42. text box on cnvas
  43. radio streaming
  44. Camera snapshot??
  45. netbeans problem???
  46. Modifying jad attribute
  47. Data read & write in a file
  48. About midi (audio) in J2ME...
  49. SVG on S60, E62
  50. GameCanvas size problem on N95 device
  51. 3d java animation movie in mobile phone.
  52. How to find all images and video into FS?
  53. Issues with setDisplayLocation?
  54. image display thru http from server...
  55. Game Sounds and effects doesn't work on n95
  56. Image resize
  57. Video playback
  58. RingTone problem
  59. Need some explaination!!!
  60. png or bmp?
  61. Emulator's Call and Hangup Button problem
  62. Codec g729 implementation
  63. How live conversation can be done by J2ME
  64. Nokia UI API s40/s60 and the camera's viewfinder
  65. Which JSR is need for voice recording
  66. How to do a tansparent fillRect
  67. cannot open midi in s40
  68. Code help? Urgent!!
  69. Image problem on n95 game
  70. Programming to N95´s camera
  71. S60 emulator doesn't support capture://video ?!
  72. read image from jar - NETBEANS
  73. audio recording...
  74. [Moved] Problem In Video For S60 Series
  75. Problems with Camera. Camera run on java class and it failed on midlet.
  76. centering video from server on screen - Sizing
  77. PNG download agony
  78. RTP in J2ME
  79. J2ME Beginner: Can not play WAV file on cellphone! Help me, please!
  80. "Assert Failed" when starting the player
  81. Voice Capture without Recording
  82. Motorola Gallery
  83. Talkonaut's Realtime Audio Transfer Tips
  84. CallBack in J2ME
  86. how to disable screen darkening effect when no user response
  87. RTSP streaming problem!!!!!!
  88. Record audio as mp3
  89. javax.sound package in J2ME
  90. TiledImage: App similar to Google Maps
  91. setting personalized ringtone for a contact
  92. video recording resolution
  93. Ploblems when trying to play audio
  94. Sending video over TCP
  95. Nokia M3G implementation - bug with Alpha/Blending ?
  96. Setting audio encoding when recording video?
  97. game develpment in j2me
  98. Display Images
  99. Caching and image, possible?
  100. Embedding video in an application
  101. Ambient Reflection without CubeMap
  102. stremming video between two mobiles over bluetooth
  103. Nokia 6280 Problems Capture Video and Locator...
  104. DataSource query!!!
  105. Playing ott sounds on Series 40: volume gradually decreases
  106. distortion image
  107. Image through a servlet gives out of memory at the client
  108. Pixelated Text SVG Image
  109. N70 Audio recording problem
  110. Sounds in Nokia 6270
  111. Reader Bar Code
  112. supported media formats
  113. scrolling/panning svg image?
  114. setGain(int level) is not working ?
  115. Text in M3G
  116. text to voice using j2me
  117. Transparent image
  118. 3gp video in full screen
  119. playing 3gp problems
  120. playing two mp3 files at the same time
  122. getSpanshot(encoding=jpeg) does not work on series 40 phones
  123. Snapshot of Screen
  124. VideoControl Portrait orientation on Nokia 6300
  125. player video http erro in prefetch
  126. ClassCastException Problem
  127. Several Tiles Display
  128. Image.createImage returns a clipped image
  129. Series 40: problems streaming videos
  130. amr format
  131. Image Transparency issue
  132. how to capture image from 3G phones camera
  133. MediaException (Prefetch Error: -4) on Nokia N95
  134. Make a photo in BMP format
  135. Reading MediaContent and converting into B64
  136. Auto rotate Canvas on N95
  137. related to video quality
  138. create two player class one record and one play video clip from server
  139. Record Video using RecordControl J2ME
  140. M3G Mipmapping
  141. rtsp streaming!!! receieve packet but can't play????
  142. Streaming Recorded Voice!!
  143. Capturing snapshot from a video running on device
  144. [Moved] Improving Mobile recording Video quality Using J2ME
  145. Calendar with J2ME
  146. AMMS API related
  147. what are the names of devices that support internal streaming to play video file?
  148. How to record AMR-WB
  149. Which Nokia phones have supports.video.capture=true ?
  150. Nokia 2630 unable to play mp3 from JavaME
  151. S60 3.2 rtsp video play back problem
  152. Raw images supported by JSR-234
  153. Get samples directly from device?
  154. SeekControl
  155. streaming error...pls helppp.....
  156. Items in a List of items
  157. load old firmware?
  158. Problem creating player on N81
  159. Voice Recognition
  160. Draw over Media player
  161. comparison between audio files
  162. Unable to play RTP Payload(Actual Voice Data coming from remote client) in WAV format
  163. Capture screen in nokia 5200
  164. desperately needs help on how to save an image in the mobile device memory
  165. How to save a drawing in png or jpg format ?
  166. MediaException: Cannot record while other Players are prefetched
  167. MediaException: Only capture://image locator supports getSnapshot()
  168. 6680 Jpeg Image problem
  169. Video Recording problem
  170. Sprint USA LG RUMOR HandSet Problem
  171. At&T USA Nokia 6555 and 6126 video recording problem
  172. Hartti!!! - Which is the cheapest Nokia phone that has supports.video.capture=true?!
  173. Update device with JSR 234
  174. N73 M3G memory leak fix
  175. SVG-T Text alignment problem
  176. Nokia 6555 video recording
  177. stream plotting
  178. Which is the most low-spec Nokia phone that has supports.video.capture=true?
  179. Image.getRGB() problem
  180. How to get informations about an image without creating the Image Object
  181. Does N95 have a sound sensor?
  182. Sony Z750A and LG VU Mobile Video And Picture Folder Path
  183. camera resolution
  184. N73 audio problem
  185. 6280 - using camera causes phone to reboot
  186. N95 applying zoom in image captured
  187. set/get Camera gain
  188. Landscape Video
  189. [moved] Can not realize video rotation with Nokia OS
  190. Image overlay Camera Canvas
  191. Encoding video using Focus
  192. custom fonts in SVG / JSR226
  193. How to setup rtsp server
  194. mp4 video can't play in n70
  195. USA Mobile operator Problem
  196. Capturing a frame image of playing video
  197. MediaException taking a photo with 5310
  198. VideoPlayer, screen flickering
  199. Leaking memory when setting SVGMenu to null
  200. Streaming video on N95 using J2ME
  201. Drawing on video canvas
  202. Switching Screen
  203. how to call native camera?
  204. Midi playback sped is low
  205. Controlling the buffer of streamed video.
  206. Overdrawing an image using Netbeans
  207. on the N73 capturing a picture from a camera meet a problem.
  208. RTSP Problem with Mobile career
  209. White area on alert (any type), using new firmware in E51 and E90
  210. capture on N78 using MMAPI?
  211. Screen flicker difference between S40 and S60
  212. Line width
  213. ID3 tags
  214. Why am I hearing my voice back while recording in J2ME?
  215. N75 video and picture path in memory card
  216. Avoid notification tone in recording audio
  217. betatester needed for n70 program
  218. Detecting spoken words within an AMR compressed audio file
  219. Nokia 6300, taking snapshot, out of memory exception
  220. getSnapshot on S40
  221. Transparency J2ME Application
  222. Recording Game Music
  223. No audio on RTSP streaming with MMAPI
  224. Aplication icon on Nokia 5000
  225. pause/resume video midlet issue
  226. Writing his own mp3 player
  227. Handling video from phone camera
  228. using multiple players in a single J2ME app
  229. headset recognization/usage - how?
  230. synchronizing game events and audio
  231. Flash message using canvas
  232. Plzzz Help Me I have Video Moving Object Recognization System
  233. Recording Video from Camera To Frame Packets
  234. javax.microedition.media.MediaexceptionPrefech error:-34
  235. Plz...Help Me...Video Moving Object Detection
  236. s40 permissions
  237. Stop Switching from Portrait to Landscape mode
  238. Slow response in N78 & N80, after capturing video.
  239. communicatin of data from mobile to Pc
  240. communcation b/w pc and mobile
  241. Extract frames from video
  242. Problem Regarding getting the Keycodes and Disabling the Camera
  243. Pause video recording
  244. Timer/Stopwatch made out of Image
  245. Prefecting a player takes a long time. Why is that?
  246. False implementation of "playerListner" ???
  247. [Moved] How to detect JSR 226 api?
  248. Opening Image in Browser
  249. How to playback VOIP audio streaming
  250. How can I implement Codec AMR, G.729 A/B, G.711 in J2ME