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  1. Cursor and screen coordinates - ImageItem
  2. Aplication icon on nokia 5000
  3. Google maps
  4. can we create message reader in j2me?plz its urgent
  5. RTSP Video are played twice on Nokia 6500 slide
  6. Strange bug with getSupportedContentTypes()
  7. Howto unmute/max sound volume on 40 series device?
  8. NetBeans 6.1 Mobility - Adding Method Call
  9. VideoStreaming player realize takes too long
  10. [JSR 226] translating an SVGImage problem
  11. send midlet to background: NO pause
  12. Audio Capture
  13. Receiving RTP stream need help
  14. [Record Control on Emulator]
  15. [Moved] Noisy audio capture
  16. m3g file manipulation
  17. Pb with J2ME Polish
  18. svg tutorials...
  19. LayerManger - probably a stupid question
  20. J2ME with SVG
  21. how to wait until I have a static image from GoogleMap
  22. LWUIT - Lightweight User Interface Toolkit
  23. Using NetBeans Mobility for Bluetooth Connection
  24. j2me polish...
  25. radio control in s60?
  26. Take snapshot with N82
  27. How can I use the encodec and decodec provided by Nokia in J2ME?
  28. How to remove the MediaException Symbian OS error: -2?
  29. createImage, size limitation on S60 3rd?
  30. Full screen
  31. How can I draw graphics and video
  32. Problem with Canvas & Alert
  33. Draw Transparent png Image on Canvas
  34. 3210 Classic Sound
  35. live video sending
  36. Which devices do support WAV audio?
  37. Streaming AV content from PC to Mobile
  38. problem with audio streaming
  39. recording and stream voice in j2me
  40. midi and .wav - different in Nokia phones?
  41. TunerControl Interface
  42. pls help....6275 not able to download 3gp file
  43. Capturing an image on Nokia 3230?
  44. Speech recognition (speech capture)
  45. going back and forth between form & full screen canvas
  46. Font Size on Textbox
  47. problems about playing music
  48. avoid permission message
  49. Text at Center of Screen
  50. Vedio streaming
  51. Any way to disable those moronic icons in the top-left corner?
  52. Music Player
  53. Video Resolution MMAPI
  54. "device error" with Nokia 6300 (S40 3rd FP2)
  55. replace image in SVG
  56. Nokia permissions in midlets
  57. how to save captured audio ?
  58. Media Sampler v1.0 on N95 - Can't hear audio
  59. .amr files streaming over bluetooth
  60. realize error on video streaming client
  61. N95 Keeping the Screen Saver from taking control
  62. MediaException: locator not supported when play mpg file
  63. Captured Video Resolution JSR 234
  64. Different Locators (URL) of VideoPlayer to take snapshot
  65. audio streaming via bluetooth
  66. Can't set width/height in <image> -- JSR 226
  67. Play MIDI format
  68. Read music files playing in another application
  69. javax.microedition.media.Mediaexception:Deviceerror
  70. Spacing below text for any paticular font is different in different phones.
  71. loop recording mechanism without loss data
  72. Nokia 6131 streaming
  73. Plotting intesity vs time graph for recorded sound
  74. Record control
  75. Streaming in Nokia 5300
  76. Slow Image generation
  77. Mobile TV
  78. to play the decrypting video simultaneously through Video player
  79. how to show all local business search on single Map on mobile?
  80. Playing sound on earphone
  81. getSnapshot problem on setting resolution
  82. Level meter with a midifile
  83. S60 CreatePlayer
  84. j2me (display map)
  85. How to use auto focus in j2me?
  86. No gui application
  87. On Screen display during vedio recording
  88. N95 and getSnapShot encodings
  89. Real time audio transmission via Bluetooth
  90. Simple audio player - "Invalid Locator"
  91. UI element width association with screen size
  92. N75 video playback issue (Screen flips sideways)
  93. Add push button in form
  94. How to simulate a camera in netbeans ?
  95. How to change default camera image in S40 5th edition?
  96. Cannot create player for playing videos on n70 and 3110c phone
  97. JSR-135 S40 RTSP streaming support since when?
  98. download mp3 files from a remote server to mobile file system
  99. how to get Default Image/Video location?
  100. recording sound in s40
  101. Any body tried ZXING
  102. media player
  103. Set RingTone
  104. Fish eye effect in mobile?
  105. N96 and getSnapShot encodings
  106. Play MP4 file
  107. problem in display an image button on canvas(Background image)
  108. Screen "hangup" on 6220c when closing Player after Alert
  109. jsr-184(Mobile 3D). Problem with Light
  110. Image SlideShow
  111. Playing video file
  112. add text like photo editor
  113. MMAPI Available Snapshot Resolutions
  114. Adding text into picture [J2ME]
  115. problem in initDisplaymode
  116. S60 & Custom UI Components
  117. J2ME or C++ for VoIP on Mobile Phone
  118. Questions about Mutable image
  119. RecordControl
  120. canvas
  121. svg tiny fonts with j2me
  122. M3G-ASSERT 1242 error on S60
  123. how to obtain FocusControl on 6210s
  124. non maximized application
  125. how to record video and audio using j2me and how to store the both???
  126. Media Exception
  127. clickable area of an image by j2me
  128. interactive 3d building info. in J2ME
  129. Image
  130. VideoControl freezez when the screen is switched or rotated
  131. IS Continous Recording and Upstreaming possible in J2ME?
  132. How to use Front Camera
  133. could i use this code to stream voice via bluetooth
  134. Make realplayer no sound
  135. Uploading Audio File
  136. Need Help in J2ME programmign GRAPHING?
  137. Programming Java IMlet for Nokia 12 module in Teltonika T-BoxN12R
  138. Programming Java IMlet for Nokia 12 module in Teltonika T-BoxN12R
  139. Programming Java IMlet for Nokia 12 module in Teltonika T-BoxN12R
  140. MMAPI 1.1
  141. show phone background
  142. Nokia Phones which support Advanced Camera Controls
  143. Problem with setFullScreenMode(true) in canvas
  144. rococo with netbeans
  145. Events for up and down button
  146. Recording Voice and sending it by Bluetooth
  147. Storing and sending Audio by Bluetooth
  148. Can't play MP3
  149. Graph in S60 3rd
  150. Changing Stereo Balance in S40 (5th)
  151. application switch problem on Nokia S60 FP2
  152. Cannot record sound properly in N82 and cannot replay in E65
  153. Codec Audio J2ME
  154. AMR in J2ME
  155. JNI in J2ME
  156. Design layout GUI
  157. List in 2me
  158. Change camera capture resolution
  159. Nokia 5220 Xpressmusic - MediaException
  160. Java open original player with time
  161. Voice come from loud speaker
  162. LWUIT toolkit for Nokia S60 devices
  163. [moved] Voice Capture in the Series S60 - N95
  164. same phone for all the devices
  165. same phone for all the devices
  166. rtsp video link not getting played in N96
  167. Problem with player resuming at Nokia 5800
  168. Access the music library data
  169. Animated icon during processing
  170. Its possible to play a 3gp video from InputStream in S40 Series devices?
  171. How receive bytes (of video) with servlet?
  172. Nokia 2610 unable to run audio files
  173. FATAL ERROR - Applet 17 with certain png's
  174. Can we control the camera open and close events from our midlet application
  175. Setting font style for Nokia E65
  176. how to calculate minutes and seconds from media file in j2me
  177. i can't play sound in nokia emulitar and real device
  178. Audio/Video streaming using RTP and RTSP
  179. HowTo control a video on N95
  180. Getting Recorded Audio Frequency in J2ME
  181. Need help of my newest MP4 player?
  182. [moved] Editing SVG Images in Nokia 95
  183. device error
  184. Playing SVG Files but gzipped ( JSR 226 )
  185. Display jpg image from byte array
  186. Applet signing in Nokia 3110c
  187. Voice over in applications ??????
  188. Font size
  189. format of MMAPI capture video
  190. N96 audio problem
  191. Live stream from phone to server
  192. [moved] error when deploying app
  193. Camera MIDlet is not working with Nokia 3110c
  194. Reading screenHeight() gives wrong number
  195. Removing security dialogs in Sound Recorder
  196. Streaming video
  197. [moved] multiple players on N95
  198. Capture camera from Canvas
  199. Setting size limitation to RecordControl
  200. Command display problem
  201. I want to use setExposureTime() in video making
  202. Nokia 5800 - Camera Snapshot
  203. disable automatic calling of paint
  204. How to Close Video Canvas automatically after Playing Video file
  205. Augmented Reality(AR) Application: Height Measuring
  206. PlayerListener and DEVICE_UNAVAILABLE, incoming events while streaming video
  207. Error playing multi-track sp midi files on S60 devices. Old nokia phones used to play
  208. jsr 184 - Loader fails on N82 loading a texture png file
  209. JSR135 playing DRM files problems
  210. Fullscreen recording and playing
  211. Save canvas image
  212. [moved] FullScreen mode
  213. Nokia E61i is caching Graphics of Canvas !!!
  214. How to increse/decrese the Application sound volume without stopping the sound
  215. Memory leak when unloading and loading images
  216. Using Camera Light While Taking Photo Using J2M
  217. image library for J2ME ?????
  218. video player resize
  219. playerevents buffering_started and buffering_stopped
  220. Creating a "skinnable" app
  221. Launch Realplayer from inside a J2ME Application
  222. J2ME concurrent voice data processing and voice recording
  223. Recording Audio and sending it to server
  224. Byte primitive limit in saving Images to RMS
  225. player freeze when playing from stream
  226. title image
  227. sending MMS (jsr 205) video clip max size - ?
  228. Displaying image on Emulator/Mobile
  229. How to get the Text of a ticker?
  230. [Nokia 6151] Max resolution of played video
  231. Prefetch error -4
  232. playing plain pcm sound
  233. resume camera after incoming call
  234. Create MP3 Player with Good Look and Feel
  235. RTSP on N95
  236. How can I create live video chat with J2ME?
  237. How to create a WAV file
  238. catpure a image : really frustrated
  239. Device Error Exception in player application when call is in progress.
  240. Image to ByteArray
  241. Multiple images for each list item
  242. S60 3rd FP1,FP2 full support jsr234?
  243. Performance issue with VideoControl.getSnapshot
  244. Vector graphics limitations WTK? (Newbie!)
  245. How to detect options soft key is pressed?
  246. lcdui.Image.createImage -> java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
  247. OutOfMemory when loading a huge JPEG in S40
  248. [moved] Store and retrieve Images
  249. (SOS)The problem of S60 3rd fp2midp2.1Jsr135 about Camera
  250. not able to play mpg file on Emulator