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  1. Bounds Checking in TileBased game
  2. Continous recording
  3. Method for converting AMR voice into ByteArray
  4. Trying to make a app that transfers files over bluetooth in java
  5. Image Encryption
  6. How to rotate annunciator and command action area in N95 using j2me...
  7. Animated gif on a form
  8. File Connection API
  9. SVGImage and viewPort: image is not displayed in phon (fine in emulator)
  10. question regarding painting mechanism
  11. image creation in j2me
  12. JSR-135 (camera) and eSWT integration
  13. save captured audio in binary format
  14. J2ME Application Permissions
  15. Is possible to add a toolbar for my application ?
  16. i need a code for media
  17. J2me Text to speech
  18. Creating an object Image to handle...
  19. How to recognize a Layer
  20. how i can implement the user interface of media player by java
  21. I got problems in play voice from streaming UDP
  22. Implementation OF Covariance matrix
  23. i need a help!!!!!
  24. please can Anyone help me
  25. camera window resize ???????
  26. Creating ,saving and reading the new image in Mobile phones
  27. How can i do that????
  28. Urgent Help Required in Player Class ( MMAPI )
  29. svg createImage from InputStream problem
  30. Working with PNG Images - loading , saving , reading
  31. JSR 234 and using earphone
  32. GUI of the media player by java on mobile
  33. can I able to control the camera to take pictures in sampled manner
  34. Wrong canvas size
  35. Sound scrathes while using multiple instances of Player
  36. Bug in DataInputStream or what ?
  37. Nokia-MIDlet-App-Orientation
  38. *Sometimes* getSnapshot throws MediaException, RecordControl Error
  39. javax.microedition.media.MediaException: Realize error: -7002
  40. Resizing SVG Image- J2ME
  41. Supported media format fro S60 3rd edition fb2
  42. GUI media interface
  43. Problem when creating images of large sizes.
  44. I need an SVG Tiny Editor
  45. To change size of image
  46. SVG2SVGT Problem
  47. Transparent Sprites
  48. problem palaying midi on Nokia N95
  49. lwuit on HTC
  50. Getting bytes from image for uploading
  51. getSnapshot and N96
  52. Image resizing in J2ME
  53. Playing RTP Stream in J2ME ??
  54. Need help with audio
  55. out of memory error in image manipulation
  56. is this player playing right<<
  57. problem wih wav media player to support buffering
  58. Capture image of less size????
  59. j2me to execute command
  60. Cannot listen sound e66
  61. Record audio, save it and send it to a server
  62. Frequency Analysis in J2ME
  63. How can i do that?????
  64. Can not turn camera on, Nokia 6070
  65. real time drum machine (sequencer)
  66. pause stop issue in MMAPI
  67. Series 40 6th Edition shoot multiple pictures with SnapshotControl
  68. Nokia 5000
  69. i need codes for this problems>>>
  70. Problem in accessing audio buffer while Recording in 6600 and 7210
  71. Does Nokia 2600c have MMAPI support?
  72. "bad image format" with signed midlet
  73. developin gui in j2me-guys its very urgent
  74. Write Arabic letters with Canvas and Graphics class
  75. Hey...[ 3gp to jpg ]
  76. how???
  77. prefetch error : -33
  78. Play amr audio with MMAPI, problems with some Nokia models
  79. hello,everybody,who can help me resolve the problem about the media player
  80. who can help me i want to implement two player
  81. Does exist a way to make(prevent) MMAPI Player not to load entire data (audiostream)?
  82. Phone restarts
  83. Video stops without a PlayerUpdate event
  84. Size of icon
  85. Audio but no Video
  86. show JPEG2000 with midlet
  87. Live Streaming Player
  88. Is there any special Nokia api to play mp3 or amr?
  89. How to Invoke Real Player with JAR Resource
  90. BufferedImage class
  91. Increase the Image capturing rate
  92. an image over a camera canvas
  93. Nokia 5800: flushGraphics(x,y,width,height) == flushGraphics()??
  94. Adjusting screensize/making application work with a new screen size
  95. Could Not Create Player MediaException
  96. Video Frames are getting Dropped
  97. video codec?
  98. S60 SDK Video Problem
  99. To play a tone on reciept of SMS
  100. How create this form
  101. resize the transparent image
  102. Audio do not work on E66
  103. save captured images
  104. Diplay gif image doesn't work!!!
  105. Delay in getting the camera snapshot
  106. convert createRGBImage() to .png file and .....
  107. getSnapshot: E71 yes, 5310 XperssMusic no
  108. Emulator not playing 48kbps MP3s
  109. acces audio being recorded?
  110. [mmapi] Is there any way to query the device for the right capture url?
  111. Nokia 6680 : takes time while creating images and problem with http & tcp connection
  112. Strange error when trying to record audio
  113. Does S60 5.0 support JSR 113 speech API ?
  114. image scaling on the fly
  115. Audio file in an MMS
  116. [moved] J2me polish background image problem
  117. Mobile phone screensaver
  118. Howto: Change gradient of Polygon element programmatically
  119. Bug in Graphics drawing rectangles - rouge outline appears
  120. Playing sound under Bluetooth handsfree connection
  121. Problem with JSR 211 Micro edition Content handler API?
  122. LWUIT List heigth
  123. Access to the display/frame buffer to change pixel colors
  124. Unable To Display Images of large size (above 200kb)
  125. disable N95 camera auto starting
  126. How to update / Refresh Image
  127. Playing mp3 audio with S60 5th Editon SDK
  128. Change font size in J2ME
  129. How to access Native Phone Gallery from a J2ME application?
  130. MMAPI framework and recorder
  131. Taking snapshots with MMAPI on N95
  132. playing mp3 file in net beans
  133. Manager.playTone() problem on real device
  134. how to capture the camera shutter open event from the camera phones?
  135. Degree of support for JSR 226
  136. Downloaded audio files are not coming on Music folder for NokiaE71
  137. Streaming packets succesfully received in j2me client but
  138. J2SE_UDPServer to J2ME_UDPClient Code Enjoy it and edit this for ur own use
  139. Selection of wireless toolkit for video streaming in j2me
  140. how to manage transaprency in m3g
  141. NullPointerException on first SnapShot
  142. useful format for audio, aac converter
  143. Load an image to the Canvas by using NetBeans 6.5
  144. CustomItem not being painted
  145. Finding RGB values of a pixel of an J2ME image
  146. Image click Event in mobiles without touch screen
  147. does J2ME support real-time application
  148. Regarding JSR234 (Tuner) API
  149. Access Mobile Phone Call history (Incomming calls,Missed calls etc) details
  150. can i place a scrolling text or ticker anywhere i want????
  151. Create Image2D from filmstrip image
  152. RTSP problem with SDK S80
  153. Help need with a J2ME Video stream problem (-34 prefetch error)
  154. Audio file from url + Prefetch error: -2
  155. Clickable Image
  156. How can I play a video file from res folder?
  157. How to fetch camera's resolution using mmapi in j2me?
  158. Record a video
  159. Urgent Help Needed For a Application
  160. diaplay a large image using scroll in J2ME
  161. Are there any streaming content palying emulators available?
  162. i have played mpeg1 video but can't played mp4 and 3gp video please help urgent...
  163. Which way the j2me emulator can play mp4 and 3gp video
  164. SVGImage scaling
  165. E63 Sound delay when calling = (
  166. m3g problem pls hel-p
  167. How can I know which output type I use via J2ME
  168. Manipulate phone call
  169. playing midi percussion notes
  170. SVG: How to position word in the middle of canvas
  171. Find RGB values
  172. 自动安装的问题
  173. Extremely slow performance when using VideoControl.setDisplaySize
  174. Camera snapshot on S40 5th edition (2630 device)
  175. MIDI play only twice
  176. about mp3 streaming by j2me
  177. MIDlet cuts images when it sends them through HTTP
  178. Which one is more suported?
  179. About mp3 mixing effect in game
  180. Help! MP3 sounds being cut off
  181. Problem playing wav files
  182. Problems with Camera
  183. Camera continuously capture images source code
  184. Error while playing audio, please help
  185. Playing MP3/Wav on Series 40 5th Ed, Nokia 2630
  186. How to convert an InputStream to array of bytes?
  187. Background dimming in S40 device
  188. Time Delay between two video files
  189. Getting photo from Image gallery
  190. Open GL ES support on devices
  191. Playing Video
  192. Viewfinder on N97 with MMAPI
  193. How to stop a playing video
  194. minimize of the app on getSnapshot
  195. 5800 XpressMusic: Capture camera pictures for barcode reading
  196. MMAPI (JSR 135) on CDC
  197. Recording a call on Series 40
  198. S60 (like XM5800) + Focus ?
  199. png zoom visualization problem
  200. How to use ZoomControl of AMMS ?
  201. Support for JSR-234, video resolution
  202. play WAV file in nokia 2630
  203. Hi all seniors
  204. problem with audio file processing
  205. Problem Deploying wav player onto Device
  206. Question to MIDI experts
  207. JSR 234 S60 5th
  208. Image to byte[] (without getRGB)
  209. Playing Captured video on 5800 using MMAPI
  210. Playing Captured video on 5800 using MMAPI
  211. Loudspeaker for Nokia 3110Classic - Series 40 3rd Edition, Feature Pack 2
  212. Scalable Custom Fonts
  213. java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
  214. wanna live vedio stream this link
  215. How to rotate String in Canvas
  216. Cannot load SVGimage from JAR
  217. Continues Voice recording issue
  218. JAVA: changing the Jpeg Metadata
  219. Hi need some help =/
  220. 3110 classic - cannot play recorded voice.
  221. player.stop fails
  222. unknown preprocessor directive //#style
  223. Application decoding 2D barcodes using Zxing
  224. Player class Query
  225. Limiting Audio recording to 30 secons
  226. Media recording and streaming?
  227. javax.microedition.amms.control.tuner
  228. J2ME Canvas help
  229. canvas help (multiple canvas)
  230. Gap playing RTSP stream in S60
  231. out of memory
  232. Control Camera Zoom and/or Flash
  233. Looking for a hello audio world example
  234. find all recording specs for platform
  235. load image problem
  236. record mpeg4 audio?
  237. audio recording fails after 5.5 minutes
  238. SIP Implementation on J2ME Client
  239. Audio Recording Issue
  240. Barcode Reader
  241. Streaming on newer S40's
  242. VoIP in J2ME
  243. voice player midlet issue
  244. eswt MMAPI videocontrol issue on N97 phone.
  245. How To Rotate Image
  246. Audio Recording works on Nokia 5200 but not on Nokia 2630
  247. Implementing Speex in J2me
  248. How to record in mp3 format or how to convert amr to mp3 in java me?
  249. Player does not play mp3 files
  250. need help: Sleep in canvas class