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  1. need help: Sleep in canvas class
  2. Player error
  3. Unknown Error message MMAPI
  4. Installation Error when trying to record and play audio
  5. JSR 135 player forward and rewind
  6. Help Rotating a SVGLocatableElement
  7. Video player - disappears bottom bar
  8. Help! Is this a bug in Scalable 2D Vector Graphics API (JSR-226) ?
  9. display image on full Screen
  10. 3ds max -> sprite export problem with JSR-184 exporter
  11. Mp3 stream query
  12. Streaming mp3 for online Radio
  13. Application Icon not displayed on E-71
  14. SVG Render Problem
  15. how to download and play drm clips on 3rd fp1 devices
  16. Problems with streaming a video File using J2me
  17. How to stream audio in j2me?
  18. having a problem using arabi with SVG labels
  19. talking alarm clock for 6300
  20. making rectangle around the selected component
  21. Image.getRGB() issue for Nokia E50/E65
  22. Mobile Application Blog
  23. Out of Memory Exception in
  24. to run a .3gp file on j2me using netbeans ide
  25. E71x video player losing audio
  26. getting byte array from image
  27. Audio enabled selection before app starts - requirement?
  28. Drawing on image in res folder
  29. How is it possible ? (paint problem)
  30. MMS Location
  31. Command or Canvas Events for Recording ?? Please Help..
  32. Unhandled Exception : close application
  33. camera and eSWT
  34. How to differentiate MP4 audio/video?
  35. insert an image into a canvas
  36. Selected Item in a Combobox
  37. MMAPI - record sound, save file problem
  38. Playing video in j2me
  39. is it possible to play external audio/image file?
  40. OutOfMemoryException
  41. Nokia 3120 / 2600 - Inserting sound in Java ME
  42. MP4 Player -- MediaException
  43. about VideoPlayer in J2ME polish
  44. dictonary for Nokia E63
  45. SVG antialiasing artifacts on S40
  46. Nokia 6650 terminates app and shows error on Manager.createPlayer(String)
  47. Image transparency problem on Nokia 5800 / S60 v5
  48. my own map services
  49. Nokia 2700 outlined pngs
  50. VideoControl.getSnapshot(null) returns null-value
  51. proplem with fullscreen on 6680. but no problem on emulate
  52. Error while trying to play mp3 file
  53. regarding camera application
  54. No Volume while Playing MP3 and Video in Sony Errision
  55. How to play videos on devices's native video player?
  56. J2ME RecordStore Vs Inputstream
  57. How to get and store a image file in N97?
  58. [Moved] Nokia StreamConnection Error...?
  59. Access Device's native volume Controller
  60. Can J2ME support H.264?
  61. RmsStorage Problem
  62. Image Capture At Regular Interval
  63. j2me player start problem with N93i
  64. Nokia 6681 sound problem
  65. Is it possible to capture video only (no audio only video)
  66. Voice encryption for GSM mobiles
  67. play wave buffer
  68. J2ME, LWUIT (V. 1.2) - Menu bar from bottom to the right of the screen!
  69. Create a "ordinary" grid menu
  70. play non mp3(extension) sound
  71. Full camera control by Java app
  72. Images are getting resized?
  73. OutOfMemory Error from Image.createImage() After getsnapshot
  74. Urgent-accessing a new image from the prev image by ptr press in touchscreen
  75. Adding TextBox in Canvas
  76. Determine max sound resources
  77. Button Sound Problem
  78. exporting bones
  79. is nokia 5310 xpressmusic capale to record better video quality using j2me?
  80. Could Not Create Player
  81. process image captured by the camera
  82. Fix portrait mode in N97 fw v.20
  83. File format for recorded audio is missing
  84. 5230 Xpress Music can't do video / image capture
  85. java lang nullpointerexception
  86. Playing RTSP stream of sdp extension ?
  87. MP3 playback: CRASH (w/o exception) when player is closed during prefetch
  88. Graphics.drawRegion versus setClip and translate
  89. Audio capture for 5 sec
  90. How image will display in different devices...
  91. Taking Picture with an MMAPI from Phone Camera in J2ME
  92. Newly installed java games don't open.
  93. Change default call type
  94. Where to find MediaException error number doc?
  95. How to stop player in j2me app
  96. How to capture audio and save it into file on nokia N96 device
  97. Speech Recognization in Java ME
  98. how to play and record audio at the same time?
  99. MMAPI getSnapshot() method takes too much time PLEASE HELP
  100. How to play & record audio byte arrays with j2me on nokia
  101. How to do Video Capture using J2ME
  102. Image Opening Problem
  103. Vocal synthesis
  104. What should i study to start..???
  105. Using a custom font questions
  106. Retrieve RGB data while capture.
  107. E71 sound problem.
  108. J2ME sounding alert, while in silent mode...
  109. Midi player works on emulator but not on E71
  110. Efficient way to draw a diagonal image
  111. How to change the onclick event for the embeded media player in nokia6700
  112. Bug with the 6730 classic camera
  113. Format of the amr audio
  114. Nokia 2330 - JSR 135
  115. how to upload a mp3 from server?
  116. [moved] 5310 video recording
  117. not streaming in blackberry
  118. J2ME
  119. how to move 4 different colored rectangle in 4 corner in canvas
  120. Stream audio and video in realtime in J2ME
  121. Capture an image error
  122. Example to load a custom sound bank for MIDIControl
  123. how to get details of audio file using j2me code?
  124. Text To Speech Api in Java ME
  125. how to create a player for camera...??
  126. image in form
  127. Image to jpg file
  128. Stream Video File from Mobile to PC
  129. question with dispatching mouse events to svg element
  130. get frames from recorded video j2me
  131. Mute camera shutter sound in java midlets
  132. problem in repaint a part of canvas!!
  133. Doubt about output of acessing camera code..and about NetBeans IDE Debugging ??
  134. AMR to PCM
  135. Text color in form
  136. Graphics3D.setViewport() does not work as expected on S60 3rd FP2
  137. display text on canvas
  138. Scheduling some task for future Date and Time
  139. How to play sound when battery fully charged
  140. how to play *.swf file on Java Me
  141. White Screen during videoControl.getSnapshot()
  142. Record Audio in raw audio format and not in amr
  143. Augemented Reality with Java ME?
  144. Alternate to MMAPI...??
  145. Fail to play *.mp3 in Nokia 5800 XpressMusic
  146. SVG class, render() -> NullPointerException
  147. How to make a j2me List choice unselectable
  148. How to read the data...??
  149. play video over http via streaming..
  150. Implicit List and Tickers
  151. MPEG streaming
  152. exception occured
  153. DrawPixel problem(Weird)
  154. Does J2ME Media Player on Nokia E65 work?
  155. Image size problem
  156. Which are the technologies behind opera mini 5?
  157. Video Player on mobile phone to access videos on computer drive,using bluetooth
  158. Image path
  159. Setting theme background for J2ME Applet in S60
  160. How to capture a single image...??
  161. Need to record the audio
  162. black area on S60 3rd when display a png
  163. [moved] N96 capture MP3
  164. How to develop an application which plays existing MP3 Web radio streams frm internet
  165. javax.microedition.amms.control.camera - cannot find symbol
  166. analyze video frames and capture at the same time
  167. Save an Image
  168. How to fit an image centrally on device screens of different sizes
  169. N97 and video.snapshot.encodings
  170. How to display menu screen with the help of canvas class
  171. Camera problem
  172. Draw Text on Canvas at angle 90
  173. How we can call another module from main class
  174. Unable to set volume using VideoControl
  175. Generating a Sound
  176. Letter "i" has a dot under it - J2ME Polish
  177. Custom font applications ?
  178. ScalableGraphics and screen orientation clipping
  179. [Moved] Recording in WAV
  180. fit on screen on E series
  181. recording in WAV
  182. image in canvas
  183. customItem
  184. regarding image capture in 6303
  185. regarding invalid app in nokia 6303clasic
  186. traversing images in canvas(urgent)
  187. Timer Class
  188. Can I create an application to auto press key button by J2ME
  189. Sounds on the Same Thread
  190. urgently
  191. Audio not playing in Device
  192. Scrollable Screen
  193. names for softkey 1 and 2
  194. DOM org.w3c.dom.Document not supported
  195. Execption while trying to play amr audio
  196. video recording time limit
  197. 5800 front camera problem after 40.0.005 update
  198. media exception
  199. setting memorysize in video capturing.
  200. downloading video from server.
  201. [moved] Nokia 3110c MMAPI record in WAV
  202. image capturing
  203. M3G file modification....
  204. command for setting memory and checking it
  205. How to implement a internet radio client
  206. java.io.IOException: Root is not accessible
  207. How to encrypt and decrypt 3gp file
  208. Larger audio not playing from J2ME application
  209. record save and retrieve
  210. Clipping
  211. fullscreen at landscale orientation
  212. playing sound in j2me
  213. Video on S40 5th edition Lite (and S40 5th edition FP1 Lite)
  214. Freezing Streams on a N95.
  215. introducing delay
  216. How to turn off the sound camera in Java ME?
  217. does  Nokia will support JSR239 ?
  218. Animating svg image without SVGAnimator
  219. Is it possible to get the thumbnail from a video clip ?
  220. Does any body know how to decode the MPEG4( or H264) streaming from IP camera?
  221. Mask a portion of an image on pointerPressed
  222. Vibrate on 3720c
  223. Problem with playing mp3 files
  224. Sound latency
  225. The dialer display
  226. Change the Color of Screen
  227. Random Clipping
  228. help with adding sound to application
  229. Storing the drawing region
  230. Nokia 6212 snapshot
  231. Changes Issue in Code
  232. [moved] voice comparison in j2me
  233. graphics in midlet
  234. play many audio sound one after another
  236. help me with this error
  237. avax.microedition.media.MediaException: Failed to get Camera Snapshot data size
  238. How to make J2ME Application UI attractive??
  239. Scrolling shooter
  240. Help Me Please
  241. Error!!Sum Help
  242. Playing audio file from resource....
  243. MMAPI + RTSP media controlling functionalities
  244. Autofocus
  245. capturing radio in nokia 2700c
  246. j2me polish integration
  247. RecordControl, endless confirmations
  248. J2ME Scaling big JPEG files on S60 5th ed and CS001269
  249. Fullscreen mode
  250. Error preverifying class com.nokia.mid.sound.Sound$1