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  1. Do anyone noe whether that there is j2me application which can use to perform geo-tag
  2. Text update causing screen fliker
  3. How do I find the camera's supported resolutions?
  4. Snapshot and S60 3.2 capture image problem
  5. do anyone have some j2me code to geotag, i wanna test it in N95
  6. Use Image as a selection
  7. Please help me with interface
  8. M3G vs OpenGL ES
  9. Nokia 6212, I just need an explication about camera.
  10. s40 Midi Support
  11. S40 recording security issue
  12. JPEG datastream contains no image - 6212
  13. jsr226 SVG animation problem
  14. How to get file MP3 from URL with PORT
  15. get Frame from video
  16. Error "Not supported locator" while playing rtsp stream
  17. how to add an animation on a map
  18. Which phone enable FlashControl ?
  19. disabling the camera sound
  20. How to increase buffer size of recorded audio?
  21. Accessing Canvas Class from Subclass
  22. Text to speech (J2ME)
  23. Voice recognisation
  24. play wav file in j2me
  25. How to kill a sprite?
  26. 2 questions about the camera
  27. Video file
  28. How to buffer a downloaded MP3 file from streaming server
  29. LWUIT Api in JavaME Application
  30. MP4 Video Capture Frame Size
  31. Selecting Output Device for Audio Playback
  32. How to draw a audio waveform
  33. Problem with PlaySound in JavaMe
  34. Can Shoutcast and Ice Cast make a RTSP streaming ?
  35. playin media files on j2me application
  36. Image Could not be displayed in the Mobile
  37. Nokia S40 Edition Soundboard application
  38. getSnapShot blank image
  39. creating a slideshow with downloaded images
  40. J2ME Touch Button
  41. cant get correct image on 6710 using j2me
  42. Record Audio and send to server?
  43. How to record and play audio in mp3 format?
  44. can't show VideoControl on E52
  45. Unable to Display Images in Mobile - Memory Problem
  46. Speech Recognization in Java ME
  47. How to download multiple images from a website
  48. How to add tabs in J2me polish?
  49. [moved] Using front n rear camera simaltaneously
  50. capture://image on S40: How force size?
  51. set pitch
  52. From Canvas to PNG
  53. App freezes when downloading photos
  54. sending captured image from j2me app to PC
  55. Video (progressive streaming and from file) on Nokia 7230
  56. Video Rendering
  57. Suggestions for GUI of a multiledia messaging application in J2ME
  58. LWUIT ComboBox
  59. embedding youtube video
  60. Create a playlist using javax.microedition.media.Player
  61. lwuit and %th edition device
  62. Illigal State Exception whiile Capturing image
  63. Specific frequency sound
  64. how to turn on keypad tone through program
  65. Bufferize audio player
  66. Video Playing,Pausing
  67. boosting audio
  68. javax.microedition.media.MediaException
  69. Playing Youtube videos in Java Apps
  70. Does multiple players work for 60 and 40 ? (2 wavs + 1 midi at the same time)
  71. How to list onboard camera?
  72. j2me audio streaming in audio call
  73. create image failure
  74. Error playing sound (wav).
  75. how to play two or more audio files in J2me
  76. sample code to browse photo's and select file name
  77. How to create image using Canvas without using imageitem and graphics.drawimage?
  78. How to render local language in canvas ?
  79. Help me in developing media playe
  81. image capture on s40 nokia 6212
  82. JSmartcam + Nokia 6300 capture://video problem
  83. how to streaming audio when recording
  84. Can we use svg for custom font?
  85. J2me Gradient colors
  86. Building Rich UI in J2ME
  88. Incomplete images using getSnapshot(..) on S60
  89. Audio Streaming in j2me
  90. J2ME rtsp streaming in s40
  91. j2me image flipping
  92. j2me image processing
  93. Problems with loading part of JPEG files from webcam
  94. Mobile camera
  95. How to pause video on Menu click?
  96. Image display in j2me
  97. Cannot Play Larger Videos using HTTP
  98. stutter when looping a WAV file
  99. about jsr 234
  100. How to flash the backlight in a M3G app?
  101. problem with saving resized image
  102. convert string into image
  103. javax.microedition.media.Player play 3gp no sound in N97
  104. Which phones can use the camera?
  105. java.lang.OutOfMemoryError
  106. capture audio
  107. List of lwuit...?
  108. J2me Image Rotation
  109. Image (icon) Menu
  110. Creating a javax.microedition.lcdui.Image Image on a J2Se environment
  111. j2me transparent image drawing problem
  112. Displaying large images S40 J2ME
  113. svg utf-8 Problem
  114. how to check phone silent in j2me
  115. Mobile Web Browser User Interface
  116. N97 and capturing pic error
  117. does N97 support capturing pic by using jsr-234
  118. Question about gui midlet
  119. j2me connection to servlet
  120. JSR 239
  121. video streaming
  122. file stream releasing after audio capturing
  123. Problem playing tones after playing a sound file
  124. Rate Control is not working
  125. Playing mp3 files on memory card using Player class in MMAPI
  126. J2ME: Play videos
  127. Image Capturing with Flash Light
  128. Current screen orientation
  129. Playing multiple sounds at the same time (MMAPI)
  130. How can i draw an ota image in j2me?
  131. Required Application for Nokia 6700 automatic camera shot every 6 hrs
  132. Workaround snapshot - viewfinder bug on s60 3.2 j2me camera
  133. Video capture: can't display the video across full width on Nokia 5130, 2700
  134. OutOfMemorException when playing 800KB file
  135. How to invoke real player from my midlet to play a file?
  136. Zooming images in j2me
  137. Nokia X2-00 - JSR234 : It's a joke ??
  138. How to play media file in System media player in j2me????
  139. mascotcapsule 3D API support
  140. Problem in Voice Recording & photo Capture Midlets for Nokia 6330
  141. Which devices support M3G1.1?
  142. Is it possible to change the pitch of a wave file (or a recorded voice)
  143. Audio streaming application
  144. j2me and SVG
  145. Prolonged waiting for a video >3MB to play in S60 5th edition phones
  146. How can i edit image in j2me midlet
  147. Null image Problem
  148. super-impose one image to another image in j2me
  149. [moved] how can we do super impose two images in j2me....
  150. open media player and play songs
  151. how to capture image through camera in mobile and save.
  152. problem with playing sound
  153. recorder
  154. taking snapshot using front side camera
  155. Nokia E72 MMAPI player plays video without audio
  156. setMediaTime() Exception
  157. Changing resolution of snapshot taken
  158. change svg text element
  159. Using platformRequest() to stream from rstp server
  160. video recording on nokia device
  161. Video on S40 6th Edition Lite phones
  162. Play file
  163. Terrible performance of the J2ME sound subsystem
  164. video recording problem in N70
  165. Play music
  166. Getting a snapshot few times per second
  167. Simple http download and progressive download
  168. fillRect() is not supporting
  169. problem with LWUIT
  170. How to change the size of the video obtained
  171. MMAPI help
  172. simultaneous video recording and audio playing
  173. Drawing SVG image on a transparent mutable Image
  174. playing mp3 file using j2me?
  175. rtsp live streaming on NOKIA
  176. capturing an image through j2me
  177. Issues with Mp3 progressive_download Playing on S40 V3FP5 with Nokia X3-02
  178. Play Video in Emulator
  179. Lack of Phone Memory due to massive .wav sound files
  180. problem with LWUIT localization
  181. LWUIT Tabbed-pane problem
  182. cell tower based phones
  183. Radio streaming
  184. To retrieve album cover of the mp3 file in j2me
  185. j2me musci plyaer
  186. JSR-226 Custom fonts not working
  187. Png problems with 5800
  188. Videoplayer data processing
  189. text to speech
  190. display problem
  191. Issue Camera with width screen size bigger than height screen size
  192. video chat over network
  193. How to access the front camera using certain APIs
  194. How to access the front camera using certain APIs
  195. Loading Audio files into S60 5the dition Emulator
  196. 6303 classic mp4 playback
  197. switch-off camera after the snapshot to save battery
  198. record voice and send to the server in real time
  199. 5 questions about multimedia application development?
  200. Capture Black and White Image
  201. X3-02 device error - weird issue
  202. Orientation after taking picture on N8
  203. Canvas auto added controls
  204. S40 6th edition (7230, X2-00): play video file from stream doesn't work
  205. Generate TIFF images
  206. nokia 5800 sound problem
  207. How to truncate mp3 file
  208. BlueCove stack shutdown completed problem
  209. Taking pictures with a resolution different from that stated in the application -7230
  210. Player object hangs before realize()
  211. S60 V3 SVG
  212. Prefetch Error : -5
  213. How to use Nokia Default camera?
  214. CustomItem
  215. Out of memory error?
  216. Displaying a logo before start of application
  217. Zoom in and Zoom out
  218. [Help] J2ME BlueTooth A2DP/HSP Connection Problem
  219. Play MP3 not playing fully
  220. Null image created by application
  221. audio player not working in handset
  222. Capture Image without sound
  223. Generate tones manually
  224. Midlet Servlet Communication.. uploading multimedia data
  225. How to reset a SVGPath ?
  226. Accessing microphone from signed midlet
  227. how to invoke camera for a mobile appli .. plz help me
  229. Play flv file in j2me
  230. Disabling AGC on the microphone recording
  231. how to save mutable image
  232. Problem in playing video from memorycard
  233. Application access permission
  234. How to play amr file in j2me?
  235. Save Image on local drive
  236. Extending J2ME GUI
  237. Is it possible to use a SVGPath in an animation?
  238. Can't display SVG images
  239. Camera and device orientation
  240. createImage problem in J2ME
  241. Help in outputing Image to phone..
  242. java lang SecurityException Error-Permission denied for my J2ME application-Please he
  243. MP3 player
  244. Save Drawn Image in PNG or JPG format
  245. nokia e52 midlet icon specification
  246. Nokia s6700 Camera problem
  247. issue with END OF MEDIA
  248. [split]Re: Canvas
  249. Bluetooth Java under Windows...
  250. How to make a SVG image for Scalable 2D Vector Graphics API?