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  1. How to make a SVG image for Scalable 2D Vector Graphics API?
  2. MediaException Error when Playing mp3 files
  3. Audio not playing in Nokia C5
  4. RecordControl record.commit() NATIVE_ERROR: -2003
  5. List all the images in the memory
  6. camera getSnapshot not behaveing as planned
  7. N8 and JSR 234 Advanced Multimedia Supplements 1.1
  8. Poor resolution of Camera capture using J2ME
  10. Does J2ME/MIDP handle BiDi & character joining when displaying Arabic(etc) Unicode?
  11. set image or text into main screen
  12. Audio Player in J2ME
  13. Problem with Left key of mobile
  14. using the handsfree
  15. Audio streaming from a link
  16. how to play a sound
  17. C3-00 JSR234
  18. Nokia 2600 classic problem
  19. download amms api
  20. [moved] mobile java screen rotation
  21. RTP for Transferring data
  22. Taking Picture With an MMAPI from Phone Camera in J2me
  23. How can read content a Canvas
  24. How to store/compress image data so that I can access small bits at a time?
  25. Camera visibility and Resolution issue
  26. j2me application
  27. nokia 7230-Video streaming problem
  28. How to make KD Player as default music player on s40?
  29. [moved] create a color picking toolbar
  30. Paint Application and ftp
  31. Nokia C5(the lastest firmware) camera issue
  32. Problem to play Video in LWUIT
  33. How to create scrollbar in Canvas
  34. how to create waveform display from audio file
  35. how to display list from other class in j2me?
  36. Get device camera resolutions
  37. Walkie-Talkie
  38. java.lang.RuntimeException : command failed with Symbian error code : -10509.
  39. Make camera fullscreen
  40. Access camera flash and autofocus
  41. APIBridge and Camera resolution
  42. heeeeeeeelp
  43. How to display Image in netbeans using Lwuit?
  44. For help
  45. Camera view rotated 90 Degrees on C7
  46. 3D Graphics library
  47. Nokia C5-00 can't capture photos
  48. how to encode the capturing signal from audio recoding in j2me
  49. Framebuffer access
  50. Help with Silence Detector
  51. RecordControl returns null while trying to record Video
  52. How to draw formula (math + chemistry), using canvas in javaME
  53. Why getting only a part of a taken snapshot???
  54. MAR convert to iPhone readable Format
  55. Unable to record voice in N70
  56. get frame from recorded video and convert it to an image using j2me
  57. move image without draw
  58. Play large media files
  59. Can't catch the "End_Of_Media" state when player is over
  60. Question : Set ringtone setings via J2ME app
  61. TextEditor on GameCanvas
  62. Fullscreen/landscape video on S40 devices
  63. jsmartcam error
  64. j2me: play video on mobile
  65. Stop and Replay audio
  66. Locator not supported: capture://video
  67. convert text to speech in mp3 file
  68. Rotating MMAPI camera view Nokia C7
  69. Can not get CameraControl on X3-00 device?
  70. Fit large image to mobile screen using j2me
  71. what is wrong with following code snippet???
  72. I would turn off the sound when I make a ( videoControl.getSnapshot (null); )
  73. j2me video : how to diplay in full screen
  74. play sound on voice call
  75. Certification Error with j2me application in Nokia N95 and Nokia N96
  76. enable the auto focus
  77. turn the shutter sound off when taking a photo !!
  78. Recording Problem Nokia X201
  79. JSR 234: Not able to set autofocus
  80. mobile map
  81. Draw/write on canvas
  82. upload image from camera cause OutOfMemoryException on S40 device
  83. problems in resuming player when stoped in playing mp3
  84. problem in voice while recording video in J2ME
  85. Using Gesture API
  86. Delay using pointer events in Canvas
  87. Play Mp4 in j2me
  88. how to createEffectModule ?
  89. Problems in player when incoming call
  90. How to use image as button in Touch Nokia Mobile?
  91. which file should i import to get base64 encoder
  92. How to use SWT for J2ME Application Development in Netbean?
  93. problem in displaying image in j2me..please do look into my code once..............
  94. problem in getting image from local resources..
  95. How to set the texture coordinates when floats are not allowed in M3G?
  96. How to use duplicate() to optimize in M3G?
  97. j2me photo album application
  98. Play more sound at the same time in J2ME
  99. Change color of an image
  100. MMS using JAva
  101. how to mask polygon?
  102. Question about Stream Player
  103. CameraControl & VideoControl
  104. Nokia 2600 classic - voice record API Support
  105. Scan Barcode & Take valuw
  106. Videocamera in J2ME Polish
  107. MMAPI ->Video rotates 90' counter clockwise before capturing image on c5-03 and C6-00
  108. How to Capture Images continuously and faster
  109. Full Duplex in J2me
  110. How to sort the vertices in real time for a MorphingMesh?
  111. Is it possible to change the positions in a MorphingMesh?
  112. Getting Error in Playing Mp3 File
  113. [j2me] Creating and playing audio files from bytearrays
  114. Access camera with MMAPI on s60v5
  115. Image capture on some Nokia phones
  116. [Moved] Mutimedia toolbar problem whicle using MMAPI on series 60, j2me
  117. compilation problem in example midlet from Java ME 3.0
  118. j2me midi and ott playback
  119. Is it possible to make a fast M3G animation with spotlights?
  120. S40 6th Edition FP1, C3-01 FlashControl problem
  121. how to draw several shape (circle, line, rec, etc.) with more control?
  122. javax.microedition.media.MediaException: Invalid locator
  123. nokia 5230 and graphics midlet screen problem
  124. Mobile Game Lags after few seconds
  125. Edit in JavaME EXIF information of JPEG???
  126. Cannot resize camera view in some device
  127. sound doesn't appear in s40 emulator
  128. Video streaming from J2ME to PC
  129. image creation fails
  130. How to spin an object with both x and z-rotation in M3G?
  131. How to draw large image in canvas and move upon key event
  132. How to get the current position from a M3G animation?
  133. Play Sound Effect while background sound playing problem
  134. Moving image from top to bottom
  135. How to Create background Image of form and A textField on it
  136. TextBox or TextField on ImageItem
  137. Drawing Rect on Image
  138. BackGroung Image of List in J2me
  139. How to load Map using j2me support phone?
  140. rtsp: problems with live streaming - Java
  141. Player Pooling Problem
  142. Problems with wireless network when play live streaming : RTSP
  143. Can i use code to convert the video live streaming ?
  144. Problem playing .amr, .wav files in an alarm app on Nokia S40 device
  145. help me:working with polish project
  146. Mobile Video Editor in J2ME for S60 v3 (E72)
  147. J2ME Audio Player from FILE CONNECTION
  148. [ASK] how to save image file
  149. mp3 and midi simultaneously
  150. Problem with canvas and Image Create, j2me
  151. Things I miss in new Media Player and prefer old Music Player instead.
  153. Recorder Midlet not working for Nokia E75
  154. Could I create a Video Player to play rtmp link streaming on S40 ?
  155. SVG - Unable to specify a unicode font
  156. LWUIT Calnder customization
  157. Assembling a picture from several blocks
  158. Photo gallery
  159. Image size in Camera midlet
  160. Resize image
  161. How to save captured image in gallery folder
  162. How can I open front camera in s40 device?
  163. can we get Album Art in j2me ?
  164. saving a SVG image in j2me
  165. AAC Audio Streaming OutOfMemoryError
  166. How to make the loudest sound?
  167. Mp3 Streaming Using Player Switching
  168. Support for Progressive Downloading in Nokia Asha Handsets
  169. Fullscreen proeview of camera image with CideoControl
  170. [Help] Line thickness in GameCanvas
  171. Full Duplex on Series 40 phones with Nokia VoIP client
  172. Shoutcasting Internet Radio Streaming and playing Mp3 Files in J2me Midlet(Java):
  173. Streaming youtube videos on j2me MIDlet(java)
  174. how can I get thumbnail of image
  175. Can we Stream you tube videos (Mp4) on Nokia Symbian Belle SDK v 1.0 J2me(java)
  176. java.io.IOException: Too many file handles open while reading images from gallery
  177. Live video streaming using J2ME
  178. UI for showing video
  179. Issues capturing audio on Nokia Asha 311 (Developer Platform 2.0)
  180. Camera Code issues in c5 062 version
  181. Locator not supported exception in video streaming application
  182. M3G SkinnedMeshes with ragdoll physics
  183. accessing camera viewfinder buffer in S40
  184. How to scale an image in M3G?
  185. video streaming using rtsp tunneled throung http
  186. problem in file enumeration
  187. tabmenu with images
  188. No voice on Nokia308
  189. Orientation is not happening on nokia 311
  190. Can Play audio file from SDCard in emulator but not in Handphone
  191. How to control audio out on E71 java
  192. Add header to splitted video in j2me
  193. Trying to play audio on Nokia C3, results in : Failed to fetch media data.
  194. Can't play audio files on a nokia 6131.
  195. QR10/ Radio off when camera on
  196. playerUpdate not called for SnapshotControl events
  197. S40 Java , find out ring volume and / or ring profile
  198. Finding memories solutions for playing audio online
  199. 3gp
  200. please help me buid a s40 java Live TV App by parsing contents from xml.aspx file
  201. How to combine PNG images together in a row
  202. detect sound profile for nokia phones
  203. Display image cutting from ends, in some devices
  204. Nokia Asha wont play RTSP links with :554
  205. Asha platform 1.0 : JAVA ME Getsnapshot Failed to check user permission
  206. Audio: How's the XMF / mXMF format doing these days?
  207. Limitations of Image Scaler API?
  208. How to play music in "background"
  209. Problem with LWUIT and Capturing image specified resolution on s40
  210. playing 3gp video on Asha devices.
  211. Interface PlayerListener in j2me
  212. Moving image over image or change image after 1 sec time period
  213. Asha 311 issue with Graphics.copyArea?
  214. RAJPEG technology for S40/Asha
  215. Loss of fraction on Graphics.drawImage()
  216. Playing big audio file
  217. Recording Audio file and saving it to file system
  218. Audio streaming on Asha devices
  219. 3DMobile image loading give IOexception
  220. Volume not obeying device profile
  221. Video looping flickering issue on Asha SW platform
  222. External volume keys
  223. How to send image from Servlet to Midlet application?
  224. App crashes after 2 videos
  225. recordcontrol.setStream(output) throws NullPointerException
  226. JSR-234 API
  227. pitch control not working?
  228. Nokia Asha 305 Sound problem