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  1. Playing the SMS alert tone
  2. How to transfer a file using Ad Hoc Network in Nokia N95 8Gb
  3. grid in MIDlet
  4. MIDlet Signing
  5. How to disable the screen Allow Access Network
  6. DatagramConnection
  7. inputstream of socketconnection blocks till read is done????
  8. InputStream issues
  9. Hello friends , Installation of JavaME application stored in SIM memory
  10. Signing issues
  11. Verisign certificate on S40 P5
  12. getFieldWithFocus()
  13. call stop
  14. Java ME DPWS
  15. SecureConnection on Nokia 6030?
  16. Problem with Nokia6300/2.0 (05.*) version with WAP APN.
  17. there is any mobile configuration to run selevlet program from midlet that send sms
  18. LOGIN: user and password to PHP form
  19. Bluetooth Help
  20. J2me Polish- Http networking+ RMS storage Problem in N95
  21. help with bluetooth
  22. Kxml & Nokia SDK 6131
  23. Binary SMS starting java apps
  24. Cannot read from socket on N70
  25. Get server cookie. NOT in Header!
  26. Problems with Receiving Data over bluetooth
  27. Automatically setting application access permission
  28. problem in sending vcf file
  29. N70, N73, jsr82 bug
  30. problem in Recod Store[Urgent]
  31. How to eliminate auto launch permission
  32. Signing MIDlet
  33. Text Field Focus Problem with J2me(j2me Polish)
  34. How to make a call from j2me app by dialling *873<number>
  35. WAP push
  36. POST in servlets
  37. Receiving File via bluetooth
  38. Max number of bytes ?!!
  39. JSR179 and signing
  40. Connection Http by bluetooth
  41. Help
  42. Install Client Certificate on mobile phone
  43. HTTPS and Apache tomcat
  44. Problem in PIM
  45. Push Registry Midlet Not Invoke Automaticaly
  46. How to access Nokia Mobile's Virtual Folder using JSR-82
  47. Can a midlet install a root certificate on a mobile?
  48. Problem with connecion in S60 3rd Edition FP2
  49. Instaling of the signed midlet failes under S60 3rd fp2
  50. Removing prompt in Bluetooth Application
  51. 6120C Network Connections
  52. Client-Server Application through OBEX
  53. how to send a http request
  54. MEKeyTool (Mobile Equipment Key Tool)
  55. send text by bluetooth
  56. access network through,the response data is mess
  57. Please Help: Problem with OTA binary SMS
  58. bluetooth newbie question
  59. New to - Help needed
  60. Sending a POST message to PHP - HTTP/1.0 works, but HTTP/1.1 doesn't?
  61. Unable to install .jar file on N72 mobile
  62. Parsing n XML file
  63. How to sending Email
  64. Permissons restored after MIDlet update
  65. Midlet permissions after signing application
  66. GIAC exception!!
  67. fileconnection api read_write access
  68. "Allow application to send request" ? Yes or no.
  69. no sound at 3gp video playback with mmapi
  70. Image uploading via multipart form
  71. how to configure http proxy for Java applications on Nokia 6300
  72. Feedback when installing Midp 2.0 application
  73. Finding the device model using bluetooth
  74. Send SMS to Certin Port...?
  75. How to access mobile inbox messages
  76. how to convert inbox to a txt?
  77. Problem in multithreading while trying to connect server using SOCKET(J2ME Apps)
  78. Telnet "Interrupt Process" (IP) signal &Telnet "Synch" ?
  79. how much time does it take to sign a midlet?
  80. operator signed j2me / set permissions
  81. Socket Re-connecting
  82. Default Access Point
  83. !! How to remove Allow application ..... camera,video player...?
  84. Unable to install j2me apps in my Nokia N95 8GB (North America)
  85. Untrusted Midlets in S40
  86. SIP question
  87. Simple Socket Programms
  88. how to write in mobile inbox
  89. S40_5th_Edition_SDK SMS Query
  90. Http POST Nokia 6233
  91. empty post data from Nokia 6300
  92. MIDlet signing
  93. send sms thru a midlet
  94. Question : Server (VC++ Widcomm SDK) --> Client (J2ME JSR82 API)
  95. Send a JAVA app via MMS
  96. strange problem with http get
  97. reset or close a bluetooth connection
  98. DatagramConnection
  99. Doubt regarding file connection
  100. Is posible connect to a mobile from a PC Server, using GPRS, UPD or HTTP Push?
  102. Any success for Self-signed Midlet?
  103. Internet Access / Signing Question
  104. Socket connection issue in Nokia 6110 - "symbianos error = -33"
  105. Symbian OS error -4 at HTTP Post
  106. Any way to force immediate sending (and receiving) without delay and chunking
  107. Can i send an sms to a phone from a server?
  108. SocketConnection blocked after a long call.
  109. Push Registry
  110. Sending SMS from my mobile to a PC
  111. How to Open device browser from J2ME
  112. E65 midlet network connection permissions
  113. Threads & bluetooth
  114. how can I open a data call?
  115. Get Call-id
  116. Transfering image from mobile to pc - connector problem
  117. port read sms from inbox???
  118. Send PDU SMS to my S60 emulator
  119. Symbian timeout?
  120. bluetooth question
  121. DAEMON Threads in J2ME
  122. HTTP post to a PHP script
  123. developing a client for cellphone
  124. Lost mobile Tracking system
  125. Help, please
  126. Netbenas + jsr 82 on mac
  127. SMSListening problem on Nokia 6210c
  128. AutoStart and Network Access Permission.
  129. Implementing p2p technology with j2me
  130. Localization of resource (img) in j2me polish
  131. WiFi managing with J2ME
  132. pc + j2me
  133. PushRegistry and manual start
  134. ip address and access points of a GPRS activated mobile
  135. sending sms throgh a gsm phone connected to a pc thru usb
  136. RTP in J2ME
  137. RTP in j2me??
  138. Is there any way to find application launched by user or push registry.
  139. Suggestion required regarding generation of Public-Private Key with SATSA
  140. j2me Jad Attributes Security
  141. Packet Data connection Problems
  142. Unable to delete the application once launched by PushRegistry
  143. Java App Midlet certification
  144. MIDlet dies after calling HTTPSConnection.getSecurityInfo()
  145. Java App Midlet certification (new thread)
  146. Add image in contact
  147. Initiate Phone Call
  148. Send jar file via bluetooth
  149. Problem with -- PrivateKey privateKey = keyFactory.generatePrivate(privateKeySpec);
  150. HTTPConnection problem and securityException
  151. problem with invalid port format
  152. Bluetooth Printing with J2ME CDC Personal Basis Profile
  153. If socket and HTTP connection in single midlet..??
  154. j2me Midlet Verification/Validation Problem
  155. open file from inbox
  156. nokia 6600 bluetooth problem
  157. java.io.IOException: Out of response entries in 6300
  158. Encryption for j2me midlet application
  159. bluetooth problem with nokia 6600
  160. trusted midlet and HTTPS on series40
  161. Internet connection just aint disconnecting...
  162. midlet signing for 3rd edition
  163. (Help) Can not find service from server ...
  164. HttpConnection.getResponseCode() return -1
  165. MIDP2 VeriSign certificate
  166. TCP/IP Socket support For S60 3RD EDITION SDK Feature PACK 1
  167. Calling a web serivce in J2ME
  168. Unable to play RTP Payload(Actual Voice Data coming from remote client) in WAV format
  169. Sms sending problem-samsung
  170. Location API
  171. receivs text file from pc to mobile
  172. Problem in getting Address from address book
  173. PushRegistry on series 60
  174. CSeq is not 1 initially
  175. Problem with Content sent by Bluetooth
  176. Bluetooth applications not working in real time
  177. Network connectivity
  178. Server has sent an untrusted certificate continu anyway?
  179. obex question
  180. nokia 6120 classic MIDP Internet Connection problem..
  181. UnsupportedEncodingException
  182. j2me .jad download over HTTPS
  183. How Can I import tomcat public key into S60 3rd Edition Emulator
  184. Permissions in a midlet
  185. aventa jsr implementation
  186. how to send email from J2me device
  187. Latest JAR not being downloaded to phone
  188. N78 communication error
  189. ATR command with ISO14443Connection
  190. forex trade help
  191. How can I send SMS from PC to mobile phone
  192. Nokia 6500c not writing output stream to servlet
  193. A simple email sender !
  194. Sensor application blocks service search!
  195. malformed header exception
  196. Pushing Alarm
  198. need Help for MMS gateway!
  199. forex trade application
  200. Certificate Issue - Certificate not on phone or SIM
  201. acceptAndOpen() not work with OpenClient() Widcomm SDK, need help!
  202. Base64 encoding gives error in emulator
  203. XML-RPC encoding problem
  204. send sms meg from pc to mobile
  205. How to avoid potential deadlock and perform in different thread.
  206. SipConnectionNotifier mode not suppoted
  207. PushRegistry - how widely implemented
  208. How to send SMS and make Bluetooth connection without permission from user?
  209. Automatic Bluetooth Connectivity
  210. CommConnection
  211. How to add an "untrusted" certificate to Nokia E50?
  212. Bluetooth getServiceURL
  213. Reusing HttpConnection in J2ME multiple times
  214. J2ME Wirless supported networks
  215. Nokia 6275i and HttpConnection
  216. How can I send a tSMS with UCS-2 encoding??
  217. push registry on nokia s60
  218. SIP invite method any idea?
  219. G729, G723 encode, decode
  220. Bluetooth: Keep Connection Alive
  221. ringtone location
  222. APN selection--warm up old discussion
  223. Blackberry Icon display Problem
  224. Unable to install jar over http
  225. Sending SMS from one Mobile phone to another
  226. j2me jad file Name in order to download
  227. [Moved] Connection problem for Nokia N72 in j2me
  228. Nokia 6680 Input Stream problems
  229. Security & Signing issues with new nokia models?
  230. send image and text through Http Connection
  231. Socket connection problem with signed app
  232. SMS Push on MIDP 1
  233. pc send statment to mobile
  234. Cannot find where the issue is, Bluetooth service discovery
  235. tools for debugging signed jar problems?(problem with verisign bought certificate)
  236. problem using rtsp streaming.
  237. Networking problem in N72
  238. Bluetooth: Getting "jes-...-...@..." messages
  239. N81: Http Version
  240. How to close GPRS connection
  241. steady socket connection vs. regular web service requests
  242. Installation jad and jar not using OTA
  243. FTP in J2ME
  244. [Moved] Thawte CA Certificate not working for Nokia 6233
  245. xml reading/writing
  246. Midlet emulating Cell Broadcast
  247. help
  248. Problem on httpconnection with GPS
  249. [Moved} internet access on S40 phones
  250. Using webservice made in .NET and C#