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  1. N78 set phone visibility to "Hidden" with LIAC
  4. Certificate
  5. Guranteed message sending
  6. 2 clients sharing 1 server thread??
  7. l2cap server connection problem in Nokia 6600
  8. TCP sever and client code??
  9. second time connection problem
  10. confirmation of received SMS
  11. Can i access the MMS saved catalog by jsr75?
  12. rfcomm connection
  13. HTTP Session Handling on Nokia S40
  14. Sending AT Commands
  15. MIDP 2.0 Web Service Access on Series 40 3rd Edition FP2 on NOKIA 3110 classic
  16. AID
  17. Getting datagram source IP address in J2ME
  18. networking, should be performed in a different thread than the
  19. BT SSP connection to microcontroller trough serial protocol (RS232)
  20. Web services and byte[]
  21. Help to optimize connection to gps BT code
  22. WMA issues in nokia 6085
  23. Java bluetooth multiple connection
  24. sending SMS from Computer to Mobile Phones
  25. Please help me, Bluetooth Connection on Nokia not working
  26. Remove Warning in FileBrowser
  27. insert image into textfield - midp
  28. Nokia prompt for Bluetooth Connection
  29. HttpConnection in J2ME + S60
  30. How can I send SMS??
  31. Bluetooth & Hyperterminal
  32. [ASK] FTP Client with FileConnection
  33. read and write to a connection
  34. webservices and traffic count
  35. sms application
  36. plz som help in my jar file
  37. how can i run a live video
  38. [moved] Connection problem from E51 mobile to WI-FI device.
  39. HTTP Problem on series 40
  40. help! Develop the wap browser app base on j2me!
  41. Location API - permissions
  42. HTTS problem when connect to network from midlet
  43. Difficulty to use Infrared
  44. Reading SMS from the application that is installed in the mobile phone.
  45. Support for Certificate Authority Root Certificates with key size 4096bits
  46. Auto-Start with Network Access
  47. Read pim data, and write to the file
  48. IM chat client testing with phones
  49. Can 2 or more thread read from the same HttpConnection
  50. sms sending problem on N73 and N95
  51. Voice encryption
  52. avoiding signing, having multiple files into one file (private file system)
  53. What is the S60 default phone number?
  54. Send Multiple SMS
  55. how to read SMS from inbox of mobile phone in J2ME?
  56. reading SMS sent by the SMS gateway by specific application in mobile phone
  57. Problems with SMS sending and receiving on J2ME S60 devices
  58. Wifi messages
  59. nokia E60 socket connection stuck with DNS lookup
  60. Http head size
  61. [moved] A question about Midlet Certification, needing helps.
  62. Reading phone contacts in J2ME
  63. how receive sms , java, smslib v2.1.2
  64. Confirmation while sending the SMS from mobile phone....
  65. how can i send the data through bluetooth in 5310
  66. opening a second HttpConnection on a Nokia S40 series
  67. GSM modem connection problem
  68. Size of the memory in Nokia 5310
  69. problem with httpconnection
  70. Using conection network without in the solicitation to user
  71. How to verify a certificate?
  72. sending SMS problem
  73. Binary SMS ???
  74. delivery report
  75. under skype app
  76. ConnectionNotFoundException
  77. Selection popup to select accesspoint
  78. Midlet Permissions
  79. how to run browser
  80. why cant we send the data again to the server once the DataOutputStream is flush ed
  81. Unsigned Midlets can create a phone bill >200€ but can not access mem card...
  82. Reading SMS in a specific Port (Running from background)
  83. get the local IP address from mobile
  84. Bluetooth Server Client on same phone
  85. can I play a message tone when receiving SMS by specific application?
  86. Midlet displaying on the Foreground
  87. How application can connect to Wap as browser
  88. SecurityInfo.getServerCertificate()
  89. midlet connection in nokia 5320 and below
  90. Midlet parse WML like browser
  91. Properly signed midlet (with real cert), but still lots of confirmation popups
  92. problem sending GPS coordinates from nokia 6110 ..help
  93. Example Nokia whiteboard not working
  94. Bluetooth connections
  95. can we get Cell Tower ID in J2ME?
  96. J2ME SMS simple questions
  97. Using RFCOMM - help!
  98. Bluetooth Obex service discovery problem
  99. Certificates
  100. Which permission should I include form MMAPI?
  101. Prevent WAP 1.1 WTLS?
  102. Acessing mobile phone Inbox using J2me Midlet
  103. [moved] HTTP connection problem with N95
  104. [Moved] Error in HTTP operation with airtel nop (india)
  105. Hiding 3G icon
  106. problem of httpconnection
  107. Push registry alarm notification.
  108. Terrible Bandwidth
  109. cert/keystore porting
  110. MIDlet.checkPermission() doesn't work?
  111. Email APIs
  112. Access Phone's inbuilt applications Using J2ME api
  113. T9 from mobile to computer!?
  114. 3G / GPRS icon on Canvas
  115. Bluetooth connection in seris 40 devices
  116. [moved] Http Connection Not Working in 6630 and 6070 sereis
  117. Bluetooth multiple connection
  118. Is there a limit to number of running threads?
  119. MIDlet jar signed certificate
  120. Unable to verify supplier
  121. how to configure the PC such that it can run as a bluetooth server
  122. Parsing xml data from the server using kxml2 in J2ME
  123. HttpConnection without asking for access point
  124. readFully() diff from S40 to S60?
  125. Help needed in developing IM on XMPP
  126. Need Help on LoginScreen and Remote Database.
  127. Unrecognize response
  128. Nokia 6300 http connection issue
  129. HELP: service message problem
  130. Help regarding encrption/decription on mobile SMS
  131. 7 bits encoding problem
  132. Need help to connect to web server on Nokia 6630!!!
  133. unable connect to server
  134. Bluetooth server "serial event" is not been called
  135. Transferring Data Via Bluetooth
  136. ServerSocketConnection
  137. Remote keypad in Series 40
  138. Missing Verisign ca on the N6131 Root Certification List
  139. Socket problem
  140. N95 problem - '?' removed from url when HTTP Connection opened
  141. Access denied when I try to access a jar file
  142. j2me and vpn
  143. 6131 Applets wont connect to the web
  144. [Moved] getting error Can't initialize bluetooth
  145. DataInputStream.available() for stream connection
  146. Router connections
  147. Building Offline Map Application in Mobile phones
  148. Can I do call encryption using J2ME
  149. data transfer using data call (no internet)
  150. Bluetooth andPush registry
  151. how to check whether GPRS connection is working
  152. Why buffer the POST data on 6500? And response Out Of Memory Message!
  153. Keep a connection alive using MIDP 2.0
  154. Tower ID detection
  155. JSR-75 Performance
  156. Without the support of proxy
  157. Infrared problems (nokia e51)
  158. Problem with searchServices !!!!
  159. Connetion without agent.startInquiry()
  160. public IP address of mobile
  161. Location Information using Bluetooth and GPS Bluetooth
  162. Long time bugg
  163. Can make httpconnection when we use Airtel Live connection
  164. Gps problem with 3230
  165. confirmation problem
  166. How to find the Jar installed channel?
  167. How to block call on E50
  168. GSM Location
  169. Failed to find my laptop bluetooth by my cellular
  170. SIP Testing
  171. on N95, Cell ID is null using System.getProperty("Cell-ID");
  172. IAP Info API equivalent on Series 40
  173. Bluetooth
  174. Getting around midlet signing for JSR-75.
  175. Call a web service that uses xs:any
  176. How to receive a SMS on port 0 using a MIDlet without letting the SMS go to
  177. How to read C.B.S Message
  178. Nokia Bluetooth problem
  179. Bluetooth discovery - Server side
  180. GPRS Question
  181. C.B.S ID of Airtel and other service provider.
  182. How to get data from third party site ?
  183. sms problem in java cdma mobile
  184. C.B.S on nokia 3230 and E50
  185. SocketConnection + Nokia 6131
  186. Networking with Nokia Serial Cable
  187. Strange Exception
  188. pushregistry for incoming OBEX with specific mime type
  189. Encryption in J2me and decryption in C# ??
  190. states in HttpConnection for S40 devices
  191. Leave the settings of push registery when we restart the phone
  192. Bluetooth activation on S60
  193. UUID and service name of bluetooth earphones
  194. Help with Gtalk
  195. how to send pdf file using MMSLibrary?
  196. silent communication between native S60 app and java midlet
  197. Client that reveices data asynchronously..
  198. How to handle UI, server connection and file handling in MIDP application for 6630?
  199. SocketConnection remains always blocked on read after sometime and never timesout.
  200. Http connection blocking..
  201. Query regarding SMS API
  202. how to set java for nokia 6600?
  203. signing midlet
  204. SMS on form submit
  205. j2me Code Signing-Verisign has unique ROOT Certificate?
  206. [B]connecting to a particular port of the mobile using usb cable to my PC.[/B]
  207. Getting the URI of the Mobile
  208. Regarding sending a picture sms
  209. Send MMS over GSM modem
  210. Send SMS withput user intervent
  211. userName & password in httpConnection
  212. Fetch Incoming SMS number
  213. Bluetooth client server programming using Java
  214. help signing sms program on E51
  215. Internet with 6288
  216. S40 5th Ed: Connection Problems
  217. OBEX Lib not compatible to every phone?
  218. Using Nokia Application and own written server?
  219. Priority for my own OBEX Push client?
  220. 6210 Navigator Certificate Error
  221. how to send OTA bookmark on Sony Ericsson
  222. A Question about Certificate?
  223. Sending message by corporating with Symbian app.
  224. How to get imei and cell id in nokia N95 8GB in j2me
  225. How to get imei and cell id in nokia S60 3rd edition phones in j2me
  226. Problem with HTTP communication on Nokia 6131
  227. WiFi signal strength
  228. How can I measure the data rate of my connection
  229. Incoming SMS Sender Name
  230. Multiple SMS being sent even for 80 bytes
  231. How to get signing certificate and install in nokia 6300 & S40 series devices?
  232. timed messages
  233. Making calls through j2me ?
  234. [Moved] Not Showing Access points options in E61i while creating a connection
  235. wifi p2p
  236. How to stop connection or interrupt Thread
  237. how to ask user for permission approval upfront? (signed midlet)
  238. How to test udp connection?
  239. How to install certificate on nokia 6300?
  240. Removal of all confirmation using certificate
  241. CBS Message Error?
  242. Sending image programmatically, fallback using default email client?
  243. SIP messaging to a real phone
  244. sending msg from nokia to sony erricson
  245. AES in s60 3rd Edition - j2me
  246. [ASK]Get mobile brand with bluetooth connection
  247. Send photo a PHP script
  248. Problem Resolved: Error in Bluetooth Services ...
  249. Accessing network without user intervention
  250. Problem in knowling the location through C.B.S