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  1. Nokia 6300 Midlet can't connect
  2. [moved] IO.Exception in getResponseCode on Nokia
  3. midlet Multiport support?
  4. file transfer from mobile to mobile
  5. sending msg prob
  6. Signing Midlet
  7. Starting midlet
  8. Received malformed request
  9. router mac address
  10. Detecting GPS in j2me?
  11. User Intervention with MIDP 2.0.1or 2.1
  12. Sending a image from midlet to a servlet. Help on recoding image.
  13. digest messege using md5 algrothim
  14. How to add root to Trusted Certificate List
  15. Midlet Signing Problem
  16. S40 HttpConnection hangs on getResponseCode
  17. How to send a Wap-Push Message
  18. unable to install
  19. multi sms
  20. Digest Messege class on cldc1.1 midp 2.0
  21. Nokia S60 accepts installation of signed MIDlet with modified JAD attribute
  22. Certificate issued by an unrecognized entity
  23. uploading image to the server
  24. push
  25. certificate error
  26. Midlet Transfer
  27. File management through OTA, Need your help !!!
  28. help me in cyrpt
  29. How to read Group Name from phonebook in j2me
  30. Yet another question about the "read user data" alert
  31. Is there a way to work with files in Emulator??
  32. acceptAndOpen not work
  33. [moved] Error in sending data from nokia emulator to servlet(server)
  34. J2ME IAP API
  35. signing prob
  36. Application terminates abruptly w/o error on every device of S60 3rd Edition FP-2
  37. [Moved] connecting to a Bluetooth printer
  38. application illegally modified
  39. File transfer from mobile to mobile Through VPN in GPRS
  40. Configure VPN
  41. midlet signed problem for nokia mobile phone
  42. file midlet not working on nokia 6300
  43. [ASK]Can't send large file (sony ericsson)
  45. Send SMS using WTK 2.5.2
  47. Unable to create MIDlet
  48. Trial Certificates for jar signing?
  49. which socket should i use for receiving packets
  50. How do enable TLS socket connections?
  51. How to send other than caller's voice to receiver ?
  52. SIP/JSR180: Registration fails due to sending/listening port mismatch at client
  53. Constant 'hearing' on a port for receiving SMS
  54. How to set classpath
  55. relationship between length and connection time
  56. How to choose an AP?
  58. MIDP support for FTP or p2p
  59. MIDlet and web browser interaction
  60. N95 vs N96, ¿differents?
  61. GET IP ADDRES---- HOW?
  62. [moved] Launching MIDlet issue
  63. GPRS IP
  64. Cannot find the class file for java.net.InetAddress
  65. Slow connection initiation
  66. SIP INVITE failed with N95
  67. E50 problem
  68. Simulation of SMS receiving/sending on S40 emulator
  69. Nokia 5000 problem
  70. Midlet class
  71. Receiving Messages
  72. Internet on phone using pc connection.
  73. Messages sent via WMA cannot be viewed
  74. E71 hacking issue
  75. problem in exporting contact to vcard having Photo
  76. GPRS
  77. "Read User Data" not allowed
  78. Creating UPD TCP Connection
  79. New to JavaME -> Symbian security warnings
  80. call in j2me by making contact list using RMS
  81. SIP/JSR180: Register Response lost as host throw ICMP message "Port Unreachable"
  82. No Internet-Connection with Emulator
  83. Dynamic BIndind
  84. How to send SMS to a particular port??
  85. How receive binary SMS on GSM modem using AT commands
  86. Socket test
  87. file trasnfer using socket
  88. how to launch native c++ app from j2me midlet?
  89. Bluetooth push registry clears on restart
  90. Autodial
  91. encrypting string, RSA using boucy
  92. Access to the SIM Card
  93. Get only the HTTP Header
  94. Encryption on images
  95. Network problem in Sony Ericsson W700
  96. certificate install issue
  97. IAP Api questions...
  98. appending problem on e50
  99. The good ol' 'Error in HTTP operation'
  100. post length
  101. Help with .png encryption
  102. httpconection problem
  103. Can't create file in FileConnection
  104. Midlet JAVA Security - Connecting to URL
  105. How to invoke midlets whenever mobile switched on?
  106. Bad gateway error
  107. Get Cell ID Nokia 2660
  108. Spoofing a class to override security checks
  109. Retry HTTP connection till success
  110. How to transmit audio with RFComm protocol in J2ME ?
  111. long delay in getResponseCode
  112. Multiple network connections
  113. Why Samsung SGH-E500 doesn't send "long" (> 160 chars) SMS?
  114. FileConnection - uninstalling application - data lost
  115. Nokia 6210 Navigator has no MIDP2 Thawte certificate installed
  116. [Moved] i need help .. pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase !!
  117. Encrypting data to store in record store
  118. Security/Privacity using JSR205
  119. Hidden Jar files
  120. Nokia JSR 172 implementation: (1)Missing end tag for Body or Envelope
  121. Bluetooth auto pin
  122. SIP Softphone programming
  123. Unable to send SMS on N95
  124. Invoke Web Services from MIDP
  125. Large data transfer
  126. IOException -5120 when calling a webservice - please help
  127. Wi-fi connection
  128. [Moved] To Bypass Security Warning or Pop up Messeges when we run an application
  129. IOException - SymbianOS error -4159
  130. which LBS class sholud i use?
  131. SMS Send which Text encoding
  132. Getting started - protected APIs, "developer mode"?
  133. DIstance between 2 bluetooth when they are conected
  134. Watch Delivery Reports folder for changes (Take action on delivery reportreception)
  135. Nokia 6131 NFC Crypto?
  136. Which technology is better: RMI, Servlet or SOAP
  137. [moved] MIDLet Signing and Certification
  138. Multiple Socket Connections
  139. Detecting whether bluetooth is ON or OFF?
  140. How To Test Push Registry On Emulator
  141. Insertion of contact in sim card
  142. Err -18, -4159, -5105, -5120
  143. Using SATSA API for adding contacts to the SIM card?
  144. Bluetooth text exchange problem
  145. information of application start
  146. Questions about bluetooth
  147. Online and Offline images in J2ME
  148. SMS Timeout
  149. S40 UI problem
  150. how to play sound with key press when calling from N95 in j2me?
  151. Nokia 3555 WAP Access Point Problem
  152. how can i get a develop sign on nokia phone 5300?
  153. How to access USSD services in j2me?
  154. SocketConnection with N78
  155. RealPlayer make a new connection
  156. InputStream.available() not implemented on Nokia
  157. develop secure applications
  158. Use the xhtml browser as a default browser for platform request
  159. Problem in Adding String array in Contact list
  160. Differenciate OTA and Wap Push
  161. How to connect with PC com port in MIDlet?
  162. How to access phones default text message editor?
  163. java security
  164. SPAM filtering of SMS messages
  165. platFormRequest
  166. multiple HttpConnections
  167. Nokia 6131 NFC P2P problem!
  168. MIDlet signing (Manufacturer or Operator certificates)
  169. Specifying port number while sending SMS?
  170. j2me Code Signing: Self Signed Certificate VS Unknown Certificate VS No Certificate?
  171. Is there a universal application ID for sending MMS in J2ME?
  172. Ticker Problem
  173. Does signing MIDlet removes SMS confirmation ?
  174. SIP response not detected by stack because of "Accept" header?
  175. iPhone Development
  176. Register Alaram not working on E50 and N96
  177. connection over GRPS
  178. Send data from J2ME to ASP.net + SQL Database
  179. SocketConnection reset - 2630 issues
  180. PushRegistry Platform dependencies
  181. Auhentification from 6131 with PC
  182. How to launch e-mail Composer Using J2ME
  183. RSA encryption
  184. Nokia E71 APN selection programatically
  185. rtsp streaming and midlet signing
  186. SSL session handling on mobile
  187. Additional confirmations for editing PIM data
  188. signing midlet - nokia 5220 XpressMusic
  189. Nokia 6085 midlet: invalid application
  190. Push SMS - Problem receiving multiple SMS
  191. Is it possible to send/receive encrypted messages using S60 SDK JAVA APIs?
  192. How to save config parameter???
  193. j2me on Windows Mobile, possible Threats based on ROOT Certificates.
  194. Replacing the default OBEX file transfer services
  195. Query in getting SSL session id in j2me
  196. Uploading file in j2me
  197. 6230i fw upgrade lost root certificates
  198. Assess Call log in j2me
  199. How to read SMS from inbox in j2me
  200. How to get sms sender's detail in j2me?
  201. calculating tower distance
  202. Socket connection
  203. problem with sending sound stream over UDP
  204. sms not send to phones
  205. NCF not running problem
  206. should i install the NCF 1.2 in the S60 5th environment?
  207. Socket Connection in S40 is slower that others ??
  208. Picture sms
  209. Database Access through a Midlet
  210. Couldn't retrieve coded ID
  211. Install signed j2me application on E71
  212. How to know data is coming from the server
  213. Concurent threads in S60 - issues
  214. problem with socket
  215. Service record / discovery - isn't UUID enough?
  216. How to handle the System Screens while making call
  217. nokia 6265i problems
  218. Unpredictable behavior of Wap Push
  219. Using Verisign Code_Signing in S60 (N78, N82, N60)
  220. Caliing web services from Midlet successfully on an actual phone
  221. connestion fail problem
  222. Encryption & Decryption Exception
  223. App sending SMS and waiting confirmation
  224. Jsr172+XmlDocument
  225. Capturing and sending image to server
  226. Unable to import Bluecove for J2SE
  227. javax.bluetooth.BluetoothConnectionException:SymbianOS error=-6004
  228. Access to HTTPS website with self-signed certificate?
  229. Third client can not connect to the server
  230. Need help: J2SE bluetooth program cannot detect phone
  231. Web Service return XML Document
  232. Picture sms
  233. [moved] S40 and Cell-ID: is it possible in J2ME?
  234. SMS sending, Nokia S40
  235. Error -6 in the request
  236. Live video stream http or rtsp?
  237. Connection dedicated error in SIP
  238. Network Access
  239. How to call a Web Service?
  240. Creating self Java certificate and sign midlet
  241. Accesspoint Not Changed in N96 and RTSP video link not gettin played
  242. Wifi ad hoc connection(socket connection problem)
  243. Multiple HTTP headers of the same type cannot be handled
  244. Web services problem
  245. http connection
  246. Read outgoing message format
  247. HTTP connection is not working on Nokia 3220
  248. what is maximum picture message size?
  249. OBEX File Transfer Profile - few questions
  250. Reactive presence authorization.