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  1. GPRS configuration format
  2. how to receive sms in PC using gsm modem
  3. Simulate SMS/MMS in S60 emulator
  4. how to receieve sms from SMS GateWay to J2me Application
  5. how to save message in mobile
  6. ServerSocketConnection: what's the address that others can connect?
  7. 2680 wbxml provisioning error
  8. Bluetooth friendly name
  9. Procedure for signing the midlet applications
  10. [ask] j2me connection
  11. Symbian V2 HTTP connection problem with WAP+Proxy
  12. How to send smsToMany???
  13. Removing security alerts!
  14. PTT using bluetooth, is it possible?
  15. Sending mail from j2me too googlemail.com
  16. Which bluetooth profile to use to exchange data ?
  17. Sending and Receiving SMS from PC
  18. Push Registry - Phone restart case
  19. Profile Access using Java API
  20. wml or xhtml mp for the wap site?
  21. Is SMS port for WMA only?
  22. Sending SMS from MIDlet causes error in sending normal sms's
  23. Bluetooth connectivity
  24. Send/Receive SMS using WMA & Push Registry
  25. SMS PushRegistry popup
  26. Sending picture sms from mobile
  27. Message from SMS gateway to j2me application
  28. One way communication
  29. handling a response with HTTP status code 100 (Continue)
  30. Http not throwing IOException when gprs/3G breaks
  31. Regarding sending picture sms from j2me application
  32. checking servlet availability
  33. XML Element tag name
  34. send sms more than 3 pages, got error "illegal argument exception : too big message"
  35. how to close the Bluetooth stack after sending the data
  36. File Upload in j2me
  37. Problem in sending message through CIMD2 protocol
  38. Calling a native c or c++ application from J2ME
  39. Is there a way to find all active J2ME applications ?
  40. Can I protect the memory used by J2ME
  41. Cryptograhy in j2me
  42. Nokia 7310 Supernova question
  43. [moved] Not getting response from webservices
  44. java.lang.SecurityException: Permission Denied -- btgoep
  45. JSR 272
  46. Security Api J2ME
  47. Listening to another port across mobile networks
  48. Nokia S 40 Phones Java Midlet HTTPS Proxy issue
  49. Making a lobby in J2ME
  50. Problems with JSR-180
  51. Sip client sends a lot of message
  52. JSR 180 (SIP) not supported on s60 5th edition !!!
  53. SIP/2.0 400 Bad Request - Request-URI Domain Not Valid
  54. java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Invalid protocol name
  55. J2ME connection issue!! Application hangs! Help needed!
  56. UDP Push Registry Problem
  57. J2ME 3G Network Problem
  58. Nokia 6120 classic can't send data throw socket on the fly
  59. Sending a file via bluetooth but without server/client MIDP
  60. https connection
  61. streaming
  62. ssl on an opened socket
  63. Screen size
  64. Verisign Certificate Issue
  65. Connecting server via bluetooth using known address and port
  66. Can a java app be activated via SMS
  67. https issues
  68. Bluetooth
  69. cant resolve the error SERVICE_SEARCH_DEVICE_NOT_REACHABLE
  70. How can I obtain the public IP address instead of a local address?
  71. Mailbox configuration / consultation
  72. Mutliple Bluetooth Connection
  73. Problem getting response from Servlet in Midlet
  74. j2me Unsigned Midlet can connect Https to 443
  75. Bluetooth connectivity using IVT Bluesoleil
  76. About Google Maps API
  77. jsr 06
  78. Connection Bluetooth problem with Nokia
  79. Unable to access internet from J2ME on N85, N86
  80. Intercepting incoming SMS
  81. Obtaining Cell ID in Nokia S60 3/E FP1
  82. Cell ID in S40/5ed
  83. Text Message Phone -> PC
  84. USSD messaging
  85. Cannot sign with a recently purchased certificate from VeriSign
  86. Internationalization
  87. Web service
  88. sim number
  89. BIG PROBLEM about openInputStream()
  90. how to depass the connection request ?
  91. GUI issues
  92. J2ME textFeild
  93. Device Specification
  94. How to avoid system messages?
  95. j2me end2end via Wap Gateway (Apn)?
  96. COM port access?
  97. J2ME canvas
  98. How to access notes stored in device?
  99. OAuth library
  100. Error on receiving an SMS
  101. Port number for getting CBM
  102. server an client at the same time?
  103. Nokia 79 + Security warning
  104. E32USER-CBase 21 when sending SMS
  105. "Forbidden" Response with HTTP Connection
  106. SincML
  107. Web service
  108. Certificates on T-Mobile branded Nokia mobiles
  109. How to prevent the asking "Receive Message from..." from my friend's phone?
  110. Send SMS by Bluetooth (Push Registry)
  111. Restrictions to access SIM ToolKit (S40)
  112. how to compile bluetooth example
  113. Basic J2ME
  114. Using web service return DataTable.
  115. networking illegal argument image from web service
  116. java.io.IOException: Notifier is closed
  117. unique ID
  118. Obex Bluetooth
  119. S40 Certificate Library Error for SecurityInfo from https://www.verisign.com
  120. extract GPS information
  121. Why do I get online certificate failure on my n95?
  122. How to access the mails from an gmail account
  123. Communicate with a localhost
  124. Socket Server Problem
  125. J2ME Streaming
  126. Bluetooth communication between emulated phone and real BT device
  127. Setting Access Point
  128. A Brief Introducing to Secure SMS Messaging in MIDP
  129. j2me and server connection
  130. avoiding the User PIN entry from OMA OTA settings push
  131. On some phones J2ME app always prompts to choose APN
  132. Full screen mode?
  133. java.lang.NullPointerException
  134. Nokia 6085 - Push Registry Issues
  135. To Receive MMS from MMSC via EAIF - Help
  136. [moved] how to call a web service from Http connection in j2me?
  137. [moved] http connection and web service
  138. How to sign with two certificates (Verisign and Thawte)?
  139. j2me web service
  140. Does 6210Navigator allow to set http header?
  141. Sending files to personal network
  142. S60 acting on alert on top of the locked screen
  144. New to j2me web service
  145. SipConnectionNotifier
  146. sending byte[] -> php ->mysql
  147. Install Sef Sign certificate on Nokia S60 3rd edition phone
  148. SMS
  149. Problem with Series 40
  150. HttpConnection problem when device switches between Edge, GPRS and 3G
  151. help regarding gprs connectivity
  152. help... Bluetooth Device Status Scanner
  153. push application by any sms
  154. SSL connection without server authentication
  155. Socket prograrm using one thread for write and other for read
  156. how i can use push registry to launch sms message automatically on nokia e66
  157. Japanese language support for N73
  158. access MMS from server
  159. [moved] Dial *121# From Nokia Hansets
  160. SIP Error sending a message
  161. How get my ip?
  162. Verisign and thawte certificate gone
  163. How to solve?
  164. Transferring Files through Bluetooth?
  165. Developer certificate for Nokia phones
  166. How to create a J2ME Server
  167. Certificate Exception
  168. [moved] 6131 Deployment
  169. GPS live tracking : need no user manipulation
  170. How can j2me access a web service
  171. transfer file too all other bluetooth
  172. Serial COM Connection via BT will not send
  173. Web Services in J2ME?
  174. Exception with 401 sip message
  175. Data not sent after flush()
  176. Security Alert shown for application registered with PushRegistry API
  177. OutOfMemoryError on Nokia 6210 Navigator when opening multiple connections
  178. Problem in creating the object of UUID
  179. When is the TCP stack going to be enterprise quality?
  180. SILC Client for J2ME?
  181. E63 SocketConnection ?
  182. SecurityException is used in wrong way in the FileConnection API
  183. problem with recieving data
  184. bluetooth problem
  185. Search SMS and do matching process
  186. Testing an aplication on a real device: certificate needed?
  187. SMS in text mode
  188. SymbianOS Error -5 when runing bluetooth app in S60 simulator
  189. the right steps for midlet signing
  190. HTTP 500 responce code
  191. Using GPRS in Mobile Device
  192. instanceof and getInstance function
  193. Can we access sms inbox in j2me
  194. How to improve the efficiency and veracity of Bluetooth devices discovering
  195. creating browser tyep application
  196. How to find wireless network
  197. problem downloading jar file using platform security
  198. at+cmgs command
  199. [moved] Nokia 3500 Blocks when No Signal
  200. Nokia 3500 Blocks when No Signal
  201. How to pass byte[] to server through Web Services?
  202. Problem register sip
  203. Problem on MMS PushRegistry
  204. J2ME log files
  205. PDU mode
  206. raw data from video
  207. Autostart message alarm
  208. Network Monitor
  209. Receving images from server
  210. Operators using wap proxies and content transcoding
  211. Mimimum amout in OBEX PUT operation?
  212. S40 devices do not handle HTTP HEAD response correctly
  213. sms push Issues in series 40 2nd edition phones.
  214. How to retrieve a byte[] from a server?
  215. Application not able to make Http connection after signing?
  216. input in other language and send it to sms
  217. Listener to Connection
  218. Java Mobile support RMI or RPC?
  219. sms in pdu mode
  220. How to access a specific method provided by a server?
  221. Static Google Map in J2me
  222. Invalid application after Sign in
  223. HttpConnection fails after rebooting phone
  224. how to access web service using j2me
  225. bluetooth application for mobiles and pc
  226. Midlet NSF example code not working on 6210
  227. How can a handheld device send AT commands to itself via bluetooth with j2me
  228. Not able to access contact of Nokia n96
  229. Symbian Signed and JavaME, any option?
  230. How to set the service center number of the phone(J2ME)?
  231. large webservice response gives EOFException
  232. Datagram's port changing even set it to static
  233. J2ME CELL Broadcast
  234. how to block port such as http
  235. Problem with getting NMEA string using Location API
  236. Sending and Reciving SMS
  237. Connector state
  238. failed to change the bluetooth discoverable mode in e61i
  239. failed to change the bluetooth discoverable mode in e61i
  240. Exception when contacting web service
  241. Annoying with connection alert
  242. Securely exchange keys or messages in peer to peer mobile networking (n810)
  243. Sending Image From Mobile to Server
  244. please help
  245. Nokia 6300 + MMS sending + WMA 2.0
  246. Bluetooth multiple clients, rfcomm or l2cap??
  247. J2ME WTK 2.2 Stub generator does not create methods with parameters
  248. bluetooth connection between mobile and pc
  249. To Find All images in mobile
  250. symbion error 18