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  1. how to minimize image uploading time?
  2. Send Data from Mobile Device to Database?
  3. Application access settings after upgrade
  4. Chat midlet Working fine on emulator.. doesn't work on real phones ??!!
  5. j2me application Link on Gallery Image Menu
  6. Nokia S40 APN selection
  7. Get user's email settings
  8. Using JSR172 and kSOAP for web service clients
  9. How to get the cell id using J2ME?
  10. secure certificate in a real device??
  11. how can I invoke a j2me application from sms
  12. ssl connection in Sony Ericsson.
  13. l2cap connection between PC and mobile phone
  14. Nokia 5000 - JSR 82 Support ?
  15. [moved] J2ME ON MOBILE
  16. n810
  17. Socket connection problem
  18. WAP Midlet Communication ?
  19. Web Services Axis JSR 172 - Empty response from server
  20. a new concept(j2me firewall)....all pros feel free to post
  21. how to send sms from j2ee app (tomcat server) to sun j2me simulator
  22. Emulator connectivity with host machine
  23. create alert/sound on Inbound connections
  24. Loading a image from a database
  25. in java applcation , how to know network apn setting in the s40 phone ?
  26. sms to a PC acting as a server
  27. Using SATSA with SAT or WIM as a Security Element (SE)
  28. Data caging: how does it prevent a native app in C++ access data written by a MIDlet?
  29. location api GPS
  30. Problems with reestablishing bluetooth connection
  31. receiving binary sms in java ME midlets.
  32. how to send image or ringtone via sms
  33. "Invalid File Type" error
  34. Connector.open blocks repainting thread
  35. make call from one device to another device
  36. provider of services GPS
  37. rtsp problem
  38. error in store blue pixel value to rms?
  39. What's wrong with the code for network request.
  40. working with Maps and GPS Location
  41. Bluetooth and/or internet problem
  42. bluetooth file attachment
  43. Allowance messages
  44. Bluetooth connection between phone and PC
  45. Bleutooth SPP-service channel number
  46. Http header problem
  47. HTTP is not making any connection after four attempts
  48. J2ME authentication
  49. Closing a HTTP Connection
  50. Sms .png -> in PHP
  51. Automate sms sending in j2me
  52. How i get cell id
  53. PIM on HTC Touch Diamond
  54. wanna append int on textbox
  55. need to access a clip form phone & memory card
  56. lets the application send Internet
  57. receiving SMS
  58. How to get LAC (Location area code) on nokia s60?
  59. how to connect a printer and a mobile device through bluetooth
  60. How to send an sms from server to user using JavaScript ?
  61. Sending Int Array
  62. RFComm timeout question
  63. J2me and Symbian OS
  64. sending audio data to webserver
  65. [moved] j2me application
  66. how to implement the sms to shortcode coding inside the canvas
  67. Restricting Anauthorized Access
  68. How to solve certification problem,when upload data from MIDlet to Server?
  69. Create an J2SE application to send/receive SMS
  70. strange behaviour in bluetooth service discovery
  71. How to get the vector from Webservice method using midlet stub?
  72. Does symbian detect IP directly or DNS name is required.
  73. How to configure DNS server IP in nokia mobile
  74. Send Message to Mobile Every 5 minutes
  75. HTTPConnection problems:
  76. what kind of technology mobile mail clients using
  77. How to save video file in mobile
  78. Did the opened port 25 on nokia mobiles
  79. How to find current Location using LBS library in java me?
  80. sms in j2me application
  81. SMS: Phone Number and USB communication
  82. 200+ GET Request
  83. Address each mobile phone being connected to an apache server
  84. how to access 2 of rms together in a midlet.
  85. Socket Connection on port 443
  86. Security Exception
  87. midlet security
  88. Unable to use Store concurrently in J2ME Apps
  89. How to set blue color into white?
  90. Accessing Messages in J2ME
  91. Push Registry Obex
  92. Sending SMS to multiple recipients.
  93. HTTP Connection behaviour when 3G connection is lost (or being lost)
  94. Sending file to serial com port using J2ME
  95. SymbianOS error = -36
  96. 6210 Navigator Http connection problem?
  97. Set-Cookie header not found
  98. Problems in Installing jar and jad file on to Nokia 6300
  99. Trusted MIDlet Installation failed on N95 8G
  100. is it different conf in sony and blackberry
  101. nokia 6131 nfc sdk - internet problem
  102. Move message from phone memory to memory card
  103. J2ME compliant web service that handles file transfer
  104. problem with ftp connection
  105. Multiple service records on remote BT server
  106. Developing PICONET (Bluetooth). How should it distinguish devices?
  107. how to get location of Base Transceiver Station (BTS) using cell id
  108. j2me application for automatic opening the sms
  109. Webservice client for uploadin/Downloading files to Server
  110. About Secure Element
  111. WAP Push
  112. Send Sip Msg to a Mobile Phone
  113. help... how to send email with SMTP
  114. StreamConnection terminate notifier
  115. videostreaming from j2me to java
  116. Problem Discovering bluetooth devices
  117. Permission setting in installation time
  118. OMA Email Notification WAP Push troubleā€¦
  119. How can we Receive SMS silently on mobiles through J2ME.
  120. subject alternative name did not match site name Https
  121. HttpConnection
  122. attaching message text to e-mail invoked by platformRequest()
  123. Streaming more than 1 object?
  124. Loading applets into the secure element.
  125. Setting "RequestProperties" with StreamConnection
  126. A streaming media question
  127. USE of JSR 229
  128. USE of JSR-229
  129. N95-1 T-Mobile NL signed MIDlet support?
  130. can not open a socket on 6500 slide
  131. J2me Tcp client Dataoutputsteams problems
  132. wtk s network monitor for chinese
  134. Reading Message from a floder
  135. Sending Message to multiple recipients with no alerts.
  136. Sending txt file from mobile to computer
  137. How add a Program to Startup in S40
  138. Problem running NetworkDemo in Java ME SDK 3.0
  139. How set permission of JAR app
  140. problem while running http sampel in sun wtk
  141. Add javascripct code to Midlet?
  142. Series 40 code signing issues with push registry
  143. nokia 3500 classic Java ME
  144. Best way to Choose certtificate?
  145. Connection Failed
  146. ServiceSearch-algorithm acts differently(S40/S60)
  147. udp connection on mobile
  148. irda listener
  149. support for continuing downloading in background in j2me
  150. Trusted MIDlet Installation failed with Nokia Installer
  151. problem with E71: cann't connect to server
  152. No bytestream detected after client reconnect
  153. java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: No line matching interface Clip supporting format
  154. SMS delivery notice
  155. Difference b/w WAP and Internet Access Point
  156. How to obfuscate text strings of src Code?
  157. Accessing a MIDlet from outside a MIDlet
  158. Sign a message on 6212
  159. j2ME and IRDA port
  160. NOKIA 5320 ERROR 5120
  161. Application authentication failure on 3610 fold & 6500 classic
  162. Problem with httpConnection
  163. SMS message to many address
  164. DRM protection in OVI
  165. Connecting J2ME and PHP ?
  166. Socket connection
  167. Image Verification in Midlet
  168. Consume a webservice with KSOAP.
  169. Java Bluetooth Data transfer problems
  170. alert box with two buttons saying YES...NO??????
  171. HTTP Post Req on thread
  172. Gmail - J2ME - S60 3rd/5th edition
  173. Sending Data from MIDlet to Servlet
  174. Nokia E71 connector.open(url) throws IllegalArgumentException
  175. Failed to use LOCATION API
  176. Vector map provider or resources for developer?
  177. j2me polish doesnt work with satsa-crypto.jar, previrification failes with progurad
  178. The operacion Failed
  179. Problem with Thawtes certificate nokia 6212 nfc
  180. thread problem
  181. How to Convert audio files to bytearray
  182. Import Ksoap??
  183. can i install ROOT Certificate on my device?
  184. Problem with Thawtes certificate nokia 6212 nfc
  185. flush() on HTTP-POST seems to be a bad idea
  186. Signing does not eliminate all prompts
  187. Contact List access produces three(!) prompts about reading and writing user data
  188. error 227 during TCP write
  189. Signed application shows prompt if I delete and when I add tel to a contact
  190. J2ME JNI & JDBC
  191. JSR82 Bluetooth spp service advertise
  192. image become rush
  193. problem with midlet signed
  194. could we read and write in rms altogether?
  195. Socket Not Working in Nokia 6600
  196. Chunked post optimalization
  197. AT+CMGW is giving error for Nokia 5320 xm
  198. Bluetooth Server Closing Problem
  199. Receiving an audio file in an MMS
  200. on uninstallling j2me app,removing associated file & folders
  201. Is there RTP API in j2me ?
  202. how to encrypt the data that has to be stored on RMS ??
  203. text message sent
  204. Sending files over bluetooth sms
  205. Issue in receiving picture sms in Nokia N series and E Series
  206. How to write sms scheduler in j2me
  207. How to write sms scheduler in j2me
  208. How to protect Java MIDlet without DRM FL?
  209. Nokia Connectivity Framework issues
  210. OutOfMemory when sending file by POST
  211. Door access with NFC nokia 6131mobile phone
  212. J2ME bluetooth Connection
  213. server problem
  214. Certificate questions
  215. Threading problem or Bluetooth problem
  216. How can a bluetooth server tell a client is disconnected?
  217. Disable Authenticate Pin Code Bluetooth when two device connect
  218. making background transparent in j2me???
  219. Midlet to Midlet
  220. Thawte licenses - compatible mobiles
  221. updating app verison installed on phone ?
  222. Suppress SMS Sending Notification
  223. To encrypt the SMS body
  224. operator changes request?
  225. HTTP Post doesn't work on Nokia N73 but works in emulator.
  226. Bluetooth PushRegistry Problem
  227. automate camera application and mms with voice command
  228. 6131 never disconnect to internet
  229. S80. Problems with platforRequest("tel:")
  230. Launching application in Blackberry
  231. Wireless Toolkit + Proxomitron SSL Connection
  232. How to read SMS with Java
  233. MujMail
  234. HttpsConnection doesn't work with polish
  235. Emulator 6131 throwing java.lang.verifyError
  236. Selecting Internet Connection on a Signed MIDlet
  237. problem in post request
  238. pass space and enter in URL get request
  239. j2me SHA1 Fingerprint SSL Server Certificate
  240. impossible to install a Java verified midlet
  241. problem deleting record store
  242. Cell_info
  243. TLS for Raw TCP socket
  244. Installing self sign SSL certificate and create SSL communicaiton
  245. Maximum Limit on http connection
  246. S40 Midlet Signing
  247. Installing self sign SSL certificate and create SSL communicaiton
  248. Verisign, Thawte or JV?
  249. prompt for auto start signed midlet using push registry
  250. How to receive sms from a Web Server