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  1. jxta shell configuration for real mobile peers
  2. ECIES keystore
  3. 81-Error in HTTP operation
  4. Unsupported operation when using 'SessionNotifier' on a n95
  5. n95 RFComm problem
  6. j2me client for SOAP webservice with attachments
  7. Verisign Certificate on Nokia Devices?
  8. For which functionalities in a certification required from a source like Thawte ?
  9. Remove pop up confirmation with certificat ?
  10. Java security package
  11. Sending SMS using Bluetooth
  12. Is JXTA shell connection successful? How can i understand this?
  13. User certificate install on 2630
  14. Socket Connection(Need Urgent Help)
  15. MMS to email on 6210 Navigator problem
  16. Filesystem or RecordStore?
  17. How to read data from .txt file
  18. Urgent::ConnectionClosed Exception on outputStream.flush()
  19. MMS Attached Files
  20. Impossible for NETBEANS?
  21. MITR platform for java developers
  22. PingPong problem
  23. rtsp over btspp
  24. Problem with sending sms via bluetooth & RFCOMM
  25. Problem to install signed j2me app to S40. S60works fine
  26. HTTP Connection bug in S60?
  27. urgent help required to Develop Netork based appliation
  28. Https connection
  29. HttpConnection Issue In s40 Devices
  30. Http Version Mismatch on S60 Nokia 6630 and 6680 Handsets
  31. OMA alternative to configure a connection
  32. Bluetooth (btspp) Problem
  33. Retriving the networkID in J2ME
  34. How to send video clip from mobile to PC
  35. java.io.IOException: set option was failed
  36. threading problem in j2me
  37. threading problem in j2me (new)
  38. Question about "btsppEcho" example
  39. Midlet to Print using a thermal printer
  40. Adding contact name in SMS alert
  41. S40 Phones sending HTTP request twice
  42. disabling network access permissions prompt
  43. Web radio
  44. HTML - eSWT
  45. Retrieving Table Data as it is into MIDlet
  46. https and unsigned midlet
  47. http post+string data
  48. Install a signed MIDlet on E71
  49. posting data
  50. HTTP POST "Chunked" adds "Content-Length"?
  51. How to remove protected java application from Nokia 5800?
  52. How to test the connection between two devices
  53. [moved] My Midlet cannot connect to server in Nokia N63
  54. http:redirection from server
  55. dll access in j2me
  56. Not able to retrieve image while posting data on server
  57. [Need Help] How to Send Vector from Servlet to Midlet
  58. Allowing certain phone number to use push registry
  59. Efficient Outputstreaming
  60. BT problem with startInquiry() method.
  61. S40手机使用wbxml修改网络配置的问题
  62. Java ME Bluetooth data transmission
  63. How to browse web page through in J2ME
  64. application access set to not allowed
  65. URGENT J2ME Bluetooth Conection problem
  66. J2ME Problem
  67. HELP PLEASE! About AT commands...
  68. WMA Sending Text message, handling exception : expert query
  69. Strange behavior when receiving UDP on WLAN
  70. differant connection behaviors
  71. Sequrity Message
  72. Problem in installation jad on device
  73. Regarding Code Signing Process for JME Applications
  74. Problem with Nokia N97 and OBEX
  75. WML parsing
  76. File Transfer Over USB
  77. GPS connection problems
  78. WAP push message
  79. Multiple HTTP POSTs error
  80. Battery power status using JAVA
  81. MMS application using J2ME on Nokia Phone
  82. wma long text messages
  83. About Sip api
  84. many security warning
  85. How to save capture image into device memory.
  86. uploading image in midlet
  87. Receive byte from server
  88. How to display web contents in j2me app?
  89. Streaming video from mobile device to server
  90. Network access
  91. UDP connection port 53
  92. connection pc mobile bluecove
  93. How do make sure the connection is closed?
  94. There's no response from server using HttpConnection
  95. Error in Http operation for HEAD request (S40/6230i)
  96. get listening to an acces point
  97. Apn setting while creating http connection on N79
  98. About showing no to which message is sent
  99. Bluetooth API not listing paired devices in Java ME
  100. Cannot create Bluetooth Connection after Signing App
  101. bluetooth chat application problems..need help
  102. streaming video from phone
  103. Bluetooth Client - PushRegistry issue
  104. "no cipher suites in common" between J2ME client and J2SE server
  105. Sms shortcode 'simulator'
  106. ECC under bouncycastle
  107. Help with MIDlets - Client Server
  108. multiplatform encryption (symbian and windows)
  109. J2ME App Signing
  110. Creating Point-to-Multipoint connection using Bluetooth
  111. Nokia-5300 (T-Mobile) "Application access set to not allowed"
  112. can we send SMS using J2ME application ?????
  113. Background Service and Call In J2ME
  114. Alter routing table on S40 series mobile
  115. know the content and destination number SMS sent from STK/SIM/service menu
  116. Unable to send sms to some of the service providers
  117. Always Allowed not displayed
  118. [moved] I want to buy certificate JSR-75 for s40 devices
  119. I want to buy a certificate JSR-75 for my Nokia 3120 Classic s40 5th edidion
  120. client in j2me and server is j2se
  121. Operation failed through OTA on Nokia 3110c
  122. Remove Content-Length field in http get request
  123. Send a large file
  124. Strange SSL data stream problem
  125. N97 HttpConnection Timeout problem
  126. Invalid application email
  127. MMS Push Registry and Receive Problem
  128. Problem reconnecting with UDP
  129. More signing issues...
  130. Drive Encryption in j2me
  131. Web services parameters
  132. Strange exception that only occurs the first time i call a WS operation
  133. Trying to read a file into a byte array
  134. problem with sms
  135. Receive SMS / MMS
  136. [moved] Third party signature is required to signed the application
  137. Multiple SMS ports
  138. JAX_WS SOAP
  139. loader on gprs data
  140. Send and install midlet HTTP
  141. opprator name
  142. Sending Email from J2me(Required Help)
  143. (urgent) creating loader on gprs data
  144. Bluetooth Devices cached
  145. Access point Problem using Canvas loading bar while networking on s-60 device
  146. opening socket con on 6131 nfc
  147. jar and jad
  148. logging GPRS traffic
  149. SIM Security
  150. wap push clickatell problem
  151. MIDlet data security and file type after installation
  152. wrong and contradictory informations on API access rights
  153. accessing wsdl file
  154. voice call encryption
  155. [moved] permission for wite image data in file
  156. Receiving text messages in N75 and N82
  157. use message api with verisign certificate
  158. How to open web page in J2Me Midlet?
  159. send & receive pictue sms in Bytes
  160. Certificate error, when i install signed MIDP application on S60 3rd emulator
  161. Set Permission For Continous Access To File System on E72
  162. Series 40 5th and 6th edition Networking issue
  163. How to Access Webservic using j2me
  164. Get SSID from J2ME app
  165. help wih TCP server/client
  166. symbian HttpConnectionNative incompatible with microedition HttpsConnection
  167. [moved] How To Chekc GPRS
  168. Does Nokia 7210 support rtsp in j2me Midp environment
  169. MIDP 2.0 socket permission S60 2nd edition sdk
  170. Do i require GPRS enabled to get gps in j2me
  171. Select connection: Internet
  172. thawte problems sun 3.0 wtk
  173. How to access message files
  174. J2ME - Bluetooth connection on S40
  175. Flash Messages in java
  176. I want to load a complete web app on a j2me app
  177. [moved] regrding root certificates (6212 NFC)
  178. RMS - save and update
  179. [moved] Socket Connection (UDP)
  180. Problem:Bluetooth Socket between PC and Mobile
  181. free web-services
  182. How to get device IP for push
  183. load html page
  184. [moved] launch a MIDLET by using a Timer or Alarm
  185. Could not make multiple connection with bluetooth.
  186. How to use web service without URL of wsdl file
  187. j2me https connection ( midp2.0 ) , netbeans keystore import to emulator
  188. [moved] Avoiding the pop-up by using a certification
  189. how to reset GPRS connection?
  190. Retrieving an image from a web service ?
  191. J2ME Http Server
  192. Push Registry, Requirements & Devices
  193. J2ME Http Server by using ServerSocketConnection
  194. BufferedReader
  195. Bluetooth connection without permission
  196. Bluetooth connection
  197. Problem of Port number
  198. Problems send aplication java with obex bluecove
  199. Http Connection stream only sends 2048 bytes
  200. HttpConnection cuts Set-Cookie header on S60 3rd
  201. sending sms to application not the mobile inbox
  202. How to check NFC PushRegistry connection in 6212 SDK emulator
  203. How to implement Session Time out
  204. Protecting apps
  205. How to retrive location name form latitude and longitude?
  206. Signing a j2me application...
  207. file upload
  208. Wifi Conection to Download Apps automatically in J2ME
  209. System API
  210. DES encrypt/decrypt algorithm decrypting gibberish text
  211. JAX-RPC class availability for S40 5th and 6th Edition
  212. Java bluetooth pairing
  213. How to get current location details from lat and long?
  214. How to Connect to a Internal Adress
  215. [moved] for mobile apllication
  216. j2me App Searching for net connection
  217. receiving inbox messages...
  218. Help me to run CIMD Java example application
  219. Bluetooth host connection problems
  220. EOFException on 2630
  221. using Criteria class to avoid location costs
  222. regarding business card
  223. reading xml data through kxml api (urgent)
  224. How to Install Remote Jar File
  225. Sending data via serial cable 232
  226. event for key pressed for long time
  227. GPS coordinates retrieving is not working
  228. Http error
  229. Bluetooth Inquiry problem on N95
  230. Recieve SMS in port 5000
  231. java.io.IOException: connection already open
  232. Broadcasting
  233. System.getProperty("com.nokia.mid.lac")
  234. [moved] sending sms
  235. Regarding Certificate Error
  236. SMS filtering
  237. java.io.ExceptionIO: Is closed
  238. Retrieve XML from a WebService
  239. Bluetooth host down problem
  240. Help Please : Obfuscation failed with error code 1
  241. rtsp sign
  242. not getting current location using Addressinfo() method.
  243. atan2 function in j2me
  244. j2me permission
  245. Memory Out of bound exception
  246. Autostart Midlet
  247. Not able to recv msg in application inbox....
  248. GPRS on 3510i with T-Mobile
  249. how to embed the c++ code with java code
  250. two canvas on a single screen