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  1. j2me security model
  2. MIDlet signing problem with N73
  3. Operator Certificate/signing J2ME midlet
  4. J2ME Bluetooth Programming
  5. Password encryption
  6. java.io.IOException
  7. 3DES algorithm implementation on the nokia 5000
  8. dataconnection closes after 10 seconds
  9. regarding searching of an item from contact
  10. Disabled security check when reading/writing in local files
  11. Remove 3G icon when navigating ?
  12. Fatal: IO Error:SymbainOS error = -34 : General: System error
  13. SocketConnection inputstream available() returns 0 bytes in S40 5th edition emulator
  14. [ask] how to send audio from J2ME?
  15. destroyapp(true) and destroyapp(false)
  16. USSD ON Java MIDP2 s40
  17. Problem in sending data using vodafone and IDEA
  18. problem while sending data to server using vodafone and idea network!!!!
  19. How to send configuration data of mobile from opera mini browser
  20. How do I retrieve the any unique ID - number from Java ME.
  21. Block unwanted calls (7610 supernova)
  22. versign vs s40 5th
  23. Communications via GPRS only?
  24. How can I use RMI pacakges in J2ME?
  25. Auto messaging and receiving
  26. How can i Include data in public url?
  27. Failed register to a sip server
  28. Certificate error. Contact the application supplier
  29. getting mobile number
  30. Reliably retreiving jpg images over http on 6212 emulator
  31. SmS between emulator
  32. Connecting wtk sip proxy and SIP client Phone, Help Please Urgent
  33. How to remove security prompting msg??(A problem for Jave Verified R&D Sign)
  34. Setting MIDlet's Network Connectivity to "Always allowed"
  35. Bluetooth code not working on nokia
  36. How to get the IP ?
  37. ServerConnection java.lang.SecurityException
  38. block sender SMS
  39. out of Memory error
  40. sending msg to multiple numbers
  41. Send a query to a website and analyze the result
  42. Connecting and sending files to a computer
  43. Send the Serilized Object through http
  44. Get path to path marking on google map in J2ME
  45. JSR 177 SATSA-APDU not seem to work
  46. SIP Error 480 Temporarily Unavailable
  47. s40 3rd/5th edition - Verisign certificate problem
  48. Http message is ssent via emulator but not sent via actual nokia device
  49. need to listen to sms from particular mobile number
  50. JSR 172, web service sees @apos; for apostrophe
  51. cookies
  52. Can i add MIDlet Signing Attributes in Menifest file
  53. Read sms of native inbox in s40 5th ed
  54. Automatically set "Always allowed" by signed midlet
  55. How to read GSM network time in j2me
  56. jsessionid cookie missing in S40 3rd & 5th edition phones
  57. i can't play mp3 file from server
  58. Mobile Having windows O.S.
  59. Bluetooth headset and mobile phone handshake
  60. push registry-midlet does not start automatically
  61. Java to J2ME
  62. SMS Sending problem
  63. Bluetooth push registry issue on N79
  64. Java Verified issue
  65. New Verisign SSL Root Certificates
  66. Java2Me client working with dot net asmx service
  67. SMS receive problem
  68. Facebook API for JavaME Application
  69. Could not send big Data via OutputStreamWriter (HttpConnection)
  70. Connect Device NOKIA 6212 to PC by USB
  71. blue-tooth connection
  72. S40 Verisign certificate issue
  73. Regarding Bluetooth name
  74. photo upload using webservice
  75. location update
  76. Error in HTTP operation
  77. listening to Incoming call
  78. recaive mail
  79. Socket Timeout Exception when uploading content
  80. How to handle large data from Server in JavaME Application
  81. GPRS File transfer
  82. Bluetooth Connection between Laptop & Phone using Java
  83. how to send sms to mobile from pc using jsp
  84. opening webpage in device
  85. How to get an array or list from a servlet ?
  86. serial port profile problem of simulation
  87. A problem when running midlet on the device
  88. A problem when running midlet on the device
  89. How to download JSON ME Api "org.json.me.zip"
  90. java.lang.RuntimeException: Blocking call performed in the event thread
  91. Configuration-SMS permission of my midlet
  93. sms help
  94. Unable to send text SMS
  95. On Signing something strange hapens
  96. i want to build a java wap application for mobile device need help
  97. Getting Ivalid URL Parameter>
  98. Data access doesn't let me choose "every time"
  99. Device Identification via Bluetooth
  100. Error in Http Connection
  101. how to sign a midlet
  102. Can we send pdu sms in j2me? or the sms not go to receiver's inbox
  103. How to create own box sms in J2ME ?
  104. regarding receiving business card
  105. Audio streaming
  106. Checking network to change application and destroy MIDlet
  107. GPS in N97
  108. create file and write to it
  109. Unable to connect usb cable using massstorage for internet.
  110. What is This Error (error occurred whilst opening connection)
  111. E71 + Web Services (JSR 172)
  112. sending message from j2se socket to j2me socket
  113. WAP Access Point
  114. Unable to connect with SSL server with Signed Application
  115. SPP server on a E71 difficulties with setup
  116. CA for signed Midlet
  117. Voice Transmission
  118. How can we check active access point in J2me?
  119. Cannot send premium sms from java in India
  120. Bluetooth between 4 devices
  121. SMS send and Recieve
  122. Add new menu item to "New message" menu
  123. slow network download
  124. How to play sound tone when sms arrives
  125. Sending SMS in Dual Sim mobile
  126. Appending new line in txt file
  127. Accessing PDU headers with J2ME
  128. j2me certification (S60)
  129. Sending a Wav file in MMS
  130. HTTPS Error for unknow or self signed certifcate at server
  131. SIP dispatcher response Unsupported Media Type to Xlite
  132. Bluetooth service regestration 6120 & X6
  133. Reorder, resize menu when device is rotated
  134. Nokia SIP support
  135. How do Auto-trust the signed java in S40 platform
  136. [Moved] Need Help: connecting j2me xmpp client program with openfire server
  137. J2ME Messaging - Help Required please
  138. how to send xml data from j2me application to remote server
  139. UDP Datagram supported or not?
  140. Getting mobile no through app in Nokia 2690
  141. Application Start reason
  142. Can ServerSocketConnection enable wlan?
  143. Using comodo code signing certificate to sign a j2me app.
  144. Bluetooth Simulation
  145. Capturing data from music player
  146. Platform request on Windows Mobile device
  147. push registry doesn't start midlet?
  148. Retrieving cellular info programmatically in lowend phones
  149. how to send sms at specified time?
  150. Signing proplem
  151. Multiple HTTP headers of the same type cannot be handled
  152. Connection using USB cable
  153. Connection error occured while login in IM midlet client
  154. Please Help Me!
  155. Get gps coordinates
  156. Push registry Event
  157. Maintain separate inbox
  158. Initial Configuration
  159. Bluetooth connectivity not happening
  160. how to connect openfire using j2me xmpp cient
  161. Localhost Socket connection in Nokia device
  162. Application closed: !jes xxxxx
  163. Sending SMS in Dual Sim mobile
  164. PushRegistry Alarm
  165. Certificate error... again
  166. Forcing IAP selection prompts
  167. Is Verisign support Z555i?
  168. Please help to solve this problem
  169. Mobile device v/s Bluetooth Printer
  170. how can you detect a Wifi connection using j2me ?
  171. Message sending fail error
  172. Usage of JSR120
  173. Problem: illegal argument no ':' in url
  174. how to get Cell-ID S40 6th edition
  175. Sending files from a phone to a computer
  176. Problem Sending/Receiving SMS
  177. Authorize an application to manipulate files
  178. Class Cast error
  179. Read from a URL
  180. HttpConnection fails on x6
  181. Port J2ME to all S60 Editions
  182. "TextWand" - Text Messaging Client
  183. Sending n Receving using GPRS Modem
  184. Phone Number Retrieval
  185. use of numberOfSegments in MessageConnection
  186. SMS gateway configuration
  187. Timeout bluetooth connection
  188. SocketConnection read delayed...
  189. Ad Hoc Networking over WiFi
  190. "Allow this application to send sms"
  191. Networking....
  192. recieve sms
  193. Please help me and the Bluetooth chat
  194. Problems on sending data to Servlet
  195. HELP .... PLEASE
  196. Problem with bluetooth API
  197. Signed Midlet - Application Error Sign
  198. [ask] upload files from J2ME to PC server?
  199. Bluetooth emulator communication to actual device is possible ?
  200. how to send and recieve sms in emulators
  201. Symbian OS Error - sms Connector.open
  202. receive delivery report?
  203. Retrieve SIM contacts
  207. help in bluetooth application
  208. Midlet permissions
  209. Sending small video by MMS
  210. ConnectionURLs
  211. Bluetooth
  212. platformRequest with wifi?
  213. preview problem of high resolution image.
  214. running application in background - Series 60 mobiles
  215. Does it a good approach to save your password in Record Store
  216. closing the browser automatically
  217. S40 5th edition problem
  218. Catch outgoing sms on 6303
  219. Null Return Value - NOKIA 2690
  220. How to get a certificate
  221. E71 and UTI root certificate
  222. convert problem image to base 64
  223. How can I read or get a prived Key using midlet
  224. Using Obex
  225. Send image over Bluetooth - 2 Questions
  226. Getting APN IP address
  227. Error opening google maps url (static api)
  228. Out of Memory Error
  229. Application Access
  230. Application Access
  231. Enable Cards NFC SDK
  232. Post subject: RESTful web service client for JME on Nokia devices?
  233. How to send imei number via email through mobile...???
  234. How can i save a Object in RMS
  235. GPRS / GSM radio interface saturation
  236. Certificate Error
  237. Help: How to Put a User Certificate to Nokia 3120 Classic
  238. How I can receive SMS And MMS simultenously
  239. UUID of mobile and PC
  240. image upload
  241. Basic Authorization in S40 devices
  242. GPS and WLAN at the same time???
  243. Need to read IMEI codes from devices
  244. J2ME App keeps receiving the same SMS over and over
  245. Get notified on change of carrier
  246. java.io.IOException: Error in HTTP operation in S40 5th edition SDK
  247. Exception : Space character in URL
  248. What port on phones does accept SMS messages?
  249. How to send data from Midlet to Servlet?
  250. Connect to pc serial via bluetooth