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  1. pushing data to java me application from php server
  2. How to Launch Email using J2ME?
  3. Getting user agent string...
  4. Xmpp Listener
  5. Crypting with J2me, decryptinh with php...
  6. Conection not found exception
  7. save the content of the message of the inbox into a file
  8. [help]download pdf file
  9. Data sent through HttpConnection stays in memory (S60)
  10. bluetooth server client connection
  11. How to use yahoo web service api in our application
  12. Bluetooth Connection Problem with S60 5th
  13. exception in google map
  14. JSR-172 Use of j2me web services
  15. Can you give me a working example of Bluetooth J2ME serial connection to PC?
  16. Bluetooth CACHED devices do not appear
  17. Search for BTS
  18. How to change apn settings in j2me???
  19. Access webservice using Bluetooth
  20. Push Registry not working on N86 after rebooting the phone; works on N97 and Xprsmusc
  21. Connecting problem to server.
  22. J2ME JSR 75 security
  23. receive sms
  24. MIDlet signing by thawte certificate
  25. LocationListener Interface OR loop with Thread.sleep for updating device location?
  26. web service
  27. receive sms from mobile to pc
  28. Application stops, if HTTP Connection hangs up (even if in another thread)
  29. application close abnormally
  30. pc recive the msg after closing the MIDlet
  31. Null pointer Exception when i try to declare objects to close it at finally
  32. Send Arabic SMS from J2ME
  33. is it posible to remove the notification when sending sms
  34. How to obtain permission on a device to access resources like browser and phone book
  35. can we trace
  36. i want to send/receive data to/from server- POST or GET?
  37. Duplicate HttpConnection POST on Series 40
  38. Java HttpsConnection
  39. j2me app cannot install
  40. About : java.lang.error/Java.lang.SecurityException:Cannot use exit(), use midlet. ..
  41. regarding networking and web development
  42. connecting with db
  43. How to add a text box with Input mode set to Phone Number
  44. SMS Notification on Nokia 6230 s40 series
  45. problem in networking midlet (connection problems. check your internet/proxy settins)
  46. hide image
  47. Problem: posting URL from server.
  49. Bluetooth Communication in J2ME
  50. J2ME ,bluetooth and location based system
  51. need midlet example for nokia s40 (nokia 6233)
  52. app exits after sending sms with MessageConnection
  54. SocketConnection very slow
  55. send complete soap message to web service
  56. getResponse returns -1
  57. Can I enable bluetooth serial service by using J2ME API on Symbian ^3?
  58. bluetooth send file going where ?
  59. How to read inbox messages from j2se java application?
  60. Failed to resolve application name
  61. Send GPS coordinates to the website
  62. Live video broadcast on J2ME
  63. getting unusual prompt while installing midlet.
  64. Obtaining Cell IDs from different Towers and SIgna strength
  65. sms midlet with inbox & outbox (open source) example
  66. wml editors for j2me mobiles
  67. Location based services in Nokia series 60
  68. Encryption Methods?
  69. Gauge for uploading file by POST
  70. NOKIA 6120 Cetificate ERROR
  71. java mobile
  72. SMS through smsgateway to a particular port
  73. HTTPS Error "Wrong State: 5"
  74. Signing midlet with Thawte code signing certificate, S40, using Netbeans
  75. Email Native App Doubts
  76. Invoking Native Email App with Java
  77. send mail from j2me device
  78. send email through j2me
  79. ProgressBar on HTTP Request
  80. How to Implement HTTP1.1 in j2me?
  81. mail from j2me
  82. Send SMS from j2me
  83. incomming calls in j2me
  84. Email 500:Failure
  85. Network Availability Problem
  86. Anti theft mobile software???
  87. Query regarding JSR 120
  88. Get an indication while opening the Native Messaging app
  89. Obtaining permanent permission to read user contacts data
  90. unable to send MESSAGE request to sip server..
  91. web render for mobile web browser
  92. Push Registry on S60 simple question ...
  93. Bluetooth
  94. problem with getting speed by JSR 179
  95. http connection
  96. [moved] Bluetooth
  97. Not able to process binary message
  98. fileconnection
  99. SipConnectionNotifier + network address problem
  100. Output Stream Problem to Robot
  101. IOException: HTTP-Version mismatch
  102. connecting to gmail using j2me
  103. Bluetooth between Nokia phone server and computer client (Bluecove JRS82)
  104. Signing Midlet with trial verisign certificate
  105. check InputStream
  106. Check InputStream
  107. Http connection
  108. Please help me
  109. call platformRequest()
  110. Where is it stored?
  111. [Was] Re: After signing Midlet
  112. to detect a new sms in inbox
  113. VoIP call using Jsr 180
  114. error in GPRS
  115. Socket connection from a Symbian app to a windows server over usb
  116. Java ME copy protection
  117. Obex standard
  118. APDU Connection Exception (SATSA-APDU) JSR-177
  119. HttpConnection!!!
  120. Connexion Socket and Access point
  121. firmware versions and security prompts
  122. Delay to open a Connection
  123. [moved] My App freez whe using skipBytes or readBytes
  124. Network port issue
  125. Security on phones
  126. Help me J2ME MIDlet and servlet conexion in my Nokia E63
  127. How to use Self Signed Certificate in Mobile App?
  128. Question about session management using Java ME/S60
  129. gps co-ordinates location through j2me
  130. signing midlet
  131. Problem with SocketConnection: My server does not receive data
  132. After getting Signed Certificate
  133. Accessing USSD Menu
  134. adding library to Netbeans
  135. Simple XML parsing !?!?
  136. MIDlet apps can not connect to https site
  137. How to connect to internet over PC?
  138. Sending HTTP Post is done twice
  139. MIDP native services framework access point
  140. s40 and http pos
  141. Show the preferred access point name on Series 40 device
  142. send data from mobile to pc via gprs
  143. Socket Server Client Problem
  144. WAP Push from J2ME ( Not Working )
  145. Printing from j2me to Bluetooth Printer
  146. Nokia N8 and SSL problem
  147. Download problem on mobile
  148. How to make socket connection without timeout?
  149. Invalid Signature Error
  150. Push Registry doesn't support in E63
  151. to download mp3 file in mobile from a server
  152. HttpConnection in some cases works and another does not
  153. Can´t receive SMS messages whith a javame
  154. Problem in valling Web Service
  155. Nokia 5220 XpresMusic drops BT connection in app
  156. Https Security Question
  157. Java question about phonebook and MMS
  158. Nokia connection Framework probem installing on windows 7
  159. How to create own web browser in j2me for nokia
  160. giving application error after playing 2 levels
  161. Weird certificate problem on E75
  162. Java Library does not support for MMS application for sending audio and video file
  163. Reading on the web server and display html text on the mobile
  164. Open GPRS connection problem
  165. How to receive a SMS on port 0 using a MIDlet before letting the inbox
  166. HTTPS POST in J2ME
  167. telephone call with platform request()
  168. secret inbox
  169. kniext_newglobalref failed
  170. Bluetooth Questions.
  171. google api key
  172. Accessing inbox content programatically
  173. j2me http connection as if time out
  174. Find the port number received Sms
  175. BT with Nokia 5230
  176. socket image sender
  177. send mail from j2me application
  178. Nokia 6131 - sending data to webserver using php
  179. Datagram receive - SymbiamOS error 40
  180. MIDlet sign and confirmation dialogs
  181. Bluetooth printer and any bluetotth phone
  182. API Bridge Examples wanted
  183. Bluetooth connection problem
  184. JSR 272 for receiving DVB-H content
  185. jsr177 demo test error
  186. mobile web browser
  187. i need help in sending and receiving sms using s60 3rd edition platform..thanks
  188. Developing a non UI app in Symbian/QT
  189. Bluetooth SPP service server in J2ME
  190. HttpRequest problem in Nokia c3-00
  191. MailForME API
  192. Retrieving certificates and public key
  193. Localization problem Nokia c3-00
  194. Java + J2ME : BT Connection problem
  195. AES Encryption Decryption with Bouncy castel Example
  196. Cant connect to http server in Edge network - Nokia 2690
  197. Where are SMS stored?
  198. get bluetooth RSSI in nokia 5800
  199. Stub files using a WSDL file
  200. http connection
  201. Send a lot of data with httpconnection
  202. installation error:
  203. N8 internet radio?
  204. Global Sign certificate
  205. Message of connect to network, help please. :(
  206. Downloading mutiple files OTA
  207. APIBridge + SMS
  208. location api
  209. Problems signing a MIDlet
  210. how to send mail in j2me without using servlet or any mail api?
  211. what's wrong with my jad file
  212. How to use a certificate for application signing
  213. Nokia C3 (6th Edition series 40 ) Out of Memory Issue of Java Enterprise Application
  214. Image size problem (Nokia C3, 6th edition series 40)
  215. Nokia CA list
  216. Not Create Socket On nokia S40
  217. open sms from inbox on mobile web browser
  218. how to know the available ports in mobile
  219. S40 5th ed :: trouble sending local text file thru HTTPConnection
  220. How to send a file over the network
  221. How to display a Website in a MIDlet
  222. How use microlog to save the logging into a file?
  223. RSA encryption with jsr 177 and decryption on server
  224. Problem with the Nokia N8 Bluetooth connection String - Can anybody advise?
  225. To flush or not to flush?
  226. Bluetooth server error
  227. Installation API through code
  228. how to pass parameters into http post method?
  229. How to add Wait Screen when application is processing with server.
  230. sending message using j2me
  231. Bluetooth Interfacing of printer and Fingerprint module
  232. SocketConnection Problems - Packet data connection not available
  233. j2me mulitpart File Upload Fail...
  234. HTTPS Issue On S60
  235. j2me Upload problem in Sony Ericsson
  236. My first API Bridge applicaiton
  237. Sending imhanks,age to database
  238. Sending an image to database
  239. Connecting
  240. j2me application with 2D codes
  241. java.rmi.MarshalException:(1)Missing End tag for body or envelope
  242. SIP Client code error
  243. SIP Client Program
  244. How to get value from j2me Post Asp.net?
  245. Compare Sender Address to CONTACT LIST
  246. Reading Contacts from Mobile S60 Emulator
  247. What is Signing MIDlet?
  248. save sms to inbox
  249. Obtain a public key from an crt file.
  250. Bluetooth: Handling connections that go out of range