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  1. Save sms to my OWN CREATED INBOX (not the device's default inbox)
  2. How add Image during run time in j2me?
  3. Server certificate is not valid
  4. BLUETOOTH Protocol
  5. Trying to access page thru APN
  6. What is the best way to used as storage for mobile cook book recipe?
  7. Storing the received file through bluetooth
  9. j2me - Content-Disposition attachment; filename - how to get it?
  10. Web Service + GPRS Activation + 5130
  11. SMS file extension
  12. MESSAGE type
  13. How do i consume web service ?
  14. sip Client Ack sending Error
  15. How to Record Incoming Call on Nokia S60 Device
  16. how to cache the flash file
  17. sms unreadable
  18. controlling cell phone via bluetooth
  19. How can I sign my app ?
  20. http connection & File Connection where The problem?
  21. generate consecutive number
  22. Problem with FileConnection API. I need help.
  23. creating stub files using a wadl file in j2me
  24. Where the SMS port number set ???
  25. App Quits on HTTP Connection
  26. SMS Reply Port
  27. How to convert long integer from xml to date?
  28. Including jsr177.jar to application
  29. Http Request
  30. Sending messages from emulator to server
  31. How to get TCP Header attributs
  32. Manipulating SMS on S40 platform
  33. Problem with sending public key
  34. port access
  35. Packet Data Connection in Nokia 2630
  36. An application to send SMS on sim change?
  37. Tracking a mobile using another mobile phone
  38. Loading long Http-Pages
  39. Bluetooth SPP and Inputstream read(byte array[]) Exception on some Nokia phone
  40. Error displayed: The page is too large to send back
  41. Bouncy Castle , java.security ,java.math ->no obfuscating.
  42. Cannot download file on BlackBerry using http connection
  43. Bluetooth Chat Application
  44. bluetooth wiith obex, correct my code please
  45. List
  46. How to create an user-editable button using LWUIT?
  47. How to access finger print scanner?
  48. Confirmation Prompt
  49. Wifi tethering application for Nokia E71
  50. USB , serial comm , in linux device
  51. j2me
  52. Failed installation
  53. j2me client/server simple example for tcip connection in localhost
  54. Self signign jar
  55. detecting band
  56. Newbie question on S40 (Nokia X3-02)
  57. search phoneNumber in phoneBook
  58. message alert tone
  59. Error While Calling Connector.open(url) method
  60. Yet another question about J2ME signing on a N96.
  61. bluetooth walkie-talkie
  62. How to open browser using some access point?
  63. Textbox character count
  64. Bold font
  65. OpenGTS to receive data from a device
  66. Sending SMS to more than one recipient
  67. Working Principle of SMSPreview Program
  68. Help me to Synchronize database from rms to database server
  69. sockets with java and c++
  70. HTTPS Connection POST method on Nokia C3 does not throw Certificate Exception
  71. Getting SSID,signal strength of Wi-Fi using Java app
  72. Waiting and SMS Delivery Report in J2Me
  73. self signed midlet
  74. HTTP Property contains an unnaceptable character
  75. Avoid confirm message to connect at the network
  76. Load time for a webpage
  77. need help : How to get a List of all Access Points in J2me ?
  78. MIDLET to access to files, e.g. images
  79. Send Image from J2ME Mobile to ASP Server
  80. certificate error
  81. Downloading application and verifying app
  82. Error - Certificate not on phone or SIM
  83. How install "Thawte Code Signing CA - G2" on S40
  84. tcpip6_error_NoRoute -5105 IPv6: No route available
  85. Question about HTTPS
  86. Creating and using stub-class
  87. Message logging and MMS logging
  89. Location Information in Nokia mobiles without GPS facility
  90. recieving sms from a GSM mobile into a pc
  91. Using HTTP POST, if APN setting use proxy, I not get the response
  92. Versign certificate doesn't work on S40 devices
  93. Steganography In picture message
  94. X3-02 app blocking incoming SMS from specific number
  95. Space character in URL:
  96. get the device information programetically in j2me
  97. mobile buffer
  98. save vedio.
  99. Exception in com.intel.bluetooth.BluetoothStackToshiba.getLibraryVersion()I
  100. Http request problem!
  101. ServerSocketConnection in Symbian^3
  102. Socket communication problem.
  103. 3G Toggle in s40?
  104. Connector.open(url), IllegalArgumentException
  105. Question about JSP180 SIP protocol in S60.
  106. Conflicting application error
  108. Retrieveing midlet stored data from memory phone
  109. Converting an image into bytes and writing the bytes into a file in glassfish folders
  110. Sending string to server using GPRS connection and get the reply to phone
  111. SMS Send and receive
  112. Midlet crashes on N95 while connecting to an Https server
  113. Working Code: Capture Image via camera, send it to web server with HTTP post in Php
  114. Json.me got warnings in J2ME Project
  115. Problem in receiving data sent from Server
  116. Java SSL connection not working or giving "Certificate Exception:Untrusted server"
  117. Separates encryption and decryption only one This method
  118. server socket hangs while reading the data from mobile
  119. How to start with Socket Programming in j2me??
  120. Pitch changing in j2me
  121. com.ibm.oti.error.LinkageError
  122. Sending SMS to particular port
  123. images with java me
  124. Getting answer from Web Service
  125. how to install bouncycastle api in netbeans
  126. j2me application
  127. How to install protected java/security/ installation files?
  128. please help me (image upload problem in j2ME).....
  129. How to know the message(SMS) has arrived into the inbox in j2me????
  130. USB Communication between pc and mobile without using any tool
  131. problem in reading RFID card from nokia 6212 classic by using contactless api
  132. How can I communicate my mobile phone with a Microcontroller ?
  133. hello, I want to send an SMS to an SMS server but I do not know the number of SMS ser
  134. Need to display a Web Page in J2ME application
  135. [split] Bluetooth point-to-multipoint (was Re: Bluetooth Simulation)
  136. Problem with listen to port in HTC
  137. mobile application
  138. mobile application
  139. bluetooth scatternet, help me please
  140. How to Use Kxml in Mobile app?
  141. J2ME Web Service Client
  142. doubt reg http connection
  143. restarting a j2me app
  144. Com port connection via Bluetooth
  145. Problem with Httpconnection in s40
  146. Default Internet Access Point in E71
  147. How to set fixed font size for LIST elements independent of devices in J2ME
  148. http connection problem
  149. Midlet-Push registration for btspp on N8-00
  151. Problem in creating TCP socket
  152. Unable to set Messagging Permission Setting "Always Allowed" : For S60 3rd Ed FP 1
  153. How to uninstall the existing application instead of overwriting the app.
  154. how to check which httpconnection is available - gprs/edge/3g/wifi from midp
  155. Symbian^3 series don't allow signed application to open browser
  156. Is is possible to save text message in outbox of device while sending
  157. Nokia5230 to Pc connection Through Usb or Serial port
  158. how to change wiki code to 3DES or AES?
  159. S40 cell phone a problem on the network icon,
  160. Default folder to write a file in device memory in j2me
  161. Send & Receive Multiple SMS
  162. Listening to messages in C3
  163. Can not receive data over bluetooth
  164. java.io.IOException: Unknown error 10054 during socket::read
  165. Show message on home screen like when receiving a new message
  166. OTA checking version problem
  167. 关于java虚拟机lac取值咨询
  168. HttpConnection to a non standard port
  169. Is signing guarentees the permissions to read /write file in phone memory
  170. J2ME Bluetooth application
  171. Guidance needed for Networking APIs for Nokia 6303 device running on S40 6th edition.
  172. Help with file uploading
  173. J2ME Read Inbox SMS
  174. Combine Text Message Thread and Send
  175. s40 Persistent storage question
  176. s40 network info display options.
  177. Debugging my bluetooth application
  178. sms midlet with inbox & outbox
  179. bluetooth prifiles
  180. HTTPConnection fails on Nokia C1-01
  181. Post comments on Facebook
  182. Bluetooth connection working in emulator, but not working on Nokia E52
  183. jar file for bluetooth spp profile
  184. NullPointer Exception for J2ME HTTPConnection to asp server
  185. NullPointer Exception for J2ME HTTPConnection to asp server
  186. collect Data from MS Access to J2ME
  187. Problems with HTTPCOnnection (nokia 5800)
  188. Get number of bytes received
  189. Not able to open link in C5 although it have GPRS
  190. SMS Reception When the midlet is exited
  191. Error In Email
  192. Automatic SMS forwarding
  193. SIP server (like the one from WTK) online
  194. 192 and 256 bit key support for mobile phones?
  195. hello I would like to sell my mobile application
  196. How to get Service provider's information?
  197. Sending SMS on exiting of Midlet
  198. Crytosms
  199. Http Connection Problem
  200. Suggestion regarding j2me http request
  201. USSD / IVR Simulator
  202. Asynchronous socket in j2me
  203. Prevent double HTTP request to server
  204. notifyIncomingMessage(...) is not being triggered (X2-1 phone)
  205. Servlet On IIS For J2ME Database Connection
  206. j2me detect another mobile device that has an active wifi
  207. Need Help To Send SMS from GSM Modem To J2ME application
  208. how to detect socket connecrion..?
  209. Error: Uncaught exception java/lang/OutOfMemoryError
  210. KNIEXT _NewGlobalRef failed
  211. GPRS Connectivity Problem
  212. platformRequest("tel:*055*Code#") didn't work
  213. how to send message from my code without asking me ?
  215. how to send message from my code without asking me ?
  216. Instant messaging
  217. how to allow the file into the symbian device
  218. Issue in SOAP request
  219. No services found in bluetooth service search
  220. [Moved]Hanging while connecting to network in J2ME applicaation
  221. Delivery report for SMS
  222. Problems withb getting "Secure Authentication"
  223. Exeption: 4-error in http operation
  224. HTTP OutputStream - hangup app on flush?
  225. controlling pc with s40 v3 nokia mobile
  226. Cell-id for S40
  227. "Allow application to read user data"
  228. j2me and wamp server
  229. inter process communication problem
  230. Stomp j2me
  231. SATSA jsr 177
  232. JMS on J2ME
  233. Messaging without asking every time
  234. Need help j2me serial port problem
  235. J2me application for send & receive SMS
  236. Problems with getting "Secure Connection"
  237. help me developing an app where mobile cam is used.
  238. J2ME Http Connection through Proxy Server
  239. Cell phone doesn't receive ServerSocket connections
  240. How to test EAIF-mms protocol
  241. J2me Sockets over Wifi
  242. package javax.microedition.pim does not exist
  243. Send sms via Nokia
  244. How to open OVI appstore from Symbian 3 devices?
  245. HELP! @acceptAndOpen(): ServerSocketConnection and HttpConnection are incompatible
  246. HTTPS certificate
  247. sms application issue.
  248. Invalid IPV4 Format Error But Url is working
  249. how to find successful http connection rate
  250. ssl configuration on server side and client side