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  1. problem in sending data to server in j2me using php
  2. Reading byte + Socket Connection
  3. Http Post parameter to long - leads to 400 Bad Request error on server
  4. HELP JSR-172 with SSL
  5. Sip settings
  6. HTTP Request Format
  7. OutOfMemoryError
  8. inbound bluetooth connection -Push registry Java ME
  9. Disable SMS asking permission
  10. Problem with Receive SMS in WindowsMobile
  11. SIM-Problem
  12. J2ME Geolocation Application
  13. how to know get the mobile number using j2me.
  14. How to access the call Log in J2ME
  15. HTTP Connection timer stops working on N8, and C7
  16. Xml Parsing
  17. Is Nokia Signing (newly announced) supports all Nokia devices ?
  18. Starting application on its own
  19. How to get already connected device URL in s40 nokias phone
  20. Message is not showing in sent Items folder on device-Wireless Messaging API
  21. InputStream or DataInputStream more efficient?
  22. problem sending message in Unicode using Nokia C3-00
  23. connect over usb to a device
  24. Blank responce by pop server
  25. Re-direct URL in HttpConnection.
  26. S60 5th Problem Lauch internet Browser
  27. Is there a command line tool for sending sms to series 40, 5th edition nokia emulator
  28. how to receive an incoming call in j2me (java me) app, call control
  29. How to done digest access authentication in j2me?
  31. How to test a midlet with SATSA-APDU on a real device (E7-00)?
  32. Hiding the existing UI
  33. notifyIncomingMessage is not working in micromax q5
  34. Bluetooth midlet client to find a service by service name?
  35. Serial connection with Nokia C7-00 device via USB cable
  36. WMADemo Problem: MMS send to default inbox instead to midlet
  37. java.io.IOException : Error in HTTP operation
  38. Need help to find difference in Http connection made in simple j2me and for Anna
  39. J2mE http Connection problem
  40. [moved]Getting Java.io.IOException:53-Error in HTTP Operation
  41. HTTP Request post multiple Time
  42. [moved]Doubt related J2ME Application In Nokia 5230 Touch Screen Mobile
  43. Correct certificate for SMS sending, what is it?
  44. J2me empty post request
  45. J2ME TCP connection to myWifi Network - PC 1, possible?
  46. decrypt sms by AES algoithm
  47. Invalid Certificate error with Verisign Java code signing certificate on Series 40
  48. platform request with symbian ^ 3- C7 device
  49. Which security domain - identified_third_party or maximum?
  50. Image Transfer Problem from Nokia C2-02 (Series 40 FP-1) through GPRS.
  51. Getting the time stamp of newly added contact item in phone book .
  52. Nokia C3-01 Touch messaging application with qwerty setup
  53. RegisterAlarm and signing
  54. USB with Symbian 5th Edition
  55. S60 message received notification problem
  56. LWUIT - Application almost unresponsive while loading on E7-00
  57. Bluetooth API Not Working in low grade mobiles...
  58. Can't access/read SIM phonebook in Nokia
  59. S40 open a bluetooth connection + set baud rate
  60. Consume WCF REST service in J2ME on Nokia E72
  61. J2ME / HTTPS CERTIFICATE / Thawte SSL123 / NOKIA 2330 - S40
  62. Automatic sms based Java ME Application!
  63. Setting system time
  64. need help
  65. how to get the data from server
  66. how to open web page using J2ME
  67. Google translate API
  68. Satsa PKI And Digital Signature
  69. How to achive Encryption of data in J2mePolish
  70. Java.io.IOException in J2me application
  71. [moved] Audio streaming with RTP RTCP
  72. certificate installation on nokia c2-01
  73. Can i void message [allow application to manage user date ?]read and write contact?
  74. J2me application development without configuring manually apn setting in handsets...
  75. Prevent uninstalling app from unauthorized user
  76. Invalid phone number when dial contains an asterisk ( * )
  77. APN setting classes...
  78. HTTPS certificate issue
  79. Make my application trusted for my phone
  80. Text messages fails to send message on Nokia Classic 6500
  81. Bt & J2Me
  82. Symbiansigned developer certificate for signing Midlets?
  83. java.io.IOException: 53-Error in HTTP operation
  84. platformRequest liitations
  85. J2ME Send print command to Printer.
  86. Nokia 5230 : Bluetooth: memory full. Close some applications and restart.
  87. java.IOexception:error in http operation
  88. Software request for hide SMS from specefic number
  89. Getting device name
  90. Facebook login Issue in E5
  91. Faiure to install signed application(S40)
  92. In j2me , sending messages without user intervention
  93. Bluetooth serial port communication between PC and Mobile
  94. "Re: Questionnaire about RDA devices / firmware versions"
  95. Do application need certificate when I use Push Registry?
  96. How to Send sms In Background Thread?
  97. Symbian OS v9.3 Socket problem (InterruptedIOException on 74 connection)
  98. Nokia 5310 XpressMusic: VERIFICATION FAILED: certificate failed verification
  99. Problem after signing My apps
  100. Help Please
  101. Secure Password protected Bluetooth connection.
  102. out of memory exception
  103. Hidden Number
  105. National Language Shift Table And Concatenated Sms
  106. Nokia series 40 6th edition MIDlet auto start
  107. How can i access linkedin profiles or share in j2me using Oauth
  108. Kxml parser in j2me
  109. SMS sending issue
  110. RNR Failed: Could not access Remote Device (Exception while getting bluetooth name )
  111. USSD for Java apps
  112. S40 6th edition Permissions
  113. httpconnection and SMS messageconnection (J2ME)
  114. cancelInquiry hangs on S40 if called from synchronized block
  115. [Moved] J2me facebook issue
  116. Nokia C2 Application access problem
  117. REST Service
  118. Is there any API in s40 to make silent http requests without the IAP prompt??
  119. remove the dialog prompt for yes or no at the time of jar installation
  120. Bad certificate when using wildcard SSL cert
  121. Issue with socket connections
  122. Receiving several messages via sockets
  123. Http Connection sending another request after 30 sec in s40 series
  124. continuously getting security exception
  125. Bluetooth - OBEX Get command - Different behaviour at J2SE and J2ME
  126. bluetooth api support for the device.
  127. Access to the phone modem AT Commands trough Java Midlet App
  128. Internal Error codes in J2ME
  129. Issue in SOAP
  130. issue with the AES Encryption
  131. platformRequest with lwuit form
  132. [moved] Problems with L2CAP on widcomm
  133. How to prevent hacking game client-server by decompile->modify->package new client
  134. Exception while sending Message: MES Error 3
  135. Download from and upload to server
  136. SoapException: Server was unable to process request
  137. Email with image attachment
  138. Problem in sending sms from J2ME application to web application
  139. security permissions when i install symbian 3 sdk .jar file, how do i get rid of it
  140. [moved] does FTP protocol works in j2me?
  141. On nokia 6080 i am able to read contact name but not able read contact number
  142. [moved] Series 40 Development using Eclipse Pulsar and BouncyCastle
  143. While Sending MMS Getting javax.wireless.messaging.SizeExceededException
  144. Connecting Bluetooth Audio Gateway service from Nokia 7210 Supernova
  145. Dialing Bluetooth DUN service
  146. Application Auto Start By Push Registry and Network
  147. Cross-Domain problem when accessing JSON (?)
  148. Problem in sending sms from J2ME application
  149. RE:FaceBook Event API
  150. Bluetooth getFriendlyName error
  151. bluetooth communication server client stuck j2me
  152. How to Develop CLDC 1.0 J2ME applications using LWUIT?
  153. RE: GPRS Access point in J2ME
  154. we need help about Nokia Mobile Dialer developer
  155. passing parameters to the servlet - help please
  156. java verified r&d signed middlet cellid getting problem
  157. getting problem with pushregistry in j2me
  158. Getting issue while sending sms in j2me from duel sim nokia device
  159. Send And Receive SMS From J2me
  160. FaceBook Login API
  161. HttpConnection not close immideatly in Nokia SDK
  162. How to create Chat Client - Server software in J2ME? Please help me!!
  163. Secured web api not working on series 40 devices
  164. How can J2ME on a Series 40 device connect to SQL Server? Via a WCF service?
  165. J2ME application Connecting javacard using STASA Api as amiddleware
  166. problem in http post request
  167. Silent SMS or Overriding Built-in Message Alert
  168. Access ICCID in a J2ME application
  169. With Thawte certificate, avoid the warning messages?
  170. midlet nokia 40, HttpsConnection did not work, Certificate failed verification
  171. printer bluetooth connection
  172. [moved] java.io.IOException: 42-Error in HTTP operation
  173. Message Digest authentication failed on nokia devices
  174. How to use MIDlet platformRequest on Symbian^ 3 devices?
  175. Encryption of data in j2me
  176. localhost problems in S40
  177. microedition.smartcardslots is returning only 0C for Dual SIM Phones Nokia 110,112
  179. Create A Shortcut Link
  180. Lost phone connectivity after webservice call (java) on nokia 701 symbian belle
  181. proxy server using Google App Engine In java
  182. Sending Silent SMS via j2me using WTK
  183. Nokia X3-02 TCP/IP Application
  184. SMS blocking port until they are not discarded one by one
  185. Https authenticate and get redirected page source
  186. Mobile restarts after receiving message in j2me Application
  187. How to pause the gameCanvas when a call is received I mean how to handle the event?
  188. Connection to the messanger and bluetooth from my j2me application
  189. Error 403 in HTTPConnection POST in J2ME Nokia S40
  190. how to send Encrypted SMS
  191. Message while waiting to fetch data
  192. Using self-issued certificates with secure socket connections (SSL)?
  193. open a url with platformrequest or by httpconnection GET what's the diff
  194. Testing Enabled Trusted Certificated Status in an S40 device
  195. HTTP query problem
  196. How to use Bluetooth Server - Client
  197. Push Registry - Port Issue
  198. Disabling showing of access point selection when there is no internet connection?
  199. How to do NFC connection for Nokia's J2ME emulator
  200. Spam SMS Blocking on nokia asha phones
  201. Data Usage of apps on series 40 devices
  202. Some HTTPConnection requests not working on Asha SDK 1.0
  203. Can We Access Sms Outbox using APIBridge in j2me?
  204. Problem running s40 application with WTK emulator
  205. How to remove busy tone while in a call ? (NOKIA 2690)
  206. Check Internet Connection on S40 Platform
  207. Certificate
  208. 'Certificate not on phone or SIM' on Nokia ASHA 311 even after signing the app
  209. [Moved] Certificate file access issue
  210. Detect when the mobile data and Wifi are switched off?
  211. How to cancel a .NET Web Service connection?
  212. Alert with Gauge while reading data from web J2ME
  213. problem in platformRequest("tel:" )
  214. C2-01 : CertificateException: Certificate was issued by an unrecognized entity
  215. [moved] Nokia Asha Network Prompt
  216. [moved] how to get default mail credentials in nokia s40 phones
  217. http request header Authorization
  218. issue on permission setting
  219. Hiding files in asha 311 series s40
  220. Read existed SMS.
  221. Enabling Security permission for my application
  222. how to sign midlet thru openSSL?
  223. Http Post, can't upload an image to Imgur service.
  224. Strange MIDlet Suite Behavior
  225. PlatformRequest() isn't working for me
  226. Data connection availability check
  227. Http Request sent twice from nokia devices....
  228. how to send email in S40
  229. Exceptions while connection to WebService (ioexception 28 and 29)
  230. Re: Mailto platform request does not get the body text of the mail message
  231. sms port
  232. LWUIT Network Manager
  233. Sharing to social media in Nokia Asha
  234. please help,how i can check internet connection in moblie either wifi or gprs
  235. how to send message grater than 160 character lenght
  236. Java ME S40 java.io.IOException: No Response Entries Available
  237. Disabling cache or temporay stortage during HTTP request.
  238. [moved] https problem when connecting to https://m.vk.com
  239. [RSA] Decryption in Asha platform
  240. LIST ITEM FOR httpconnection
  241. How to disable SSL check?
  242. sending a message
  243. Wifi issue on Asha 503 (Asha software platform 1.1)
  244. Problem with Http Post
  245. Streaming Videos on Nokia C1
  246. Help out
  247. nokia 301 error establishing secure connection
  248. ClassNotFoundException - Nokia Asha Emulator
  249. [moved] Nokia Asha / J2me SSL Certification Error for web request
  250. [moved] S40 http connection error