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  1. wallet's content
  2. Certificates associated with the NokiaSoftID
  3. Downloading certificates
  4. Data from the Device to the Server
  5. Certificates
  6. 6510 wallet code resets itself
  7. WIM and WPKI sample applications
  8. Mobile games, profit
  9. Mobile Browser v3.0.1
  10. mobile payment - wallet software
  11. Nokia 6800 GSM support
  12. Viewing Region-Specific Holidays
  13. M-commerce
  14. 8310 user guide
  15. Mobile browser simulator
  16. WPKI
  17. Nokia 3330
  18. What is the wallet application?
  19. What does the wallet menu look like?
  20. How can the information be inserted into the wallet?
  21. What is ECML?
  22. What is required on the handset?
  23. What is required from the merchant?
  24. Which phones have this application?
  25. Is it possible to upgrade an older WAP-phone to enable use of the wallet?
  26. What security elements can be used with the wallet?
  27. What happens if I forget the wallet code?
  28. Are the online payments with wallet secure?
  29. Advantages of terminal wallets/benefits from mobile commerce
  30. How will the wallet application be developed in the future?
  31. How to use wallet for payment
  32. What is WIM?
  33. How the security module (WIM) can be implemented?
  34. What is a digital signature?
  35. What are the security keys and user certificates used for?
  36. What are the benefits of using WIM?
  37. What is required from the merchants' side to enable signed payments?
  38. WIM functionality; dual-chip vs single-chip vs build-in-WIM
  39. Password Generator / Token Generator
  40. Looking for a Nokia developer in Israel
  41. 6310i wallet password problems
  42. Creating a secure WTLS connection
  43. Billing Record API (Standard CDR Format for GSM)
  44. Has any 6310i user had sucess with the secure wallet function?
  45. Regarding SoftId Certificates in NMIT under WIM
  46. encryption!!!
  47. usability issues
  48. Mobile Commerce Experimental Platform (Help !!!)
  49. "strings"
  50. Projects with WIM implementation
  51. safeguarding 3rd-party PINs on shared mobile phones
  52. Which one to develop for?
  53. How in Nokia 7650 to make a call on a card
  54. WMLScript to access WIM
  55. Implementing the registration process
  56. Retrieving user certificate from repository
  57. Wallet OTA
  58. WTLS Handshake eavesdropping
  59. GPRS handsets supporting BIP
  60. Network Monitor
  61. I have a 8250 but cannot receive AT command !!
  62. Recommend whether to purchase a WAP G/W
  63. Asking about wallpapers for nokia 3510i
  64. WAP gateways
  65. SIM Programming
  66. Asking about upgrading the operating program for nokia 3510i
  67. 6310i and psion netbook
  68. "Net Monitor"
  69. Nokia 7110 - Time out
  70. Usage of WIM: what WAP gateway is required and what phones support WIM?
  71. need more information on mobile wallet application
  72. Business Model for Server services
  73. Image Preview without saving
  74. Club Nokia issues
  75. WTLS in the new WAP Gateway Simulator
  76. NMB and Tomcat
  77. weapons WAP content site sale or looking for partners
  78. m commerce
  79. Simulator supporting Nokia Wallet 2.0
  80. Smart Messaging License for Other vendors!
  81. OTA Card Download
  82. Sites supporting Wallet
  83. RFID support in Wallet 2.0
  84. Need Serious Help On Wim
  85. WAP SignedContent format
  86. More wireless work *please read*
  87. Smartcard Reader for NMB & SWIM
  88. Logical Proxy and Physical Proxy
  89. Use Wallet Prompt - 7250i
  90. Wallet - Fill All Fields - 7250i?
  91. Extention registration
  92. MIdlet for wallet
  93. Order Taking via ecommerce on phone
  94. Nokia SWIM-Compliant handsets
  95. Registration
  96. business problem solution via M - Commerce