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  1. Problem faced after SIP setup
  2. Audio Proxy Server APS for SIP
  3. How to make RTP packets of recorded Audio?
  4. Voice Recognition
  5. Locking Ringtones
  6. problem in continous recording of audio
  7. music files editing help for new bee
  8. Create Player
  9. Nokia N73 - sound with reduction for 3,5mm jack is a bit low
  10. Audio Adaptor AD 46 / 15
  11. transfering audio from bluetooth headset
  12. Voice encryption sofware
  13. Radio Recording App
  14. Muting all other audio OR remote controlling the media player
  15. access byte array at recording time
  16. G711 codec & rtp
  17. Mic capture
  18. What is the default Encoding for SunWireless Toolkit
  19. Question about CMdaAudioPlayerUtility
  20. E61i audio recording time ?
  21. How can we disable ring-through technology on the N95?
  22. [Moved] N95 8-GB Volume control not working
  23. no internet radio for 6220 Classic??
  24. How to run Musicplayer on S60 3fp2 emulator
  25. E71: refresh music player list doesnt work
  26. Playing mp3 and wma files in music player of s60 5th edition emulator
  27. Extracting playlist from Nokia 3110c Phone
  28. audio data
  29. npl files
  30. DRM duration support fo Nokia N73
  31. Audio voice not audible
  32. Nokia_Audio_Suite_2_0
  33. playing a recorded audio when call is recieved
  34. Need Help: Developing an Audio Player
  35. AMRDrop - a freeware amr converter
  36. PS key audio routing issue with bluetooth headset
  37. MP3 in Nokia devices
  38. AD-44 Nokia 6210
  39. Underflow while playing a file
  40. Difference of CMdaAudioOutputStream and CMdaAudioPlayerUtility
  41. How to store data in a descriptor?
  42. Need Help: producing with continuous Noise
  43. Voice over in applications ??????
  44. N95 8GB: audio level scale
  45. Getting audio recording volume level
  46. Nokia Music Player Mp3 Tag Question?
  47. Is there a tool with the following functionality?
  48. AAC Codec for S60_3rd FP2 devices
  49. Set Volume problem
  50. Problem playing multi track sp midi files on S60. Old versions used to play
  51. Plain old monophonic ring tones
  52. Audio Playing software that remembers how far into the mp3 it has got
  53. Generate sound of short duration
  54. Developing a new audio application
  55. I need your help to find Nokia Tune
  56. Regarding Platlist APIs in S60 3rd edition.
  57. How to use GSM AMR-NB in Nokia N95?
  58. Audio standard in Nokia N95 phone.
  59. voip audio services - error concealament
  60. VAS N95 noise issue
  61. Impact of microphone on phone's battery life?
  62. problems with updating music library
  63. Error With Nokia Multimedia Converter
  64. How to use Increase&decrease Volume key on the phone?
  65. How to compare 2 audio sound?
  66. Ringing tone problem
  67. How to add an tag to music file?
  68. Mp3 not playing using MdaAudioOutputStream
  69. About CMdaAudioPlayerUtility
  70. Help extracting data from a wave file using TLex not working
  71. i need a code for media
  72. how i can implement the user interface of media player by java
  73. Rooster ringtone from 6310 to 6500s
  74. How to get the supported formats of a audiopalyer
  75. Audio buffer number
  76. Audio buffer number
  77. Problems with real time streaming
  78. Cannot play mp3 file in S60 5th edition emualtor
  79. Nokia N85 microphone-too sensitive?
  80. How to test/paly the recorded file using CMdaAudioRecorderUtility
  81. Getting "Feature not Supported (-5)" while trying to get the metadata of a audiofile
  82. problem in playing audio
  83. Recording downlink telephony audio...
  84. VOIP call record issue Using mobile phone
  85. Audio Volume Problem
  86. Audio spec for 3GP card creation
  87. Lyric 5800
  88. How I could open Nokia .RNG files???
  89. How do I test MMF?
  90. Nokia 6500 speaker problem
  91. How play Stream audio file from internet?
  92. APS Streaming Pause at Screen Saver Activation.
  93. playing audio in pc from mobile
  94. Changing the reproduction speed of a .WAV file
  95. About eAAC+ with forward lock
  96. nokia 5800 music player problem
  97. can't automatically play mp3
  98. N95 8GB Music refresh problem
  99. Can my java application play sound if phone is silent.
  100. Decode bitrates supported by S60 for eAAC+
  101. voice data compression
  102. S60 WMA 9 support
  103. 6220: Audio Clip Mp4 corrupt... I hope repairable
  104. OutOfMemoryError
  105. Audio wont work
  106. AudioPlayerUtility beginner issue
  107. Playing two audio files at once
  108. Problem in sending audio from a phone to server
  109. help please "Audible" audio books Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic
  110. Sound files on card didnot show in profile
  111. replaying amr files in java me
  112. Nokia 9300 sound problem
  113. Control the volume
  114. playing percussion notes
  115. Nokia 5800 XM serious Problem (Please help)
  116. Sound Mixer Example von 5800 XM does nothing
  117. RingBack tone (caller-tone) network system
  118. Pls: problem in audio file processing
  119. Pls: problem with audio playlist
  120. Nokia 6030 call stream interception TAPI ?
  121. Audio Streaming
  122. audio recording issue
  123. How to give feedback to Nokia Developers?
  124. E51 FM Radio problem, help me!
  125. NOKIA 3660 HELP!!!
  126. e51 media player hangs on microSD media scaning
  127. Ear speaker audio quality (E55)
  128. Raw aacPlus + Parametric Stereo bitstream is not decoded to stereo in N78
  129. MIDI isn't played stereo in N78
  130. 5800 Audio help required. Can't delete music
  131. 5800 - Music Player won't read an artist of the song
  132. Software request
  133. Need suggestions regarding Unable to play the audio file from the server?
  134. Podcasting on my Nokia E55
  135. L jack conector for Nokia
  136. I have already 2878 songs in my N96 but now...
  137. MFRadio project feature
  138. a question about 3gp
  139. configure CMMFCodec object, system error -6
  140. how to play voice quality audio to bluetooth headset
  141. Internal Music Player database
  142. ribgtone maker for e71x
  143. Bluetooth audio receiver
  144. Audio port issue
  145. Last 3 seconds in WAV file
  146. wma audio files in the emulator, run the following error message appears.
  147. Playing MIDI problem
  148. Is there any sound decoder?
  149. Nokia 5800 XM - Music Player (Playlist) error coming !
  150. MP3-Streaming
  151. How to check to number of prefetched sounds a phone can handle at one time?
  152. Windows media player
  153. What is optimal Audio Settings for the MP3 Media ringtones on Nokia 5130?
  154. Is it possible to use system tts with other voice?
  155. Need recorder
  156. Audio post-processing
  157. How can symbian open a mp3 file
  158. Realtime midi playing with MidiControl
  159. microphone volume in N97
  160. s40, standart music player, bt headphones JBL 610
  161. Help on sound mixing algorithm.
  162. Sound Software
  163. N96 - Recorder
  164. Antistuttering software
  165. [N97] Music Library doesn't show tracks, artists etc
  166. call out for e71
  167. Nokia n95 - volume control
  168. How to do Text To Speech
  169. comes with music
  170. Remove beep sound while recording
  171. Not able to play audio in my nokia 5130
  172. How to start building a mp3 player for mobile devices in j2me
  173. amr to wav converter!!
  174. N96 restarting itself after playing a few songs !
  175. Help Needed Urgently
  176. Nokia BH-501 and Nokia N71
  177. Recording in RAW/WAV format
  178. play Audio file as caller tunes on own handsets
  179. Nokia E51 supported codecs
  180. N5310 Equalizer Problem
  181. CMMFDescriptorBuffer NewL( ) error
  182. CRingTonePlayer 3D
  183. Audio formats
  184. TTS application
  185. how to detect if file has been played by APS
  186. Nokia MP3 Editor
  187. Developing a music player
  188. FM radio audio
  189. Sound playing consuming memory - J2ME, S40, 6212
  190. E51 FM Radio problem, help me!
  191. usb mass storage issue
  192. best sound format and options
  193. MP3 music playlist problem
  194. encrypt and decrypt mp3
  195. Expanding memory using SD card
  196. J2ME S40 appliction not Playing MIDI Note.
  197. Features of Nokia Headset WH-701
  198. Nokia 3120 classic with Nokia PC Suite headset issue
  199. setting volume level in cmdaaudiotone utility
  200. Nokia 1209 Voice Ringtone
  201. how to play multiple audio files in j2me
  202. Corrupted Music Player for Nokia 5233
  203. Is there a Nokia diary and appointments app that allows voice notes?
  204. Audio Pause Not Holding After Voice Call?
  205. FM transmitter
  207. setMediaTime(..) Exception
  208. How to open a link mp3 in widget ???????
  209. Problem with nokia 6303 classic
  210. How to controlling audio output ?
  211. Better microphone audio in mobiles, please!
  212. Nokia 5230: radio FM and Bluetooth
  213. Ovi Store Music from old phone to new phone