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  1. indian language fonts
  2. ICL: yuv422 to jpg/png/etc..
  3. Performance problem while displaying GIF
  4. Voice Recognition
  5. How do i convert from any descriptor to TDesC8?
  6. Changing Camera Resolution
  7. How to display an image
  8. Audio Recording Codecs in Emulator and Device
  9. How to Continue listening Music using Real Player while Browsing pictures in Native
  10. disable the camera switch
  11. How to use bitmap with opengl es
  12. Run the Realplayer in Background mode
  13. [moved] CVideoPlayerUtility crash in FP2
  14. avkon2.mif ids
  15. How can i set the sence mode of a camera?
  16. "Problem" with camera viewFinder
  17. SVG Problem
  18. Displaying Gifs
  19. Controls like NEXT, PREIVOUS, SEEK dont exist on the Real Player
  20. Is it possible to record an incoming GSM Call using VoIP Audio Service
  21. oh god what now???
  22. playing mp3 on the emulator
  23. Multimedia DevVideo API wanted
  24. 2rd screen winking problem of pasting picture in dynamic
  25. Nokia Handset MMF frame work support
  26. Microphone sample rate > 8000 Hz?
  27. CMdaAudioRecorderUtility AMR Recording
  28. Urgent help with displaying images globally pls
  29. Help with CMMFDevSound
  30. CMdaAudioToneUtility in N95
  31. MvpuoOpenComplete returns with a KErrNotFound(-1)
  32. Audio Playback through Earpiece
  33. about video frame
  34. How SVG file is converted to MIF file ?
  35. Audoplayer plugin example
  36. problem while recording and playing audia simultaneously
  37. where are EMbmAvkon* defined
  38. MMF - MPEG4 help
  39. OpenFileEmbeddedL in FP2
  40. simple image loading problem from a newbie
  41. recording problem
  42. KErrOverflow -9 in Recording files
  43. devsound Pause problems
  44. Using the viewfinder as the background image
  45. Autofocus not supported in 6220 Classic?
  46. DrawText Problem
  47. SVG Transparency
  48. Support for rtsp streaming and local playback of 3GP media in Nokia phones
  49. Large ram file size in N-95 .
  50. cvideoplayerutility opendesl unsupported?
  51. Media types supported by CMdaAudioPlayerUtility
  52. CVoIPAudioUplinkStream VAS
  53. APS over RTP
  54. change the video screen size
  55. Loading Image
  56. How to observe image's open status
  57. make a copy of CFbsBitmap
  58. Centre the scene on the screen
  59. VoIP Audio Service API problem
  60. Howto bitwise OR an enum
  61. about opengl es
  62. Here is an issue for discussion....
  63. how to build a custom video player
  64. Capturing a greyscale Image / Recoding a JPEG
  65. CMdaAudioRecorderUtility: feature not supported
  66. Implementing bluetooth headset support in our application
  67. KErrCorrupt KErrAccessDenied while recording
  68. Porting call recorder example from 2nd to 3rd edition
  69. [moved] How to scale a gif to the size of the Rect
  70. HELP! How to play sound file? URGENT
  71. TVideoOutputBuffer usage
  72. Problem With PrepareVideoCaptureL and YUV to RGB conversion
  73. how to get the data address in HBufC ?
  74. question about data malloc
  75. Some query on APS
  76. CONE 8.....while exiting from the application
  77. [HELP] Is that possible to ONLY record GSM downlink voice
  78. Getting Kern Exec 3 while Setting text for title
  79. Steps for recording
  80. Displaying a gif file
  81. Music Symbol as Text , Draw??
  82. about draw a cube with diffeient matrix
  83. Use S60 Platform Video Example_v2_0
  84. Audio Device in use - how to check it ?
  85. Why can't I use CMdaAudioOutputStream::Stop() between CMdaAudioOutputStream::WriteL()
  86. Problem in drawing the converted .svg images....
  87. How to play back to back video
  88. play multiple audio files simultaneously
  89. convert color image to gray
  90. YUV420 to YUV444 is it needed
  91. Dial Tone and Ring Tone
  92. [split] Convert YUV420 to RGB
  93. Is there any class can notify my player when a call coming and end?
  94. Autofocus S60 3rd ed FP1 to FP2
  95. How can I record audio clips from FM radio output ?
  96. Frame length variation for E95
  97. COmxProcessingUnit
  98. Write rawdata to CMMFDataBuffer data pointer
  99. Sounddevice.h not found
  100. [moved] SVGT Maps on S60 Series 3
  101. Streaming not working
  102. Scrolling google static image ?
  103. Cannot play mid and wav sound at the same time on Nokia N96.
  104. RingTone add into pjsip
  105. YUV to RGB 90 degree anticlockwise rotation
  106. Specify bitmap file from command line
  107. mime type issue (Streaming)
  108. RealPlayer playing video from buffer
  109. Can APS cope with assembled AMR packets?
  110. Extracting the header from .mp4 file
  111. Voice mail Server in VoIP
  112. Integrate C++ into Flash Lite
  113. Active profile's Message tone??
  114. Media File Modification Notification
  115. Audio Routing on E50
  116. Play Audio file problem
  117. KERN-EXEC 0 with CDocumentHandler and RFile
  118. KErrOverflow (-9) during playing a long audio with APS
  119. EFileShareReadersOrWriters Query
  120. how to handle low memory condition while loading a standby theme in Symbian S60
  121. Streaming A/V TO the net
  122. Bitblt problem
  123. How to play alert tone
  124. How to disable AF of camera
  125. mmfcodec files removed from extension plugins
  126. MMF for AMR audio streaming
  127. EGL with X
  128. Routing audio to FM transmitter?
  129. mmf controller plugin
  130. How to produce sound on keypress??
  131. error -34 with videoplay
  132. Linking to libjpeg
  133. MP3/MP4 recording with CMdaAudioRecorderUtility (3rd Ed)
  134. about MMF controller plugin
  135. APS not supporting FP1 devices
  136. Create RunTime MBM...
  137. Hoe to play audio through Handset speaker - (not through the loudspeaker)
  138. S60 Ticker Load
  139. Dynamically Creating Icon for list
  140. Image showing Info..
  141. CVideoRecorderUtility::OpenUrlL()
  142. Radio timeshift ... is it possible?
  143. ambiguous access to name found 'CMatchData' Problem
  144. RTP video stream playback question
  145. how get captured image path
  146. (help)how to draw the heart waveform
  147. [Moved] Can't get self-built Camera Example to run
  148. about texture coordinate
  149. Are SVG load process slow?
  150. Call Back from RealPlayer
  151. sdk does't have mmfstdsourceandsinkplugin.lib'
  152. Icon Transparency problem.
  153. send pre-recorded voice by calling automatically
  154. Transparency proble in drawing PNG file.
  155. Voice Recognition
  156. MMF controller framework hangs
  157. Synchronization
  158. google maps by get method of http, displaying them and showing navigation on screen
  159. SimpleCube Depth Testing
  160. AAC Decoding
  161. Graphics Issues on N81
  162. Video camera exposure and zoom
  163. multipage forms in fp1
  164. FP2 CCameraAdvancedSettings loading
  165. Using ICL
  166. getting wrong Item Index of Grid
  167. Anti-tearing API problem
  168. How to use glDrawElements to draw a building?
  169. Copying content from Pixmap surface to window surface
  170. VoIPTest
  171. Flicker problem on N73
  172. Unexported public function in dlls
  173. Using CCMRtest to record captured video
  174. Transparent Animated Gif
  175. Mif file limit
  176. How to record the voice over the images
  177. How To Use Symbian Camera???
  178. CImageDecoder never calls runl
  179. Fail to play audio to loudspeaker when connecting handsfree
  180. how ican insert an image in my main screen app
  181. Media Recorder API
  182. About the actual bandwidth of VoIP
  183. How to redraw the whole screen
  184. How to Display Image from resource?
  185. CAudioOutput -> KErrNotFound
  186. Camera Flash to late
  187. aac encoding
  188. Text on image
  189. Multimedia files - where/how to place them?
  190. CCamera dosen't work in an own thread?
  191. Camera's strange behaviour
  192. How To Combine Two Images?
  193. MBM file doesn't appear on phone, but appears in emulator
  194. Capture screen into BMP
  195. Regarding MMF API
  196. How to get SampleRate (hz) from wma or m4a?
  197. imagedecoder example wiki code problems:
  198. Offscreen Bitmap image got blurr
  199. CImageDecoder and BMP
  200. How to Display .GIF from resource? HELP!!
  201. ALLOC 0 Panic in Screen Capture
  202. api for reocrd phone call
  203. how to display images at runtime by providing only the filename?
  204. Camera macro mode
  205. How To Scale Image and Get Camera ViewFinder Width & Height?
  206. application icon
  207. Playing current selected ringtone API
  208. Graphics Memory
  209. how to display first frame of video file as image into CEikImage?
  210. how to build the helix component of to change in real audio plugin
  211. Contrast and Brightness of the Bitmap
  212. OpenGL ES on pre F1 devices
  213. Problems displaying icons on S60 FP2 phone
  214. Video Player using CMMDevVideoPlay
  215. AMR Recorder in 2nd FP1
  216. Image not Scaled on Device Problem!
  217. How to play audio synchronously ?
  218. HELP ME!!!! Problem example capturing image
  219. Camera on nokia n96
  220. CMdaAudioRecorderUtility sound shrink/skipps on FP2
  221. Autofocus api
  222. How to get Video Decoder Uid?
  223. Capturing Sequence of Images
  224. help~~~about the CMdaAudioInputStream
  225. Font Problem...
  226. Helix player on N96
  227. Image Processing with OpenGl ES?
  228. CCMRMediaRecorder and 5th SDK
  229. how to create a mask of image dynamically
  230. Could the CMdaAudioInputStream and CMdaAudioOutputStream work at the same time?
  231. Play Audio and Record from microphone at the same time ?
  232. HELP!! How to increase camera resolution in the camera example!
  233. CImageDecoder::DataNewL
  234. How to record sound to one file repeatedly??
  235. Change Application background image
  236. Image not being updated Problem
  237. Is it possible to display transparent png files?
  238. capture sound from microphone
  239. Png Displayed All White....
  240. [moved] getting access to voice stream in S60
  241. Video recording advice needed
  242. how to covert YUV420 to RGB on symbian? thanks
  243. Searching File System
  244. APS doesn't work on E50 the same way as on other models
  245. Augmented reality
  246. streamer example
  247. Modify App Icon For S60 2nd ed and 3rd ed
  248. S60 3rd ed. Image not found on device
  249. Hardware accelerated phones in the context of augmented reality
  250. Recording Audio