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  1. include .wav in .sis
  2. Image Size Issue
  3. Setting the camera focus
  4. Blank screen when SimpleCube is built with vfpv2 on Nokia 5800
  5. Using file JPG from file
  6. EColor16MA and CVideoPlayerUtility
  7. Flash File Load
  8. How to Decode SVG from .svg file
  9. Reading chunk of data from video file.
  10. invoking realplayer to play video
  11. error in Maiscrecordcomplete error code -14
  12. Problem of using CMMFDevSound to play mp3
  13. RTSP video streaming
  14. help with nokia theme studio....
  15. TIFF FIle Support
  16. CImageTransform and KErrNotFound (-1) when calling SetupL
  18. Create a video with bitmap images
  19. Camera API Issue
  20. Convert pixel to YUV image
  21. MediaPlayerEngineAPI/MediaPlayerUtilityAPI
  22. CMMDevVideoPlay - problem with getting post process data after decoding
  23. MDFDevVideo Record API - resolution of recording
  24. sorting style in Gallery
  25. AAC format doesn’t support Nokia 5800 device
  26. How to control native screensaver?
  27. AAC failure using CMMFDevSound on E71 device
  28. where can I download the souce code of your book
  29. Streaming server video
  30. 5800, SetDisplayWindowL
  31. augmented reality for Symbian
  32. starting a new application
  33. 5800, CVideoPlayerUtility, overlay semi-transparent control
  34. Is CMdaAudioInputStream&CMdaAudioOutputStream in S60 3rd support audio full-duplex
  35. scaling down the image to smaller image
  36. APS
  37. Synchronous CImageDecoder fine for files, NOT for descriptors
  38. [moved] Recording VGA video on E71
  39. TUid aImageType
  40. Help needed with "BAFL 15"
  41. Symbian S60 Sequencer
  42. Capturing video playback in S60 5th edition?
  43. How can i use 2D OpenGL feature for image display
  44. How can I get the current font color of current theme ?
  45. How can I change viewbox attribute in svg image?
  46. Playing video file by http link
  47. Uploading an image to webserver
  48. FrameSize in AudioStream example
  49. Is it possible to play all WMA, WMV, MP3, MP4, FLV in 3rd S60?
  50. How to send pause/play command to media player from another app
  51. Augmented Reality and Symbian
  52. How can I change the navi label text and make it show the new one ?
  53. Texture matrix stack on Symbian opengl es?
  54. 3D Audio APIs
  55. Adding calendar alarms
  56. How to change color of DrawLine
  57. nsmldsprofilelistapi.h and SoundDevice.h cannot be opened
  58. call recording using CMMFDevSound error -13
  59. mmfaudioclient2 error in setvolume() function.
  60. Play RTP Streams in S60 3rd edition FP2
  61. Which API should I use for video capture and streaming?
  62. Retreiving Audio data
  63. Draw text and controls over video content
  64. 5800, CMetaDataUtility, DRM
  65. How to play Audio with Streaming from Internet?
  66. View switching in nokias “Step application”
  67. How to get the synchronize Calendar data
  68. to play wmv file
  69. SVG to CFbsBitmap
  70. Is there any basic E-learning resources about the UI Design Editor of Carbide.C++?
  71. Problem launching app CAknKeySoundSystem->iKeySounds->AddAppSoundInfoListL(R_MYAPP_S
  72. Fading a Bitmap image
  73. System Error(-1001) or FSCLIENT Panic 25
  74. i want to increase brightness of image
  75. Adding 3rd party TTS to the list seen by CTtsUtility
  76. DialogDismissedL never be called, help.
  77. Read AMR data
  78. how to save image captured by camera
  79. How to retrieve .jpg files from RDir ?
  80. How can I get the size of loaded image ?
  81. Cell microphone mute issue on S60 3rd Edition FP1
  82. Navigation pane didn't redraw immediately ?
  83. How to get the background image of current skin theme as a CFbsBitmap
  84. Implementing FFT
  85. How to control the background image of CEikRichTextEditor
  86. How to send Sound file using GPRS?
  87. Play WM DRM song using CDRMHelper
  88. SpeechRecognitionUtility ?
  89. Resource audio file
  90. 5800, playing DRMed audio
  91. how to play sound from file
  92. beautiful user inteface
  93. Creating SDP for ADTS audio streaming
  94. Play Audio file successfully but do not working pause().
  95. hardware video coding
  96. Standard Icon size for Tabs
  97. How to make tabs visible when edwin is clicked
  98. Camera Open notification
  99. PlayUtility and Undefined symbol
  100. Getting bigger Camera Viewfinder Images / Getting smaller Camera captured Images
  101. how to reverse Bitmap?
  102. How to play wmv file using CVideoPlayerUtility?
  103. Call audio routing in third party VoIP application
  104. Masking bitmaps programmatically
  105. about CMdaAudioRecorderUtility amr audio Record
  106. VoIP Audio Services API limitation
  107. CMdaAudioPlayerUtility PlayFileL failed to play file
  108. How can i load a bitmap from the phone memory?
  109. app(camera) is closed
  110. NewFileL problem(recording audio problem)
  111. Disable Autostart of the Camera Application ?!?!
  112. how is it possible to wait the end of a asynchron process?
  113. Video player question
  114. can we update the part of image held by CFbsBitmap
  115. convert from 16mu to 16m
  116. Camera Example V3.0 problem
  117. play wav file on uplink
  118. MMSExamle
  119. CMMFDevSound Recording problem
  120. logo in dialog box
  121. TTS finding installed voices!
  122. capturing video question
  123. how to draw a cube on viewfinder by opengl es ?
  124. Image capturing
  125. I need help
  126. N96 device reboots when taking picture
  127. CMdaAudioPlayerUtility is interrupted => bad audio
  128. How to draw/write a text usning openGL ES1.1 in Nokia Phone
  129. CvideoPlayerUtility background/foreground
  130. Why i am not getting any reply in Streaming and Video Thread?
  131. Getting all details ralated to video file but not get one details.
  132. Why video file not played on real s60 device.
  133. Audio Player pause because screensaver
  134. Record While Mute
  135. How to open URL in RealPlayer in Program?
  136. [MDFDevVideo] SetInputFormatL failed with -5
  137. How to get high quality image with camera
  138. Error: KErrCouldNotConnect -34 Failed to connect
  139. CMdaAudioInputStream problem
  140. Application that streams audio between two phones
  141. Background noise RTP
  142. How to play midi and wav at the same time? (in s60 3th SDK)
  143. Capturing primary and secondary cameras simultaneously
  144. How to display startup screen when using CVideoPlayerUtility
  145. HOw to get Gallery Photo album file?
  146. Load an CfbsBitmap from a char * with CImageDecoder::DataNewL
  147. Question about Audio proxy Server
  148. Why we not able use mmfmp3codec.rsc for play MP3?
  149. Is it possible to record a call?
  150. How to play mp3 file?
  151. Emulator Closed in MobiFLV.
  152. How to use TMMFileSource() function
  153. How to Load all '.mp3 ' files into a ListBox
  154. missing plugin support for devSound in S60 5.0
  155. Camera_Example
  156. Question about OpenGL ES on S60 platform
  157. I am posting challenging question to Symbian/S60 experts
  158. How to decide screen orientation awareness?
  159. Camera Wrapper
  160. How to set mime type in content listing frame work?
  161. Hardware encoder n95
  162. audio echo problem when recording and playing audio
  163. Lauching Camera application like MMS composer
  164. In my Simle AudioPlayer how to pass data between my Views to display the Filename
  165. Playing Video from Network
  166. Hi , please read it carefully and help me
  167. Png image and alpha blending
  168. Font info for drawing text to bitmap contexts
  169. Text color problem
  170. Does N97 Support OpenGL ES?
  171. Camera Wrapper and Snapshot Jpeg Quality
  172. alpha blending with two CfbsBitmap buit from arrays : rendering errors
  173. How to implement mp3 mixing effect in game
  174. is it necessary to use active objects?
  175. Audio redirection to a file
  176. Stop sound recording if another application wants to play sound
  177. SVG file
  178. TBitmapUtil vs TDisplayMode
  179. Problem to play link in Internet Radio example.
  180. How to add a board on the system's screen in background
  181. Getting available resolutions and formats using Forum Nokia CameraWrapper
  182. [moved] CCamera, MCameraObserver2 and StartViewFinderL - feature not supported
  183. How to draw screen in background
  184. Quickest way to convert JPG to Gif?
  185. Camerawrapper: how to get the full resolution of camera?
  186. SVGTiny file not displaying properly
  187. Camera alerts on N95?
  188. S60 3rd edition support for SVG Tiny 1.1+ profile
  189. How to cut fragment from video file?
  190. Does CAudioEqualizer * NewL (CMdaAudioOutputStream &aUtility) work?
  191. Displaying animated .GIF file in s60 3rd edition phones.
  192. Displaying animated .GIF file in s60 3rd edition phones.
  193. OpenglES on WinCE
  194. Image Error in Camera Application
  195. How to draw the text at the centre of a rectangle ?
  196. How to find out whether my app should be silent ?
  197. Custome codec plugin with CMMFDevSound
  198. How to play audio to uplink with VoIP Audio Services
  199. Help with H.264 encoder in 5th edition
  200. FM Radio....
  201. I have some question about 3d graphics hardware acceleration
  202. Show the image thumbnails form specified images folder
  203. Image processing - Sobel filter problem (edge detection)
  204. Automatic Voice Call Recording example problem installation
  205. CameraWrapper TDesC8* vs. CFbsBitmap*
  206. CMdaAudioOutputStream unexpected playback pauses on Nokia E51
  207. draw full screen with glTexImage or glTexSubImage? which one is faster?
  208. anyone use Nokia N95 for camera frame rendering on full screen?
  209. The difference between rendering frame iamge and bitmap image to full screen?
  210. How to play audio data in fast forward mode?
  211. How to decode and display transparent image?
  212. MP3 Player 3rd Edition
  213. How to open .gif files only ?
  214. Change quality for mp4
  215. View Finder not displayed in N96
  216. MDFDevVideo, encoder fail
  217. Help needed to display text using openGL ES
  218. Can't able to animate .gif file using to iTexturemamanger
  219. About AudioPlayer
  220. Where to store video files???
  221. Radio mutes during recording
  222. CCamera,MCameraObserver while implementing this it gives error feature not supported
  223. Would anyone on-device debug the 5th version
  224. certificate error while installing sis file in N73
  225. Image flickering from Portrait <--->Landscape
  226. Camera and custom menu option
  227. add some essential comments for a function of "Draw CBitmap"
  228. Holding multiple bitmaps in memory
  229. About Camera API
  230. Animated gif background
  231. Can I open the image editor view with specific image?
  232. Rendering scene continuosly using opengl
  233. Is there any usable color selection control ?
  234. who can i get Symbian certificate for sis file
  235. CFbsBitmap problem
  236. How to fill the buffer?
  237. How i can change the application icon?
  238. how to do svg files animation
  239. Help Needed PowerVR(OpenGL ES) SDK with Symbian
  240. i have to retrive from textdata from the webserver and i want to create a listitems d
  241. how to play a sound file ?
  242. OpenGl: Slow performance with orthogonal projection
  243. Problems Recording Long Calls CMdaAudioRecorderUtility
  244. CMPUtility extension plugin (originally posted in Tools/SDKs)
  245. How to convert MceoCapturedDataReady( TDesC8* aData ) to CfbsBitmap
  246. View Finder error, if original camera app opened
  247. Do not play audio properly using MobiFLV open source code.
  248. Do not play audio properly using MobiFLV open source code.
  249. S60 compatible video formats?
  250. DrawBitmapMasked crashed on S60 2nd Fp1 and Fp2 devices????