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  1. pls help me...........................
  2. Phone restarts when initiating a call while recording using CMdaAudioInputStream
  3. Play Video
  4. Problem with using Multimedia Framework
  5. Problem with HTP URL Request.
  6. CVideoPlayerUtility video rendering issue on NokiaN97 and Sony Ericsson Satio
  7. problem in displaying the video
  8. Anybody knows anything related to CODECs?
  9. Convert MP2 to MP3?
  10. Does S60 5th Edition support CMMFCodec?
  11. help needed in sensor api
  12. how to achieve the full transparent window
  13. Bitrates and <Feature Not Supported>
  14. Text display using openGLES..
  15. how to combine two projects
  16. Stretching SVGs
  17. Camera Wrapper Exposure Problem N82 / N95
  18. Custom Codec
  19. Cameras cameras everywhere...
  20. how to retrieve one channel of multi-channel music
  21. playlist creation and launching embedded media player
  22. Getting error MMFControllerProxyServer User-19!
  23. Problem in Playing Audio file from Descriptor!
  24. Can I WMA or MP3 Streaming on S60 5th Edition
  25. Which devices support OpenGL ES1.1?
  26. KErrAccessDenied (-21) when playing audio while a call is active
  27. CMdaAudioRecorder::OpenFileL() crashes
  28. SetBalanceL has no effect
  29. MaoscPlayComplete doesn't invoked in stream application
  30. Build time get error in FFMPEG example.
  31. Scale and rotate picture
  32. Audio processing during a voice call
  33. How to record videocalls and save them into file on S60ver2 (S60v2) FP2?
  34. Please Help. What wrong with my buffer?
  35. Camera View finder problem
  36. Recording Audio interrupted on Call
  37. Can I Wma and Wmv Streaming on S60 5th Edition?
  38. try to convert WAV to AMR with Converterutility
  39. CFbsBitmap and Run Length Encoding
  40. image loading problem
  41. rgb value reading problem
  42. Do not get response in movino-symbian application.
  43. svg not appearing properly
  44. Icon for access points
  45. Overlaying 3D on live video - is texture upload really the best way?
  46. libavcodec.dso: No such file: No such file or directory
  47. how to display default select tone dialog..?
  48. Focus range in FP1
  49. Reading image from file in server
  50. How to get point stripes function to with textured polygons on OpenGL ES?
  51. large image decoder
  52. Ask related to WMV and Theora.
  53. Full-duplex audio, 5th edition
  54. Video recording in camera wrapper
  55. OpenGL and touchscreen coordinates
  56. A Problem in running MobiFLV
  57. Playing video from url
  58. OpenGL performance on 5800
  59. Can not change the loaded texture in OpenGL ES
  60. camera calibration parameters
  61. How to use CMMFDevVideoRecord to record video from camera?
  62. Camera example (camerawrapper) not working on E55
  63. Using APS to play .wav on uplink
  64. KERN-EXEC 3 in AknLayoutUtils::FontFromId
  65. Problem: Audio Capture/record with APS with big noise (in ulaw)
  66. How to send In-band DTMF with VAS?
  67. Is CMdaAudioRecorderUtility able to record phone call?
  68. CMdaAudioOutputStream info needed
  69. glTexImage2D draws texture upside down
  70. CMdaAudioRecorderUtility recording AMR-NB?
  71. CMdaAudioRecorderUtility recording interrupted on call
  72. How to rotate a single object in Opengl es?
  73. How to record downlink only on 3rd FP2
  74. Mda record "Feature not supported" on high sample rates
  75. Any known porting issues for glDrawElements() element?
  76. Data types doing FFT
  77. How to play audio over uplink using VAS
  78. Get CONE-8 Panic in RWindowGroup.
  79. Camera Shutter
  80. mp3 recorder on S60 3rd and 5th edition
  81. AMR-NB recording with example records max 7 secs!?
  82. AMR-NB recording with example where to stop and save content automatically?
  83. MaiscBufferCopied crashes
  84. Incorrect size using CImageDecoder
  85. Problems on CVideoPlayerUtility::OpenUrlL()
  86. camera on emulator
  87. AAC recording
  88. AMR recording on symbian 9.1, 9.2, ..Devices possible?
  89. Problem with RTP and Audio Streaming
  90. Problem in FFMPEG application.
  91. [moved] Mr and fp1 device can die when I use CEnvironmentalReverb
  92. r and fp1 device can die when I use CMdaAudioPlayerUtility and CEnvironmentalReverbUt
  93. ShowConfirmationQueryL blocking playing sound..
  94. Preview tones while browsing..
  95. [moved] AAC recording in Symbian 3rd edition.
  96. Camera Wrapper problem
  97. How to configure the WMA CMMFCodec?
  98. Conveting photo to grayscale
  99. Installing camera wrapper on non Nokia phones
  100. Change Equalizer of Standart Audio Player
  101. Video callback using the camera wrapper
  102. Refresh default backround in Container
  103. Access to input voice
  104. How to get point attenuation to work in OpenGL ES?
  105. Help!! how to play a video file in openGL ES Enviroment?
  106. Playing MIDI problem
  107. where/how i can get a "flash2ui.dll" or "flash3ui.dll" file?
  108. Screen animated transitions on Nokia 5800
  109. APS issue, problem with recorder
  110. s60 5th play mp3
  111. how to know audio formats
  112. Problem with caknbitmapanimation
  113. CFont GetCharacterData() bitmap format
  114. Delaunay Triangulator
  115. Rotate screen in 180 and 270 degree
  116. Playing sound during calls
  117. AudioMetadataReader
  118. audio underflow on n78 & e75
  119. Is it impossible to have both antialiasing and point attenuation?
  120. Can Symbian C++ support H.264?
  121. Menu icons FP1 and FP2!
  122. How to Control the Volume Key?
  123. look for audio dB 's API
  124. APS (RAPSSession) 5th edition devices
  125. jpeg <===> raw data transforms errors
  126. G.711 noise with VAS
  127. Old Errors/difficulties while building ImageConverter example
  128. Mulitple Instance of APS.
  129. Voice encryption for GSM mobiles
  130. get Mp3 attached picture
  131. DRM question?
  132. Error trying out the 'S60 Platform : Camera Example'
  133. anybody have a command for FFMPEG application?
  134. some questions about reading QR code
  135. Noise while playing G711 RTP
  136. CreateGradientBitmapL API
  137. video recording duration on N97
  138. CImageDecoder and non-integer scaling factor
  139. Text To Speech with CTtsUtility
  140. CameraWrapper and Viewfinder Buffering
  141. [moved] phone not ringing?
  142. DataTypes buffer playing
  143. How to implement flight movement in opengl es?
  144. Save a Captured video using CCamera
  145. how i can get which image is selected after the gallery app is closed
  146. [moved] APS Problem
  147. Max frequency supported
  148. [moved] voice control over the calls
  149. [moved] Converting .png images to .bmp
  150. Do not able get Buffer when use RTSP protocol.
  151. Video problem on N95 8Gb
  152. how can i develop an application that enable users to talk for free over internet ?
  153. Regarding Display the 420 YUV format
  154. How to do MMS Streaming Connection?
  155. Image files created not visible in Gallery
  156. How to write text in an OpenGL ES game?
  157. Manipulating Wav Files
  158. About CMMFDevSoundSession::PlayError[0xfffffff6]
  159. Wave file with sample rate
  160. CMdaAudioRecorderUtility'problem in SDK 2nd
  161. Audio setting for recording
  162. CDocumentHandler run error
  163. CMMFDevVideoRecord::SetInputFormatL() retruns -5 on N97
  164. tv-out / multiple screens in 5th Edition?
  165. Need Help using CMDAAudioRecorderUtility with compressed WAV (GSM 6.10) format
  166. CameraExample missing header files
  167. Changing resolution for CCamera
  168. video plugins for decoder
  169. how to use the sound 's data to calculate dB's
  170. Transparent bmp
  171. Error E32USER - CBase 71
  172. Reusing existing theme icons.
  173. How do I get a good frame rate with OpenGL ES?
  174. [moved] SVG problems
  175. Thread does't run
  176. camera hardware types
  177. Macro mode in N73
  178. how to play dtmf through aps?
  179. Displaying Animated Gif - CGif_Reader
  180. gettting stuck by clicking volume or pause keys
  181. Data abortion occurs during converting image,why?
  182. problem with full duplex example recording
  183. mp3 format is not playing
  184. Problem: redraw to the screen outside of applications framework
  185. MP4 encoding from individual raw frames
  186. Problem: Audio Proxy Server used by more than two processes at the same time?
  187. Are you working with the Camera Wrapper?
  188. Invoking default ringtone.
  189. VoIP Audio Service SetFormat -5
  190. the API of Opening Mircophone for recording
  191. Disable Incoming message Sound.
  192. mp3 stream problem on sdk 2nd
  193. Please help me locate a C++ class
  194. ViewFinder's FPS
  195. Autofocus - not focusing enough
  196. Is it possible to create an Open GL ES screensaver?
  197. Problem Playing Video Using TV Out on N96
  198. Changing compression type of jpg image
  199. Full duplex audio in Samsung i8910?
  200. How to use libmad for networking paly?
  201. Tiling a bitmap with mask
  202. 3d graphic for non opengl phone?
  203. About use keypadlocked
  204. Record sound using CMMFDevSound
  205. CMMFVideoPlay yet again
  206. Help: How to get whether the headphone is connected ot not?
  207. Streaming problem: Audio stop before playing
  208. .Mp4 on N85
  209. Phone crashed when decoding mp3 using libmad
  210. Text To Speech E32User-CBase 71
  211. Unable to include HWRMVibra.h
  212. Problems while creating instance of CExifRead
  213. N97 didn't play tone with CMdaAudioToneUtility
  214. CopyScreenToBitmap does not copy current screen
  215. Which is the best way to increase the color depth in a bitmap?
  216. Wanna get an idea about “ Startup animation " !!!
  217. speech recognition where to start ?
  218. Convert.jpg image to bitmap
  219. Point attenuation do not work like it should on most devices
  220. How to change display mode?
  221. Application id
  222. Focus related problem in Camera Example
  223. Draw Image with Alpha-channel on top of Video.
  224. some questions about .mbm files
  225. If TTS(Text To Speech) Function can be called in S60?
  226. Quitting camera after one photo
  227. [moved] A serious problem of"ImageConversion 1"
  228. Where to save .wav file in the real device
  229. CMMFDevSound Initialize error
  230. CVideoPlayerUtility::OpenFileL() - Audio only on E72
  231. Is it possible to change the sample rate in audio streamming application?
  232. Resizing Animated gif
  233. Using HW video post processor for YUV2RGB conversion
  234. RG the decoding quality of mp3decode with madlib
  235. How to get the position in 3d space in OpenGL ES?
  236. Audio Routing on 3rd edition.
  237. Please how I can make a graph like Seismograph
  238. N97 camera preview is not smooth
  239. How to open a musical file in a standard musical player?
  240. 关于视频录制的问题
  241. Draw Image after Selection Option from Listbox
  242. Did Satio support audio route?
  243. Mapx for S60 V3. Could you give some documents?
  244. Convert PCM16 to AAC
  245. Long hour recording
  246. Problem: Camera Wrapper API by SetExposureL with manual
  247. Need to get Partnering API - CMMFCodec (aac decoding) S60 5th (for 5800)
  248. how to save a image(captured from camera) to a file
  249. Control resolution of Camera
  250. Fading SVG graphics