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  1. OpenGl ES non-Fullscreen
  2. Recording video in H264 format
  3. display movable image on a background image
  4. .svg icon problem
  5. Codecs Support in S60 3rd edition FP2 emulator and device
  6. Histogram for camera....the library
  7. H.264 encoder on S60 5th Edition
  8. How to use phone camera to capture video, and then stored in a remote server?
  9. dynamically generate svg icon
  10. camera example question
  11. AMR file format in E52 - Variable frame size?
  12. video call primary camera
  13. [moved] Possibility of using Bluetooth with FM Radio expecting comment from experts
  14. About CMMFController
  15. help!! need zoom functions during capturing video from camera..
  16. Flickers when switching from Video to other view
  17. how to play a self-define music file?
  18. Progress Bar for Media Player
  19. Qt Creator and Epic Fail on my code.
  20. Anyone have OGGVORBIS Controller source code?
  21. Make SVGT from SVG using Inkscape and Svg to Svgt converter.
  22. cancellation of periodical beep sound
  23. How to see viewfinder result on screen?
  24. How to use CGulIcon on screen?
  25. convert mp3 file as unplayable file
  26. To use Audio proxy service in multiple application
  27. Register media type for MMF
  28. H.264 decoding with CMMFDevVedioPlay
  29. E52 VoIP Audio Service problems
  30. How to compress "CFbsBitmap" frame?
  31. Extracting frame from video clip
  32. N8 sound play problem
  33. Showing Image Question
  34. Embedding Real Player Issues
  35. Convert CMMFBuffer data into descriptor
  36. VAS causes handset to reboot.
  37. Problem with CMMFDevSound
  38. Undefined Reference to CMdaAudioInputStream
  39. API to make a call to the gsm mobile numbers
  40. CCamera flash light.
  41. Media Management service returning incomplete info?
  42. Help! How to set the RProperty when i only get the notify about image but not video
  43. Poor text rendering quality with a masked bitmap
  44. how to get the frist frame of the video file
  45. Problem Playing AMR file
  46. Entering Gallery
  47. Audio Proxy Server(APS) 2.4.3 Initialization Problem
  48. SVG transparency
  49. [moved] Problem about CImageDecoder
  50. [moved] playing wave
  51. How to draw image over the background image
  52. Draw a VGImage which loaded and converted from .jpg, display has problem.
  53. How to get the size of video file while being written record data
  54. best buffer size for AMR recording?
  55. how to Uplink and downlink audio while connected in phone call in S60 5th edition
  56. CMdaAudioInputStream priority
  57. Get audio of a phone call (without using CMdaAudioRecorderUtility)
  58. Removal of PrintingServices component - call for comments
  59. Video recording with audio gives error
  60. UI drawing finished
  61. VAD
  62. CMMFDevVideoPlay and H264
  63. Camera constants
  64. Need Help for my KPlayer application
  65. how to fit the background image to the screen size
  66. Stream video using RTMP
  67. Nokia C5 camera issues
  68. Screen Rotation - Samsung i8910 HD -
  69. how to set the audio output to the max
  70. How to record HD video on Nokia N8?
  71. How to invoke or access Native MusicPlayer for S605th Edition?
  72. Video file header (H.263/ H.264)
  73. Recorded sound level
  74. API to use writting pad and capture the written image
  76. Is there any way to uplink audio during phone call for S60 5th Edition ?
  77. Store/Retrieve captured image to/from DB
  78. How to control Native music player play button and pause buton ?
  79. Converting EColor16M to EColor16MU ( pixel by pixel )
  80. Draw Image
  81. Record a call into buffer
  82. A instance of CMMFCodec can not be created in 5th on emulator
  83. How to Hide Native Music player Application from Task List ?
  84. Question about VoIP API
  85. Transparency tip
  86. error code in CMdaAudioToneUtility
  87. Audio recording on E71
  88. Voice Recogintion or Voice to text
  89. N8 Problem displaying camera feed to touchscreen display.
  90. What TTS Does Voice Aid Use To Read Contact Entries?
  91. Library link problem while running RTP Example :(
  92. KErrNotSupported with CCamera::FrameBufferReady
  93. Problems: AudioStream Record and convert pcm to mp3
  94. How to play a specific audio file like alarm
  95. Live streaming video playback on QuickTime
  96. Something puzzled me on "mdaaudiooutputstream.h"
  97. devsound's config error(-18) on N8, why?
  98. CMdaAudioPlayerUtility + Symbian^3
  99. N8 Graphics memory
  100. Camera resolution on N97 (using CamerWrapper lib)
  101. how to read Audio Output stream and store it into file ?
  102. OpenGL poor quality on N8?
  103. Dual-mic stereo recording on N8
  104. sounds in S60 v5 question
  105. Audio Input to file
  106. N8 with output to HDMI how to draw on 1280x720
  107. pictures to video
  108. Problem with playing a sound file using CMdaAudioPlayerUtility
  109. SVG image Bitblt problem
  110. Problem with playing Sounds in emulator
  111. My application facing "already in use" error problem in Symbian^3(N8)..
  112. How to record Earpiece output audio during GSM call ?
  113. Speech recognition utility example code
  114. How to increase and decrease display brightness?
  115. Not enough storage is available to complete this operation.(aError = -14)
  116. Why can't I operate the bitmap raw data directly?
  117. Why CImageDecoder::Convert() got error ImageConversion 1
  118. How to add clickable icon image
  119. Can not run S60_Platform_Video_Example_v2_0_en(Symbian^3) on N8
  120. H264 HW decoder Problem
  121. CMdaAudioOutputStream stutters/CPU usage
  122. Generate TIFF images
  123. Volume control problem on N8
  124. Recording in AMR (MMS compatible)
  125. Record in mp3/amr
  126. N8 can't load OpenGL 1024x1024 reliably
  127. glViewport broken on N8
  128. API to open images
  129. Capturing contents of video playback area
  130. RingTone
  131. VoIPAudioServicesAPI question
  132. FM Transmitter library doesn't exist !!!
  133. VAS on N8: CVoIPAudioDownlinkStream::SetAudioDevice does not work
  134. CMMFDevSound leaks memory?
  135. OpenGL ES 2.0 webinar for S^ 3 devices Dec 13th
  136. Almost no extensions supported in ES 1.1 for N8 generation
  137. CMMFCodec for Symbian^1 and Symbian^3
  138. Developing Video Applications for Symbian Devices
  139. Number of OpenGL draw calls has dramatic impact on N8 performance
  140. Loading custom font (ttf) in Symbian^3
  141. How to make fullscreen for particlular view in a project ?
  142. How to set or disable Screen orientation for particular view in a project?
  143. RIchTexteditor font size panic KERNEXEC 3
  144. Bad rendering SVG icon in device , try in N96
  145. Is adaptive streaming possible on S60 besides using silverlight?
  146. Extracting Images from MBM Files...
  147. MPX problems
  148. Graphics memory resource profiling (S^3)
  149. Need help regarding video recording
  150. encoding 3gp video on the device
  151. Convert wav to MP3
  152. Multimedia support in Symbian ^3 emulator
  153. Playing audio to the uplink in S60 version>8.0
  154. Problem with re-opening a vas uplink and downlink
  155. Why I just can't create .mbg file
  156. how to store songs in project and play?
  157. CMdaAudioOutputStream::open(..) vs CMdaAudioOutputStream::SetAudioPropertiesL(...)
  158. Does CMdaAudioOutputStream support HE-AAC/AAC+/aacPlus?
  159. now playing playlist or song of the native media player from my own app
  160. Problem while using CMdaAudioOutputStream.
  161. HQTTS in S^3
  162. Autofocus 'correctly' implemented, but not working
  163. how to invoke camera for mobile appli...plz help me
  164. how to display lyrics when play song?
  165. Icon size for Symbian^3 / Nokia N8
  166. Audio streaming with 8 bits PCM WAVE file
  167. Launch video player from an app
  168. How to mute/unmute the microphone on S60 5th Edition devices ????
  169. Help
  170. OpenGL with physical camera problem in N8
  171. How to incorporate Lighting effects in a particular coding for a game????
  172. microphone capability
  173. MMdaAudioOutputStreamCallbacks asynchronous or not, or both?
  174. OpenGL ES 1.1
  175. GL_CLIP_PLANE not supported
  176. Nokia N8 - ScreenPlay
  177. Moving camera focus rectangle
  178. 2D OpenGL ES 1.1 app for V5 and ^3 :- Should I do it?
  179. If use CMMFDevVideoPlay need MutimediaDD capabilities ?
  180. Fastest way to show camera viewfinder with overlay
  181. Nokia N8 and RTMP Streams?
  182. Make Loud Voice(siren)
  183. N8 access to face detection functionality
  184. Controller plug-in flow and interaction with Engine and other plug-ins
  185. VRex (CVideoRecorderUtility) Example download
  186. Photo gallery picker possible ?
  187. Application Menu!!!
  188. CVideoRecorderUtility never finishes Prepare
  189. Audio need to be disabled in rtsp playback
  190. I want to buld a own rtsp video player for s60 3rd and 5th edition mobiles.
  191. CRemConCoreApiTarget and Symbian ^ 3
  192. SetRepeats for CMdaAudioToneUtility does not work on device (E5)
  193. Problem with openGL ES !!!
  194. Menu Creation
  195. Help!! Nokia N8 opengles draw white texture!!
  196. Redirecting phone's player/tuner sound to loudspeaker if headsets plugged in
  197. Reading data From a Wav file.For playing
  198. Texture Problem!!!
  199. How to access memory card contents using c++
  200. Loading .png background image on s60 (3rd edition)
  201. Get autofocus- failed event
  202. Playing mp3 with CmdaAudioPlayerUtility
  203. Live video upload
  204. Porting Example3D to S60 5th Edition!!!
  205. Playing the current massage tone
  206. problem of record video use CNewFileServiceClient
  207. First Frame Of the Video
  208. N8 "Photos" application problems after latest firmware release
  209. No sound after publishing to the Ovi Store
  210. Has anyone got the MGFetch API to work on the C7 or N8 ?
  211. how convert CBitmap to binary array
  212. H264 decoding on N8 using DevVideo API
  213. Texture Problem!!!
  214. OpenGL anti-aliasing very costly on N8
  215. CMMFDevVideoPlay::Start() results in -40(KErrTooBig)
  216. MidiClientUtility No Pause command why
  217. Can we play audio/video files during audio recording in Symbian ++?
  218. Camera exposure compensation is poor
  219. API for increase or decrease Mic volume in symbian
  220. How to switch on Dualflash LED
  221. Problem in loading Texture!!
  222. play more than one .wav file at a time
  223. Problem using APS in ECOM
  224. CMdaAudioOutputStream SetVolume while playing
  225. Is ICO file format supported?
  226. Problem with CFbsBitmap Directdataaccess indexing
  227. Are there any recommended image dimensions for a CAknButton?
  228. Play sound in symbian, alaw, uniform or wav
  229. Enumerator unrecognized for .mbm file.
  230. What is the Ideal solution for sound mixing in Symbian^3
  231. Can not play tone
  232. operator new(unsigned int)() debugging error
  233. Help about AudioPlayer to support .ape and flac!
  234. Nokia N8 and RTSP TCP fallback support?
  235. Symbian^3 functionality break?
  236. Symbian ^3 direct screen access
  237. Convert PCM16 to AMR using CMMFCodec not working
  238. error 12017
  239. APIBridge and Camera resolution
  240. how to automatic shut down the phone
  241. KErrOverflow error while recording Audio
  242. WMDRM API
  243. Is OpenVG accelerate CFbsBitGc drawing on S^3 ??
  244. How to Edit/modify EXIF of picture has been taken from Nokia phone
  245. CMdaAudioInputStream - stream recording.
  246. Activate loudspeaker and play a sound
  247. Customized Controls
  248. Transparency....
  249. How I can create application to access memory card images?
  250. Audio Routing API