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  1. Question regarding about class CFbsBitmap
  2. [moved] Anti aliasing
  3. Face Camera
  4. How to convert/divide an image to matrix
  5. Open GL Extension
  6. How to get the attached picture from mp3 file?
  7. [moved] problem with loading geometry on symbian 3
  8. "Restart" CMdaAudioInputStream after KErrDied
  9. SDL question [extracted from Newbie Symbian C++]
  10. Phonebook data to V-card .
  11. Video streaming from mobile to FMS server via RTMP Protocol
  12. extract thumbnail from movie clip recorded with n8 (mp4)
  13. Playing Audio Files with self signed for S60 3rd & 5th edition
  14. T0 Play a channels list conatining rtsp live videos
  15. GetPixel() - Red, Green, Blue
  16. [moved] Symbian ^3 Opengl ES :: Carbide
  17. Something wrong with glTexImage2D glTexSubImage2D
  18. How to add icons to custom buttons ?????
  19. UseBrushPattern 's problem in symbian^3
  20. Metadata of audio file
  21. How to create slider buttons for volume display and seekbar display??
  22. Frustum size. in Symbian
  23. Problem in playing video
  24. Camera View finder not refreshed
  25. sound implementation in symbian^3
  26. How to load *.wav files on Device (Symbian ^3) ??
  27. Playback into phone line
  28. How to create a playlist for nokia 3rd edition in symbian????
  29. How to create popup windows with form and commands in symbian 3rd edition??
  30. Application hangs after sound is played
  31. Play RTMP through Symbian C++
  32. Camera Wrapper library Face camera capture image reversed
  33. Record video/audio with external microphone
  34. How to play the M3U files in my player???
  35. Play wav file using APS on 3rd FP1 device
  36. MP3 and AAC streaming over HTTP on S60 5th and Symbian^3
  37. detecting / disableing TV out
  38. Bandwidth for audio stream for the mobile client
  39. Using CMdaAudioOutputStream for playing network stream audio
  40. How to activate sound in emulator
  41. Plotting graphs with Symbian C++
  42. How to get profile ringtone volume?
  43. Checking / listening for headphone availability / (un)plugging from S60 3rd onwards
  44. CMdaAudioPlayerUtility::MaxVolume() returns Zero
  45. How to know the supported audio codecs for VOIP in a device??
  46. H264 decoding on 5230 using DevVideo API
  47. CMdaAudioOutputStream::WriteL()
  48. How to display image (image's path is inputted by user)
  49. How can i turned on/off the backlight?
  50. KErrDied while playing audio with CMMFDevSound
  51. maximum tri's allowed in symbian^3 ??
  52. loading bmp images of small resolution in symbian 3
  53. Example usage for How to read images to Symbian bitmap
  54. API for FM transmitter in symbian.
  55. Play wav file with symbian c++ problem
  56. Alarm implementation
  57. Problem on playing audio in loudspeaker in Symbian^3
  58. Open media using system default app.
  59. Defining jpeg rotation in EXIF metadata (problem?)
  60. CMdaAudioRecorderUtility Recording blocks Music player and radio
  61. How to detect dark image?
  62. Is HTTP video Streaming possible using the openurl method of CVideoPlayerUtility.?
  63. White background with CVideoPlayerUtility on Symbian^3
  64. having problem in loading .png image on symbian^3??
  65. my video loads too slowly if launched with Browser launcher code with real player id
  66. DevVideoRecord issue on N8
  67. bitmaps
  68. Technical assistance required
  69. No front camera snapshot on N96
  70. texture:sytem error (-1)
  71. How to load objects through VBO method in Symbian^3?
  72. Call Recorder Application
  73. How to create a share plug-in
  74. [CMdaAudioOutputStream] SetVolume problem
  75. Call recording using CMMFDevSound
  76. CSpeechRecognitionUtility creating object
  77. Speed up Camera
  78. Issue while scaling bitmaps
  79. How to capturing video images and saving in a queue
  80. OpenGL supersampling performance down
  81. How to play any live video stream or link on s60 5th edtion phones
  82. Nokia 600/700/701 GPU upgrade!
  83. How to get all Audio File path?
  84. Ways to edit video frames during record process
  85. Playing ringtone while outgoing call is active
  86. Call recording No beep on N8
  87. How to use embedded camera application from my application?
  88. Volume too low when playing through loadspeaker
  89. VoIP Audio Service Problem
  90. Encrypt/Decrypt GSM call
  91. Playing 1280x720 mp4 using CVideoPlayerUtility
  92. Loading the images very slowly during the parsing process of xml
  93. How to store the xml data parsed in local C drive of the mobile and retrieve/access
  94. Playing video using CVideoPlayerUtility, only volumn, no picture
  95. Getting started with mif files
  96. how to create a Transparent Window
  97. Pixels or Twips
  98. APSServer and CallAudioControl
  99. Play sound on telephony uplink using APS
  100. icon size svg and the story
  101. How to detect volume from microphone?
  102. CVideoPlayerUtility streaming
  103. SVG icon does not resize to rect size!!
  104. How to play rtsp live stream with .sdp extension on s60 5th Edition mobiles/ devices
  105. protocol supported in S60 internet Audio?
  106. C5 and CameraWrapper - EErrAutoFocusMode
  107. Accessing CCameraAdvancedSettings
  108. How to play my rtsp live stream/video in portrait mode
  109. CCamera::Reserve(), KErrAccessDenied failure on Symbian^3
  110. C++ coding problem. CFbsBitmap dissapears.
  111. Doubt about top level window touch event on 5th and ^3
  112. Please advice a way to play audio to uplink voice channel
  113. Getting svg icons from present theme
  114. problem when make application play file .wav!
  115. FlashLight Access for Symbians
  116. Draw() not call
  117. Draw an image jpg.
  118. Iam Using Inkscape for creating application icons , but not visible for QA people
  119. Play mp3 file and vibrate phone simultaneously
  120. How to create application icons for symbian applications for symbian mobiles
  121. Is the landscape mode according to screen orienattions possible on s60 3rd ed device
  122. I want to put a bitmap image at the center of the application's background(screen)
  123. How to Make the Screen Blink
  124. Application launcher icon is of bad quality
  125. Live Stream Video to website Code
  126. Take a screenshot and save it .
  127. CMdaAudioOutputStream::Write does'nt work
  128. can we play mp3 files using APS (Audio Proxy Server)
  129. API for converting mp3 to amr.
  130. How to make camera sound totally silent?
  131. Jpg images to listbox icons
  132. Reading CFbsbitmap array
  133. Help: How to get "Now Playing" song from Native media player in Symbian C++ ?
  134. CMdaAudioOutputStream Stop() application crash
  135. problem in rename the captured image
  136. Reading CFbsbitmap Panic KERN-EXEC 3
  137. Problem to play song
  138. How to embed system camera in a application?
  139. Problem with CMdaAudioOutputStream
  140. Problem after converting image file to bitmap ?
  141. Image compression
  142. CCamera ViewFrame Size does not fit to the screen
  143. how to play video file in full screen with S60..........
  144. Can't access the image
  145. Can s60 5th Edition devices/mobiles play rtsp streams with/without any extension
  146. How to know back light is currently on or off ?
  147. Use SVG file build from Inkscape cannot be resize?
  148. How many types of streams can be played on s60 5th edition devices like C6 and 5800
  149. SVG not rendering correctly
  150. Catching shutter camera key in Belle
  151. access Image from file system....
  152. how to AMR to PCM in qt
  153. How to crop an image and save it as pdf
  154. Song in media player pauses n UI gets disturbed when i create playbackutility object
  155. How to put a .html script in my symbian application for showing ADS etc in the app.
  156. VoIP audio services cannot change volume
  157. Player Problem
  158. Problem Scaling a bitmap keeping Aspect Ratio
  159. How to decode an image with low depth ?
  160. CCamera::StartViewFinderBitmapsL(aSize) does not return the frame of given size
  161. Symbian Belle and mp4
  162. H264 Encoding
  163. camera engine does not open the back camera cover on my N8 belle
  164. How to optimize Opengl es 1.1 app?
  165. Audio routing - Belle FP1
  166. How can i go directly to Photo Gallery Albums in Belle
  167. Camera switching problem
  168. How to access playlists in Symbian Anna/Belle?
  169. How to scale bitmaps in faster way?
  170. what is the pixel format of EColor16MU?
  171. S^3 Camera Advanced settings
  172. Belle FP1 & Dolby headphone
  173. CGraphicsContext::EDrawModeNOTSCREEN problem in Anna and Belle
  174. Noise/Echo cancelling using CVoipDownlink/UplinkStream
  175. how to control Native Media Player Audio/Video from other application in symbian
  176. I want to control play and pause of native player from my application, is there any
  177. Game Enabler Ogg Vorbis playback problem
  178. Could not use SetPixel() of TBitmapUtil properly
  179. How to convert the captured camera feed into rtp API trasfer to rtsp streamingserver
  180. Pureview advanced camera API
  181. I have tried to compile the mediarecorder application .But many errors reflected .
  182. TBitmapUtil::SetPixel Not working in Symbian belle
  183. How to change the Display mode of a Bitmap ?
  184. What is the job of Reset() in CFbsBitmap ?
  185. I want to start the web TV discussion Boards again.I have a query regarding web TV.
  186. sending live recored video to web browser at a time recoreded by nokia mobile camera
  187. A query on audio Record/Playback in PCM16 using CMMFBuffer and speex
  188. How PCM16 data is arranged in 8 bit CMMFBuffer ?
  189. Iam facing difficulty with S60 RTP/RTC API which I have bulit with s60 3rd fp2 SDK
  190. How to convert RTP Packets by converting into RTSP packets and send to web browser