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  1. Nokia Series 60 Audio Module
  2. Volume Control while playing video
  3. how should i proceed with my camera app
  4. AMR codec details
  5. Problem in using CMdaBitmapScaler in Symbian 7.0
  6. Q: How to override player's streaming proxy settings through MMF API?
  7. Image dimensions
  8. Cascading menu
  9. Direct Screen Access Example
  10. load texture in Opengl ES
  11. link error trying to use CMdaAudioConvertUtility !!
  12. Mobile Software Developers (C++/Symbian), London
  13. Using forms in 3'rd edition
  14. Converting AMR-WB to PCM16?
  15. Nokia professionals, Please help with AMR-WB.
  16. Displaying some text over video
  17. warning.mp3
  18. Recording on Nokia 6630(>22KHZ)
  19. Crash on Emulator and device (6620)
  20. Forum Nokia Expert, please help with AMR-WB.
  21. how to use the "aif builder"?
  22. Recording an Audio Input stream using CMdaAudioInputStream
  23. displaying an image on the main screen
  24. CMdaAudioToneUtility priority
  25. Rear/front camera on 6680
  26. Recording an audio stream using the Series 60 emulator
  27. How to capture QVGA size bitmap image (CBitmapScaler::Scale() too slow)
  28. User selecting the path
  29. How to transfer .wav files in nokia communicator?
  30. Need a .xmf sample tune
  31. Can't change the icon of the application--Help
  32. Audio and Thread
  33. How to play the system sounds in an application...???
  34. where do i download nmmc
  35. Help!!About recording used CMdaAudioRecorderUtility
  36. how can we implement a sub menu in a new page
  37. Video streaming two-way
  38. Nokia themes for 6101?
  39. Download Themes into NOKIA 6681?
  40. CAdvancedAudioController
  41. Missing MMF classes documentation in Symbian devlib 8.0
  42. Motion bulr with OpenGL ES
  43. Bit rate adaptation
  44. Mobile Software Developers (C++/Symbian), London
  45. TFrameInfoMCL
  46. Player Video On A 6680
  47. PrepareVideoCaptureL and TFormat
  48. compress files
  49. Theme Studio .pkg file
  50. call writeL but no MaoscBufferCopied response
  51. ? I'm going to learn 3d game program~~~~
  52. Challenging Sound Problem on 9210
  53. Need to redraw my whole screen
  54. OpenGL ES Support in S60 3rd Edition Beta SDK
  55. Mixing Audio and Video
  56. Volume control while playing tone with CAknVolumeSettingItem
  57. Diret Screen access - bitmap shirnks
  58. pc to mobile music app
  59. Using CMdaAudioConvertUtility to convert raw audio to a wav file
  60. Playing 2 Videos without "waiting time"?
  61. How to get the color value using the 8-bit bitmap data and the Pallete table
  62. Inclusion of Audio File and run on nokia 6600
  63. using rtsp - to what handsets is it possible?
  64. Copying a Bitmap using DataAddress() of another Bitmap and Displaying it
  65. series 80 - using the camera
  66. Camera in a Compound control
  67. changing the default menu options in the media gallery
  68. how to creat a wallpaper?
  69. Whats the exact support for SVG in Series 60?
  70. what format to save mp3 file?
  71. Real Time Video Streaming On Mobile
  72. how to play mp3 file?
  73. how to use the mad to play mp3?
  74. Problem with N6680 - Play a video during an incoming call
  75. Getting JPEG in HBufC8 directly from CCamera?
  76. Insert Wav file
  77. MMF Video and audio
  78. SVG Example
  79. Audio Codec sources?
  80. buffersize
  81. I need a simple thing - transparent icons in menu
  82. Inquiry regarding audio/sound for s60 2.1
  83. strange problem with nokia 6630
  84. I can't download Series 60 Theme Studio forSymbian OS
  85. Full Duplex Audio Streaming and Series 60 SDK 3rd Edition
  86. series60 Camera
  87. Contemporaneous MaiscBufferCopied callbacks???
  88. CMMFCoded: hardware or software?
  89. Nokia 6680 - And the lies!
  90. Problem with installation when OTA
  91. video streaming queries
  92. Nokia Music Player API (does it exist?)
  93. i cannot play amr on emulator,
  94. Problem with CamApp on Nokia N70
  95. DRM with audio files (play times)
  96. Sample EAACPlus media files
  97. s60 video test
  98. send CFbsBitmap to Bmp file
  99. SVG graphics for tab icons
  100. How to catch n6630's build-in mp3 player's event
  101. Nokia 6630 play dynamically generated MP3
  102. Image EXIF data
  103. Converting PCM to Amr sound file..
  104. series60 cameraApp
  105. PCM to AMR conversion
  106. Incoming Call and Dialog Box Display..
  107. Query about audio recording
  108. Nokia's packing format for GSM
  109. Audio uplink problem.. 7610
  110. CImageDecoder::Convert() causes KErrUnknown :(
  111. Video decoder
  112. 3Gp format
  113. Music player on S60 3.0 phone
  114. serie 60 3 edition
  115. is it possible to...
  116. Symbian dialer altering voice
  117. voice controll after dialing a number
  118. preview frame rate speedup possible ?
  119. Changing buffer size when streaming with CMMFDevAudio
  120. How to play audio to ear speaker
  121. x-pitch and y-pitch
  122. EColor16M
  123. TCodecProcessResult of CMMFCodec::ProcessL unreliable in S60 FP2
  124. How to play two audio files at the same time?
  125. How Can I draw faster bitmap to screen
  126. AMR Codec ConfigureL method not working on Nokia N70 (It works on previous phones)
  127. CameraApp Viewfinder ?
  128. digital camera image standards (DCIM)
  129. ccamera viewfinderbitmaps
  130. A couple of questions about audio playing.
  131. Direct Screen Access
  132. how to generate a playlist?
  133. Licencing: Audio Codec in Series 60 Phones
  134. Size of rendering area using OpenGL ES
  135. Individual icon in programlist
  136. Theme Problem 7610
  137. CImageDecoder does not give accurat pixelvalues
  138. URGENT: repair a 3gp file?
  139. Sound
  140. About Changing the AMR Codec Mode in symbian
  141. problems in image conversion
  142. Speech Recognition In S60
  143. CMMFConroller
  144. RNG editor?
  145. compressing CfbsBitmap
  146. capturing camera and sending them...
  147. Adding some textures
  148. Extended capabilities?...
  149. CMdaAudioOutputStream playout scheme
  150. Link errors when trying to Display bitmap
  151. Giving an output of silence
  152. pixel display
  153. How can use camera in services?
  154. Problem with SetVolume and Audio playback
  155. DevSound internal buffer (AKA Latency with streaming)
  156. Problem in playing with CMdaAudioOutputStream
  157. How to use DevASR (speech recognition)
  158. Retrieving media files
  159. TBitmapUtil to CFbsBitmap
  160. Missing MetadataUtility Class in 3rd edition
  161. Urgent Query Problem in BufferToBeFilled callback
  162. resize a CfbsBitmap problem
  163. CmdaAudioOutputStream switching between Earpiece 'n Loudspeaker
  164. Urgent Query to Experts
  165. Play sound not to the loud speaker
  166. Feature is not supported
  167. Speaker Volume
  168. Using CPAlbImageViewerBasic to display an animated gif works only the first time
  169. Retrieving Camera Resolution programatically
  170. Utils.h and Utils.cpp
  171. camera video streaming
  172. Problem installing s60 theme studio | plz help!!
  173. problem while recording in buffers in CmdaAudioInputStream and playing with CmdaAudio
  174. problem in CMdaAudioRecorderUtility
  175. Content creation tools.
  176. How can i record amr file in popuplist?
  177. CMdaAudioInputStream
  178. How to read the profile?
  179. CMdaAudioInputStream - Sampling takes 700ms
  180. Strange problem when creating and printing a blank window
  181. Full duplex with audio interjection (6630)
  182. load mbm from descriptors?
  183. IllegalStateException on realize() method
  184. record sound in AMR format
  185. Screen saver API in 3rd edition
  186. Skins with 3rd edition.
  187. sphere in OpenGL ES
  188. CPAlbImageViewerBasic
  189. Realtime sound effects for 3D gaming
  190. Error Code in Audio Input/Output Stream Callback
  191. Seimens CX75
  192. NewFilePlayerL problem..help me pls..
  193. scale the video???
  194. Urgent Query--Converting AMR TO PCM
  195. audio recording in Raw Format
  196. activate loudspeaker
  197. Problem Coversion from AMR to PCM in symbian 6.1
  198. MMF in the 3rd Edition SDK
  199. why Codec is needed in case of raw audio data
  200. How to develop a video conference application on S60?
  201. MMF Video Controller
  202. Streaming survey
  203. Error Message: MMFControllerProxyServer4da8348 ViewSrv11
  204. How to make the video visible?
  205. CFbsBitmap in SDK 3.0 Seems not allow using DataAddress()
  206. AAC, MP3 playback problem on N71
  207. Different classes for audio streaming
  208. Voice Codec in 3rd edition
  209. CMdaAudioOutputStream to play AAC+
  210. Jobs available at BullGuard...
  211. interactive VIDEO app - C++ or JAVA??
  212. Color conversion
  213. disable ringtones
  214. Samsung SGH-D720- audio uplink problem
  215. AIF and bitmap masks
  216. Gathering supported file types problem
  217. graphic layer over a video layer
  218. MGFetch in handlecommandL problem?
  219. movie format
  220. writing language menu in edwin
  221. Vectorial text with rotation
  222. Video Call using symbian 8.1
  223. Crash in eglCopyBuffers on S60 2.6 emulator
  224. having problems with Theme Studio 3.0
  225. Displaying an animated Gif
  226. Problem In Audio Input Streaming
  227. video controller for opendesL
  228. problem instaling theme studio
  229. Image conversion utility in Series 60 3rd Edition SDK Beta
  230. The bitmap's color number in symbian is only 256? Please Help!!
  231. Resize and edit Pixels in ViewFinderFrameReady or FrameBufferReady
  232. How to include and load a png file in a program?
  233. How to optimize Binary Image Processing.. Please help!
  234. I have a problem with SetPriority() method ofCMdaAudioPlayerUtility
  235. unresolved external symbol
  236. video controller
  237. HELP me , Using Audio Stream record AMR
  238. CCAmera problem
  239. Thumbnails problem
  240. Can we set the AMR Codec Mode before recording?
  241. No output using CMdaAudioOutputStream with SetDataTypeL to play MP3
  242. Abt Decoding & Encoding
  243. To draw PNG Files
  244. List and context pane icon colours
  245. different thread's
  246. CCamera and mp4 format
  247. Display, modify and save image
  248. MIDIClientUtility.h & CMIDIClientUtility.lib
  249. Audio streaming and UI interrupts
  250. Is there other way get the device audio capability?