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  1. MMF Controller Plugin not supported on target
  2. Issue in 60Series phones
  3. i can't play a mp3 file
  4. Audio encode support G.729?
  5. SetBrightnessL() & iBrightnessSupported
  6. Audio Streaming use AMR Error?
  7. KErrNotReady returned by ImageReady()
  8. OpenGL ES benchmark for S60 phones!
  9. Setting aperture, iso and shutter speed without the CCameraAdvancedSettings class
  10. Problem with svg icon
  11. Buffer sizes for CMMFAudioOutput?
  12. Sound Interjection on OS 9
  13. CMdaAudioPlayerUtility OpenDesL()
  14. Help with video playback?
  15. eglCreatePixmapSurface problem: the object is not drawn on top of the background
  16. Problem when loading video with mmf's open url
  17. How to play & pause RAW pcm samples:
  18. Help with CDecoder
  19. What type of bitmap ImageReady return?
  20. A Problem about the camera
  21. Problem getting CameraInfo???
  22. embedded RealPlayer
  23. How to convert the Exif image data in HBufC8 to CFbsBitmap
  24. Modifying bitmap raw data
  25. Image conversion doubts
  26. help: a problem about CICLAnimationDataProvider, my process can't run at N73
  27. Transparent Animated Gif
  28. BitBltMasked doesn't work
  29. HELP !!
  30. Is it possible to record audio downlink / play audio uplink during video call?
  31. How to active speaker phone
  32. Problem with mif and bmp image
  33. N73 background image
  34. How saving images captured by camera
  35. Possible to display mutiple frames as video?
  36. [B]AnyOne who can play 3gp Audio[/B]
  37. CMdaAudioToneUtility play does not work during phone call
  38. Can s60 devices handle 2 audio clips at the same time?
  39. BitBltMasked does not display transparent background
  40. KErrNotSupported recordin video
  41. Bitmap Image appears yellowish
  42. MvpuoOpenComplete() cannot be called
  43. second view
  44. Dazzling pyrotechnics on a handheld 3D budget using OpenGL ES - Video Podcast
  45. CJPEGExifDecoder
  46. CJPEGExifDecoder
  47. Saving a Bitmap via CFbsBitmap
  48. CMMFControler
  49. CDrmPlayerUtility does not work during voice call
  50. Multimedia Streaming
  51. Video Streaming over HTTP, CVideoPlayerUtility can work ?
  52. Video streaming: KErrNotFound
  53. Disabling auto gain control for the mics - S60 platforms
  54. How to open MIDI file
  55. Getting Media information
  56. help!!!the proble of CCamera::PrepareVideoCapture???
  57. MIF file SVG icon count
  58. About Videos
  59. Convert MP3 to PCM data and MP3 full info
  60. Optimizatin techniques???
  61. How transform JPEG images with the IMAGETRANSFORM API??
  62. Image displays only after a displaying a information note
  63. display an image in full screen
  64. Playing midi file
  65. How Change Picture Size on Screen???
  66. Problem in RTSP Strreaming
  67. Icon size in 9.1
  68. S60 v2.0 -- Can't get video to play its audio during incoming call
  69. audio streaming and KMMFFourCCCodeAMR
  70. How rotate a bitmap with alpha channel and high quality and any angle?
  71. Backlight problem on E62 in EColor64 mode
  72. Problem with video streaming using CVideoPlayerUtility
  73. problem with creating .SIS files for CameraApp
  74. decoding Image takes alot of memory?
  75. Do I need to implement all the plugins to develop a video player?
  76. getting frames from the video captured
  77. Show SVG-T image directly (not in mif)??
  78. Do I need to implement all the plugins to develop a video player?
  79. Call recorder and SMS forwarder
  80. Question about scaling one bitmap and copy it into a new CFbsBitmap
  81. CVideoPlayerUtility for streaming doesn't work!!!
  82. Video streaming problem
  83. How can I play music to ear phone?
  84. How can I play music to ear phone?
  85. MMF audio post-processing
  86. How to use CFbsBitmap DataAddress() to do GrayScale
  87. Streamed and progressive decoding
  88. problem with opening an image on 3rd SDK
  89. How to record and play audio at the same time?
  90. Audio Delay on 3rd Ed Phones?
  91. Newbie Emulator Help
  92. wired problem with the DataAddress()
  93. Get a screenshot
  94. Problem using GL ES1.1 features on N93
  95. Can MMF run on the emulator?
  96. streaming video(sound with pic) from mobile to pc via bluetooth
  97. How to tell where exactly my code runs on the OMAP?
  98. about the BitMap in Symbian
  99. How to put decoded video frame into a CFbsbitmap object?
  100. Video snapshot
  101. rtsp streaming - CVideoPlayerUtility::Prepare fails with KErrInUse
  102. Sound recording s60
  103. ID3, atoms, metadata & the MMF
  104. N93 GLES Tearing
  105. CMMFDevSound resource conflict - Error : KErrInUse
  106. CMMfController based project - audio video sync problem ?
  107. CMMfController based project - audio video sync problem ?
  108. MaiscBuffercopied call back issue
  109. how to find string length in pixels
  110. Problem with basic opengl es example
  111. MDFVideoGateway panic, what's panic means?
  112. Cover screen on N90...
  113. CVideoPlayerUtility and KErrSessionClosed
  114. MaoscBufferCopied is not called.
  115. Question about playing mp3 to the uplink
  116. compiling ogg vorbis controller for S60v3
  117. mute symbol
  118. Camera engine space
  119. MMF framework
  120. (Please Help) Problems using midi
  121. Sound not played when Key is repeating
  122. API to use SVG
  123. UI widgets in svg?
  124. Sound And direct screen access
  125. Sound plays with delay
  126. device codecs support
  127. convert audio files as ringtone
  128. DevSoundClient 1 panic
  129. Playing amr file in 3rd edition using CDRMPlayerUtility
  130. Sound in thread stop running.
  131. How can we prevent native camera on shutter open event
  132. how can we get the first and last frame of a video
  133. Vibrate - Overwrite active profile
  134. HW stretching on 3rd
  135. MMS a/v codec
  136. Autostart a video in full screen mode
  137. Nokia with MP3 player... HELP!!!!
  138. aac/h.264 sync
  139. End recording event
  140. playing mp3 file of size 1mb
  141. Application exits and display panic "mdfvideogateway-2379(2382)"
  142. Usage of hardware video decoder on N93/N95
  143. Video played as an audio file
  144. Developing native camera plugin
  145. GIF Decoder
  146. problem with using MADLIB
  147. How to detect phone connected to ear speaker
  148. SVG Application gradient problem
  149. Streaming Video
  150. voice recorder
  151. Usage of CMidiClientUtility
  152. rtsp CVideoPlayerUtility CVideoRecorderUtility
  153. CVideoPlayerUtility: MMFControllerProxyS memory leak
  154. Issues with the new Camera Autofocus API
  155. Turning off the N90 twisty gallery feature
  156. cimagencoder jpeg image quality control
  157. How to Make new Call via Bluetooth connection
  158. Audio Recording settings for the smallest file size
  159. does CMMFAudioOutputStream and CMMFCodec support PCMA in S60 3rd?
  160. Is there any other image format supported by Symbian besides BMP format?
  161. Has anyone successfully used midi in a Symbian OS app?
  163. How to off keypad sounds when a dialog is opened..
  164. Reg MaiscOpenComplete
  165. how to find the RNEngineUser.cfg
  166. loc files for indian languages
  167. about video decoder
  168. Playing AMR file in 3rd edition
  169. converting from PCM to MP4 audio (AAC)
  170. CVideoPlayerUtility::OpenUrlL
  171. Help!
  172. Any operation on MFrameBuffer in FrameBufferReady() crashes application
  173. why is the audio recorded with video louder than audio alone?
  174. MIDI player question
  175. CAF 2 panic
  176. images display on handset...
  177. how to stop recording voice from CMdaAudioInputStream (for experts)
  178. Load and display the thumbnail images??
  179. Audio Streaming: Recoding and playback at same time
  180. show animation_gif
  181. Video streaming woes!!
  182. MultimediaDD enabled developer certificate??
  183. Using sockets in the fullduplex example
  184. Problems on Creating OpenGL application without fullscreen mode
  185. Testing audio recording
  186. How can I change AMR encoding parameters in full duplex Audio example?
  187. problems while recording audio data
  188. please Recommend a book for Application development
  189. Bitmap rotation to any angle?
  190. How to change default file assosiation?
  191. How to write a controller pluggin using symbian mmf to play h264 video
  192. Play DCF file
  193. CMMFCodec AAC decoder
  194. MMF controller plugin not used for ringtones
  195. CMdaAudioInputStream shared threads problem
  196. MDF layer in symbian
  197. CMdaAudioInputStream shared threads problem
  198. CMMFSwCodecWrapper
  199. How to play H264 format files using symbian mmf?
  200. N73 front camera access
  201. forms in s60
  202. getting the parameters for CMdaAudioOutputStream
  203. How can I get Image data into HBufC8*?
  204. CMdaAudioPlayerUtility::SetRepeats()
  205. VREX Listings
  206. Problems about CMdaAudioInputStream::NewL
  207. Feature not suppoted problem - using CMdaAudioRecorderUtility
  208. Activate Loud speaker
  209. Headphone signals
  210. CVideoRecorderUtility (3rd) & mp4
  211. Is it possible to control audio and video at the same time?
  212. Something about canvas/background
  213. PCM acquisition with CMMFDevSound
  214. Using Camera on 3230
  215. How to convert the jpeg image data to CFbsBitmap
  216. Play Sound file when taking an active call
  217. please explaine me how to use vector graphics in symbian.
  218. How to get a larger size video recorded by CVideoRecorderUtility
  219. Send DTMF Tone Nokia 6680
  220. Video Recording and Playing at the same time
  221. How to implement click a RTSP link in the WAP browser and then open my own program
  222. Camera app goes background
  223. 3D content Creation for games:
  224. wav problem....
  225. Sound not playing on all devices
  226. How to Bundle sound files with Application
  227. Problem enumerating camera sizes on N95
  228. mobile camera
  229. how to codec raw frame from camera
  230. Resizing CFbsBitGc?
  231. Help Needed related SDL and GTK
  232. Send DTMF tone while call is active
  233. OpenGL Linker problems
  234. Support for Windows media in Symbian ?
  235. Change color on CAknTextQueryDialog
  236. SVG Renderer
  237. Syncronization (SyncML)
  238. How to Deal with capturing video from camera by CMMFCodec
  239. to know the encoding type of recorded video file
  240. KErrDied in CAudioPlayerUtility
  241. abt list box
  242. Starters big problem with ccamera
  243. CMMFDevVideoRecord::Initilize() returns with KErrGeneral
  244. Several Images & OutofMemoryError
  245. Dynamically adjusting bitrate while recording. Possible?
  246. Help! About Root Audio to Phone Speaker.
  247. Displaying text with opengl es
  248. How to check if camera shutter is open?
  249. recording work on emulator but not on phone?!
  250. CCamera::Reserve() and MCameraObserver::ReserveComplete()