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  1. Rendering onto pixmapsurfaces
  2. Doubts On CAF
  3. Videotone Player Problem
  4. downloads issue
  5. Draw ListBox
  6. problem with loading textures
  7. AudioInputStream: is there data loss?
  8. Audio type supported?
  9. MediaRecorder API
  10. Recording Interlaced video
  11. About "video phone" application
  12. Call record problem -13
  13. Help needed to create an audio player progress updater
  14. About CVideoRecorderUtility
  15. Help needed ........
  16. Manipulating frames with CVideoRecorderUtility
  17. Making a videocall by datacard???
  18. Cannot load mif from private directory
  19. Beginner problem with CVideoPlayerUtility
  20. How to pause and resume in CMMFDevSound
  21. Play sound on 3rd edition
  22. Can't play wav in SDK 2nd edition
  23. Can't play wav in SDK 2nd edition
  24. How can use CExifRead class to load and display thumbnai image?
  25. Rotate Real Player to fit fullscreen landscape
  26. 3Rd SoundPlayer problem
  27. Draw text on sprites/bitmaps...
  28. Image Decoding Issue
  29. Nokia 3250 camera
  30. Audio Proxy Server APS
  31. camera and ViewFinderFrameReady
  32. How To Implement Next/Previous in Music Player
  33. Opening RealPlayer on a video from a program
  34. comparison of 2 audio files
  35. Using Audio Proxy Server to play only (not play and record)
  36. Controlling the native music player from an application
  37. m4a metadata
  38. How to enable anti-aliased line in OpenGL es
  39. Symbian Programming newbie
  40. CameraApp Example 3rd Edition
  41. Playing a pcm array
  42. Fast Image Capture
  43. Stenlik: Could you help me on this exhausting problem about recording AMR on 7610?
  44. QR code Decoding
  45. Audio buffer problem
  46. Is it possible to control the volume sound from proprietary app
  47. How to display application Icon
  48. unable to play the rm file
  49. chinese?
  50. OpenGL one object inside the other
  51. KErrNotReady in MaoscPlayComplete
  52. Suppress alarm sound
  53. Can I create a mask bitmap programmatically?
  54. Can I detect camera motion
  55. Implementing audio format decoder
  56. Application to take down notes???
  57. How to port Ogg Vorbis audio plugin in s60
  58. How to play sound through the earpiece receiver
  59. Error Message: MMFControllerProxyServer......?
  60. How to use CMMFDevVideoPlay ?
  61. Avoid system camera application interrupt
  62. CMdaAudioOutputStream or CMMFDevSound
  63. Using CAudioEqualizerUtility
  64. How to create and get the thumbnail on s60 3rd?
  65. Recording Issue
  66. How to one can configure the WMA CMMFCodec?
  67. MaoscBufferCopied not being called
  68. CMdaAudioOutputStream Latency
  69. Can I get the video frames while recording?
  70. Mute a microphone (s60 3rd ed)
  71. convert AMR to PCM failed
  72. Audio Proxy Server Version 1.0
  73. RTP streaming/processing/playing
  74. RTP streaming
  75. playing a GSM6.10 Compressed wave file and PCM file
  76. AudioStream Example
  77. Setting Ringtone Programmatically in 2nd edition.
  78. Animated Gif
  79. PNGs with Transparenz
  80. video camera problem in 3rd Edition
  81. DSA and animation
  82. How to specify PrepareVideoCaptureL arguments?
  83. 6630 - Playing mp3 and 3gp
  84. Does 9300i (S80) support full duplex audio streaming?
  85. Issue with Audio Streaming on key handle
  86. Camera problem on Nokia N73
  87. Bypassing amr
  88. How do I use camera on S60 Emulator?
  89. 3D performance of N93,N93i,N95
  90. about camera example running problem
  91. APS not needed in future?
  92. Default 3GP Format Decoder MMF Plug-In
  93. Video Thumbnails in 3rd edition
  94. Problem with fading Image effect
  95. Real-Time Audio Analysis
  96. How to get the max bitrate for a media file
  97. diff between E-series and N-series devices while playing file to telephony uplink
  98. Controlling the Video Player
  99. App exit on outgoing call while using CMdaAudioOutputStream
  100. Problem with compile AutoFocus API
  101. Error Building Symbian Examples
  102. Transparency problems
  103. APS returns KErrNotFound with EAPSRecorderInitialize command on N95
  104. eglInitialize fails when running any opengl example
  105. Lanching Different Mime types through Browser
  106. Routing audio to the telephony uplink (using APS)
  107. Query regarding CVideoPlayerUtility class
  108. Query regarding NegotiateL Function for Video Controller
  109. FOURCC values for Video
  110. Problem in AudioStreaming
  111. AMR Audio problem
  112. Camera and display
  113. voice recorder
  114. Anybody who has answers for this? thanks
  115. ReadInt16L() EOF
  116. 3rd ed.Audio effects.
  117. IMAD Codec data type
  118. Draw captured image to the screen (again)
  119. Application Signing
  120. Missing Symbol when using remote control API
  121. OpenGLES 1.1 support
  122. Free SVG icon library
  123. Free SVG icon library
  124. PBuffers on the N91
  125. How to display "frame" on the screen?
  126. Seeking in RFileWriteStream
  127. RWsSprite BKM usage
  128. how to listen camera in s60 phone
  129. Symbian MMF with RTP
  130. Best way to mix video and OpenGL ES graphics?
  131. How to encryp file
  132. Problem with Audio & Thread
  133. is it possible to modify call's voice?
  134. CPlayerVideoUtility KErrNotFOund !!!
  135. Running Real Player in emulator
  136. CCameraAdvancedSettings available???
  137. Can I convert mid to pcm 16?
  138. How to get ApsServer's source code.How much I pay for.
  139. unable to play sound with error user21
  140. very weird problem about PCM
  141. Bitmap on the screen without deformation
  142. 6630 does'nt support MP3?
  143. Overprinting a message while a video is playing
  144. CEikColumnListBox, background will not draw
  145. screen orientation
  146. Get voice from mic and give (play) it to earpiece (earspeaker)
  147. Video Recording and streaming
  148. Transparent bitmap on the top of another
  149. Nokia Computer Vision Library - closed source ?
  150. Video Streaming
  151. want to play WMV on N93?????
  152. Need help on class CMMFCodec
  153. Recording
  154. SVG requirement for S60
  155. Trouble playing wav files
  156. OpenGL performance
  157. bitmap appear yellow
  158. Video Steaming requirements
  159. Moving bitmap, how??
  160. Custom audio codec based on CMMFCodec class
  161. CMMFDevSound support play and record at the same time?
  162. Audio recording and streaming over network on Series 60 devices
  163. data port writing problem
  164. Forum Nokia's 3D Example Game problem
  165. <newbie> moving shapes smoothly
  166. mmfcodec.h in s60 3rd edition FP1
  167. Recording Time for N70
  168. Processing images using openGL
  169. Multiple player
  170. play wav to uplink while not in call
  171. com port problem on N-70
  172. Text-to-Speech question
  173. Capturing images on viewFinder. Block exposure
  174. KErrMMInvalidProtocol error at CVideoPlayerUtility>OpenDesL>MvpuoPrepareComplete()
  175. How to change between audio files to play with CMdaAudioPlayerUtility
  176. OpenGL problem with N95 firmware
  177. CFbBitmap->Save problem, EColor16MA & EColor16MU
  178. CMMFCodec encoding PCM16 to AAC
  179. problem with program
  180. Does Full Duplex need MultiMediaDD??
  181. header files required
  182. Opengl/EGL driver integration
  183. Video Stream Format
  184. Are these Audio formats are supported:- auub and atpcm?
  185. Is there a CAknBitmapAnimation like class on 3rd platform for SVG files?
  186. color depth 18 bit
  187. CCamera:NewL causes KERN-EXEC 0
  188. CCamAutoFocus.h in camera example v2.1
  189. the best way to get an image from the camera
  190. Turning flash off when recording video
  191. how to parse emf a file
  192. CMdaAudioOutputStream debug vs release build
  193. nokia camera example
  194. convert image to byte array
  195. masked windows
  196. Advice needed about two apps integration
  197. Doubts in EGL spec
  198. Problem when using the view finder on 6110
  199. Audio to uplink without MultimediaDD
  200. Audio Streaming
  201. Simply play a sound as an alarm.
  202. Convert CfbsBitmap to black and white
  203. CMdaAudioOutputStream::SetVolume() doesn't change the Sound volume in N70MusicEdition
  204. How can i record the downlink on 3rd?
  205. Video call on symbian s60
  206. Only audio is being played but no video using CVideoPlayerUtility
  207. Standard audio/video recording formats in Symbian?
  208. CameraApp not working properly in 6110
  209. alarm vibration flashing
  210. APSSession2.lib not found
  211. How to clear the screen once the video is over
  212. How to open media File use my App as default?
  213. Sending RTP
  214. Sound Application
  215. CImageDecoder PANIC -6 on mask loading
  216. CAknForm - background color
  217. nokia 6600 and video streaming
  218. Play two videos simultaneously
  219. Draw something on top of a video
  220. icon not visible in the application menu of an n77
  221. Multimedia Framework plugins registration under 9.x (3ed)
  222. how to Transplant emf(Microsoft Enhanced Metafiles)
  223. Texture Problem
  224. How to specify a file on the disk to be ring tone in the app
  225. Delay in recording
  226. Viewfinder size
  227. CDrmPlayerUtility can freeze application
  228. Nokia 5500 : MIDI vs. CMAudioOutputStream vs. APS
  229. pixelation problem.
  230. Trouble with audio recording
  231. mmfPluginInterfaceUIDs.hrh error
  232. where can I find mmfaudioinput.lib?
  233. sound file path
  234. video display
  235. How to send audio to speaker(not to earphone),FullDuplex mode with CMMFDev,2nd Ed?
  236. AMR decode
  237. How to get a window's handle
  238. set listbox background
  239. KERN-EXEC 3 while trying tot render from another thread
  240. About class CVideoPlayerUtility of PlayL()
  241. has anyone managed to use ogg vorbis controller
  242. What Could Be Wrong?
  243. how to use camera appliaction?
  244. How to send a key event to foreground application?
  245. Problems with generated wav file
  246. JPEG Quality memory error
  247. image library........?????
  248. Problems with audio streaming
  249. .lib files
  250. How to play local AMR file base on APS server?