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  1. svg icon mask
  2. Recognizing voice commands
  3. sound delay on button press
  4. minimun speed for video streaming??
  5. video edit
  6. Help!!!!!
  7. Audio is heard while taking picture
  8. How to set TAknsItemId
  9. CFbsBitmap InternalizeL() question
  10. HOW to control CWindowGc& gc = SystemGc();
  11. Nokia Image and Video Folder
  12. How to play and record simultaneously
  13. Camera settings for macro mode with flash
  14. Question about StartViewFinderBitmap()
  15. CCamera and CVideoRecorderUtility
  16. capturing voice
  17. Check if camera slider is closed or opened
  18. changing AMR bitrate on the fly does not work
  19. Incorrectly oriented bitmaps from camera viewfinder!
  20. How to play busy tone (ringing)
  21. play sound in the loudspeaker when a earpiece is connected
  22. CvideoRecorderUtility OpenUrl
  23. Accessing the voice samples....
  24. CMdaAudioRecorderUtility -47 error
  25. How to get the good quality image of viewfinder ?
  26. CMdaAudioRecorderUtility -5 error
  27. Problem in Recording
  28. FullDuplex audio latency problem
  29. OpenUrlL
  30. Which phone supports this??
  31. CMMFDevSound record and play with PCM16
  32. Porting from Matlab to Symbian...
  33. Help!!!How to use OpenDesL() to play video data in buffer?
  34. How to share CFbsBitmap instances between threads?
  35. is there any update in using camera application on emulator 9.1v
  36. OpenGL ES Textre Sample
  37. Stream telephony uplink/downlink over WLAN
  38. Using PNG files in the S60 symbian c++ development
  39. Nokia E3 2005 demo & Best Practices for HW-Accelerated Graphics Optimization
  40. Help me about S60 v3 MMF
  41. Example for connecting over USB
  42. Camera App example question
  43. Which video file Is supported on device ?
  44. How to get/set system musicplayer's volume setting?
  45. Display Bitmap or JPEG Imges on Screen
  46. BufferToBeEmpied() in fullduplex
  47. porting matlab to c++
  48. how to get Thumbnail of a video
  49. Audio streaming and buffering
  50. how to show two clock on a single container
  51. CMdaAudioPlayerUtility compressed wav files
  52. how to stretch a Bitmap?
  53. How secure are memory card password protection?
  54. Using Camera API requires too much memory
  55. Symbian c++ supported image formats
  56. CMdaAudioOutputStream gets KErrAccessDenied
  57. Speaker and Microphone Switching during a call
  58. Using the built in hardware encoder in real time
  59. [moved] how to draw font on screen?
  60. TRAPD error
  61. audiostream breaks after incoming call
  62. Mute a GSM call
  63. drawing a bitmap lead to crash. can you help me?
  64. BitBlt slow
  65. Screen capture | Video Recording
  66. Supported Video formats | S60 3.1
  67. Create 1 Bitmap from Several Bitmap when time matters
  68. Dialog containing ListBox is not working
  69. Detect version of FlashLite plugin
  70. problem on direct display
  71. CEnvironmentalReverb supported?
  72. N93i built in camera application
  73. Using CCamera::PrepareVideoCaptureL
  74. CVideoPlayerUtility timeout issue in Nokia E61 handsets
  75. porting a App into S60 3rd (NOKIA N91) OK. but S60 3rd FP1 (NOKIA N95) error
  76. APS Connect() gives KErrNotSupported
  77. play gif animation.
  78. CMMFDescriptorBuffer is great but...
  79. Audio Output Routing
  80. CMMFDescriptorBuffer vs. CCirBuf
  81. KErrPathNotFound while playing Camera click
  82. Activate loudspeaker in S60 2nd Edition
  83. Reserving both cameras
  84. SetExposureL - is very slow
  85. Recording voice during a call
  86. Camera streaming to display , how?
  87. SetPlayWindow - strange behaviour
  88. Does CMMFDevSound::PlayData() return immediately?
  89. CAknForm - white on top
  90. How to create a mask bitmap by program?
  91. how about the bits per sample of PCM?
  92. When should I call SetRequestSizeL() ?
  93. Render OpenGL to a pbuffer and then to a bitmap
  94. E32USER-CBase 47 panic when using CMdaAudioInputStream with console application
  95. unknown errors in taking image and encoding
  96. Decodeing 2d barcode,why it can't work after after the first successful decoding
  97. KERN-EXEC 0 when calling PauseL method of CVideoPlayerUtility from another thread
  98. some confusion in CImageEncoder
  99. purpose of using CFrameImageData and TJPegImageData???????????
  100. How to turn off the shutter sound for the camera in the NOKIA n73?
  101. Taking a picture through Python and working on it in c++
  102. screen buffer’s color space on Symbian
  103. stuck within an infinite loop while capturing images with camera
  104. How to record a Phone Conversation?
  105. Sound Record
  106. How to get the signal value of backlight?
  107. Notification on Image/Video capture from native Camera app
  108. Playing wav data using NewDesPlayerL
  109. How to use the hardware acceleration?
  110. How to Use Audio Equlization Effect API in 3rd
  111. How to avoid automatic scanning of directories for media gallery
  112. PBuffer example on teh SDK not right!!!
  113. How to avoid running out of heaps while calling CMdaAudioPlayerUtility::OpenFileL?
  114. What's the default call priority of controller plugins?
  115. Playing sound from descriptor
  116. Using CMdaAudioConvertUtility to decode MP3s
  117. How to get voice stream?
  118. APS v2.31 Loudspeaker
  119. Gallery edit function corrupts Exif header
  120. Two Problems with Images
  121. iCodec->ProcessL() is not processing the data
  122. Record one side of a phone call
  123. Camera Capture + Active polling == my nightmare
  124. Vorbis Controller error -15
  125. CMMFAudioOutput after 2 frames calls MvpuoPlayComplete
  126. Problems to get the path of a picture
  127. Porting Vorbis Ogg controller to OS 9
  128. MPEG-4 Decoder on S60-FP1 (N95)
  129. Video Capturing into Buffer.
  130. Audio PCM Frame Size Implications
  131. The CMdaAudioOutputStream is repeatedly playing the Buffer with out stopping
  132. Accessing CFbsBitmap pixels
  133. How to add two video file to one file..
  134. Problems when view saved file
  135. Video recorder application
  136. How to Scale Bitmap Fast
  137. Help with CMMFDevVideoRecord API
  138. Video Streaming
  139. Help me in related to IVRS.
  140. Help in Continuous Sound recording using CMdaAudioInputStream
  141. Java or C++
  142. Picture in an array...
  143. webcam in emulator..
  144. Programmatically get information about current wallpaper in S60 3rd Edition?
  145. Programmatically Set Ringtone and listen for change in Ringtone in S60 3rd Edition ?
  146. How to register an ECom plugin?
  147. Transfer media data from Darwin
  148. How to Play .wav File in Active Call in S60 2nd Edition?
  149. KErrNoMemory on Nokia 5700 - Hipermidia ported App
  150. How can i load the mmfswcodecwrapper.dll
  151. progress updater or ticker for audio player
  152. DRM for memory card
  153. loading SDP file locally
  154. How to play .OGG in my Application
  155. Streaming audio from internet...
  156. Full Screen video using CVideoPlayerUtility
  157. Video files....
  158. Enable loggin for OpenGL ES states
  159. APS recorder and player settings
  160. problems in Graphics example [S60 3rd MR]
  161. how to remove default ICL plugin?
  162. Draw() const is not called?
  163. How to get transparent part of a texture in OPENGL?
  164. N95 GL FSAA (no, not lines, triangles)
  165. Why does it crash when new my VideoDecoderHwDevce
  166. Can app get first frame of a video file without playing it?
  167. Using camera frame as OpenGL texture, problem!!
  168. Create Display Engine for EXE
  169. AknIconUtils::CreateIconL returns KErrAlreadyExists
  170. Nokia 5700 XpressMusic MMF H264 support
  171. User 81 while painting video
  172. Expression syntax error on FontMaxHeight()
  173. Playing repeated mav file without interrupts
  174. Volume control when using CMdaAudioPlayerUtility
  175. Audio-tone output device
  176. CCamera : How to Specify Image Frame Format
  177. How to convert a CFbsBitmap to TBitmap?
  178. Write into microphone during active call
  179. How to collect image data after getting from internet
  180. drawing the bitmap downloaded from a server
  181. CCamera : For best Image Quality which TFormat Type should i Use??
  182. Is there any API to get specturm info when playing audio file in MMF (3rd)?
  183. CGraphicsContext & OpenGl
  184. about bmp
  185. switching time between video and still modes for N95 ?
  186. Getting exposure info from camera or EXIF headers.
  187. Stop/Resume AudioOutputStream Playback
  188. how to assign TFileName to TDesC
  189. Global array of bitmaps to be used for in-game textures
  190. Intercepting Images from Camera / Viewfinder
  191. Does OpenGL ES texture have dedicated mem on Phones with 3D Hardware?
  192. Drawing rectangle
  193. problem in setting the player position
  194. Strea
  195. multi media applications S60
  196. mutimedia file acess examples
  197. Timer...
  198. about DataAddress
  199. capture screen content and save it in memory
  200. enquiry about usage of video decoder libraries.
  201. KErrPermissionDenied from MProEngProfile.CommitChangeL
  202. play audio sound using CMdaAudioPlayerUtility
  203. Help required for video capturing
  204. Playing mp3 slowly on s60 fp2 device
  205. CVideoRecorderUtility::OpenUrlL function
  206. how to acess audio file in S60 3rd edition
  207. MeadiaPlayerEngineUtility
  208. Draw full screen viewfinder with OpenGL ES, but tearing
  209. How to set priority to CCamera Active Object?
  210. Altering Pixels in CFbsBitmap
  211. How to get the information of an audio file such as samplerate and channel
  212. is it necessary to use an external CODEC in mp3 player with CMDAAudioPlayerUtility
  213. record active call in 3rd edition
  214. scaning of files
  215. Trouble with inputstream
  216. Problem in seeking to the position in CMdaAudioRecorderUtility
  217. Play video with a active call in progress
  218. 3rd Edition - AMR output through CMdaAudioOutputStream
  219. [help !!!!] how to add a gif file to listbox dynamically ?
  220. help,how to find the declaration of Cmmffile
  221. CVideoPlayerUtility playback causes phone restart on incoming calls
  222. Video Not visible - CVideoPlayerUtility OpenUrl, Prepare , Play
  223. comparing bitmaps
  224. How to show image on click any event......plz urgent
  225. N95 svg image in black frame
  226. control not going to MapcInitComplete
  227. about image
  228. audio player basics for an newbie
  229. Switch off screen dimmer
  230. Bitmap problem in 3rd edition
  231. How to scan all files from the directories
  232. About OpenGL ES corrdinate and some questions
  233. Known issue or Bug in CCMRMediaRecorder
  234. AMR, CMMFDevSound and 3rd Edition
  235. CMdaAudioPlayerUtility
  236. When using CMdaAudioOutputStream getting KErrDied
  237. Audio Codecs confusion G711 and PCMU8
  238. Cannot open Symbian bitmap file on PC ?
  239. APS Sample Applicataion
  240. PCM to wav
  241. DataAddress()????
  242. G.711 TO Native PCM16
  243. Decoding video H.263
  244. problem with MdaAudioToneUtility
  245. supported audio format code
  246. caudioequalizerutility or caudioequalizer
  247. Camera frame capture application
  248. Conversion issue
  249. Symbian radio recording
  250. How To Implement equalizers in symbian C++..Pls help