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  1. Re: Update handling; Signed and Unsigned midlet

    If that's the case, I'll just stick to my original method of versioning - increasing the build number each version.

    I've seen this exact issue on an N97, an N97 Mini, an E7-00 (Anna; Havent been...
  2. Re: Update handling; Signed and Unsigned midlet

    Hi skalogir,

    Thanks for your reply.

    Yes, that's exactly what seems to be the issue.

    Just to make sure I fully understand your suggestion here;
  3. Update handling; Signed and Unsigned midlet

    Esteemed readers,

    Prior to starting this post, I have found several articles on the board concidering updating and auto-updating j2me midlets.
    Since I am fairly positive my particular question...
  4. Re: Nokia Belle - Command Label replaced by Icon; Restruct. UI w/o breaking old env.m

    Thank you for your support.

    This has helped me further, though, in the end I have chosen to simply make navigation within the app less deep.

    Every single Form can now be brought up from the...
  5. Nokia Belle - Command Label replaced by Icon; Restruct. UI w/o breaking old env.ment

    Dear reader(s),

    Over the past couple of years, I have been developing and maintaining an app for Nokia devices and have been putting in quite some effort.
    Yesterday, I updated my Nokia E7 to...
  6. Signed/Published Java-app does not have the right permissions; Causing malfunction

    To those involved in Ovi Publishing and Signing Java Apps;

    I have just recently gone through the QA process and have reached the point where the app is published on Ovi Store.

    Though, when...
  7. CustomItem - Should not be selectable / No traversal

    Hello all,

    I've created a CustomItem, which contents get changed every so-many seconds, to display some useful data.
    In fact, all I want it to do, is be a StringItem, which displays it's label...
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    Re: Porting j2me code to various OS?

    Many devices like BlackBerry, Huawei, Sony Ericsson (S60) and ofcourse Nokia's will all support your J2Me app, as long as you do not use any device specific API's.
    RIM for instance, provides a lot...
  9. Nokia N97 Mini does not read MIDlet-Vendor tag (JAR) at install sequence

    Hello all,

    A couple of weeks ago I have changed my main testing device, the N97 Mini, for a brand now E7, as Nokia was so kind to send me one.
    Development has gone on on the E7 without any...
  10. LocationProvider method getInstance returns null when setting power usage criteria


    While testing an app on my N97 and N97 Mini I found out about something quite unlucky.

    When getting a new instance of locationprovider with criteria anything other but...
  11. Re: Div id 'status' in WRT Widgets (Binary output in both N97 and N97 Mini?)

    Hi Marko,

    Just a small note is I abandoned the project for the time being, to restart in J2ME.
    Although, after running the application again on my phone (others are still using it),
    I was once...
  12. Re: Starting new traceLocation on error without creating stack overflows

    Hello Marko,

    Yes, I'm sorry for the confusion, at the time I wrote this article I had created custom error popups that said "traceLocation error -- {code}", so that must be why I wrote it that...
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    Re: Need help debugging for 5800 XpressMusic

    Thanks for the information!

    I now know what goes wrong, but am not very happy with the options I am left with.
    The 5800 seems to -never- -ever- return HorizontalAccuracy, or any other form of...
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    Need help debugging for 5800 XpressMusic

    Hi all,

    I've got a widget that works pretty well for N97 and N97 mini, but the last couple of days I've been seeing users on 5800's pop up, that do not submit -any- useful data to the server...
  15. Using the Nokia logo in widget and website (?)

    To Nokia officials,

    Is it okay to use the nokia logo within the widget and on the widgets website freely?
    I don't want to run into trouble later on.

    I've been really busy the past week...
  16. Re: What does the phone do when (disk)memory is low?

    Hi Pit,

    Same to you, over the past time I've had a lot of good experiences reading your articles.

    The tests you refer to here, were done on an N97 Mini.

    Keep it up!

  17. Re: What does the phone do when (disk)memory is low?

    Thanks for your reply Ilkka!

    Some testresults:

    Low diskspace ( phone-main-memory < 2mb ) results in ITrace calls with error 1014 (general error) OVER 50% of the time.
    Low diskspace when trying...
  18. Re: Strange and unexplained behaviour (CSS?) (Hard reset phone?)

    Hi Jappit,

    Still pretty certain something strange was going on here, but I chose to set up my styling some completely different way. No more 'a' objects at all, although they had a nice...
  19. Strange and unexplained behaviour (CSS?) (Hard reset phone?)

    I added some pretty plain CSS for an a object's hover state.
    When installing the widget on my N97, which is not frequently used for testing minor updates (only the big ones), the css rule applies...
  20. Re: Possible bugs and feature requests for WRT PS2.0

    A lot of "I don't know's"-here, and lack of time to really read since its weekend and i have to get going in a couple of minutes, but the answer to the quoted question is, -YES-.
    It would still...
  21. Re: WRT 1.1, 2.0 on N97 Mini - Security Access Check Failed Accessing IMessaging Inte

    Please see my reply and article at http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/forum/showthread.php?t=195873
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    Re: display truetype font on webpage.

    Whether this is possible or not (i don't actually know), but getting them to work on 3rd party phones, as in; phones of users installing your widget, would be almost impossible.

    Good luck there.
  23. Re: Develop Professional-Looking Apps with the New Guarana WRT UI Library

    Hi Allan,

    Yes indeed I did try, and after some minor tweaking, it worked as one would expect.
    Although, after adding increasing amounts of code to my widget, I deceided to drop jQuery totally,...
  24. Re: Develop Professional-Looking Apps with the New Guarana WRT UI Library

    I think this is a bit off-topic here, you might want to start your own thread.
    Also include with -what- you are trying to do this, to my understanding this -is- possible using either guarana or...
  25. Re: Possible bugs and feature requests for WRT PS2.0


    If you remove the PS1.0 package from your phone, it seems no more software conflicts exist toward PS2.0.
    So, removing the PS1.0 sis package will indeed allow you to use EITHER...
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