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  1. Re: How to close a Silverlight application programatically ?

    Actually that's what I maybe didn't explain correctly. What I meant to say is that you should only do that when you are producing XNA applications (like Games). There's no problem with that. Just...
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    Re: WP back button vs OnNavigatedTo method

    Why do you set it to s1 on Page1 OnNavigatedTo? If it should be in s1 when the page is first created, you could set it only in the constructor of Page1, then it will not be set again.
    I'd also...
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    Re: Managed C++ on WP7

    Actually, Managed C++ was deprecated in favor of C++/CLI, just a small information.

    And back to Windows Phone, I think there's not even a remote possibility of running C++/CLI in it, as even...
  4. Re: How to close a Silverlight application programatically ?

    Althought using XNA's Game.Exit() is a possibility, I wouldn't recommend it.
    Actually, the Applications Guidelines (5.2.4) explains all requirements about the Back button, and all expected...
  5. Re: Drill down listbox with several detail views for windows phone

    Hello livinglifehappy,

    Just one question, does this XML example come from any service or something like that? It's damn ugly and almost non human readable!

    Anyways, I wrote some code that...
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