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  1. Re: JSR177 - APDUConnection SecurityException

    I solved the problem by signing the MIDlet with a certificate provided by my mobile operator. The access to the SIM card is restricted to trusted applications, that is why it fails with an unsigned...
  2. Re: JSR177 - APDUConnection SecurityException

    Thank you for your message Sebastien.

    Yes I added the right permissions. The problem was that my MIDlet was not signed, and the Access Control File didn't let an application to communicate with...
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    Re: Secure element push URL

    Thank you for your answer Michael.

    So it seems I will have to buy a certificate to sign my MIDlet. I can't test it on a real phone with a trial certificate...

  4. Launch MIDlet from javacard cardlet


    I have developed a J2ME MIDlet and a javacard cardlet in an NFC project. My MIDlet communicates with the cardlet with the JSR177. But what I would like to do is to launch the MIDlet from...
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    Re: Secure element push URL


    I am trying to start a J2ME application when a connection is made using a contacless reader. APDU commands are sent to a cardlet I created, and then I would like to open the Midlet.

  6. Re: JSR177 - APDUConnection SecurityException

    Hello Hartti,

    Thank you for your reply.

    Yes I have read these requirements in the SATSA spec. The problem is that I don't know how the ACE are defined. My MIDlet works fine with some SIM cards,...
  7. JSR177 - APDUConnection SecurityException


    I am using the JSR-177 in a JavaME Midlet that is responsible of communicating with a Javacard cardlet, loaded on a SIM card. I use the class APDUConnection to select my cardlet, and send...
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