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  1. Can you please confirm this?

    Iam using Nokia 6600 J2ME and found that System.currenttimemillis has a bug i.e. the app refuse to start with the currenttimemillis ... is it true? if yes how you are retrieving the current date
  2. Thanx for the info on garbage collector but Iam...

    Thanx for the info on garbage collector but Iam not using gc in the app so my apprehension is that theres a confirmed bug - coz if i comment the system.currenttimemillis the app works.
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    Can you confirm if the phone supports JSR82. Even...

    Can you confirm if the phone supports JSR82. Even though the phone has bluetooth the phone must support the JSR82 in order to develop custom BT applications.
  4. Can anyone confirm this bug in MIDP 2.0 Nokia 6600 J2ME

    Nokia 6600 J2ME - when the system.currenttimemillis syntax is used the simply fails to start.

    Even though the List of known bugs have something related to System.CurrentTimeMillis it simply...
  5. BT Experts - Please a small suggestion can save me a bunch of money

    Iam using a Laptop (1.8GHz) and use SDK2.1 for the J2ME platform. Iam using the Nokia Development Suite 2.1 for the development.

    I ordered a Nokia 6600 and TDK PCMCIA card for the purpose of...
  6. Canb I use Laptop 1.8GHz with TDK PCMCIA and Nokia 6600 to simulate?

    Expert please advice --

    Iam have ordered Nokia 6600 for the purpose of development and I use a laptop (1.8GHz). I am using SDK2.1 for J2ME platform.

    Iam planning to order a BT Dongle and TDK...
  7. Moved from SDK 2.0 to 2.1 and simply lost - Please help

    I was using the Nokia SDK 2.0 for J2ME and wrote a sample bluetooth application and simulated 2 phones by running two instance of the Developer Suite and it worked fine.

    I installed the...
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    bouncycastle encryption file size

    Iam using the boucycastle package for encryption but the size of the jar file has exceeded 500K even after obfuscation.

    Can anyone suggest anything on how to reduce the size??

    Thanx in advance
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    Setting the JAD & JAR in IIS

    Can anyone help on how to set the MIME type if the webserver is running IIS 4.0???
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    my domain is not yet configured but the address...

    my domain is not yet configured but the address is this: or if you want to directly call the JAD

    Thanx a lot for the help.
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    OTA Issues - Please help

    I have uploaded the .jar, .jad and a .html (link to jar apps) into a webserver. Its opening the .html successfully but when Iam trying to open the X.jad it says - "Response unknown"

    Whereas when...
  12. Pls. help - How to buy a Nokia JAVA Phone (MIDP 2.0) without plan ?

    Iam a J2ME developer and have been using the simulation for testing applications. Iam in urgent need of a JAVA preferably the new NOKIA 6600 (MIDP 2.0 support), but everywhere the phone is sold with...
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