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    Re: HTTP 500 Internal server error

    Hi manikandan12, will you be able to be more specific? Sample codes? Debug errors? Are you porting?
  2. Re: Congratulations Shai Ifrach, Poster of the Month for July 2013

    Congratulations Shai.i!
  3. Re: To all Singapore and Malaysian Developers - new competitions

    Yes for SG and MY, but i'm not managing it. You may join our FB page or look us up "Nokia Developers (SGMY EDX)"
  4. Re: To all Singapore and Malaysian Developers - new competitions

    Nokia local team here in Singapore and Malaysia
  5. To all Singapore and Malaysian Developers - new competitions

    To all Singapore and Malaysian Developers, we have a couple of exciting competitions and trainings happening right now! Visit the following pages to learn more about how you could win yourself a...
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    Re: Want info about WebApps.

    Hi DarkNinja, if you wanted to develop webapps for s40 OS here's a good link to start to:...
  7. Re: Is there any way to set the right margin for Blog style web apps?

    @Mr. Pandit - there's quite good examples here https://www.developer.nokia.com/Develop/Web/Code_examples/
  8. Re: The icon displayed in the device menu is different from the one in metadata.

    @kartikey_kant... icon.png is located at your workspace WebToolsWorkspace\appname\img\icon.png.... please bear in mind if you updated your logos/images in your app make sure to repackage your web app...
  9. Re: Easy way to have a Website with one shortcut like an app

    hi Andreas! you may want to check this out https://www.developer.nokia.com/Develop/asha/platform.xhtml pretty much how to start developing your webapp on a s40 platform. You may want to check out...
  10. Re: The In-App advertizing SDK link is not working for s40 web apps

    Try this http://console.inner-active.com/iamp/publisher/downloadsdk?sdk=files/inneractiveAdSDK-Widgets-v1.6.zip

    If you can't find this working just drop support an support@inner-active.com
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    Re: Overview of s40-theme.css

    Yep, been researching all day but cannot find the specific resource. Anyway, it would be awesome to have one. On the otherhand, What i usually do is keep the examples in my pc with specific...
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    Re: Operator Logo Creating

    @Yean.... You may want to check this http://www.funsms.net/software/logo/gif2nol.zip i have not used it personnaly but hopefully it works for you
  13. Re: Series 40 Java doc & examples survey winners announced

    Wow thanks Nokia! And congratulation to all winners! Keep up the good work!
  14. Re: Images not showing on Asha devices (and maybe others) for s40 web app

    it did happen to me before on X2 and X3 devices... if you have photoshop, try to "Save for web & Devices" (Alt+shift+ctrl+S) save to png or jpg
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    Re: problem in file enumeration

    i used this same code before for accessing my image directory using here maybe it can help yours by
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    Re: How to get battery level for Lumia 800

    I missed windows mobile :-)
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    Re: How to get battery level for Lumia 800

    i tried playing with DllImport last 3 months, but really not suggested (by fellow developers) so I dump that development... even I make it not sure it will be approved in market.
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    Re: s40 java and web app publishing

    Since both apps target S40/device, i would suggest to maintain/publish one... unless you intended to have a different functionality when user use the java app compared to a web app
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    Re: Problem: Display in Simulator and Device

    In the mean time, you might find alternative.... working on s40 devices remotely... if you have a developer account try your apps in S40 devices remotely, check out http://apu.ndhub.net/devices you...
  20. Re: QA fails for web app saying "There is no information displayed in the application

    Not sure if this helps, but if i still remember correcly this happened to me publishing my first web app... Check your config.xml if all data is properly filled out like <description> etc......
  21. M-power: Windows Phone free training - singapore 7 & 8 March

    Please visit:
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    Re: NFC is reading the ID Tag

    This is a nice idea.... Imagine if you could create an app that can detect the cards in numbers then when you hover your phone over and detect that card number is ONE it will play a sound.... Then...
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    Re: Media quality failed problem

    I'm not sure if this helps but you mentioned on your corrective actions.... The meta display name in publish.nokia.com is 'Weather Report' while on your s40 app you use 'Hava Durumu' .. I think both...
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    Re: File upload for s40

    Thanks for the update!!!!!
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    Re: S40 web apps screenshot

    what I usually do is screenshot (PC) the app in simulator and edit in photoshop or paint... 'grab' app if your using mac... just some of my thoughts
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