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  1. Thread: Nokia 7650 cache

    by npw

    Nokia 7650 cache

    Can anyone tell me how to 'force' the cache to be used on the Nokia. I understand the default behaviour is to use the cache but this isn't happening for me. I have tried some cache 'directives' but...
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    RE: NMIT is caching even when caching disabled

    I see the same behaviour. The Toolkit seems to cache when the cache is disabled. I just don't think it works. However there is a way to empty the cache, stop then start the Toolkit & the cache is...
  3. RE: How can I continue using Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit version 3.0?

    I would also like to use version 3.0. Since the upgrade to 3.1 I cannot create a working MPC file, so I suspect that it may be the Toolkit. I would like to try it on 3.0 to confirm this. Problem is...
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