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    Re: Socket Read Problem

    Hi NigelIT

    Read this article. There are know problems with descriptors when used with RSocket.

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    Re: Nokia Connectivity Problems

    Hi Saleem

    Have you noticed that on the right upper corner on this
    site is link : "Search" and then you can use "Advanced Search",
    and then put your guery like google way.

    I have noticed that...
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    Re: Java Programming for Nokia 6021

    Hi Hartti,

    Thaks for fast reply messages.

    One thing more on your list, what means
    "Nokia UI API" with this :

    a) Nokia OS
    b) Nokia UI API
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    Re: Java Programming for Nokia 6021

    Hi saleem145

    I have the same problem as you have with 6021.
    Is it S40 device and which sdk to use with it.

    As http://www.forum.nokia.com/devices/6021
    page informs the Operating System is...
  5. Re: Problem in testing HTTP connection on emulator

    Hi nitinmajithia

    If your Sdk enviroment is s60 2ed fp2 that you run
    on your pc and emulator, then there is "known issue" with
    that HttpApiClient . Yes, the example is not working
    on your...
  6. Re: how can I check that a socket is connected?

    I am not sure what you mean with your socket connection checking,
    but normally with pc and pc-server environment connection
    is checked with own made pinging functionality.

    When connection is...
  7. Downloadable backups from Developer Discussion Boards

    I have noticed that this site is full of the knowledge
    that i want to store on my dvd's.

    So, is there any archives available for downloader who wants
    to load piece of archive for examlpe, 1 file...
  8. Re: how to catch "Unhandled Exception. Close application?"

    hi matthiasfinke

    The basic idea with ALL network objects
    as with streams, is this :

    voi myFunciton
    Connection conn = null;
  9. About Symbian/Nokia OS firmware development

    I am interested to know what kind of software/hardware
    development tools you have there when you are developing
    the firmwares on the Nokia phones ?

    I mean, that do you have some kind of special...
  10. About Carbide.c++ Developer/Professional tools

    Hi developers

    I noticed today from the Nokia Forum that they have released the
    Carbide.c++ Developer/Professional versions for public
    downloads. This version that i dowloaded can be modified
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    Hi Developers from China

    Ni haa !

    I used to work in China in Wuhan and in Tianjin 10 years ago.
    I just want to know, how is it going on there in the Wuhan and
    Tianjin ?

    Wuhan was very interesting city as well was the...
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    Re: How about with the Nokia 1100 ?

    Yes, i agree that 1100 is limited device.
    But, in real world this limited device is
    the device what the normal user needs
    on her's world.

    But, i think that there are so many Nokia
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    How about with the Nokia 1100 ?

    Hi Experts

    I know that the most of the developers are developing apps
    at the present time on the Nokia s60 2/3rd generation devices.

    Today i bought the Nokia 1100 phone that is excellent...
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    Real phone emulator

    Hi experts

    I do not know is this question Nokia or network operator specific,
    but let's try to ask.

    I want to start to debug my software in real phone, but in
    that kind of phone that i do not...
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    Future communicationing expansions ?

    When some day Symbian/Nokia introduces the way, how
    to connect developers with camera and voice on the fly
    principle with each others, i would say "we will meet here again",
    as one song says in...
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    Re: Connection problem with Nokia 6681.

    Hi hadhi631

    First of all, i can see from your code that you do not
    check your HttpConnection (c) state after instantiating
    it !

    // Yuor code
    c = (HttpConnection) Connector.open(url);

  17. Re: Want to develop for S60 -- How and where do I start?

    If you have done development work with the Win32 API
    & MFC environment, then you are "ready" to start studying
    the Symbian C++ world.

    But you have to be aware that Symbian C++ world is like...
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    Re: Windows 2000 Pro , Win XP Pro and NCF 1.2

    Hi Jim

    You have done great work on the BT & W2000 & W XP area
    when new comer starts to develop apps on BT area.

    I hope that Nokia guys read all your articles too,
    and hopefully they start to...
  19. Re: Debugging Symbian S60 with Carbide C++ Express and NCF 1.2 Bluetooth

    Hi Jim
    Thanks a lot for your BT pioneer work in this site.
    I will be stay tuned on your BT articles.

  20. Re: SocketConnection - works only in the emulator :-(

    Hi again peterdickten
    It is hard way to discuss when i do not know
    the real situation going on your software.
    But, you can try this network "sniffer" that hopefully
    collects the tcp traffic from...
  21. Re: SocketConnection - works only in the emulator :-(

    Ok peterdickten
    So your case is, that you have "old" socket server app runnig
    on the pc server and you are trying to connect to that
    old software with your new phone app that uses tcp.
  22. Re: SocketConnection - works only in the emulator :-(

    Hi peterdickten

    I messed up the java and C++ sections. Yes, your case is Java, not C++. I am verry sorry that i posted information that was not answer on your Java case.

    But in your case.
  23. Re: SocketConnection - works only in the emulator :-(

    Try to change the ip address to "long integer" as
    rules says. Some functions expect only the long
    integer corerrespondence of the "abc.ddd.ddd.dd"
    ip address value.
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    Re: Hi all developers

    Hi yucca

    Thanks for your reply.
    We have to back to those times when MS started
    to get software giant.

    On those early times MS offered the possibility
    to debug programs in the program's real...
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    Re: Connection problem with Nokia 6681.

    Hi hadhi631
    Have you launched a new thread for you http routine ?
    You should launch new theread for http routine.
    The piece of code that you show on the page is not
    enough to see that how you...
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